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Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc.

A Guide to the Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., Papers, 1908-1994.
Collection Number Mss3 Un39 a FA2

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Administrative Information


Collection open to all researchers.

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Preferred Citation

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., Papers, 1908-1994 (Mss3 Un39 a FA2), Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Universal Corporation, Richmond, Va., through the courtesy of H. H. Harrell, Chairman and C.E.O., in 1994. Accessioned 2 April 1996.


Descriptive Summary


Repository: Virginia Historical Society
Collection Number: Mss3 Un39 a FA2
Collection Name: Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., Papers, 1908-1994
Size: Size: 2,450 (ca.) items
Language: English
Abstract: This collection consists of the correspondence, historical research materials, oral histories (tapes and transcriptions), and manuscript drafts used in the production of Tobacco Merchant: The Story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company by Maurice Duke and Daniel P. Jordan (University Press of Kentucky, 1995).


Scope and Content Information


Universal Leaf Tobacco Company has its origins in the late nineteenth century, with the J.P. Taylor Company and its founder, Jacquelin P. Taylor. In 1918 the J.P. Taylor Company merged with five other leaf tobacco dealers to form Universal Leaf Tobacco Company. The company is now known as Universal Corporation, a holding company with interests in commodities in addition to tobacco.

As a leaf dealer, Universal Corporation is involved in the purchasing, processing, and storing of leaf tobacco for later sale to the manufacturers that produce cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco for the market. As such, though it is the largest independent leaf tobacco dealer in the world, with headquarters in Richmond, Va., and facilities on five continents, it is largely unknown to the general public. From the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, historian Joseph C. Robert began work on a history of Universal, conducting numerous interviews with key personnel and compiling various materials for study of the tobacco industry in general, and Universal in particular. However, Dr. Robert’s history never got past the research stage. In the early 1980s, Drs. Daniel P. Jordan and Maurice Duke undertook a similar project. With the help of Dr. Robert, who made much of his own research available to them, as well as years of research and interviewing on their own, Drs. Duke and Jordan were able to publish their book, Tobacco Merchant : The Story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, in 1995.

This collection consists of the historical research, oral histories, and manuscript drafts used in the production of Tobacco Merchant.


Biographical/Historical Information


Universal Leaf Tobacco began in the late nineteenth century as the J.P. Taylor Company. In 1918, the company merged with five other leaf tobacco dealers to form Universal Leaf Tobacco Company. Leaf dealers are involved in the purchasing, processing, and storing of leaf tobacco for later sale to the manufacturers that produce cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco for the market. ULTC has now become the Universal Corporation, a giant holding company whose interests are beginning to extend beyond tobacco into other commodities. Universal's headquarters are located in Richmond, Va., with branches around the world.




This collection is organized into five series.

Series 1 is composed of the correspondence of Drs. Robert, Jordan and Duke during their work on their respective Universal Leaf projects. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Series 2 consists of the manuscript drafts that became Tobacco Merchant, including the outlines, and materials used to compile acknowledgements, bibliographies, etc.

Series 3 contains the publications used for research purposes, subdivided into Series 3.1, those published by Universal Leaf; and Series 3.2, those published by other sources.

Series 4 is made up of research files compiled by Drs. Jordan and Duke, subdivided into Series 4.1, files on individuals; Series 4.2, on tobacco companies other than Universal Leaf (including independent tobacco firms subsidiary to ULTC); Series 4.3, on ULTC itself; Series 4.4, on the tobacco industry in general; and Series 4.5, miscellaneous research files. Each sub-series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series 5 contains the oral histories, subdivided into Series 5.1, the interview transcripts, and Series 5.2, the actual cassettes of interviews. Both are arranged alphabetically.


Index Terms


Duke, Maurice, 1934- . Tobacco merchant: the story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company (1995).
Jordan, Daniel P., 1938- . Tobacco merchant: the story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company (1995).
J.P. Taylor Company (Richmond, Va.)
Richmond (Va.) -- Industries.
Tobacco industry -- Virginia -- Richmond -- History.
Universal Corporation.
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc.




Series 1. Correspondence, 1968-1994. ca. 500 items.

This series consists of correspondence between Daniel P. Jordan and Maurice Duke, on one hand, and various other individuals and organizations, for the purpose of researching and publishing Tobacco Merchant. The persons represented in this series include past and present employees of Universal Leaf Tobacco and its major subsidiaries, as well as officials from various libraries and museums from tobacco-growing regions. Also included is correspondence of Dr. Joseph C. Robert concerning his research into Universal Leaf in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Box 1 Folder 1 Alexander, Jennie
    2 Algonquin Press
    3 Allen, E. D.
    4 Allen, Paul E.
    5 Barker, John S., III
    6 Beach, John W.
    7 Bell, Don F.
    8 Bruce, Emily D.
    9 Cheatham, James T.
    10 Christian, Stuart G., Jr.
    11 Chung, J. J.
    12 Clark, Margaret E.
    13 Coats, Grace W.
    14 Correll, Anne R.
    15 Cox, Hilda
    16 Crenshaw, Gordon L.
    17 Crowder, Nannie A.
    18 Davis, Harriette W.
    19 Dennis, W. B.
    20 Dinnsen, Don D.
    21 Dinnsen, E. A., Jr.
    22 Duffin, Anne H.
    23 Duke, Maurice
    24 Duke University Press
    25 Ebert, Patrice G.
    26 Eldridge, Mrs. Charles P.
    27 Elkins, Anne Marie
    28 Elmore, Mrs. Martha G.
    29 Flowers, Lewis C.
    30 Galloway, E. Agnew
    31 Goodson, W. A. “Bill”
    32 Gorman, John C.
    33 Grant, Gary
    34 Griffin, Carolyn
    35 Haley, Enoch A.
    36 Hall, Jacqueline Dowd
    37 Hall, William C.
    38 Harrison, Fred N., Jr.
    39 Harrison, Fred N., Sr.
    40 Harrison, Robert M.
    41 Henritz, Wayne
    42 Hicks, Julie
    43 Hobgood, A. L., Jr.
    44 Hoke, John C. V.
    45 Howard, H. Neal, Jr.
    46 Howe, M. Norton, Jr.
    47 Johnson, Elaine D.
    48 Jones, John W.
    49 Jordan, Daniel P.
    50 Kremer, Gabriel J.
    51 Lassiter, Wingate
    52 Laverge, Jan
    53 Lee, Margaret
    54 Lennon, Donald R
    55 Lowden, F. V., III
    56 Macaulay, Angus
    57 McOwan, A. I. “Mac”
    58 McTigne, Bernard
    59 Midzi, H. E. Amos Bernard M.
    60 Miller, Thomas D.
    61 Millsaps, William
    62 Momenee, Gary
    63 Moore, James T.
    64 Morton, Ann
    65 Murphy, Thomas
    66 National Tobacco-Textile Museum
    67 Noakes, R. A.
    68 Norwood, [?]
    69 Papps, Allan W.
    70 Pinks, John
    71 Powell, William G.
    72 Price, Eugene
    73 Pritchard, W. W. “Bill”, Jr.
    74 Rattican, Neal F.
    75 Robert, Joseph C.
    76 Roberts, William H., III
    77 Schmidt, Evelyn
    78 Schoenbach, Gerhard
    79 Scott, John W.
    80 Sengstacken, R. Robert
    81 Shackelford, George Green
    82 Shelton, Keith A.
    83 Silvette, David
    84 Snead, [?], Mrs.
    85 Sullivan, Gilbert J.
    86 Tarleton, Hal
    87 Taylor, Alvin B.
    88 Taylor, Helen Marie (Mrs. Jaquelin P.)
    89 Thomas, C. W., III
    90 Towers, Thomas R.
    91 University Press of Kentucky
    92 University Press of Virginia
    93 Voight, Fred W.
    94 Walston, H. C.
    95 Williams, Maurice
    96 Winfree, W. A., Jr.
    97 Worrell, Rob                                                                                                                                                

