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Protestant Episcopal Church Home for Ladies (Richmond, Va.).

A Guide to the Protestant Episcopal Church Home for Ladies, Richmond, Va., Records, 1875-1976
Call Number Mss3 P9464 a FA1


Main Entry: Protestant Episcopal Church Home for Ladies, Richmond, Va.
Title: Records, 1875-1976.
Size: Ca. 650 items (4 archival boxes).
Historical Note:

The Protestant Episcopal Church Home for Ladies was established in 1875 by Mrs. Caroline Lathrop “for female members of the Protestant Episcopal Church, who, having seen better days, are now in reduced circumstances.” During its 100-year history, the Home provided residence for 157 elderly ladies. It was supported largely through contributions from the Diocese of Virginia, with wives of Episcopal clergyman often directing the operation of the Home. Mrs. Emily Whittle, wife of Francis McNeese Whittle, bishop of the diocese, served as the first president of the board of managers. She was succeeded in 1894 by Mrs. E. H. Peterkin, wife of Joshua Peterkin, rector of St. James Church. Miss Lucy Fitzhugh Gibson, daughter of Robert A. Gibson, bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, was president of the board of managers for 42 years until her retirement in October 1953.

Originally located in a house donated by F. W. Hanewinckel at 517 N. Fourth Street, the Home moved to 1621 Grove Avenue in 1909. At this time it merged with St. Paul’s Church Home for the Aged and Infirm. In 1956, with benefit of a $350,000 legacy from the estate of Lettie Pate Evans, a new home was built at 206 N. Thompson Street. In 1975, the Protestant Episcopal Church Home merged with Westminster-Canterbury House.

Scope Note:

The Protestant Episcopal Church Home Records in this collection include minute books of monthly and annual managers and corporate meetings from 1875-1975, excluding 1959-1961. Loose papers include financial and operational records as well as general correspondence. The financial and operational records, through incomplete, span the entire history of the home and include monthly and annual statements and reports. The general correspondence consists primarily of requests for information, applications, testimonials and letters of recommendation from 1875-1908. Three registration books contain information on each resident including date and place of birth, date of death, place of burial and names of parents. Other bound volumes include five expense journals, two contribution journals, a general ledger, and a scrapbook. Memoirs and reminiscence compiled in 1947 are also in the collection.

The collection also contains an autograph album kept by Bernard Briel (of Richmond) while a student at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland. The book provides biographical information on many of Briel’s fellow classmates.

Provenance: Gift of the Protestant Episcopal Church Home for Ladies, Richmond, Va., in 1975 and 1977. Accessioned 5 December 1984.
Restrictions: None.


Series 1. Minute Books.

Box 1 I. 1875 - October 1881                                                                                                                    
  II. 1875 - October 1881 - second copy
  III. November 1881-1889
  IV. 1890-1896
  V. 1897 - March 1908
  VI. April 1908 - 1913
  VII. 1914-1921
  VIII. 1922-1926
  IX. 1927-1934
  X. 1935-1941
  XI. 1942-1949
  XII. 1950-1955
  XIII. 1956-1958
  XIV. 1962-1965
  XV. 1966-1969
  XVI. 1970-1975

Series 2. Registers

Box 1 (cont.) I. List of Residents, 1875-1957                                                                                                                                                      
(Includes date and place of birth, date of death, place of burial, and names of parents.)
  II. List of Residents, 1946-1956
(Includes date and place of birth, date of death, place of burial for the resident, her spouse and her parents.)
  III. Registration Book, 1881-1956

Series 3. Correspondence

Box 2 General correspondence, 1875-1970
(Include applications, testimonials, and requests for information from prospective residents; material concerning construction of 206 N. Thompson Street, 1954-1956.)

Series 4. Business Records

Box 3 Financial and operational records, 1875-1975
(Include monthly and annual financial reports, 1875-1975; Monthly superintendent’s reports, 1890-1908; materials concerning St. Paul’s Church Home, 1878-1908; receipts and invoices, 1956-1962; funeral invoices and receipts, 1964-1974; expense journals: I. 1880-1891; II. 1895-1903.)

Series 5. Expenses and Contributions

Box 4 Include bound volumes: I. Household accounts, 1923-1932; II. Household accounts, 1933-1934; III. General ledger, 1967-1975; IV. Contributions journal, 1882-1887; V. Contributions journal; 1885-1906; Mother’s Day appeals; gifts and legacies

Series 6. Organizational Records

Box 4 (cont.) Regulations, constitution and by-laws; list of Board of Managers and Officers, 1968-1975

Series 7. Miscellaneous

Box 4 (cont.) Memoirs of officers and residents; list of applicants, 1941-1958 (bound); scrapbook, 1962-1971; autograph album and scrapbook of Bernard Briel from Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va., 1870

Series 8. Oversize Bound volumes

I. Expense journal, 1881-1887
II. Scrapbook of Mary Randolph Lane, 1898
III. General ledger, 1964-1975

Last updated: January 14, 2004

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