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Wickham Family (1766-1945)


A Guide to the Wickham Family Papers, 1766-1945
Call Number Mss1 W6326 a FA2
(Part of the Virginia Heritage: Guides to Manuscripts & Archival Collections in Virginia)
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5,500 (ca.) items (37 mss. boxes)




Abstract: The collection includes correspondence, 1798-1839, of Richmond, Va., attorney John Wickham, primarily concerning business and legal affairs and politics (correspondents include Stephen Decatur, Edmund Ruffin, and U.S. senator Littleton Waller Tazewell); legal records (including materials concerning the treason trial of Aaron Burr in 1807); records concerning "East Tuckahoe" plantation, Henrico County, Va.; and records concerning the settlement of Wickham's estate. Also, includes correspondence, 1836-1897, of Wickham's son Littleton Waller Tazewell Wickham (1821-1909), New Orleans, La., attorney and planter at "Woodside," Henrico County, Va. (including letters of Thomas Ashby concerning the "Bunker Hill" plantation, Darlington County, S.C., and of Elizabeth Selden Maclurg Wickham of Richmond and while visiting the Virginia springs); accounts; and materials concerning his law practice. Also, includes correspondence, 1864-1895, of Francis Peyre Porcher (1825-1895), physician of Charleston, S.C., with family members, prominent medical practitioners, and business associates; and family and personal correspondence, 1870-1929, of his daughter, Julia Wickham (Porcher) Wickham (1860-1933), especially with French soldiers and widows World War I, along with two autograph albums compiled by Mrs. Wickham featuring signatures and letters of prominent American and English literary, political and scientific figures. Also, includes diaries (36 v.), 1900-1939, correspondence, 1872-1935, and miscellaneous records of Thomas Ashby Wickham (1857-1939), attorney of Sprague, Wash., and Richmond, Va., judge of the Henrico County Court, and while serving in the Virginia Senate; correspondence, 1891-1897, and miscellaneous records of his cousin and law partner, William Fanning Wickham (1860-1900) of Richmond, Va., concerning his law practice, local civic activities, and service with the 1st Cavalry Regiment of Virginia Volunteers; and miscellaneous records of other Wickham family members




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