Series 2: Manuscript for Tobacco Merchant.

This series contains manuscript drafts for most of the chapters of what became Tobacco Merchant, as well as the outlines, appendices, acknowledgments, and bibliography. For a few of the chapters, several revisions are present, as Dr. Duke attempted to correct errors and incorporate suggestions from his ULTC sources. In some cases, the comments and suggestions are in the form of transcripts of interviews, while other are in the form of correspondence, or corrected drafts. Often, the chapter order was changed during revision; the order represented in this series is as close as possible to the order in which the chapters are arranged in the final edition of Tobacco Merchant.

Box 1 Folder 98 Progress Report as of 2-20-90
    99 Notes for Acknowledgments
    100 Outlines
    101 Chapter 1: The Heritage
    102 Chapter 2: The Founding and Early Years
    103 Chapter 3: The China Company Strikes Gold
    104 Chapter 4: A New Profit Center to the North
Chapter 5: Cigar Leaf Tobacco (p. 14 ff.)
    105 Chapter 6: The Depression and Great War Years
    106 Chapter 7: Postwar Growth at Home (l of 4)
    107 Chapter 7: Postwar Growth at Home (2 of 4)
    108 Chapter 7: Postwar Growth at Home (3 of 4)
    109 Chapter 7: Postwar Growth at Home (4 of 4)
    110 Chapter 8: Postwar Growth Abroad
    111 Chapter 9: A Worldwide Company (l of 2)
    112 Chapter 9: A Worldwide Company (2 of 2)
    --- No Chapter 10
    113 Chapter 11: A Changing Industry
    114 Chapter 12: Diversification and Litigation
    115 Notes for Appendices
Box 2 Folder 116 Works Cited                                                                                                                                                                  
    117 Miscellaneous Notes for Chapters 2-3
    118 Miscellaneous Notes for Chapters 1-3
    119 Notes for Revisions of Chapters 1-4

Series 3. Publications, 1908-1993.

This series is composed of publications of various types and sources used by Drs. Jordan and Duke for research purposes. It is divided into two sub-series: Series 3.1 represents all materials published by Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., including ULTC’s Articles of Incorporation, dated 1918, and amendments thereto up to 1979; public information pamphlets; company newsletters; 10-K forms; and annual reports. Series 3.2 contains publications from all other sources, including a complete run of The Tobacco Observer (a publication of The Tobacco Institute, a pro-tobacco lobby) from Vol. 1, no. 1 to Vol. 12, no. 5; U.S. Department of Agriculture publications dealing with tobacco cultivation, grading, and marketing; copies of documents dealing with various lawsuits against the tobacco industry; economic analyses of the tobacco industry; examinations of governmental taxation and regulation of tobacco; materials dealing with the controversy over smoking and health; and various histories of tobacco and the tobacco industry, both general and localized.

Series 3.1: Universal Leaf publications

Box 2 Folder 120 Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc. Articles of Incorporation and amendments thereto
    121 Booklet, Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., and ULTC Annual Reports, 1988-1991
    122 The International Operations of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., and ULTC Annual Reports, 1945-1977
    123 Universal News (ULTC Newsletter), Vol. 2, no. 1-3; Vol. 3, no. 1, 3; Vol. 4, no. 3; Vol. 5, no. 3; Vol. 6, no. 3; Vol. 16, no. 3-4
    124 Universal News, Vol. 18, no. 4-Vol. 21, no. 4
    125 ULTC Form 10-K 1976
    126 ULTC Form 10-K 1978
    127 ULTC Form 10-K 1980
    128 ULTC Form 10-K 1982
    129 List of ULTC Subsidiaries and officers thereof, etc.
    130 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Notices and Interim Reports

Series 3.2. Other publications.

