"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia

Our Leadership

Executive Team

Jamie O. Bosket
President & CEO

Canan K. Boomer
Executive Assistant to the President

Robert W. Halbruner
Vice President for Advancement

Richard S. V. Heiman
Senior Vice President for Operations & Finance

Michael B. Plumb
Vice President for Guest Engagement

Adam E. Scher
Vice President for Collections

Tracy D. Schneider
Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Andrew H. Talkov
Vice President for Exhibitions & Publications

Board of Trustees

The Virginia Historical Society welcomes the following new members of the board of trustees for 2018: Victor Branch of Chesterfield, Jeanette R. Cadwallender of Fredericksburg, G. Gilmer Minor III of Richmond, and Gerald F. Smith of Winchester. In 2019: Dr. Makola Abdullah of Petersburg.

John R. Nelson, Richmond

Vice Chair
Charles L. Cabell, Richmond

Honorary Vice Chairs
H. Furlong Baldwin, Cheriton
Harry F. Byrd III, Berryville
Nancy H. Gottwald, Richmond
Conrad M. Hall, Norfolk
Brenton S. Halsey, Richmond
Anne R. Worrell, Charlottesville

Board of Trustees
Victor Branch, Chesterfield
Austin Brockenbrough III, Richmond
Jeanette R. Cadwallender, Fredericksburg
Herbert A. Claiborne III, Richmond
Richard Cullen, Richmond
William H. Fralin, Jr., Roanoke
George C. Freeman III, Richmond
Susan S. Goode, Norfolk
Russell B. Harper, Richmond
Landon Hilliard, Charlottesville
Gen. John P. Jumper, Spotsylvania
Linwood Allen Lacy, Jr., Richmond
Hon. Elizabeth A. McClanahan, Abingdon
G. Gilmer Minor III, Richmond
Kevin B. Osborne, Richmond
Pamela Kiecker Royall, Richmond
Thomas G. Slater, Jr., Richmond
Robert Clarkson Sledd, Richmond
Gerald F. Smith, Winchester
Thomas G. Snead, Jr., Richmond
Robert Dorsey Taylor, Richmond
Allison P. Weinstein, Richmond
J. Harvie Wilkinson III, Charlottesville
William C. Wooldridge, Suffolk

Trustees Emeriti  (former chairmen of the board appear in italics)
John B. Adams, Jr. (Richmond) • John B. Adams, Jr. (The Plains) • George F. Albright, Jr. • Thomas N. Allen • Edward L. Ayers • Hon. Gerald L. Baliles • J. Alfred Broaddus • Josiah Bunting III • Robert L. Burrus, Jr. • B. Noland Carter II • Gene R. Carter • Herbert A. Claiborne, Jr. • John R. Curtis, Jr. • Beverley E. Dalton • W. Hunter deButts, Jr. • Cordel L. Faulk • W. Heywood Fralin • Anne Hobson Freeman • Gary M. Gore • Bruce C. Gottwald • Hon. Roger L. Gregory • H. Hiter Harris III • William R. Harvey • James W. Hazel • Mary Buford Hitz • Hon. Richard R. G. Hobson • A. E. Dick Howard • Cecelia S. Howell • Ronald C. Johnson • Joseph F. Johnston, Jr. • Mary Duke Trent Jones • Daniel P. Jordan • Mark J. Kington • Anna Logan Lawson • John Lee McElroy, Jr. • Hon. John O. Marsh, Jr. • Hon. Eddie N. Moore, Jr. • Roger Mudd • Helen Turner Murphy • Lloyd U. Noland III • Shirley Carter Olsson • E. Bryson Powell • Grady W. Powell • Charles Larus Reed, Jr. • W. Taylor Reveley III • Hon. Anne Gregory Rhodes • James I. Robertson, Jr. • E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. • Josiah P. Rowe III • Toy D. Savage, Jr. • Hon. Elliot S. Schewel • Jane Bassett Spilman • Hugh R. Stallard • Robert Lee Stephens • Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. • Hon. Nicholas F. Taubman • William B. Thalhimer III • Suzanne Foster Thomas • Eugene P. Trani • B. Walton Turnbull • Melvin I. Urofsky • L. Dudley Walker • Carole M. Weinstein • Marcus M. Weinstein • F. Blair Wimbush

Due to the inclement weather, our galleries, museum shop, and research library will be opening at 11:30 am on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.


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