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Richmond Light Infantry Blues

A Guide to the Richmond Light Infantry Blues Records, 1871-1980
Call Number Mss3R4157cFA2


Main Entry: Richmond Light Infantry Blues
Title: Records, 1871-1980
Size: ca. 4,100 items
Historical Note:

The Richmond Light Infantry Blues were established 1789 as a company of voluntary militia. Named for their distinctive blue and white uniforms, the company became the 19th Regiment of Virginia Militia in 1792 and part of the 1st Virginia Regiment in 1851. In 1861, they were detached from the 1st Virginia Regiment and served throughout the Civil War as Company A, 46th Regiment, Virginia Infantry. They rejoined the 1st Virginia Regiment after the close of the war, but were chartered as in independent company in 1877, remaining so until the Spanish-American War, when they comprised Companies H and M, 4th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers. During World War I the company was assigned as the Horse Battalion, 104th Ammunition Train, 29th Division. The company served as a battalion of infantry during World War II. When the National Guard was reorganized in the 1960s, the Blues became part of the 183d Infantry, 1st Battalion, 29th Division, Virginia Army National Guard. The unit was deactivated in 1996.

The Blues volunteered their assistance whenever and wherever a crisis arose. The first time the company saw active service was during Gabriel’s rebellion in August of 1800. The next time the Blues were an active military unit was during the War of 1812. They were involved in suppressing the Nat Turner rebellion in 1831; guarded John Brown after his capture at Harpers Ferry; and were mustered into the Confederate Army in 1861. The company later served in the Spanish-American War (1898) and in World Wars I and II, the Korean War (1950-1953) and the Berlin Crisis (1962).

The Richmond Blues were as much a social organization as a military unit. When the company was not involved in military matters, it participated in parades and general celebrations and in the reception of every distinguished visitor to the city of Richmond, ranging from General Lafayette in 1824 to American presidents in the present day. The company traditionally celebrated three annual events, including the Tenth of May (the anniversary of its founding), which was celebrated every year with an anniversary ball. Other important events in the company’s social calendar were George Washington’s Birthday and Christmas.

Summary Note: The records of Richmond Light Infantry Blues are arranged into three series. Series One, The First Virginia Regiment, includes correspondence, agendas, financial materials, photographs, speeches, and newspaper clippings documenting the organization’s activities, in particular the May 10th celebration of its founding. Series Two, The Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps, concerns an organization established in 1925 to honor those who served in the Blues prior to their reorganization as part of the Virginia National Guard in 1968, and includes correspondence of officers, materials concerning annual meetings, and addresses of members. Series Three, The Blues Monument Memorial Corporation, concerns the group founded by A. Simpson Williams to erect a statue to the Blues, which was unveiled in 1978. The papers concern raising funds for the statue and include some historical materials concerning the Blues’ visit to Paris in 1926, and their attendance at various balls and parades throughout the twentieth century. Each series is arranged into three subseries based on format: correspondence, financial materials and administrative materials.
Provenance: Gift of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps through the courtesy of Roger M. Marks, Commander, in 1990. Accessioned 6 February 1997.
Restrictions: None.
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Series 1: First Virginia Regiment Records, 1871-1975

Series 2: Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps Records, 1931-1968

Series 3: Blues Monument Memorial Corp. Records, 1899-1986

Series 1: First Virginia Regiment Records, 1871-1975 (ca. 1,200 items)

Series 1.1 consists of correspondence, chiefly of Edwin Cox, who was onetime colonel-in-chief of the regiment. Other major correspondents are Arnold Ellis, Edwin Conquest, John Beazley, Henry Snyder and Herbert Harris. Series 1.2 is mostly bank statements and ledgers. Series 1.3 contains agendas for meetings, photographs, speeches and news clippings.