Box 2 Folder 131 The Tobacco Observer Vol 1 No 1-2
    132 The Tobacco Observer Vol 2 No 1-4
    133 The Tobacco Observer Vol 3 No 1-6
    134 The Tobacco Observer Vol 4 No 1-6
    135 The Tobacco Observer Vol 5 No 1-6
    136 The Tobacco Observer Vol 6 No 1-6
    137 The Tobacco Observer Vol 7 No 1-7
    138 The Tobacco Observer Vol 8 No 1-6
    139 The Tobacco Observer Vol 9 No 1-6
    140 The Tobacco Observer Vol 10 No 1-5
    141 The Tobacco Observer Vol 11 No 1-5
    142 The Tobacco Observer Vol 12 No 1-5
    143 Newsletter of the Tobacco History Corporation, Inc./Duke Homestead State Historic Site Vol 4 No 4-Vol 10 No 1, Vol 10 No 3-4, Vol 11 No 2, Vol 12 No 2, Vol 15 No 3/4
    144 U.S. Department of Agriculture Official Standard Grades for Flue-Cured Tobacco
    145 U.S. Department of Agriculture Official Standard Grades for Burley Tobacco
    146 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc., et al. Civil Action No. 74-1008, U.S. District Court, South Carolina. “Brief in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion for a Class Action...” May 19, 1975
    147 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc., et al. U.S. District “Defendants’ Response to Plaintiffs’ Motion for Class Action Certification” May 20, 1975
    148 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc., et al. U.S. District Court’s denial of class certification, September 26, 1975
    149 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc. Et al. U.S. Court of Appeals No. 75-2315. Decision overturning District Court denial of class certification, July 16, 1976
    150 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc., et al. U.S. Court of Appeals Defendants’ petition for rehearing en banc
    151 Windham et al. V. American Brands, Inc., et al. U.S. Court of Appeals On rehearing en banc, the court overturns the previous appellate court ruling, and deny plaintiffs’ motion for class action status, October 11, 1977
    152 In re Petition of John Sledge Concerning Classification of Certain Imported Tobacco as Scrap Tobacco Comments of Standard Commercial Tobacco Company, Inc. Before the U.S. Customs Service Regulation and Research Division, November 19, 1979
    153 American Brands, Inc., 1976 Annual Report
    154 “American Tobacco Types, Uses, and Markets.” U.S. Department of Agriculture Circular No 249, 1933 and 1942 revisions
    155 “America’s Golden Leaf Virginia Edition”
    156 “The Bicentennial and “That Bewitching Vegetable” by Dr. Joseph C. Robert (draft)
    157 “Cigar Box Art” in Missouri Historical Society Bulletin, Apr 1951
    158 “Cigarette Taxes in the United States” Vol XIV 1965
    159 “Coker’s Tobacco Seed 1976 Season”
Box 3 Folder 160 College of Tobacco Knowledge Syllabi, 1978 and 1979
    161 Contributions to American Economic History by William Bagnall, 1908 [History of P. Lorilland and Co.]
    162 "The Duke Homestead”
    163 Executive Health Vol X No 11 “The Case Against Tobacco Is Not Closed”
    164 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Monthly Review [Origin of Tobacco Industry]
    165 Green Leaf and Gold Tobacco in North Carolina by Jerome E. Brooks, 1962
    166 “A Farewell to Tobacco”, poem by Charles Lamb in W.H. Auden’s Oxford Book of Light Verse
    167 Section of “An Historical and Practical Essay on the Culture and Commerce of Tobacco” by William Tatham, 1800
    168 “Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company, Limited”
    169 “Louisiana and Tobacco A Chapter in America’s Industrial Growth”
    170 National Tobacco and Textile Museum
    171 “One Hundred Years of Virginia Tobacco,” essay dated 6-7-40 (draft)
    172 “A Preliminary Study of the Marketing of Burley Tobacco in Central Kentucky” by Charles Bohannon and D.P. Campbell, 1916
    173 Principles of Flue-Cured Tobacco Production by S.N. Hawles, Jr., 1978
    174 The Public Historian Business and History Vol 3 No 3, Summer 1981
    175 “Remarks by Mr. Ross R. Millhiser Before the Virginia House Finance Sub-Committee on Tobacco and Cigarette Taxes, August 19, 1977"
    176 “1961 Report of the Scientific Director”, Tobacco Industry Research Committee [looks at various scientific studies on tobacco, especially those related to health issues]
    177 “R.J. Reynolds Our 100th Anniversary 1875-1975"
    178 Rural America [Lists of books being reprinted, including a few on tobacco]
    179 The Smoking Controversy A Perspective” A Statement by the Tobacco Institute” December, 1978
    180 The Southern Planter July 1940 [includes the final version of “One Hundred Years of Virginia Tobacco” by Charles E. Gage]
    181 The Statutes at Large, Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619 [early laws on tobacco]
    182 The Story of Tobacco by Virginia Tobacco Company, Inc., Danville, VA
    183 A Study of the U.S. Tobacco Industry’s Economic Contribution to the State and Counties of Kentucky, 1979
    184 A Study of the U.S. Tobacco Industry’s Economic Contribution to the State, Counties, and Independent Cities of Virginia, 1979
    185 The Tax Burden on Tobacco, vol 5, 1970
    186 The Tax Burden on Tobacco, vol 13, 1978
    187 The Tax Burden on Tobacco, vol 15, 1980
    188 “Tobacco A World-Class Industry” in Virginia Business, January 1992
    189 “Tobacco Deeply Rooted in America’s Heritage”
    190 “Tobacco in North Carolina Growing, Marketing, and Procession.” 1947
    191 “Tobacco in Virginia” 1980
    192 “Tobacco in Virginia” 1981
    193 “Tobacco in the United States” 1979
    194 “Tobacco Industry Profile” 1978, 1981, 1982, 1983
    195 Section of Tobacco Its History Illustrated by the Books, Manuscripts, and Engravings in the Library of George Arents, Jr. By Jerome Brooks, 1943
    196 “Tobacco Pioneer in American Industry”
    197 “Tobacco, Tobacco Hogsheads and Rolling Roads in Northern Virginia” by Charles E. Gage, 1959
    198 Tobaccoland by Carl Avery Werner
    199 “Trends in Demand for Tobaccos of the Southern States” 1942
    200 “Universal Appeal” in Richmond Times-Dispatch Monday November 29, 1993. [Article on ULTC]
    201 “Use of Tobacco among North American Indians” by Ralph Linton, 1924
    202 “Virginia and Tobacco History” by Charles E. Gage, for The Southern Planter, July 1940
    203 Miscellaneous publications and materials

Series 4: Research Files, 1982-1994.

Series 4 consists of research files compiled by Drs. Jordan and Duke, arranged by subject. It is subdivided into type of subject. Series 4.1 deals with individuals: past and present employees of ULTC and/or its subsidiaries, or significant figures in the tobacco industry at large. It includes newspaper clippings, obituaries, biographical sketches from various sources, and so forth. Series 4.2 is composed of materials on tobacco companies (including independent ULTC subsidiaries) outside ULTC itself. Series 4.3 contains notes on various aspects of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, arranged alphabetically by subject. Series 4.4 represents research files on the tobacco industry as a whole, including information on various trade and labor associations, examinations of regional tobacco markets, ad includes information on non-tobacco ULTC independent subsidiaries. Series 4.5 contains miscellaneous research notes and materials.

