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Part 7: Confederate Prisons pp. 354-392

A Guide to the Robert Knox Sneden Scrapbook
Scrapbook Inventory (Part 7:  Confederate Prisons pp. 354-392)

Collection Number 1994.80.354-392

The scrapbook inventory has been arbitrarily divided into separate parts with titles reflecting the major subject(s) covered. In some cases, however, images or text pertaining to specific battles or sites may be located on pages not corresponding to strict chronological arrangement. Researchers should search each part of the inventory for their subject of interest. Some accession numbers are intentionally left off of the chart because they represent blank pages.

List of Illustrations

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*In the publications column, EOS refers to Eye of the Storm (2000) and IFS refers to Images From the Storm (2001).

Page Type Title or Text Description
354 print The Soldier's National Home. Milwaukie. Printed sketch of the Union veterans home in Milwaukee, Wisc.
354 print General Grant's Monument at Riverside Park, New York City. Printed sketch.
354 print Curiosities Of The War. Newspaper article concerning the chances of getting hit by a bullet or a shell during battle.
355 plate Andersonville 1864. Sketch of a medal worn by former Union prisoners incarcerated at Andersonville Prison.
355 print Sketches of Rebel Prisons in the Confederate States. Title page inscription to prison section.
355 print [Graveyard] Printed sketch of a graveyard at night.
356 plate View from the rear windows of Scott's Building. Richmond, Virginia. Jany. 1864. Sketch showing Crew & Pemberton and Libby prisons in Richmond, Va.
356 plate Survivors of Rebel Prisons. Text, by Sneden, concerning the total number of living survivors of Confederate prisons as of 1881.
356.2 print Union Ex-Prisoners of War Badge. Printed sketch of the official badge of the national association.
357 plate Rear of the Rebel Redoubt on Belle Island. James River. 1863. Sketched from a photograph.
357 print General Edward J. Johnston, C.S.A. Printed photographic portrait of Richard Stoddert Ewell (1817-1872), Confederate general.
357 print General T. F. (Stonewall) Jackson. Printed photographic portrait of Thomas Jonathan Jackson (1824-1863), Confederate general.
357 plate The Rebel Prison on Belle Island. James River Va.  
358 plate Richmond & Petersburg R.R. Bridge over which Prisoners passed on their way to Belle Island.  
358 plate Note. Note concerning the number of Union and Confederate soldiers held as prisoners of war during the war.
358 print Topographical Sketch of the City of Richmond Virginia, with the Surrounding Encampments, 1862. [map] Bears annotations by Sneden.
359 plate Belle Island. Richmond, Virginia.  
359 plate Rebel Prison known as Scott's Building near Main and 20th St. Richmond, Va. Scott's Factory Prison opened in 1862.
359 print The Capitol At Richmond. Printed sketch of the Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson.
360 print Libby Prison War Museum. Printed sketch of the Libby Prison War Museum in Chicago, Ill.
360 plate Number of U.S. Army Officers Confined in Libby Prison. Prisoners of War during the winter of 1863 and to May 1st 1864. Table.
360 print The Escape of U.S. Officers from Libby Prison. Newspaper article concerning the attempted escape of Union prisoners on 9 February 1864.
361 plate Prison on Belle Island.  
361 plate The Lower End of Belle Island. James River.  
362 plate View of Castle Thunder. 19th and Carey Streets. Richmond, Virginia. Castle Thunder Prison was a large tobacco warehouse located on the north side of Cary Street between 18th & 19th Streets. Mainly used for civilian prisoners, it was generally packed with murderers, cut-throats, thieves and other desperadoes.
362 print Castle Thunder. Newspaper article concerning Castle Thunder Prison in Richmond, Va.
362 plate The Hut for the Bloodhounds kept by Harris outside the stockade. Andersonville Prison.  
363 plate Fort Warren. Boston Harbor, Mass. 1865. Fort Warren, Mass., was a prison for Confederate officers.
363 plate View in Andersonville Prison Georgia. View from South East corner of the Stockade.  
364 print Andersonville National Cemetery George. Printed sketch of monument at the national cemetery at Andersonville, Ga.
364 plate Genl. Grant's Telegraph In Reference To An Exchange Of Prisoners of War "Man for Man." Sketched copy of U. S. Grant's 17 August 1864 message denying the exchange of Confederate prisoners of war.
365 print [Summons, 9 September 1865] Typed order 9 September 1865, issued to James E. Alden of Company F of the 4th Vermont Infantry Regiment, U.S.A., to appear as a witness in the case against Henry Wirz, the commandant of Andersonville Prison.
367 plate The Cookhouse outside the Stockade. Andersonville Prison, Georgia. Aug. 1864.  
367 plate Rebel Prison at Salisbury, North Carolina. 1864.  
367 plate Official Statement of U.S. War Department of Prisoners of War held by the U.S. and Confederate Governments.  
368 plate Lawrenceville Va. on the Molveria River - Prisoners of War crossing Feby 23rd 1863.  
368 plate Union Prisoners of War crossing the Yadkin River near Salisbury, N.C. on Platform Cars. February 24th 1864.  
368 plate R.R. Bridge across The Roanoke River near Gaston, North Carolina crossed as Prisoner of War. Feby 23rd 1864.  
369 plate Plan of Camp Lawton or the Rebel Prison near Millen. Georgia. November 1864. [map] Map of Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp near Millen, Ga.
370 print May 29th 1875. Newspaper clipping concerning the shipwreck of the U.S.S. General Lyon off Cape Hatteras, N.C., in March 1865.
370 plate Water Tank. Wimsboro S.C. Feby 24th 1863.  
370 print [Table of death rates at Andersonville Prison in 1864] Printed table of deaths, by month, for Andersonville Prison in 1864.
