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Broadsides Pertaining to Women

Updated 2016

1615 : 2 o.s.   A declaration for the certaine time of drawing the great standing lottery ...

Indian woman depicted in drawing

1620 : 1 o.s.   By the Treasuror, Councell and Company for Virginia. The Treasuror, Councell and Company ...

“Elizabeth City” named for “his Majesties most virtuous and renowned Daughter”

174--: 1   Here lieth the body of Mary Harrison, daughter of the Hon'ble Cole Digges ... and late wife of Colonel Nathaniel Harrison of Prince George County... O biit Nov'r 1744 Æt. 27.

Subject is female, “daughter of…” and “Late wife…” and reference to “the duties of wife, mother, daughter…”

1782:1    Explication de la médaille frappée par les Américains en 1782. Explanation of a medal struck by the Americans in the year 1782.

Giving a medal feminine qualities

1784 : 1 o.s.   Orders for a dancing school.
Dancing school rules for “young Gentlemen and Ladies”

1785:1   A list of pensioners ...

Women listed as pensioners

1785: 3           

Talk of Widows

1785: 4   A list of pensioners…

Women listed as pensioners

1788: 3   The will of Mary Washington, copy 1 & 2   

1790: 3   At a meeting of the managers for the Richmond assemblies for the ensuing season…

Ladies, dancing etiquette

1791: 3   The following is a concise statement of the act of Congress…

Unique acknowledgement of women

1791: 4   List of pensioners to be paid by the state of Virginia, for the year 1791

Women listed as pensioners

1792: 2   The will of Louis the Sixteenth, late king of France, written by himself

Mentions Marie Antoinette

1793: 3   To the public : My connexion with Mr. Richard Randolph

Letters about the “bizarre” scandal

1795: 5           

Book titles that would interest young women

1799: 5   Lady Washington’s lamentation for the death of her husband

Image of a woman and child

Lady Washington’s lamentation

18--: 1

Women actresses

18-- : 3 o.s.   The Henry family in America

Various female relatives mentioned

18-- : 4 o.s.   P.T. Barnum’s…

Miss Hengler listed as a performer for her “Double Riding and Driving Manege Act”

18--: 11   The Capital House and Room Renter’s Bureau

Letter of advertisement to a madam

18--: 20   Terms of the institution for female education in Salem

Female education

18--: 23   Berry’s best garden

Housewives, marriages

18--: 24   Musical concerts at King Street Hall

“Maydens”, “Damsels”

18--: 25   Brucetown circuit camp meeting conducted by Rev. F. A. Strother

Organist is a woman: Miss Myrtle Whitmore

18--: 26   Address to the knights by Hon. Phillip Oglestifer

Chivalry remembered

18--: 38   Repository Hall! Tuesday evg., May 1st

Playbill lists actresses

18--: 45   All kinds of fancy work made to order…

Ad for clothes, Mme. Demorest’s patterns

18-- : 53 o.s.   Ceremonies to be observed…

“Citizens-Ladies and Gentlemen” are part of the procession

18--: 57   Our motto is quick sales and small profits…

Ladies and gents furnishings

18--: 58   Our motto is quick sales and small profits…

Ladies and gents furnishings

18-- : 65 o.s.   J.F. Welshans, Shepherdstown, W. Va. …

Advertisement for ladies’ dresses; women depicted in drawings

18-- : 66 o.s.   King St. Hall…

Various women listed as performers

18--: 73   Poetical works…..

Listing of poetic works, female authors and titles concerning women

18--: 78   Programme for this Evening. Parlor Blonde Minstrels!...

Women singers and actresses

18--:89   Young Ladies Institute, at the corner of Prince and St. Asaph Streets, Alexandria, Virginia

Young women’s institute

18-- : 91 o.s.   Heller’s, Spring and Summer

Advertisement includes “Ladies’ Wear”

18--: 92   To-day, 2:15 p.m., the auditorium of Winchester, Virginia, Saturday matinee

Leading actress Laura Hulbert

18--: 100   Rates of Toll on the Petersburg & Jerusalem

1805: 6   In the Court of Appeals: Holliday and wife vs. Coleman

Mrs. Lewis Holliday is a plaintiff

1811 : 6   The American Standard, Extra

List of women who died in a Richmond theater fire

1811 : 7   Intelligence Extra, Petersburg, Saturday, Dec. 28, 1811

List of women who died in a Richmond theater fire

1812 : 1   Hic virtus-hic honos erat : in memory of William Byrd Page

Plate inscribed by his affectionate wife Ann

1818 : 4   New Theatre. On Thursday evening, Nov. 5, will be acted the admired comedy, called The way to get married

Women actresses noted

1818 : 5   New Theatre. On Saturday evening, Oct. 31, will be acted the celebrated tragedy Bertram

Women actresses noted

1818 : 6   New Theatre. On Monday evening, Nov. 2d, will be acted the celebrated tragic play of Pizarro.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 7   New Theatre. (By particular desire.) On Tuesday evening, Nov. 3d, will be presented the admired play of the Foundling of the forest.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 8   New Theatre. On Friday evening, Oct. 30, will be presented (for the first time in Petersburg) the comic drama of The three & deuce

Women actresses noted

1818 : 9   New Theatre. On Monday evening, Oct. 26, will be presented Shakespear's celebrated tragedy of Othello.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 10   New Theatre. On Wednesday evening, Oct. 28, will be acted the admired comedy of Town and country.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 11   New Theatre. On Monday evening, Oct. 26, will be presented Shakespear's celebrated tragedy of Othello.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 12   New Theatre. On Saturday evening, Oct. 24, will be acted the celebrated comedy of John Bull.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 13   New Theatre. On Friday evening, Oct. 23, will be acted the celebrated comedy of Laugh when you can.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 14   New Theatre. On Wednesday evening, Oct. 28, will be acted the admired comedy of Town and country.

Women actresses noted

1818 : 15   New Theatre. On Saturday evening, Nov. 7, will be acted the play of the Point of honor.

Women actresses noted

1819 : 1   Richmond, December 15, 1819. Dear Sir, The Senate has appointed Monday the 27th instant for the elections ... to supply the vacancy ... in Congress ... [signed] John Patterson

Women named will be giving depositions

1820 : 3   Officers and soldiers of the Virginia line, on continental establishment, and widows and heirs of the deceased heroes, attention! Many of those officers and soldiers ... have either neglected to prosecute their claims to those large and valuable bounties in land…

Attention to widows of officers and soldiers

1822 : 7   Address of the carriers of the American beacon and Norfolk and Portsmouth daily advertiser ... Calendar, 1823 ... Christmas, 1822.

Ladies and sisters mentioned

1822 : 11   To the memory of the honourable Henry Tucker esq., President of His majesty's Council and for several years Commander in chief in these islands ...

Wife mentioned on headstone

1824:1   Rules and regulations for the governing of a society of the free people of color…

Mentions how wives and widows are to be treated within society.

1826: 7   Winnepisiogee and White mountain [cut] mail stage. The proprietors of the Winnepisiogee and White mountain stage company by a recent arrangement have extended their line from Sanbornton to Concord, N. H. ... November 2, 1826 ...

Addresses Gentlemen and “Ladies” of Boston and its vicinity

1831 : 2   Horrid massacre in Virginia [cut of massacre] ... Just published, an authentic and interesting narrative of the tragical scene ... in Southampton county (Virginia)

Woman pictured, women part of massacre

1832 : 1   Mr. Lee, having three daughters, whose education he wishes to conduct henceforth himself ... : [signed] Richard Henry Lee, recently of Virginia.