Series 4.1 Individuals

Box 3 Folder 204 Allen, E.D.
    205 Bell, Don F.
    206 Carr, C. Stuart, Jr.
    207 Cary, Lucius F., III
    208 Chandler, Wallace L.
    209 Cheatham, C.B.
    210 Christian, Stuart G., Jr.
    211 Cobb, John B.
    212 Cone, Howard B.
    213 Covington, James E.
    214 Crenshaw, Gordon L.
    215 Cullman Family/Philip Morris
    216 Dozier, Curtis M., Sr. And Jr.
    217 Duke, James B.
    218 Edwards, Kenneth R.
    219 Garrett, Ester
    220 Goodson, W.A., Sr.
    221 Gordon, R. Latimer, Jr.
    222 Gorman, Patrick Henry
    223 Gregory, O.C.
    224 Haley, Enoch
    225 Hall, Grace
    226 Hankins, Louise T.
    227 Harrison, Fred and J.P.
    228 Harrison, Robert M.
    229 Hatcher, Wirt Sr.
    230 Henderson, Joseph F.
    231 Hildt, Thomas
    232 Hitchcock, Harry R.
    233 Hobgood, A.L., Jr.
    234 Jenkins, L.B.
    235 Laverge, Jan
    236 Leavell, John.
    237 McAdams, Thomas B.
    238 McOwan, A.I. “Mac”
    239 McOwan, Lucille Reynolds
    240 Miller, James I.
    241 Parrish, Hamilton P.
    242 Person, Thomas A.
    243 Pettus, Hunter R.
    244 Rose, John D.
    245 Rupert, Anton
    246 Stewart, Elizabeth Lewis
    247 Taylor, Jaquelin P.
    248 Taylor, Erasmus
    249 Towers, Thomas R.
    250 Tuggle, Aubrey G.
    251 Tuggle, R.W.
    252 Waddell, J.C.
    253 Walker, Pete
    254 Walston, Hubert C.
    255 Warwick, Pierre C.
    256 West, Hugh
    257 Willingham, William A.
    258 Winstead, William H.
    259 Woodson, Howard S.
    260 Yuille, Thomas B.                                                                              

Series 4.2. Tobacco Companies, non-ULTC.

Box 4 Folder 261 W.A. Adams Co.
    262 American Tobacco Company
    263 Bright Leaf and Burley Co.
    264 Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp.
    265 Congoleum [conglomerate that tried to take over ULTC in 1976-77]
    266 Cunningham Tobacco Company
    267 Dibrell Brothers, Inc.
    268 K.R. Edwards Leaf Tobacco Co.
    269 Export Leaf Tobacco Co.
    270 Industrial Leaf Tobacco Co.
    271 Jefferson Leaf Tobacco Co.
    272 Larus and Brother Company
    273 W.B. Lea and Sons
    274 Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company
    275 Person-Garrett Company, Inc.
    276 R.J. Reynolds Industries
    277 J.P. Taylor Co., Inc.
    278 J.P. Taylor Co., Inc. 1916 Audit [seel also W. A. Willingham Co. Audit]
    279 J.P. Taylor Co., Inc. Officers and Directors
    280 Taylor Brothers Tobacco Company
    281 U.S. Tobacco Company
    282 Virginia Tobacco Company, Inc.
    283 R.P. Watson and Sons
    284 W.A. Willingham Co., Inc. 1916 Audit [see also J.P. Taylor audit]
    285 Winston Leaf Tobacco Co.
    286 Zimleaf Holdings Group

Series 4.3. Universal Leaf Tobacco Company.

Box 4 Folder 287 Addresses                                                                                           
    288 Annual Meeting/Quarterly Reports
    289 Barter Transactions
    290 Chronology
    291 “Company News” October 18, 1982
    292 Corporate Policy
    293 Directors and Officers
    294 Directories
    295 Diversification
    296 Earnings, 1918-1990
    297 Employee Benefits/Morale
    298 Far East Ltd.
    299 Financial Analysis
    300 Financial Reports/Statements
    301 Finance Committee Notes
    302 History
    303 International Conferences
    304 Leaf Buyers
    305 Litigation
    306 Minute Book Notes
    307 New Building, 1968 and Expansion, 1973-4
    308 Packing and Shipping
    309 Plant Modernization
    310 Stock Splits 1926-1978
    311 Tobacco Flow
    312 Miscellaneous, Personnel
    313 Miscellaneous

Series 4.4. General Research Folders–Tobacco Industry.

Box 4 Folder 314 Alabama Tobacco History
    315 Belts/Buyers, U.S., 1965
    316 Blue Mold 1979
    317 Bright Crop Summaries 1933-49
    318 Bright Belt Warehouse Association
    319 Canada
    320 China
    321 Cigarette Manufacturing
    322 Club La Salle
    323 Conversation Notes [NOT formal interviews]
    324 Danville Tobacco Market
    325 Depression
    326 Dunnington-Beach Farming Operation
    327 Flue-Cured Markets 1967
    328 Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corporation
    329 Georgia Tobacco History
    330 Government Regulation of Tobacco U.S.
    331 “Hours and Earnings of Employees of Independent Leaf-Tobacco Dealers.” Monthly Labor Review Vol 53 (July 1941) pp. 215-222
    332 Japanese Tobacco/Salt Monopoly
    333 Kentucky and Tobacco
    334 Labor and Tobacco, 1930s
    335 Lancaster, PA and Tobacco
    336 Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation [ULTC subsidiary]
    337 Leaf Tobacco Exporters Association, Inc.
    338 Lynchburg Tobacco Industry
    339 Map of Flue Cured Tobacco Markets
    340 Maryland and Tobacco
    341 Mullins, SC, Tobacco Market
    342 New York Stock Exchange-ULTC Application 1927
    343 North Carolina and Tobacco
    344 Partners and Subsidiaries of ULTC
    345 Petersburg Tobacco Industry
    346 Pulliam House
    347 Rhodesia [See also Christian and Zimleaf]
    348 Richmond and Tobacco
    349 Robert, J.C. “ULTC’s International Outlook.”
Box 5 Folder 350 Royster Company [Fertilizer/guano company, ULTC subsidiary]
    351 Sales Forecasts
    352 Scrap Tobacco U.S. Customs Service classification
    353 Section 22 Investigation, 1981 [See also R.W. Tuggle]
    354 Southern Processors, Inc.
    355 Southwestern Tobacco
    356 Standard Marks and Charges
    357 Stemming Question, 1979
    358 Tobacco Association of the U.S.
    359 Tobacco Associates, Inc.
    360 Tobacco Cultivation
    361 “Tobacco’s First Loss.” Time Vol 131 No 26, June 27, 1988
    362 Tobacco General History
    363 Tobacco Growers’ Information Committee
    364 Tobacco Industry Federal Trade Commission Report, 1920
    365 Tobacco Industry as a Fraternity
    366 Tobacco Issue, News and Observer 1896
    367 Tobacco Merchants Association
    368 Tobacco Processors, Inc.
    369 Tobacco and Textile Museum
    370 Tobacco U.S. (General Situation)
    371 Tobacco U.S. Diversification and International Expansion
    372 Tobacco World Conglomerates
    373 Tobacco Workers’ International Union
    374 Tuggle, R.W., Speech on flue-cured tobacco industry, 1979
    375 Virginia Tobacco’s Economic Statistics

