"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia
Discover Virginia's legal history surrounding witchcraft, rebellions, bootlegging, and murder through tales and mus… t.co/PiEzr3puwo

One Hundred Years

Tuesday, March 19, 7:00pm8:30pm
Adults $12 Students, $15 GA
Virginia Museum of History & Culture
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Tanks and soldiers at World War I War Bond Drive, photographic print by Walter Washington Foster (VMHC Item #2001.230.1914).

The Historical Reading Series presented by Quill Theatre features some of Richmond's finest actors and directors bringing original theatrical events alive in vivacious staged readings at a fascinating variety of historically-important venues. One Hundred Years is a story of love and war from WWI, as told through journals and letters between Sophie and Sylvester, young newlyweds from Roanoke, Virginia.

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