Education of young girls

1832 : 2   The comet is comin' ... A parody on the lines, "They are sleeping! Who are sleeping?" ... The death bell ... The twin sisters ... poems written by J. D. Davidson.

Poem about two sisters

1836 : 10   Virginia: At a Circuit Superior court of law and chancery of Fauquier county, held on the 24th day of December, 1836. Inman Horner, plaintiff, against John Kemper ...

Women mentioned in court

1836: 16   Woodstock Female Seminary and Boarding School (Va.).

Female education, female seminary

1837 : 9   Negroes for sale : by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Dinwiddie ... in the suit of Douglass and Caroline Muir vs. Muir's adm'r and others, the undersigned Commissioners ... will ... sell ... 10 likely Negroes ... belonging to the estate of Francis Muir, dec'd which were set apart for John and William Boothe. John W. Nash, Robert C. Boothe, Com'rs.

Women for sale

1838 : 5   Public sale. Agreeably to the last will and testament of Col. Henry R. Browning, deceased, will offer for sale, on the 13th day of December next, ... a tract of land ... four miles west of Strasburg, in Shenandoah county ... F. A. Whitescarver, Margaret Browning. October 25, 1838.

Woman’s tract of land for sale

1839 : 5   Valuable building lots on Broadway and Main street for sale. The subscriber offers for sale all that valuable property belonging to the sisters of Gen. Ashley, lying in the city of St. Louis ... John W. Nash, attorney in fact for Martha Ashley and Nancy Steger.

Building lots for sale by two women represented by male attorney

1839 : 6   Valuable property, on Main street, for sale ... Corner lot, and the buildings thereon ... now occupied by Messrs. Crow, Tevis & McCreery ... portion of the property lately held by Gen. Ashley, and which has been assigned to his sister in Virginia ... John W. Nash, Attorney in fact for Martha Ashley and Nancy Steger.

Building lots for sale by two women represented by male attorney

184- : 1   Prospectus of Miss Carroll's seminary for young ladies, Washington, D. C. This institution is proposed to be organized on the second Monday in May next. Catalogue of the principal studies.

Seminary for young ladies

1840 : 7   Mr. Webster's address to the ladies of Richmond : in the Log Cabin, on Wednesday, October 7, 1840 ...

Address to the ladies of Richmond

1840 : 10   Valuable building lots on Broadway for sale ... being a portion of the Ashley property, which has been recently set apart for the sisters of Gen. Ashley in Virginia ... John W. Nash, Attorney in fact for Martha Ashley and Nancy [sic] Steger.

Building for sale by two women represented by male attorney

1841 : 3   Valuable building lots for sale. The subscriber ... will continue the sale of lots belonging to the sisters of the late Gen. Ashley ... John W. Nash, Attorney in fact for Martha Ashley and Nancy Steger. St. Louis, June 4th, 1841. Werthvolle hauplaetze zu verkaufen ... John W. Nash

Building for sale by two women represented by male attorney in German

1842 : 3   Tremont theatre ... Mr. Forrest and Miss Josephine Clifton. They will appear as Jack Cade, and Mariamne ...

Actresses and other female characters listed

1843 : 7   Trustee's sale. By virtue of a certain deed made by Henry A. Tayloe to the undersigned in trust, for the benefit of Maudlin & Montague, and other creditors ... recorded in the office of the Clerk of the County court of Marengo county [Ala.] ... Robert Beverley, Jr., Henry S. Key, Trustees.

Women slaves

1843 : 8   Sale of slaves ... in the suit of Rout against Crump, as commissioner of the court, and as trustees of Irene Boling and children, I will offer for sale ... at the courthouse of Fauquier county ... five likely slaves ... Inman Horner, com'r., &c., December 11, 1843.

Women and girl slaves to be sold

1844 : 8   [Torn] ... Second appearance of Mr. E. Forrest and Miss Josephine Clifton, who are engaged for a few nights, and will appear this evening, Wednesday, Sept. 18th, as Othello and Desdamona ...

Women actresses

1844 : 9   Grand rally of the Whigs of Augusta, on Wednesday & Thursday next…

Ladies invited to Whig Grand Rally

1845 : 13   Sacred to the memory of Miss Adella Minghini, who departed this life in Middleway [Jefferson County, W. Va.] on the 18th of May, 1845.

Obituary for Miss Adella Minghini

1846 : 2   Richmond, 4th March, 1846. Dear Sir, ... [concerns death of John Hampden Pleasants and appeal for aid to his family].

Wife of John H. Pleasants is his legacy

1846 : 3   Land for sale ... in Fauquier county ... containing about 313 acres ... / Geo. Cuthbert Powell, Trustee, Middleburg, March 10, 1846.

Mrs. Bruin owns part of the tract of land for sale

1847 : 4   Land for sale in pursuance of a decree ... in the case of Thos. F. Owens vs. Lewis Berkeley and George C. Powell : ... a tract of land, lying ... in Fauquier County ... / Geo. Cuthbert Powell, Special Commissioner, Middleburg, July 30, 1847.

Mrs. Bruin owns part of the tract of land for sale

1847 : 10   The ladies saloon, founded in 1842, remodeled and enlarged in 1847 : ... boots and shoes ... ladies wear ... gentlemen's wear ... traveling trunks ... / William H. Addington.

Ladies saloon ad

1848 : 1   Boarding and day school for young ladies, corner of Franklin and Fifth streets, Shockoe Hill, Richmond, Va. Rev. Moses D. Hoge, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, principal ..

School ad for ladies

1848 : 4   An address, on education, by Mr. John Lewis, of Walnut Hill Female Academy ... : delivered at the commencement of the first session of Walnut Hill Female Academy, Sept. 4th, 1848 ...

Female academy

1848 : 9   An act making further provision for surviving widows of the soldiers of the Revolution ...

Act for widows of soldiers from the Revolutionary War

1848 : 21   Danville Female Academy. The next session of this school begins on the first Monday in September ...

Female academy

1849 : 6   Obituary [cut] Departed this life, on the 5th September, 1849 ... Miss Caroline Campbell, daughter of the late James Campbell, Esq., of Nashville, Tennessee, in the 22d year of her age ...

Woman’s obituary (on silk)

1849 : 12   Notice of a deed! This indenture made this 21st day of June 1849 between Presley Martin ... and Sampson Thistle ...

Notice of a deed between a man and a woman

185- : 3           

Image of a woman playing the piano

185- : 5   To the Farmers' Assembly of Virginia : with the "Farmers of Va.," Virginia daughters would plead for aid in purchasing the "Home and grave of Washington"...

Virginia’s daughters

185- : 7   Warrenton Female Seminary, Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia. Under the above name we propose to open a Female Seminary in the town of Warrenton, Va., on the first Monday in February, 1857 ... John F. Brandt, principal, Mrs. F.P. Digges, principal teacher ...

Female seminary

1850 : 20   Tariff of fees adopted by the medical profession for Richmond city ...

Medical fees for women

1851 : 9   Miss Jane S. Stanard, at the solicitation of several friends, will open a day school for young ladies at the residence of her father, Union Row, on Wednesday, 1st October, 1851 ...

Day school for young ladies

1851 : 16   Mademoiselle Teresa Parodi ... wil give a brilliant musical festival, on Thursday evening, March 27, 1851, at the Mechanic's Hall ...