Series 4.5. Miscellaneous Research Notes and Materials.

Box 5 Folder 376 “Breaking Out What is Not in Southern History, 1918-1988" by Bennett H. Wall. Journal of Southern History Vol 55 No 1 (February 1989) pp. 3-20
    377 Corporate Histories in General
    378 “Laverge” Notebook
    379 Research Miscellaneous Ideas and Key Names
    380 “Universal Leaf Project” Notebook

Series 5. Oral histories, 1975-1976 and 1981-1990.

Series 5 consists of the oral histories that make up the backbone of Tobacco Merchant. Most of the interviews are with past and present ULTC employees, or their surviving wives or children. Included are interviews with some officials of other large tobacco corporation, such as the Cullman of Philip Morris. Series 5.1 is composed of the transcripts of the interviews, as well as the handwritten notes taken by the interviewer. Series 5.2 contains the actual cassette tapes of the interviews. Where more than one person was interviewed at once, the cassette and transcript are filed under the name that appears first on the transcript.

Series 5.1. Transcripts of Oral Histories.

Box 5 Folder 381 Outlines of Interviews
    382 Abernathy, James H., Jr.
    383 Allen, E.D.
    384 Bagget, Wayne
    385 Bell, Don F.
    386 Bost, W.S. and Koonce, Bruce
    387 Carr, C. Stuart
    388 Carter, Garland and Collie, Harry
    389 Chandler, Wallace L.
    390 Cheatham, M. Deane, Jr.
    391 Christian, Stuart G.
    392 Cline, L. Carl
    393 Coleman, G.A. John
Collie, Harry See Carter, Garland
    394 Cone, Howard B.
    395 Covington, Robert
    396 Covington, James E., Sr.
    397 Covington, James E., Jr.
    398 Crenshaw, Gordon L. See also Towers, Thomas R.
    399 Cullman, Hugh
    400 Cullman, Joseph F., III
    401 Davis, Glenda
DeBruyn, Robert See Hitchcock, Harry
    402 Dinnsen, Ed
    403 Dunlop, Murray
    404 Eggleston, Thomas B.
    405 Galloway, E. Agnew
Box 6 Folder 406 Garrett, Ester
    407 Goodson, W.A., Jr.
    408 Grubbs, Wirt L., Jr.
    409 Haley, Enoch
    410 Hall, Grace
    411 Hankins, Louise T.
    412 Harrell, Henry H.
    413 Harrison, Mrs. Fred N., Sr.
    414 Harrison, Fred N., Jr.
    415 Harrison, Mrs. J. Pinckney
    416 Hatcher, Wirt H., Jr.
    417 Hitchcock, Harry
    418 Hitchcock, Harry; Markle, John; and deBruyn, Robert
    419 Hinnant, C.H., Jr.
    420 Hobgood, A.L., Jr. And Parham, W.E.
    421 Holt, B.S., Jr.
    422 Horine, Robert B.
    423 Howe, M. Nlorton
    424 Howard, H. Neal
    425 Humphries, Edwin W.
    426 Hunt, William T.
    427 Jackson, Herbert
    428 Johnson, Hilda
    429 Jordan, W.L. “Bill”
    430 King, Allen B.
Koonce, Bruce See Bost, W.S.
    431 Kremer, G.J. “Gaby”
    432 Lacy, William C.
    433 Laverge, A.T.
    434 Laverge, Jan [1976 interview]
    435 Laverge, Jan [Parts 1-10]
    436 Laverge, Jan [Parts 11-13, 21-27]
    437 Laverge, Jan [Parts 28-45, Note: Parts 28-43 are incomplete]
    438 Leavell, John N.
    439 Lee, M.L. Dawson
    440 Lepine, Joseph J.
    441 Livesay, Howell T. “Spec”
    442 Lucas, Almas
    443 Macon, George
    444 Markle, John E. See also Hitchcock, Harry
    445 Meredith, John F.
Box 7 Folder 446 Minshew, Marcella
    447 Morton, Ann
    448 Nelson, M.R.
    449 Noakes, R.A.
    450 Norton, Guy
Parham, W.E. See Hobgood, A.L., Jr.
    451 Pinks, John
    452 Pittman, Kenneth
    453 Pritchard, William W., Jr.
    454 Roark, Elijah B.
    455 Robertson, Mrs. Walter R., Sr. and Mrs. Jaquelin E. Taylor
    456 Robertson, Walter S., Jr.
    457 Robinson, Al
    458 Rogers, J. Lee
    459 Roland, Paul
    460 Schoenbach, Gerhard
    461 Schramme, Benjamin E., Jr.
    462 Stephenson, Leo
    463 Taylor, Jacqueline E.
Taylor, Mrs. Jaqueline E. See Robertson, Mrs. Walter R., Sr.
    464 Thomas, C.W., III
    465 Thompson, J.R. “Dick”
    466 Thompson, Mrs. Ralph
    467 Towers, Thomas R.
    468 Towler, Henry K.
    469 Towers, Thomas R. and Crenshaw, Gordon
    470 Tuggle, R.W. “Will” [Parts 1-10]
    471 Tuggle, R.W. “Will” [Parts 11-15]
    472 Waddell, J.C.
    473 Walker, A.W. “Pete”
    474 Walker, M.W. “Mac”
    475 Warwick, Pierre C.
    476 West, Hugh P.
    477 White, J.J. “Pete”
    478 Winfree, William A., Jr.
    479 Winstead, James B.
    480 Wood, Mildred
    481 Backup Material [Miscellaneous notes, etc.]
    482 Acknowledgements and list of interviews [on notecards]                                                                                                                                      

Series 5.2. Original Interviews.