Series 1.1 Correspondence, 1948-1975 (ca. 400 items)
  Folder 1 1948-1965
  2 1966 Jan-Apr
  3 1966 May-Aug
  4 1966 Sep-Dec
  5 1967-1968
  6 1969-1970
  7 1971-1975
Series 1.2 Financial Materials, 1962-1970 (ca. 500 items)
  Folder 8 Checks/deposit slips of Col. Holt, 1966-1977
  9 Contributors list (Paul Booth gift fund, no date)
  10 Dividends, Virginia Power Company, 1967 Dec-1972 Sept
  11 Expenses list, 1966 Jun-1969 Jun
  12 Financial letters, 1963 Apr-1972 Jun
  13 Financial lists, 1966 Mar-1970 Nov
  14 Headquarters, Bills, 1962 Sept-1972 May
  15 Ledger, First Virginia Regiment Permanent Fund, 1967 Dec- 1972
  16 Ledger, First Virginia Regiment Permanent Fund 1966-1968
  17 Ledger, Virginia Trust Company, 1962 Feb-1964 Jun
  18 Ledger, Virginia Trust Company, 1964-1966
  19 Ledger, Virginia Trust Company, 1966-1967
  20 Ledger/checkbook, Virginia Trust Company, 1962-1967
  21 Receipts/expenditures, 1970
  22 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1964
  23 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1965
  24 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1965-1966
  25 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1967
  26 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1968
  27 Statements/deposits, Virginia Trust Company, 1969-1970
Series 1.3: Administrative Materials, 1871-1972 (ca. 300 items)
  Folder 28 Agendas, 1963-1968
  29 Addresses and speeches, 1962 Sep-1970 May
  30 Applications for scholarships, 1965 Dec-1972 Mar
  31 Award certificates, 1871 Sep (Photocopy), 1943 Dec
  32 Invitations and replies, 1966 Nov-1972 Jun
  33 News clippings about the First Virginia Regiment, 1962 Apr-1966 Jul
  34 Newsletter, Centennial Legion, 1972 Jan 29
  35 Newsletter, 29th Div. National Headquarters, 1966 Apr-Jul
  36 Necrology, 1944-1972
  37 Policy for the appointment for the commander in Chief of the Regiment
  38 Reservations list for May 22, 1970
  39 Rosters, 1963 Apr-1971 Feb
  40 Streamers (Argonne, Alsace)
  41 Photographs of First Virginia Regiment, 1871-1963 Oct
  42 Special and General Orders, 1961 Jul-1971 Jul

Series 2: Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps Records, 1931-1968 (ca. 2,000 items)

These materials concern the Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps, established in 1925. Membership is restricted to those who served in the Blues prior to the company’s reorganization in 1968. Series 2.1 contains correspondence, primarily concerning the three annual meetings. Series 2.2 contains financial materials, including receipts for the meetings. Series 2.3 contains a complete address list of members, and the years in which they paid their dues.

Series 2.1 Correspondence, 1935-1967 (ca. 300 items)
  Folder 43 1935-1942
  44 1943-1950
  45 1951-1959
  46 1969-1967
Series 2.2 Financial Materials, 1931-1968 (ca. 1,000 items)
  Folder 47 Dues receipts, 1934-1938
  48 Dues receipts, 1939-1940
  49 Dues receipts, 1944-1956
  50 Dues-receipts, 1967-1968
  51 Expenditure notes, 1953-1960
  52 Expenditure notes, 1961-1967
  53 Financial statements, 1948-1951
  54 Financial statements, 1953-1967
  55 Ledgers/statements, First and Merchants National Bank, 1931 Oct-1941 Jan.
  56 Ledgers, First and Merchants National Bank, 1952-1959
  57 Receipts and Disbursements records, 1958-1967
  58 Receipts, Alcohol transportation permits, 1950-1967
  59 Receipts, Beverages, 1936 May-1962
  60 Receipts, Catering, 1934 Nov-1951 Oct
  61 Receipts, Cleaning, 1949 Mar-1965 May
  62 Receipts, Clock repair, 1947 Dec-1949
  63 Receipts, Craige and Company, 1945-1950
  64 Receipts, Electric bills, 1946-1949
  65 Receipts, Electric contracting, 1949-1956
  66 Receipts, Florist, 1935 Dec-1951 Jul
  67 Receipts, Hardware 1949 May-1950 Jun
  68 Receipts, Hotels, 1941 May-1951 May
  69 Receipts, Insurance premiums, 1948-1967
  70 Receipts, Mailing advertisements, 1936 May-1967
  71 Receipts, Miller and Rhodes, May 12, n.y.
  72 Receipts, Miscellaneous, 1938-1967
  73 Receipts, Printing, 1935 Jan-1951 Mar
  74 Receipts, Office supplies, 1952-1965
  75 Receipts, National Seal Works, stamps, 1949-1964
  76 Receipts, Paint, 1956 Jan-1959 Apr
  77 Receipts, Paintings (portraits), 1956-1965
  78 Receipts, Photography, 1937-1951
  79 Receipts, Storage and transfer, 1956 Oct-1958
  80 First and Merchants National Bank, deposits, 1934
  81 First and Merchants National Bank, deposits, 1959
  82 State and Planters Bank, statements, 1935-1939
  83 State and Planters Bank, statements, 1939-1940
  84 Savings Bank and Trust, statements, 1941-1948 (yearly)
  85 Savings Bank and Trust, statements, 1946 May-1950 Oct. (monthly)
  86 Savings Bank and Trust, statements, 1951-1959
  87 Virginia Trust Company, statements, 1959-1966
Series 2.3: Administrative Materials, 1940-1968 (ca. 700 items)
  Folder 88 Address list of members
  89 Address list of non-members
  90 Applications for membership
  91 Dues paid, 1948
  92 Dues paid, 1951
  93 Dues paid, 1951(cont)
  94 Dues paid, 1952-1961
  95 Dues paid, 1962-1966
  96 Dues paid, 1967
  97 Davenport Insurance, policies, 1953-1963
  98 Davenport Insurance, policies, 1963-1968
  99 Invitations, 1966-1967
  100 RLIB programs for anniversaries. 1949-1965
  101 Rosters, 1940-1952
  102 Rosters, 1953-1967