Mademoiselle Teresa Parodi

1852: 12   Democratic festival

Toast to the “fair women of our land”

1853: 2   The whisperings of the Fisher’s daughter

Story of the Fisher’s daughter

1853: 3   Ordinances of the town of Bowling Green

Ordinance affecting enslaved men and women

1853: 4   Lines addressed to the Bacchante of Galt

Poem by unknown woman

1853: 6   Sale of Land…

Tract of land belonging to woman for sale

1853: 14   32 Negroes for sale…

14 owned by a woman, some “negroes” are women and girls

1854: 8   Commissioners sale of land.

Woman involved in land sale

1854: 11   Commissioners sale.

Woman’s estate to be sold

1855: 22   Phillip Rahm, Eagle Foundry, Richmond, Va.

“Chamber maids” included in rules

1855: 27   To claimants…

Widows entitled to land

1856: 1   The Parlor visitor, enlarged and illustrated…

Appeal to ladies

1856: 8   Land for sale by virtue of a decree…

Woman’s land to be sold because she died

1856: 9   Medical College of Virginia : third session 1856-1857

One of the lectures entitled “Obstetrics and Diseases of women and children”

1857: 12   Musical prodigies. Kook’s celebrated juvenile opera troupe…

Woman performed: Louisa Kook

1857: 17   Female school at Mount Liberty, Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Female school

1857: 22   Sacred to the memory of my dear mother, Mrs. Martha Maynard

Remembering mother

1857: 24   An essay on “The world as it is”

Essay written by a woman

1858 : 2   Circular. I have this day purchased of Wm. F. Spotswood his entire interest in ... the late firm of Hinton & Spotswood ... I will continue the apothecary and drug business ... [signed] E. O. Hinton, May 1st, 1858. I have this day sold to E. O. Hinton my entire interest in ... the late firm of Hinton & Spotswood [signed] W. F. Spotswood, May 1st, 1858.

Images of women in hoop skirts

1858 : 4   Metropolitan Hall. S. Thalberg's last grand concert! : In Richmond, will take place on Thursday, January 14th, 1858 ... "Prayer of Moses in Egypt" ... Norma Fantasie on one string ...

Female singer’s advertisements

1858 : 14   Two valuable farms for sale ... in the Chancery suite of Hicks vs. Hicks and Hicks vs. Rust ... in the town of Paris, in the county of Fauquier ... two contiguous tracts of land ... Thos. N. Latham, Chas. T Green, comm'rs. July 29, 1858.

land once dower of widow Emma Hicks

1858 : 15   Commissioner's sale of Fauquier land! ... in the Chancery suit of Hicks vs. Hicks ... in the town of Paris ... the tract of land known as the Pierce tract, of which Mrs. Emma Hicks died seized ... Thos. N. Latham, Chas. T. Green, commr's. Sept. 16, 1858.

Land once dower of widow Emma Hicks

1858 : 18   Died, on Thursday morning, Dec. 16th [1858] ... Miss Lucy Moore Temple ...

Obituary of Miss Lucy Moore Temple

1859 : 1   Old Dominion female institute. Session 1859-60 ... [courses, terms, etc.] Thos. L. Galleher, principal ...

Old Dominion female institute

1859 : 14   Commissioners' sale of valuable farm, slaves! and other property. The county court of Hanover ... in a suit ... between Mrs. M. A. Taylor ... and Geo. W. Doswell ... under the will of Mrs. Nancy Rountree ... The farm lies near Baren Church in Hanover ... Geo. W. Doswell, C. W. Dabney, commissiners. November 14th, 1859.

Sale of farm women

1859 : 26   Female institute. Miss Belle Starke ... will take charge of my school the next session ...

Female institute

1859 : 27   Commissioners' sale of land ... Nottoway County ... Thursday, 11th day of Aug., 1859 ...

Tract of land for sale unde will of liza J. Williams for education of children

186- : 1   "The Battle of Manassas." We publish today a poem ... Rich. Enq. ... By Mrs. Clarke, wife of Col. Clarke, 14th Regiment, North Carolina. Dedicated to Gen. Beauregard, C. S. A. ...

Poem by Mrs. Clarke

186- : 9   Pocahontas : the daughter of the Indian Chief Powhattan who was mov'd ... to save the life of Captain Smith ...

Poem about Pocahontas

186- : 12   When this cruel war is over.

No author, but seems to be from the point of view of a woman

186- : 13   Parody on The cottage by the sea

Song with mother, sisters, maidens, and “My gal Sally”

186- : 14   Home without a mother

Song uniformly titled “What is home with a mother”

186- : 16   Danville Female Academy : the next session of this home school for young ladies will begin on the first day of October...

Danville female academy

1860 : 8   Commissioners' sale of slaves. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of Fauquier County ... in the suit of Marr vs. Bayly ... The undersigned commissioners will offer for sale ... valuable slaves ... held by Mrs. M. B. Bayly ... Edward M. Spilman, B. H. Shackelford, Chas. T. Green, commissioners. May 19th, 1860.

Sale of slaves, women slaves sold. Slaves owned by Mrs. M. B. Bayly

1860 : 25   Richmond theatre! ... Shakespearean comedy! The brilliant Shakespearean artiste Miss Louise Pomeroy : Monday ev'ng, Dec. 17th, Shakespeare's comedy As you like it ..

Playbill of actresses

1860 : 32   Sale of valuable family of Negroes and other property at auction pursuant to the provisions of a deed of trust executed to me, the undersigned, Trustee, by Benjamin F. Aker and wife, bearing date the 18th day of July, 1860, and duly recorded in the clerk's office of the county court of Smyth County : I shall proceed to sell, at the front door of the courthouse of Smyth County, on Tuesday, the 21st day of August, 1860, (that being the first day of the August county court), the following valuable slaves to wit : Viney, Charles, Mary, Sally, Senah and Jim being the slaves conveyed in said deed of trust except Emily : and from causes not necessary to mention I will sell Emily and her increase at the residence of said Benj. F. Aker on Wednesday, the 22d day of August, 1860 : I will also sell on the premises the following tracts of land, being the land conveyed to me in said deed of trust, one tract containing 92 1/2 acres conveyed to said Aker, by A. J. Blankenbeckler

Female slaves named as being for sale

1861 : 2   A picture of the Graham P. Society, of Washington college, Va., represented in a dream: Written by J. D. Davidson ... and read ... on the 16th of January 1829 ... Notes of explanation, made by the author March, 1861 ..

“Students should grin and hide their faces like an old woman saying grace

1861 : 15   Hospital of the Medical college of Virginia, at Richmond ... [rates and services] Richmond, April 2, 1861.

Hospital provides for “ lying in women white and colored”

1861 : 21   Confederate States of America. Army of the Potomac.

Call to women of Virginia

1861 : 23   Freemen! of Tennessee! The Yankee war is now being waged for "beauty and booty" ... To arms! ... The undersigned propose to immediately raise an infantry company to be offered to the Governor as part of the defense of the State and of the Confederate States ... J. B. Murray, H. C. Witt, Morristown, Tenn., May 17th, 1861.

Yankees are told Southern women are beautiful

1861 : 26   Headquarters : Virginia forces, Staunton, Va. Men of Virginia, to the rescue ... We want volunteers to march immediately to Grafton and report for duty ... M. G. Harman, Maj. Commd'g at Staunton; J. M. Heck, Lt. Col. va. Vol.; R. E. Cowan, Maj. Va. Vol., May 30, 1861 ; Facsimile 1971.

Fight for the honor of your wives and daughters

1861 : 27   Died, on the 12th day of June, 1861, Mrs. Eliza C. Garland, second daughter of John G. Meem, esq. of Lynchburg, and wife of Col. Samuel Garland, jr., of the Virginia Volunteers ...