Box 8 Abernathy, James H., Jr. (3 tapes)
  Allen, E.D. (4 tapes)
  Bell, Don
  Bost, W.S. and Koonce, Bruce
  Botkin, J.T. See reverse of Schramme tape
  Capetoan, [?]
  Carr, C.S., Jr. (2 tapes)
  Carter, Garland and Collie, Harry See Morton, Ann tape for conclusion of this interview]
  Chandler, W.L. (3 tapes)
  Cheatham, M. Deane, Jr. (2 tapes)
  Christian, Stuart
  Cline, L. Carl
  Cone, Howard B. (2 tapes)
  Clovington, J.E.
  Covington, James E., Jr.
  Crensahw, Gordon L. (6 tapes)
  Cullman, Hugh
  Cullman, J.F. III
  deBruyn, Robert See also Hitchcock/Markle tape
  Dinnsen, Mr. and Mrs. E.A., Sr.
  Donnell, Sam
  Dunlop, Murray
  Eggleston, Tom. See beginning of Carter/Collie tape
  Galloway, E. Agnew (2 tapes)
  Garrett, Ester (2 tapes)
  Goodson, W.A., Jr. (3 tapes)
  Grubbs, Wirt L. (2 tapes)
  Haley, Enoch (2 tapes)
  Hall, Grace
  Hankins, Louisa
  Harrell, Henry (2 tapes)
  Harrison, Mrs. Fred N., Sr.
  Harrison, Fred N., Jr.
  Harrison, Mrs. J.P.
  Hatcher, Wirt H., Jr.
  Hinnant, C.H., Jr.
  Hitchcock, Harry R. (5 tapes)
  Hitchcock, Harry and Markle, John See also deBruyn, Robert tape
  Hobgood, A.L., Jr. and Parham, W.E. (2 tapes)
  Holt, B.S., Jr. (2 tapes)
  Horine, R.B.
  Howard, H. Neal
  Howe, M.N., Jr.
  Hunt, Billy
  Johnson, Hilda
  Jordan, W.L. “Bill”
  Koonce, Bruce [See Bost, W.S.]
  Lacy, W.C.
  Laverge, A.T.
  Laverge, Jan (26 tapes)
Box 9 Laverge, Jan (3 tapes)
  Leavell, John N. (5 tapes)
  Lee, Dawson
  Lepine, Joe
  Livesay, Howell Todd “Spec” See beginning of Minshew tape for conclusion of this interview
  McOwan, A.I. “Mac” (5 tapes)
  Macon, George W., Jr. (3 tapes)
  Meredith, John (4 tapes)
  Minshew, Marcella W.
  Morton, Ann
  Nelson, M.R. (2 tapes)
  Noakes, R.A.
  Parham, W.E. See Hobgood, A.L., Jr. tapes
  Pinks, John
  Pritchard, W.W. (3 tapes)
  Roark, Elijah B., Jr.
  Robertson, Mrs. Walter S., Sr.
  Robertson, Walter S., Jr. (2 tapes)
  Robinson, Al
  Rogers, J. Lee
  Roland, Paul
  Scramme, Benjamin E., Jr.
  Schoenbach, Gerhard
  Stephenson, Leo
  Taylor, Jaquelin E.
  Thomas, C.W., III
  Thompson, J.R. “Dick”
  Thompson, Mrs. Ralph
  Towers, Thomas R. (3 tapes)
  Tuggle, R.W. (9 tapes)
  Waddell, J.C. (2 tapes)
  Walker, Pete
  Warwick, Mrs. Pierre
  Warwick, Pierre (2 tapes)
  West, Hugh
  White, J.J. “Pete”
  Winfree, William A., Jr. (4 tapes)
  Winstead, J.


Index to Sections


Abernathy, James H., Jr., 5
Adams (W.A.) Co., 4.2
Alabama, 4.4
Alexander, Jennie, 1
Algonquin Press, 1
Allen, E. D., I, 4.1.5
Allen, Paul E., 1
American Tobacco Company, 4.2
Amos, Bernard M., 1

Baggett, Wayne, 3
Bagnall, William, “Contributions to American economic history”, 3.2
Barker, John S., III, 1
Beach, John W., 1
Bell, Don F., 1, 4.1, 5
Blue mold, 4.4
Bohannon, Charles, “A preliminary study of the marketing of burley tobacco in central Kentucky,” 3.2
Bost, W. S., 5
Bright Bell Warehouse Association, 4.4
Bright Leaf and Burley Co., 4.2
Brooks, Jerome E., “Tobacco: its history illustrated by the books, manuscripts, and engravings in the library of George Arents, Jr.,.” 3.2
Brooks, Jerome E., “Green leaf and gold: tobacco in North Carolina,” 3.2
Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp., 4.2
Bruce, Emily D., 1

Campbell, D. P., “A preliminary study of the marketing of burley tobacco in central Kentucky,” 3.2
Canada, 4.4
Carr, C. Stuart, 5
Carr, C. Stuart, Jr., 4.1
Carter, Garland and Collie, Harry, 5
Cary, Lucius F., III, 4.1
Chandler, Wallace L., 4.1, 5
Cheatham, C. B., 4.1
Cheatham, James T., 1
Cheatham, M. Deane, Jr., 5
China, 4.4
Christian, Stuart G., Jr., 1, 4.1, 5
Chung, J. J., 1
Cigar box art, 3.2
Cigarettes - Manufacturing, 4.4
Clark, Margaret E., 1
Cline, L. Carl, 5
Club, La Salle, 4.4
Coats, Grace W., 1
Cobb, John B., 4.1
Coleman, G. A. John, 5
Collie, Harry SEE Carter, Garland, 5
Cone, Howard B., 4.1, 5
Congoleum, 4.2
Correll, Anne R., 1
Covington, James E., 4.1
Covington, James E., Jr., 5
Covington, James E., Sr., 5
Covington, Robert, 5
Cox, Hilda, 1
Crenshaw, Gordon L., 1, 4.1, 5 See also Towers, Thomas R., 5
Crowder, Nannie A., 1
Cullman Family/Philip Morris, 4.1
Cullman, Hugh, 5
Cullman, Joseph F., III, 5
Cunningham Tobacco Company, 4.2