370 plate List of members of the 40th New York Regt. who died and were buried in the National Cemetery at Andersonville - Sumter Co., Georgis.  
371 print The Great Rebel Prison Pen At Andersonville, Georgia. Printed sketch, from a drawing by Sneden, of Andersonville Prison.
371 plate Order No. 13 Sketch of Order No. 13, 27 July 1864, issued by John Henry Winder, permitting the Confederate artillery battery stationed at Andersonville Prison to shell the prison camp if a Union army were to approach the camp.
371 print War Tablet Unveiled. Newspaper clipping concerning the dedication of a monument at Andersonville Prison.
372 plate Prison at Millen, Georgia from inside the gate.  
372 plate Rebel Prison near Millen Georgia or "Camp Lawton." Text, by Sneden, concerning Camp Lawton, the Confederate prison near Millen, Ga.
372 print Prisoner of War. Newspaper clipping concerning the total number of prisoners held by the opposing armies in the Civil War.
372 plate View of "Camp Lawton" or Millen Prison.  
373 plate The Dead Line at Andersonville.  
373 plate Andersonville Prison, Geo. from 1st March 1863 to 1st March 1865. Table, compiled by Sneden, regarding the number of Union prisoners at Andersonville who died from various causes while imprisoned.
373 plate The Rebel Prison. 2 1/2 miles from Florence S.C. and 92 from Charleston, S.C.  
374 plate Andersonville Prison. [map]  
374 plate Plan of The Rebel Prison Pen at Savannah, Georgia. [map] Map of Confederate prison at Savannah, Ga.
375 plate Savannah Georgia. Text, by Sneden, concerning Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's capture of Savannah, Ga., in December 1864.
375 plate The Rebel Defences of Savannah, Geo. [map]  
376 print Plan Of The Andersonville Prison. [map] Printed map of Andersonville Prison, bears annotations by Sneden.
376 print The Andersonville Prison. Newspaper article concerning Andersonville Prison.
376 print Southern War Claims. Newspaper article regarding claims of Southerners who had property destroyed or stolen by Union soldiers during the Civil War.
378 plate Map showing the Investment and Siege of Savannah Georgia by Genl. Sherman's Army. Decr. 1864. March to the Sea, 15 November-21 December 1864.
379 plate The Gallows. Sketch of the gallows erected at Andersonville Prison for the execution of the Andersonville Raiders on 11 July 1864.
379 plate Union Prisoners of War who were the Raiders at Andersonville Prison Georgia and who were hung there by their Comrades. July 11th 1864. List of the six Union soldiers hanged at Andersonville Prison.
379 plate The Prison Pen at Savannah, Georgia.  
380 plate [Map of northern Georgia] Map, sketched by Sneden while at Andersonville Prison, of northern Georgia.
380 plate Union Prisoners of War who are buried in the Cemetery at Andersonville, Georgia. Table, compiled by Sneden, of Union soldiers by state who are buried in the National Cemetery at Andersonville, Ga.
381 print Confederate States Military Prison, Andersonville, Georgia. List of Market Prices. July 1, 1864. Typed list of goods and their costs in Confederate money at Andersonville, Ga., on 1 July 1864.
383 print Providence Spring. Newspaper clipping concerning a spring in the Andersonville Prison compound.
383 print Roper Hospital - Charleston. Printed sketch of the building in Charleston where Union prisoners were confined in December of 1864 while awaiting their exchange.
383 print General Bushrod Johnson, C.S.A. Printed photographic portrait of Bushrod Rust Johnson (1817-1880), Confederate general.
383 print View in Charleston, South Carolina, showing St. Michael's Church. Printed sketch of St. Michael's Church, Charleston, S.C.
383 print General Howell Cobb, C.S.A. Printed photographic portrait of Lafayette McLaws (1821-1897), Confederate general who commanded the defenses of Charleston, S.C., in 1864.
383 plate Charleston Jail, S.C. Sketch of the Charleston Jail where Union prisoners were incarcerated in 1864.
384 print Returned Prisoners of War at Camp Parole - Annapolis, Maryland. January 1865. Printed sketch, from a photograph, of exchanged Union prisoners.
384 print Memorial At Andersonville Prison. Newspaper clipping concerning the dedication of a monument erected over Providence Spring in the Andersonville Prison compound.
384 plate U.S. Official List of The Union Soldiers who are buried in The National Cemeteries from List made in 1885. List, compiled by Sneden, of the number of Union soldiers buried at each of the eleven National Cemeteries.
384 plate The South Gate from the outside. Andersonville Prison, Georgia.  
385 plate The U.S. Iron Clads and Monitor Fleet at anchor at Charleston Bar during a gale of wind. December 14th 1864.  
385 plate Fort Sumter. December 11th 1864. Sketch of Fort Sumter, Charleston, S.C., showing the effect of Union bombardment on the fort.
386 plate R. K. Sneden's Shanty. Andersonville Prison, Georgia.  
386 plate Note. Note concerning the comparison of death rates between Union and Confederate prisons.
386 plate The Mortality at Andersonville Prison. Text, by Sneden, regarding mortality figures for Andersonville Prison from 27 February 1864 to 28 April 1865.
388 plate The Rebel Defences of Charleston, S.C., in December 1864. [map]  
389 plate The Rebel Prison near Florence, South Carolina.  
389 plate West Point Mills. Ashley River, Charleston, S.C. Nov 30th 1864.  
389 plate Exchange of 10,000 Union Prisoners of War under flag of truce at Charleston Harbor, S.C. 11th and 12th Decr 1864.  
390 print New Stories Of The War. Newspaper article concerning the escape of several Union soldiers from Prison No. 4 in Danville, Va., in December 1863.
391   blank page  
392   blank page  


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