Obit of Ms. Eliza Garland

1861 : 38   Grand concert for the benefit of the wives and children of the Richmond volunteers : at the United Presbyterian Church : corner of Franklin and 8th streets, by ladies and gentlemen amateurs, assisted by able profesors, Tuesday, December 17th, 1861 ...

Benefit for wives and children of Richmond volunteers

1861 : 39   Grand concert for the benefit of the wives and children of the Maryland volunt'rs, at the United Presbyterian Church : corner of Franklin and 8th streets, by ladies & gentlemen amateurs, assisted by able professors, Thursday, December 19th, 1861.

Benefit for wives and children of Maryland volunteers

1861 : 44   The song of the exile. Air - "Dixie" ...

Mention of Lincoln’s wife

1861 : 45   No. 20, the rules of this family : (put a copy in every room).

Rules for every member of the family

1861 : 47   First semi-annual concert of the Southside Female Institute, at Masonic Hall, Wednesday evening, February 13th, 1861 ...

Female institute concert

1861 : 48   To the voters of Hanover and Henrico ...

War with widows and children

1861 : 60   Transcript extra! [June 1, 1861] Saturday evening, 7, P.M. Important from Washington...

Mystic arrives from Indianapolis with 35 women

1862 : 11   Butler's proclamation. An outrageous insult to the women of New Orleans! Southern men, avenge their wrongs! ! ! Head-quarters, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, May 15, 1862. General orders, no. 28 ... By command of Maj-Gen. Butler, George C. Strong, A. A. G. Chief of stables.

Insult to women of New Orleans

1862 : 26   Rock me to sleep

Song about a mother

1862 : 27   Grand concert for the benefit of the Kentucky volunteers (now at Manassas) : at the Second Baptist Church, corner of Main and Sixth streets, by ladies and gentlemen amateurs, assisted by able professors, Thursday Jan'y 16th, 1862 ..

Concert by ladies and gentleman amateurs

1862 : 41   Died, at the residence of her husband, in Middleburg, on the 1st of September, 1862, Mrs. Ellen Lee Rogers, wife of General Asa Rogers, of Loudoun, and daughter of the late Dr. John D. Orr..

Obit for Ellen Lee Rogers

1863: 2   Fee bill of the Georgia Medical Society, revised in 1863 ... Richard D. Arnold, M.D., President ...


1863 : 9   Farmville Female College : the trustees announce to the public, the re-organization of this institution, and that the next term will commence on the 25th of February, 1863 .. 

College for women

1863 : 28   Madame Sosnowski' Female institute, Columbia, S.C. Persession of four and a half months ... Exercises commence October 1st, 1863 ...

Female institute

1863 : 32   Obituary. Died--on Tuesday morning, 10th instant ... Mrs. Kate Watson, wife of Dr. David S. Watson ...

Obit for Mrs. Kate Watson

1863 : 35   Headquarters : Defences Upper Potomac, Harper's Ferry, Va., March 17, 1863. General order no. 4. 1. : All persons ... residing within the lines of defences ... about Harper's Ferry ... will be required to report themselves ... and make their oath of allegiance to the Federal Government of the United States ... By order of Brig. Gen. B. S. Roberts ...

General order #4 requiring women to declare allegiance as well as men

1863 : 36   Headquarters : Defences Upper Potomac, Harper's Ferry, Va. March 14, 1863. General order no. 2. 1. Harper's Ferry and Point of Rocks are designated as the only stations ... where goods ... will be permitted to be landed .. to be crossed, or intended to be crossed, into Virginia ... By order of Brig. Gen. B. S. Roberts ...

General order #2 requiring women to have permits of trade

1864 : 4   Oh! He's nothing but a soldier

Song by Miss Rosa Barrion

1864 : 13   Circular, Augusta female seminary : Miss Mary J. Baldwin, principal : Miss Agness McClung, head of the Boarding Dept ... Staunton, August 26, 1864

Augusta female seminary

1865 : 4   Lines composed by Mrs. Lucy B. Clough on reading the soldiers memorial of Company "K," Second Massachusetts Artillery, stationed at Fort Norfolk, Va. ...

Lines composed by Lucy B. Clough

1865 : 6   School at Cluster Springs. Rev. J. B. Shearer, A.M., of University of Virginia, principal and proprietor ... The next session will commence February 1st, 1866 ... Address, Rev. J. B. Shearer, Black Walnut Post Office, Halifax county, Virginia.

Boys and girls accepted at school

1865 : 34   Victory at last

Words by Mrs. M. A. Kidder

1865 : 50   Glenn's Theatre! Church Street, near Main, Norfolk, Va. ... Third and last night but three of the celebrated humorist ... Yankee Robinson ... : this Wednesday evening, February 8th, 1865, will be presented ... Sam Patch's last leap! ... [and] Storming of Fort Fisher! ...

Actresses on play bill

1866 : 6   To His Excellency, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, Sir:- We ... women of Richmond and vicinity, sympathising deeply with the misfortunes of Jefferson Davis ... petition for his restoration to liberty ...

Women of Richmond writing to Andrew Johnson

1866 : 7   To the women of the South ... Our designation is "Hollywood memorial association of Richmond" - pledged to apply the means which may be provided to the permanent protection and adornment of the graves of the Confederate dead interred in Hollywood cemetery...

To the women of the South, signed by women

1866 : 16   Absecon academy, for boys and girls, Absecon, N.J. The next session of this institution will commence on Monday, the [3d] day of [Sept.] 186[6] ...

School for boys and girls

1866: 38   Appeal of the Ladies' Memorial Association for Confederate dead interred at Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

“Ladies’ Memorial Association,” organization made up of women

1867 : 12   Little Nellie ...

Poem about a girl, signed for Maggie from Wm.

1867 : 26   Institution for the Blind, Wednesday exhibition, March 20, 1867 ... Progamme ...

Women singers and musicians

1867 : 27   Edgemont Select School for Young Ladies (Orange, Va.).

School for young ladies

1867 : 29   Simon Parsons' cheap dry goods house, No. 51, N. Market Street, Frederick, Md. ... I am now opening the cheapest dry goods that have been brought to Frederick within the last five years...Simon Parsons...Frederick, February 11th, 1867.

Ladies dress goods sold

1868 : 5   A curiosity in chancery, in the Circuit Court of Rockbridge, before the Hon. Hugh W. Sheffey. Miss Rachel Miller...against James H. Callison...For the plaintiff: J. D. Davidson...Answer of infants, by...John C. Boude...Judge's endorsement of the decree...April 13th, 1868.   

Court case between women Rachel Miller v. Janes Lucas who inherited her husband’s debts

1868 : 6   Sweet Springs, Monroe county, West Virginia. This delightful summer resort will be open for the reception of visitors June 20th ... Jas. Carroll, proprietor ...

Diseases peculiar to women

1868 : 7   The closing exercises of the "Young ladies' Institute." Tuesday, June 16th, 1868 ... Names of successful students ... Concert ... Christiansburg, Va., June 19th, 1868. T. Oscar Rogers, principal.

Final exams at an all girls school and a list of highly successful students

1868 : 12   Public sale of real estate. Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit court of Fauquier county ... in the chancery suit of "Byrne vs. Sullivan" ... valuable tract of land situate near Landmark, containing about ninety-eight acres ... Burr P. Noland, James V. Brooke, comm'rs of sale. October 10, 1868.

Land for sale, formerly owned by the deceased Mrs. Mary Sullivan

1868 : 15   Public sale of valuable real estate! The undersigned as commissioners of the Circuit court of Fauquier, in the case of Horner's ex'ors vs. Horner's ex'ors ... will offer for sale ... 273 acres, formerly the property of Inman Horner ... B. H. Shackelford, R. T. Scott, commissioners. December 5, 1868.