Danville, Va., 4.4
Davis, Glenda, 5
Davis, Harriette W., 1
deBruyn, Robert See Hitchcock, Harry, 5
Dennis, W. B., 1
Depression, 1929, 4.4
Dibrell Brothers, Inc., 4.2
Dinnsen, Don D., 1
Dinnsen, E. A., Jr., 1
Dinnsen, Ed, 5
Dozier, Curtis M., Sr. and Jr., 4.1
Duffin, Anne H., 1
Duke Homestead, Durham, N.C., 3.2
Duke, James B., 4.1
Duke, Maurice, 1
Duke University Press, 1
Dunlop, Murray, 5
Dunnington-Beach Farms, 4.4

Ebert, Patrice G., 1
Edwards (K.R.) Leaf Tobacco Co., 4.2
Edwards, Kenneth R., 4.1
Eggleston, Thomas B., 5
Eldridge, Charles P. (Mrs.), 1
Elkins, Anne Marie, 1
Elmore, Martha G. (Mrs.), 1
Export Leaf Tobacco Co., 4.2

Flowers, Lewis C., 1
Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corporation, 4.4

Gage, Charles E., “One hundred years of Virginia tobacco,” “Tobacco, tobacco hogsheads and rolling roads in northern Virginia,” and “Virginia and tobacco history,” 3.2
Galloway, E. Agnew, 1, 5
Garrett, Ester, 4.1, 5
Georgia, 4.4
Goodson, W. A. “Bill,” 1
Goodson, W. A., Jr., 5
Goodson, W. A., Sr.,. 4.1
Gordon, R. Latimer, Jr., 4.1
Gorman, John C., 1
Gorman, Patrick Henry, 4.1
Grant, Cary, 1
Gregory, O. C., 4.1
Griffin, Carolyn, 1
Grubbs, Wirt L., Jr., 5

Haley, Enoch, 1, 4.1, 5
Hall, Grace, 4.1, 5
Hall, Jacqueline Dowd, 1
Hall, William C., 1
Hankins, Louise T., 4.1, 5
Harrell, Henry H., 5
Harrison, Fred N., Jr., 1, 4.1, 5
Harrison, Fred N., Sr. (Mrs.), 1, 5
Harrison, J. Pinckney See Harrison, Fred N., Jr.
Harrison, J. Pinckney (Mrs.), 5
Harrison, Robert M., 1, 4.1
Hatcher, Wirt H., Jr., 5
Hatcher, Wirt H., Sr., 4.1
Hawles, S. N., Jr., “Principles of flue-cured tobacco production,” 3.2
Henderson, Joseph F., 4.1
Henritz, Wayne, 1
Hicks, Julie, 1
Hildt, Thomas, 4.1
Hinnant, C. H., Jr., 5
Hitchcock, Harry R., 4.1, 5
Hobgood, A. L., Jr., 1, 4.1, 5
Hoke, John C. V., 1
Holt, B. S., Jr., 5
Horine, Robert B., 5
Howard, H. Neal, Jr., 1.5
Howe, M. Norton, Jr., 1.5
Humphries, Edwin W., 5
Hunt, William T., 5

Indians of North America -- Tobacco, 3.2
Industrial Leaf Tobacco Co., 4.2

Jackson, Herbert, 5
Japan, 4.4
Jefferson Leaf Tobacco Co., 4.2
Jenkins, L. B., 4.1
Johnson, Elaine D., 1
Johnson, Hilda, 5
Jones, John W., 1
Jordan, Daniel P., 1
Jordan, W. L. “Bill,” 5

Kentucky, 3.2, 4.4
King, Allen B., 5
Koonce, Bruce See Bost, W. S.,, 5
Kremer, Gabriel J. “Gaby,” 1, 5

Lacy, William C., 5
Lamb, Charles, “A farewell to tobacco” (poem), 3.2
Lancaster, Pa. – Industries, 4.4
Larus and Brother Company, 4.2
Lassiter, Wingate, 1
Laverge, A. T., 5
Laverge, Jan, 1, 4.1, 5
Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, 4.4
Lea (W.B.) and Sons, 4.2
Leaf Tobacco Exporters Association, Inc.., 4.4
Leavell, John N., 4.1, 5
Lee, M. L. Dawson, 5
Lee, Margaret, 1
Lennon, Donald R., 1
Lepine, Joseph J., 5
Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company, 4.2
Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company, Ltd., 3.2
Linton, Ralph, “Use of tobacco among North American Indians,” 3.2
Livesay, Howell T., “Spec,” 5
Lorilland (P.) and Co., 3.2
Louisiana, 3.2
Lowden, F. V., III, 1
Lucas, Almas, 5
Lynchburg, Va. – Industries, 4.4

Macaulay, Angus, 1
Macon, George, 5
Markle, John E., 5 See Also Hitchcock, Harry
Maryland, 4.4
McAdams, Thomas B., 4.1
McOwan, A. I. “Mac,” 1, 4.1, 5.2
McOwan, Lucille Reynolds, 4.1
McTigne, Bernard, 1
Meredith, John F., 5
Midzi, H. E., 1
Miller, James I., 4.1
Miller, Thomas D., 1
Millhiser, Ross R., 3.2
Millsaps, William 1
Minshew, Marcella, 5
Momenee, Gary, 1
Moore, James T., 1
Morton, Ann, 1, 5
Mullins, S.C. – Industries, 4.4

National Tobacco-Textile Museum, 1, 4.4
Nelson, M. R., 5
New York Stock Exchange, 4.4
Noakes, R. A., 1, 5
North Carolina, 3.2, 4.4
Norton, Guy, 5
Norwood, [?], 1

Papps, Allan W., 1
Parham, W. E. See Hobgood, A. L., Jr., 5
Parrish, Hamilton, P., 4.1
Person, Thomas A., 4.1
Person-Garrett Company, Inc., 4.2
Petersburg, Va. – Industries, 4.4
Pettus, Hunter R., 4.1
Pinks, John, 1, 5
Pittman, Kenneth, 5
Powell, William G., 1
Price, Eugene, 1
Pritchard, William W., Jr., “Bill,” 1, 5
Pulliam House, 4.4