Series 3: Blues Monument Memorial Corp. Records, 1899-1986 (ca. 900 items)

The Blues Monument Memorial Corporation was founded by A. Simpson Williams, a former commander of the Veterans Corps. Williams formed the monument corporation with an intent to honor the Blues with a statue. The unveiling occurred on October 20, 1978, with the statue located just outside the Richmond Coliseum. Most of the materials in this part of the collection are concerned with raising funds to pay for the statue. The correspondence is primarily letters of solicitation, invitation, and acknowledgment. Series 3.2 concerns financial matters. Series 3.3, consists of administrative materials, with some historical materials, including a copy of the address given by the Marquis de la Lafayette on his visit to Virginia in 1824 and photographs of the Blues on their 1926 trip to Paris and attending various parties and balls and marches, including the inaugural parade of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Series 3.1 Correspondence, 1972-1986 (ca. 200 items)
  Folder 103 1972-1977
  104 1978 Jan-1978 Jul
  105 1978 Aug-1978 Sep
  106 1978 Oct-1978 Dec
  107 1979-1986
Series 3.2 Financial Materials, 1974-1980 (ca. 200 items)
  Folder 108 Financial Statements/Annual Reports, 1974-1979
  109 Heritage Bank, statements, 1974-1979
  110 F&M Bank, statements, 1974-1980
  111 Dominion National Bank, ledger, 1977-1980
  112 Dominion National Bank, notes, 1977
  113 Dominion National Bank, statements, 1977 Nov-Dec
  114 Dominion National Bank, statements, 1978 Jan-Jun
  115 Dominion National Bank, checks/deposit slips, 1978 Jan-1979 Jan
  116 Heritage Savings and Loan checks (copies) 1979
  117 Receipts, Downtown Club, 1978-1979
  118 Receipts, Davenport and Co., 1979
Series 3.3 Administrative Materials, 1899-1979 (ca. 500 items)
  Folder 119 Addresses of the Marquis de Lafayette to Virginia, (Photocopy)
  120 Articles of Incorporation, 1973 May 29
  121 By-Laws of Corporation, 1973 May 30
  122 City of Richmond zoning approval for monument, 1972
  123 A commentary (a History of Blues Service)
  124 Commissions, Army, A. Simpson Williams
  125 Contributors list, 1977-1979
  126 Insurance policy, 1978
  127 General Lafayette-account of 1824 visit
  128 R.E. Lee monument corp. letter 1899
  129 Newsletters: The Commonwealth-May 1939
Drill Bits 1978
The Visitor Jul 1978
  130 Obituary of Col. Robert Rose, n.d.
  131 Photos of Blues Monument
  132 Photos of Paris trip, 1926
  133 Photos of Anniversary balls
  134 Photos of Parades
  135 Photos, Miscellaneous
  136 Program, Dedication of the Monument, Oct. 20, 1978
  137 The Richmond Light Infantry Blues: A Sketch
  138 Solicitation ad, 1978 Dec 1
  139 Taxes, 1973-1979
  140 Taxes, 1099 forms, 1968-1971

Container List

Box 1
    Series 1: First Virginia Regiment (folders 1-29)
      Series 1.1: Correspondence
      Series 1.2: Financial materials
Box 2
    Series 1: First Virginia Regiment, cont. (folders 30-69)
      Series 1.2: Financial materials, cont.
    Series 2: Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps
      Series 2.1: Correspondence
      Series 2.2: Financial materials
Box 3
    Series 2: Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps, cont. (folders 70-99)
      Series 2.2: Financial materials, cont.
      Series 2.3: Administrative materials
Box 4
    Series 2: Richmond Light Infantry Blues Veterans Corps, cont. (folders 100-140)
      Series 2.3: Administrative materials, cont.
    Series 3: Blues Monument Memorial Corporation
      Series 3.1: Correspondence
      Series 3.2: Financial materials
      Series 3.3: Administrative materials

Last updated: January 14, 2004

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