Land for sale near Mrs. Weaver and Tompkins

1868 : 17   In memoriam : Miss Bettie S. Goggin, daughter of William L. and E. L. Goggin, died at their residence, in Bedford County, Virginia, on the 24th of February, 1868, aged twenty-two years.

Memoriam for Bettie Goggin

1868 : 22   Mrs. Pellet's School for Young Ladies, Broad Street between Tenth and Eleventh, Richmond, Virginia : the twenty-fourth session will commence the first of October and end July 1st, 1868.

Description of Mrs. Pellet’s School for Young Ladies

1868 : 23   Toasts for the eighth of January 1868 ...

Plea that white women will “never join in the conspiracy for debasing the blood of that race”

1868 : 26   George F. Gantz & Co’s Seafoam

Cooking recipes

1869 : 4   Harding’s Fire & Thief detector!... Bagby & Jeffress, Richmond, Va

Testimonial from Mrs. J. Waldie

1869 : 11   “Fill Joanses…” G.W. Bagby

Miss Bobiry, Miss Jessie, Miss Mary Stannud named; “anuther gearl that had black hair” referred to; “stumuck” (stomach) referred to as “she”

1869 : 21   “Laying the Cornerstone of the Broad Run Baptist Church… near new Baltimore… [Fauquier Co., Va.]”

Describes that the “ladies of the church” will prepare a “SPLENDID COLLATION”

1869 : 29   School for young ladies on East river, Mathews Co., Norfolk, Va., 1869

Mrs. George E. Tabb and daughters listed as teachers; school for girls described with subjects and amenities listed

1869: 34   Mayer, N. R. E.

Advertisement for soap that “can be made by any lady,” refers to “one good washerwoman,” and “Mrs. Thomas Bragg”

187- : 4   Dr. Gustav Satter. The Great Pianist… Charlottesville, Va.

Misses McPherson, Miss Jones, and Miss Wilkins listed as assisting with the event

187- : 8   “To The Voters of Franklin County”… [an appeal to oppose the proposition to tax the county $100k to aid in building a railroad from Frankfort to Georgetown and Paris…]

Fayette county and Frankfort referred to as “she”

187- : 9   “Academy of Music Lectures For the Benefit of the relief fund of Charleston typographical society… Dr. Bagby…”

A character in the performance named “Burton” is described as a “hater of women;” article asks their “lady readers against any verdict upon love” until seeing the performance; “girls giggled” at previous lecture; a “red-headed girl” is referred to

1870 : 5   “The Women’s association for the liquidation of The State debt… (printed petition)”

Addressed to the “Daughters of Virginia” to “aid [their] fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons” in deciding how to pay the yearly interest on the state debt; asks women to economize to help the men pay since it is “more honorable for the man to do it;” Virginia referred to as “Mother State;” signed by Mrs. Capt. M.F. Maury, Mrs. Bishop F.M. Whittle, Mrs. Dr. Jeter, Mrs. W. Russell Robinson, Mrs. Edward Cohen, Mrs. Caskie Cabell, Mrs. Andrew Pizzini, Mrs. E. Maury; asks ministers to pass out to the “Sewing Societies” and “other ladies of energy and influence in the parish”

1870 : 12   “Ashland House, Piedmont, Fauquier Co., Va, To be sold by auction, Sept. 14, 1870, F.G. Ward.”

“Four Ladies’ saddles” listed on sale list

1870 : 13   “To our Patrons and The Public at large… Craven & Co.”

Tells “housekeepers” of available cooking goods; tells public of available “perfumery,” “’rouge’,” “hair dyes,” etc.

1870 : 26   “School for young ladies on East river, Mathews Co.”

Mrs. Geo. E. Tabb listed as principal; subjects taught and amenities listed

1870 : 27   “Trustees’ sale of Valuable property! … Rappahannock female institute.”

Sale of a “female institute;” Susanna Hill and Lucy E. Waring mentioned

1870 : 29   “In memoriam. Departed this life on the 6th of October last… Mrs. Ellen J. Caskie…”

Memorial of Mrs. Ellen J. Caskie by C.H. Read

1870 : 36   Spring and Summer Season, C.W. Thorn…

Advertisement for millinery goods and ribbons

1871 : 1   All nations agree…

Woman pictured in advertisement

1871 : 5   “To The Colored People of The 2nd Congressional district, Va, … Greeting…”

“Mirian” biblical reference

1871 : 6   “An Unrivaled Work of Art… Portrait… General Stonewall Jackson”

Testimonial from Mrs. Gen’l Thos. J. Jackson (M. Anna Jackson); another testimonial references a letter Mrs. Jackson wrote approving of the picture

1871 : 8   “Home school for young boys, Grace Church Rectory, Lexington, Va…”

Mrs. Gen’l Edwin G. Lee listed as “Maternal Guardian”

1871 : 9   “In Memoriam. Died at Edge Hill… Mrs. Jane Hollins Randolph… Captain M. Lewis Randolph…”

Memorial of Mrs. Jane Hollins Randolph

1871 : 12   “Commissioner’s Sale… in Culpeper Co. D.A. Grimsley, T.M. Archer, and J.C. Gibson, Commissioners.”

Cordelia Ann Hazle listed as former owner

1871 : 24   Literary lecture…

Flyer specifically calls “the attention of the LADIES” to the “notice” of the lecture

1872 : 1   “And it Shall Come to Pass… Carnival… [w+h]”

University referred to as “her”

1872 : 5   “Commissioners Sale… in Culpeper County… D.A. Grimsley, T.M. Archer, and J.C. Gibson, Commissioners.”

Cordelia Ann Hazel listed as former owner (*spelled “Hazle” in earlier broadside)

1872 : 8   “To Our Patrons and The Public at Large… Craven & Co.”

Advertisement for cooking goods and miscellaneous toiletry items

1872 : 9   “Grand Rally near Honeville & Alma [Va.]”

Noted on advertisement that “The ladies are especially invited to be present.”

1872 : 12  “Public Sale Of… Town Property in Warrenton and land in Rappahannock Co. 6 January 1873. Charles L. Pollack, Assignee.”

Previous owner’s wife holds part of the land through a marriage contract

1872 : 14   ‘Cherry Grove,’ a fine estate in Rockbridge County, for sale at public auction…

Property listed as the birthplace of Mrs. Col. Thos. H. Benton

1872 : 15   Centennial anniversary of the establishment of the county of Berkeley

Berkeley County referred to as “her”

1872 : 16   Opening Speeches of The Convention. Speech of Hon. C.J. Faulkner –

West Virginia referred to as “her;” “sister states”

1872 : 19   West Virginia institution for deaf, dumb, and blind, June 12, 1872… [program]

Pocahontas mentioned in song title; Miss White and Miss Harris listed as piece arrangers

1872 : 25   Repeated by request! …

Popular drama mentioned in flyer is written by Mrs. Southworth

1873 : 1   Calathump! (Lexington, Va.)

“blushing like a bride”

1873 : 2   “Fair of the Va State Agricultural Society…” [Richmond]

Horse named “butcher girl;” free for members, wives, and unmarried daughters

1873 : 10   “Jeffersonian Republican Extra”

Mrs. I.T. Winston; Spring and Summer millinery stocked I.O.G.S. & P. of S.; “sisters” listed

1873 : 11   Washing & Lee Univ. Junior Class Examination in Law… Prof. Tucker

What is marriage? ; duties and authority of man and wife

1873 : 14   “The Pinching Bug (after Poe)” by Dr. Socks

“or Madame” – in reference to a bug; maid may find him

1873 : 17   1873 Oct. 1 Vindicator Extra

Wealthy man shot his young wife

1873 : 18   “… Reuben A. Hillyard, Bankrupt…”

Several women listed as some of his creditors

1873 : 20   “School for young ladies at Eagle Hill… The Misses Randolph, Shadwell P.O. Albemarle Co., Va”

School for girls, run by women

1873 : 21   “Stanton Female Seminary, Stanton, Tenn.”