Rattican, Neal F., 1
Reynolds (R.J.) Company, 3.2
Reynolds (R.J.) Industries, 4.2
Rhodesia, 4.4
Richmond, Va. – Industries , 4.4
Roark, Elijah B., 5
Robert, J. C., “UTLC’s International Outlook,” 4.4
Robert, Joseph C., “The Bicentennial and ‘that bewitching vegetable’”(draft), 3.2
Robert, Joseph C.
Roberts, William H., III, 1
Robertson, Walter R., Sr. (Mrs.), 5
Robertson, Walter S., Jr., 5
Robinson, Al, 5
Rogers, J. Lee, 5
Roland, Paul, 5
Rose, John D., 4.1
Royster Company, 4.4
Rupert, Anton, 4.1

Salt industry – Japan, 4.4
Schmidt, Evelyn, 1
Schoenbach, Gerhard, 1, 5
Schramme, Benjamin E., Jr., 5
Scott, John W., 1
Sengstacken, R. Robert, 1
Shackelford, George Green, 1
Shelton, Keith A., 1
Silvette, David, 1
Snead, [?] (Mrs.), 1
Southern Processors, Inc., 4.4
Stephenson, Leo, 5
Stewart, Elizabeth Lewis, 4.1
Sullivan, Gilbert J., 1

Tarleton, Hal, 1
Tatham, William, “An historical and practical essay on the culture and commerce of tobacco,” 3.2
Taylor (J.P.) Co., Inc., 4.2
Taylor, Alvin P., 1
Taylor Brothers Tobacco Company, 4.2
Taylor, Erasmus, 4.1
Taylor, Helen Marie (Mrs. Jaquelin P.), 1
Taylor, Jaqueline E. (Mrs.), 5 SEE ALSO Robertson, Walter R., Sr. (Mrs.), 5
Thomas, C. W., III, 1, 5
Thompson, J. R. “Dick,” 5
Thompson, Ralph (Mrs.), 5
Tobacco – Alabama, 4.4
Tobacco Associates, Inc., 4.4
Tobacco Associates of the U.S., 4.4
Tobacco – Canada, 4.4
Tobacco – China, 4.4
Tobacco – Cultivation, 4.4
Tobacco – Georgia, 4.4
Tobacco Growers’ Information Committee, 4.4
Tobacco – History, 4.4
Tobacco – Japan, 4.4
Tobacco – Kentucky, 3.2, 4.4
Tobacco – Louisiana, 3.2
Tobacco manufacture and trade – Employees, 4.4
Tobacco manufacture and trade – Wages, 4.4
Tobacco – Marketing, 4.4
Tobacco – Maryland, 4.4
Tobacco merchant: The story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company (manuscript), 2
Tobacco Merchants Association, 4.4
Tobacco – North Carolina, 3.2, 4.4
Tobacco – Pennsylvania, 4.4
Tobacco Processors, Inc., 4.4
Tobacco – Rhodesia, 4.4
Tobacco – South Carolina, 4.4
Tobacco – Stemming, 4.4
Tobacco – Taxation, 3.2
Tobacco – United States, 4.4
Tobacco – United States – Law and legislation, 3.2
Tobacco – Virginia, 3.2, 4.4
Tobacco – Virginia – Law and legislation, 3.2
Tobacco Workers’ International Union, 4.4
Towers, Thomas R., 1, 5.1
Towler, Henry K., 5
Tuggle, Aubrey G., 4.1
Tuggle, R. W. [Speech on flue-cured tobacco industry, 1979], 4.4

U.S. Tobacco Company, 4.2
University Press of Kentucky, 1
University Press of Virginia, 1

Virginia – Tobacco, 3.2, 4.4
Virginia Tobacco Company, Danville, Va., 3.2, 4.2
Voight, Fred W., 1

Waddell, J. C., 4.1, 5
Walker, A. W. “Pete,” 5
Walker, M. W. “Mac,” 5
Walker, Pete, 4.1
Wall, Bennett H., “Breaking out what is not in Southern history, 1918-1988,” 4.4
Walston, Hubert C., 1, 4.1
Warwick, Pierre C., 4.1, 5
Watson (R.P.) and Sons, 4.2
Werner, Carl Avery, “Tobaccoland,” 3.2
West, Hugh, 4.1, 5
White, J. J. “Pete,” 5
Williams, Maurice, 1
Willingham (W.A.) Co., Inc., 4.2
Willingham, William A., 4.1
Windham et al v. American Brands, Inc., et al, 3.2
Winfree, William A., Jr., 1, 5
Winstead, James B., 5
Winstead, William H., 4.1
Winston Leaf Tobacco Co., 4.2
Wood, Mildred, 5
Woodson, Howard S., 4.1
Worrell, Rob, 1

Yuille, Thomas B., 4.1

Zimleaf Holdings Group, 4.2


Container List


Box 1 Series 1. Correspondence (folders 1-97)
  Series 2. Manuscript (folders 98-115)
Box 2 Series 2 (cont.). Manuscript (folders 116-119)
  Series 3. Publications
     Series 3.1. ULTC Publications (folders 120-130)
     Series 3.2. Other Publications (folders 131-159)
Box 3 Series 3 (cont.). Publications
     Series 3.2 (cont.). Other Publications (folders 160-203)
  Series 4. Research Files
     Series 4.1. Individuals (folders 204-260)
Box 4 Series 4 (cont.). Research Files
     Series 4.2. Tobacco Companies (other than ULTC) (folders 261-286)
     Series 4.3. ULTC (folders 298-313)
     Series 4.4. Tobacco Industry (folders 314-349)
Box 5 Series 4 (cont.). Research Files
      Series 4.4 (cont.). Tobacco Industry (folders 350-375)
      Series 4.5. Miscellaneous Research Notes (folders 376-380)
  Series 5. Oral Histories
     Series 5.1. Transcripts (folders 381-405)
Box 6 Series 5 (cont.). Oral Histories
      Series 5.1 (cont.). Transcripts (folders 406-445)
Box 7 Series 5 (cont.). Oral Histories
      Series 5.1 (cont.). Transcripts (folders 446-482)
Box 8 Series 5 (cont.). Oral Histories
      Series 5.2. Cassettes (Abernathy-Laverge, Jan)
Box 9 Series 5 (cont). Oral Histories
      Series 5.2 (cont.). Cassettes (Laverge, Jan (cont.)-Winstead)

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