Seminary for women

1873 : 23   “Office of O.M. Marshall, wholesale dealer in Hats, Caps, Trunks…”

Furs for ladies

1873 : 30   “Hollins Institute Botetourt Springs, Roanoke Co., Va”

Several female teachers and assistants

1873 : 31   “In the district Court of the U.S. for the Western district of Va. In bankruptcy… Joseph F. Ryan, bankrupt…”

Several women listed as creditors

1873 : 34   “Concerts in aid of… first night…”

Songs to women

1873 : 35   “Concerts in aid of… second night…”

Songs to women

1874 : 2   “John S. Wise, adm’or T.R. Jennings, Dec’d :” [inventory & appraisement]

Ladies watch and sundry jewelry items listed with appraisal price

1874 : 10   “In The District Court of The United States, for The eastern District of Virginia… James A. Fisher, Bankrupt… [signed] T.W. Jones, Deputy Marshall and Messenger.”

Mrs. Tabitha Edmonds, Catharine M. Fisher, & Sarah A. Young listed as creditors

1874 : 11   “For Sale… The Fulford Female Seminary, Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., Md… James S. Hallowell.”

Sale of female seminary

1874 : 13   “To The Voters of The Seventh Congressional District of Virginia…”

Virginia referred to as “her;” District referred to as “her”

1874 : 20   “… A few Words about The Application of German Potash Salts. Southern Fertilizing Company, Richmond, Va… [signed] John Ott, Secretary…”

Virginia referred to as “she”         

1874 : 24   “The Commonwealth of Va, … You are Hereby Commanded to Summon G.W.C. Lee, Mary Lee, Mildred Lee… to appear at the Clerks office of our circuit court of the County of Henrico… to answer a bill of chancery, exhibited against them… by Robert Bright and Matilda Southall…”

Mary Lee, Mildred Lee, Beverly Randolph, Mary Turner, Mary Ball, Elizabeth R. Carter, Landovia Minor, Eva M. Heth, Beverly R. Mason, Ann R. Sheldon, Mary D. Archer, Lavinia D. Jackson, Lavinia T. Fauntleroy, Marietta T. Powell, Jane C. Beverly, Ann C.R. Jones, Selina S. Coles, Sally C. Brent, Sallie F. Cabell, Fannie G. Cabell, Louisianna C. Kennon, Sally C. Wilson. Lucy C. Bridges, Courtney C. Barrand, Fanny Macon, Eliza Duval, Lucy Goran, Fanny Caldwell, Fanny D. Bellfield, Annie C. Leigh, Nannie R. Hicks, Caroline P. Mitchel, Bessie R. Randolph, Selina Ursula Skipwith, Ann S. James, Selina S. Naper, Harriet M. Wise, Louisa S. Fullerton, Marianna Granville, Lelia S. Tryon, Elizabeth Skipwith, Julia Skipwith, Helen S. Wilmer, Sarah S. Connell, Lelia S. Lee, Lucy D. Henry, Fanny Douglas = charged with chancery; Matilda Southall = one of the plaintiffs

1874 : 26   “Bayou Sara, La, 1st Sept. 1874, Jno. S. Wise, Esq., Richmond, Va. Dear Sir: … [signed] Samuel J. Powell”

Dr. Jennings’ sisters listed as some of his heirs; Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Childress, Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Jennings specifically named

1874 ; 28   [cut of child] $20,000 reward has been offered for the recovery of Charlie Brewster Ross. Philadelphia, 1874

Claims captors may have disguised him as a girl

1874 : 30   Mecklenburg Female College, Boydton, Virginia… [N.P.] 1874

Description of the female college

1874 : 31   Office of Franklin Insurance Company, Wheeling, West Va… [Wheeling, W.Va.] 1874

Hoop Skirt Factories listed as an insurance risk so instructed to decline coverage

1874 : 32   Speech of Hon. G.D. Camden on state and national topics… [N.P.] 1874

States referred to as “her”

1874 : 34   Office of Rogers & McCance

List of food prices

1874 : 35   United States Claim Agency…

The attorney prosecutes claims for Widows of the War of 1812 to obtain their husbands’ pensions

1875 : 1   “Brimful of fun. Dr. G.W. Bagby…”

“Women Folk” is the title of a lecture

1875 : 9   [Capon Springs & Baths, Hampshire Co., W. Va.]

Marketed towards women; “…ladies quite as often dance in their promenade dresses as in their costly and elegant ball-room costumes.”

1875 : 10   “Purely Philanthropical entertainment! in behalf of Mr. Buccini Wuffix…”

States if a man brings a lady he only has to pay 75¢ and if he brings two ladies he only pays $1 and Mr. Bagby “will appear – satisfied”

1875 : 14   “UCs versus Uses; or Shakespear against Stokes…”

Poem states only wives are sweeter than UC Cigars

1875 : 21   “Service at The funeral of Mary Ely Lancaster…” [Richmond, Va]

Memorial of Mary Ely Lancaster by Dr. Read

1875 : 27   “…Montpelier female humane association…”

Fundraiser to turn Montpelier into “a home for the old, infirm and destitute ladies of Virginia”

1875 : 28   “Co-Partnership Notice. Mr. John E. Etchinson, is admitted as a partner in my Richmond House. The business will hereafter be conducted under The firm name of C.W. Thorn & Co. [signed] C.W. Thorn…” [Richmond]

Sells hosiery and fancy home furnishings

1875 : 33   “First Baptist Church, Richmond… Dear Brethren and Sisters: In View of The Circumstances now surrounding us…”

Addressed “Dear Brethren and Sisters”

1875 : 41   … First grand gift concert of the Montpelier female…

Postponement of ticket raffle to raise money for a home for elderly females

1875 : 41a   Gifts: $1,000,000 currency. Office of Montpelier female humane…

Order form for ticket for raffle to raise money for a home for elderly females

1875 : 41b   The holder of this coupon…

Tickets for raffle to raise money for a home for elderly females

1875 : 42   In the Dist. Court of the U.S. for the E. Dist. Of Va…

Lucy R. Waring, Mrs. S.P. Gouldman, Mrs. Ann S. Mottly listed as creditors

1875 : 43   Richmond Theatre! Flotow’s grand opera of Stradella [Richmond, Va., 1875]

Miss Nannie Reinhardt plays the character of Leonora

1875 : 44   Repetition of the philanthropic entertainment…

Men pay 50¢ admissions, man and one lady is 75¢, man and two ladies is $1

1875 : 48   Auction, Auction, Large and peremptory sale…

Ladies and misses shoes listed in available items

1876 : 2   “A full and true account of the Late excitement at The Capitol…”

Poem claims the senators ran home to see their wives and daughters after the “excitement”

1876 : 9   “The University of Virginia. Editors of The Richmond Dispatch…”

Virginia referred to as “her;” other states referred to as “Southern sisters

1876 : 11   “Grangers. Farmers… Public meeting of grangers… 3rd May… Border Council [and] meeting of stockholders… May 4th…”

“Our sisters of the Order, with all other ladies, are sincerely invited to grace the occasion with their presence.”

1876 : 12   “Ladies Bath, Warm Springs, Bath Co., Va.”

Advertisement for a ladies public bath

1876 : 15   “American Hotel, Cor. Of Main & 12th Sts…”

“Ladies’ Entrance and Parlors are on Main street”

1876 : 17   “Adjutant-General W.H. Richardson. Head a’rs Va. Military Institute… [Announcement of death of Brevet Maj.-Gen. W.H. Richardson, Adjutant General of Va. Resolutions] [signed] Francis H. Smith, JR., Sec’y.”

Virginia referred to as “her”

1876 : 19   “By Richardson & Co… Splendid Franklin and Main St. Property… John H. Guy, Alex Q. Holladay, Special Commissioners.”

Mrs. Jane O. Bayly occupies the estate for sale; Richmond referred to as “her”

1876 : 22   “…Ask your grocer for Fisher’s Mince Meat…” Baltimore, Md.

“…our Lady Correspondent, a young American, having indulged in late hours they let her Bee and did not Wecker up…”

1876 : 25   “Commissioner’s Sale of Valuable real estate in Farmville, Va… W.R. Berkeley, Com’r”

“in the suit of Ligon and wife”

1876 : 27   “Lines, Suggested by the death of Hon. Wood Bouldin, at Roanoke, Charlotte Co…”

Country referred to as “her;” “No mother, sad / For son so filial, oft is called to weep”

1876 : 28   “In Memoriam. Died at his Residence in Washington City on 9th inst., Leonard J. Anderson, Esq…”

Deceased was married to Betty A., daughter of John Martin, Esq.

1876 : 29   “Our Country forever… Come Rally for the polls, boys… Tilden and reform… By Wm. W. Tyler.”

Country referred to as “her;” “Let not a mother’s son betray her.”

1876 : 34   “In Memoriam… Martha Stewart, Beloved Wife of Col. Frederick G. Skinner…”

Deceased was daughter of D. Phillip Thornton; called a “daughter of Virginia;” Virginia referred to as “her;” “sister Southern states”

1876 : 36   Richmond Theatre… 6 nights & Saturday matinee… [Richmond, Va., 1876]

“… a grand corps of ladies…”

1876 : 37   Third Presbyterian Church… Readings and personations of Humorous characters… [Richmond, Va., 1876]

Reading entitled “Miss Wardle, Mr. Tupman, and the Fat Boy!”

1876 : 38   Association hall… October 31st, 1876… J. Willoughby Reade… [Richmond, Va.] 1876

Readings entitled “Ask Momma!” and “Major Namby and Miss Lydia Languish”

1876 : 39   Leigh Street Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. For benefit of Sunday School. Readings… by Prof. J. Willoughby Reade… [Richmond, Va.] 1876.

Readings entitled “Miss Wardle, Mr. Tumpman, and the Fat Boy!” “Mrs. Brown Goes to an Evening Party!!” and “Aurelia’s Unfortunate Young Man!!”

1876 : 47   The Circular of C.W. Scofield…

States with the invention of the Sewing Machine “…millions of toiling women were elevated from drudgery and poverty to intelligence, industry, and competence…”

1876 : 50   Statesman-extra. A glorious Democratic victory…

“Glorious Old Arden Maintains her Supremacy”

1876 : 52   Mason, James M., The issues of 1876…

The South referred to as “she”/”her” and personified as a mother

1877 : 19   “The State [Richmond, Va.] Carrier’s Address…”

Poem called “A Little Girl’s Fancies” on bottom-right corner

1877 : 22   “International British Association Speeches of the Hon. D.B. Tennant, President of the British Association of Va…”

Virginia referred to as “her;” Queen Victoria and her birthday; “sister states;” Virginia personified as a mother; “God Save the Queen” referenced; ladies at banquet called “Queens of America” who are “doing homage to the Queen of England” – article questions why it took so long for U.S. women to participate in “public festivities” when English women “have long since asserted their right to participate” & women add grace & happiness to such events; Eve biblical reference

1877 : 27   A card to the voters of Essex county… [from Thomas R.B. Wright of Tappahannock [N.P.] 1877]

Virginia referred to as “she”/”her”

1878 : 1   Washington and Lee University…

Final exam questions marriage in the legal system

1878 : 2   The French Church’s Address…

Mrs. Tait, relative of deceased, mentioned

1878 : 4   Love, As a Disease! …

“Women Folks” – lecture on women

1878 : 5   Valuable Property…

Mrs. Ann McIlbany owns property bordering the real estate with her husband; Mrs. Downman is the former owner of a lot with her husband

1878 : 9   Hale’s Ford Classical and Mathematical School…

Co-ed school; Mrs. Duncan is the music instructor

1878 : 20   VA. Opera House…

Performance to benefit the Ladies’ Catholic Benevolent Society via Miss Bessie Ward; Miss Ward plays character of M’lle Susanne, Miss Alice Cabell plays Baroness De La Glaciere, Miss Camilla Scott plays Mlle Mathilde, Miss Jennie Pleasants plays Mlle Zenobie, Miss Belle Webb plays Pauline

1878 : 23   (no. 268) In district court of the United States… Alech Johnson and others vs. William C. Mayo… Richmond, Va., 1878.

Mrs. M.M. Lyons, Miss Mary Jane Fulton, Mrs. Ella S. Brown, Mrs. T.M. Maxey, Mrs. H.H. Wise & guardian, Mrs. Dr. A.Y.P. Garnett, Eliza Happer, Mrs. C.F. Anderson, Mrs. A.J.W. Hobson listed as creditors

1878 : 25   Luther Chapel, repaired and improved…

Asks churchmembers to “ask himself or herself” how much money they think they should contribute to pay off debt

1878 : 27   By special request. Popular lecture on Bible science

Reviewer says lecture on “Light” spoke of a “beautiful Christian girl” who was “deprived from beholding the light” until “the Savior” allowed her to see it

1878 : 30   Concert for the benefit of the yellow fever sufferers.

Pianists: Misses Hunter & Harrison, Miss Sue N. Riddle, Mrs. C.J. Faulkner, Jr., Mrs. Allie Winter, Misses Bowman & Levy, Mrs. Flick, Miss Jane Cary Harrison, Mrs. Winter; song titled “Esther”

1879 : 8   Appeal…

“Ladies of Emmanuel Church Aid Society” raising money for vectory; Mrs. A. Seddon Jones, Mrs. Thos. T. Slaughter, Mrs. J.P. Alexander, Mrs. B.F. Nale, & Miss Bessie Slaughter specifically named

1879 : 10   “Bacterium Exterminator…”

Mrs. Jno. Goodwin mentioned

1979 : 11   “In Perfect Peace.”

Poem for Rosaltha Y. Kent who died at thirteen years old

1879 : 14   Lines on the Death of a Friend

Poem on the death of a woman

1879 : 18   In Memoriam…

Obituary for Mrs. Irene R. Burwell

1879 : 19   Grace Church, Drakes Branch…

Mrs. Col. Green, Mrs. Col. Carrington, Mrs. Judge Bouldin, Mrs. Capt. White, Mrs. William H. Woods mentioned

1879 : 20   Grace Church, Drake’s Branch…

Mrs. Col. Green, Mrs. Col. Carrington, Mrs. Judge Bouldin, Mrs. Capt. White, Mrs. William H. Woods, Mrs. J.W. Morton mentioned

1879 : 22   Out of the port [A poem by A.C. Gordon. Charlottesville, Va.] 1879.

Ship referred to as “she,” and “her”

1879 : 23   Richmond Theatre… the famous actress M’me Helena Modjeska… Richmond, Va., 1879.

Ad for theatre featuring M’me Helena Modjeska; Mrs. F.A. Tannehill, Miss Ella Stockton, Miss Ethel Remson, Miss Josephine Bailey also in cast

1879 : 25   Kabletown S. School exhibition… December 19 & 23, 1879. Programme… Charles Town, W.Va., 1879.

“Aunt Jemima’s Money”, “Tableau-Bridal Scene”, “Tableau-Kabletown Belle”, “Tableau- Ruth, the Gleaner” = pieces on program

188- : 1   “… Elastic Hose… Tivey  Co. Newton Highlands, Mass…”

Ad for women’s elastic hose

188- : 7   “Readings and Recitations of His own Productions by Capt. Wm. Page Carter [1836-1913], of Virginia.”

The “Ladies’ Aid Society of St. Lulu’s Cathedral” held the readings; Capt. Carter’s sister Mrs. Dr. C.S. Buckner mentioned

188- : 9   Opera house

“Noreen Moreen” & “Helen’s Babies” = names of pieces

188- : 10   St. Mary of the Pacific, Benicia, California

“a home school for young ladies”

1880 : 2   Statesman-Extra, Martinsburg, W.Va., July, 21 1880

Virginia referred to as “her”

1880 : 5   1880 January 13 “Trustee’s Sale of Real Estate. – Rappahannock County… R.E. Luttrell, Trustee of Wm. F. Baker…”

Josephene A. Baker listed as wife of previous owner

1880 : 6   1880 April 5 “Sale of real estate in Caroline County at public auction… [signed by] A.B. Chandler and E.C. Moncure, special commissions.” (from the Estace Conway Moncure Papers)

Mistress Tabitha Anderson listed as widow of previous owner

1880 : 16   Entertainment at the Episcopal high school…

Rosa & Dinah = character names in a play

1880 : 18   1880 February “Leap Year Party. 1880. Rules for Gentlemen.”

Asks gentlemen to behave “with the most lady-like propriety;” men shouldn’t be unseated “unless escorted by a lady;” asks women not to drop fans & handkerchiefs unless “absolutely necessary”

1880 : 20   To the alumnae and the friends of Hollins…

Asks Hollins Institute women to donate for a school library; Katie Gent, Kate Lee Holland, Mary Belle Giddings, Mary A. McMillan, Anna Perry Chambliss, Marian S. Bayne = signers of letter

1880 : 21   To the friends of the Episcopal Church…

Written by the Ladies Aid Society; church referred to as “her;” Mrs. N. Charles Tatem, Mrs. George W. Nelms, Mrs. R.G. Hill, Mrs. L.H. Robison = signers of letter

1880 : 23   Address of Mr. John H. Strider…

Asks men and women to join together as a unified community as “brothers and sisters”

1880 : 26   The sixteenth session…

Mrs. Admiral Dupont listed as reference

1880 : 28   Concert for the benefit of the poor

Mrs. Bumgardner, Miss Daniels, Miss Turner, Mrs. Baker, Miss Stiff, Mrs. Berkeley, Miss Effie Stiff listed as performers

1881 : 7   1881 May 7 “Catholic Visitor-Supplement. Bishop Jansen’s Valedictory…”

Poem to the side entitled “Jeannie Englehart”

1881 : 8   1881 June 27 “The Louisianian”

Virginia referred to as “her”

1881 : 9   1881 July 20 “To the Republicans of Va. Protest against the nomination of a straight out Republican Ticket.”

Virginia referred to as “her”

1881 : 13   1881 September 16 “Copartnership notice… B.L. Fletcher, J. N. Trussell. Upperville, Va…”

Business is moving to the storeroom of Mrs. Cloude

1881 : 20   1881 October 17 “Centennial art loan exposition for the benefit of Christ Church, Bruton Parish, Williamsburg, Virginia…”

Organized by “The Ladies of this Church;” art includes paintings of “fair dames

1881 : 21   1881 “Letter from King and Queen…” [concerning death of John Bagby]

Bagby’s wives, Miss Courtney & Mrs. Elizabeth Motley, mentioned

1881 : 35   Literary entertainment Billmyer’s hall, Friday night, February 18, 1881… [Shepherdstown, W.Va.] 1881.

Alice Pendleton, Elise Shepherd, Rena Stonebraker, Rosa Hill, Ella Rickard, Ida Adams, Lily Chapline, Mary Hill, Fanny Crow, “3 girls.” Lizzie Boswell, Helen Pendleton, Nannie Herr, Julia Knadler, Bertha Reynolds, Mamie Hill, Georgie Johnson, “eight young ladies,” “six young ladies” = performers

1881 : 41   Office State Local-Option Com’e

“suffering wives” listed as a reason to support Temperance Reform

1882 : 1   1882 March 28 “Col. Benjamin H. Smith… Circuit Court of Law of Kanawha County…”

Mrs. Mary Patton listed as daughter of Mr. Charles R. Baldwin

1882 : 5   1882 September 16 “In Memoriam. Rev. N.A. Okeson, Entered Into Rest”

The church referred to as “her”

1882 : 7   1882 May 13-14 “In Perpetuam Rei Memoriam… James McClure Scott and Sarah Travis Lewis… Celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Wedding… Virginia print Fredericksburg?”

Wedding announcement for Sarah Travis Lewis; numerous female witnesses listed

1882 : 12   Valley female college. Winchester, Virginia… Winchester, Va., 1882

Advertisement for girls’ school

1882 : 13   Racing waters… Warm Springs, Va., 1882

Nature referred to as “her;” poem written by Mary Bayard Clarke

1882 : 17   Williamsburg, Virginia…

Williamsburg referred to as “her”

1883 : 6   Entertainment at Bruington…

The event is thrown by “The Ladies of Bruington Church;” “Goddess of Liberty,” “Three Sisters,” “Kathleen Mavoorneen,” & “Ruth and Boaz” = names of pieces

1883 : 18   A way out of the hard times… [n.p., 1883] [Testimonials for Frazer & Bishop’s Fertilizer]

Elisha Snyder & Mrs. V. Williams gave testimonials

1883 : 21   To the people of Hanover and Caroline… [n.p.] 1883

Virginia referred to as “her”

1883 : 22   Mount Parro Institute. Announcement for 1883-84 Charles Town, W.Va., 1883

Mrs. E.F. Hammond, Misses E.T. Carter & C. Winder, Miss A. Taylor, Miss E.D. Craner = teachers at school; Wheeling Female College mentioned

1883 : 26   Richmond Mozart Association 9Richmond, Va.) Programme…

Miss Etta Maddox listed as performer; “My Queen” is name of piece

1884 : 4   Office of “The Industrial South”…

Mrs. George W. Bagby signed the letter

1884 : 14   A Brave Man’s Last Words.

Ambler writes to let his mother, sister, sister-in-law, and Mrs. Pegram & her nieces know that they were in his thoughts before he died

1884 : 15   North and South…

Poem written by Miss Sarah B. Valentine

1884 : 21   Daily record. Edited by Harvey Willson…

Sallie E. Hubard, “wife to Julius A. Hobson,” Sallie A. Pendleton, “wife to Wm. T. Hancock,” Ella F. Callwell, Mary P. Heckman, “wife to B.M. Quarles,” Susan A. Perrins mentioned

1884 : 22   Daily record. Edited by Harvey Willson…

“wife to C.W. Montague,” Annie E. Warren, “wife to Rose” mentioned

1885 : 4   Trust Deed…

Miss Sarah H. Michie owed $300

1885 : 12   1885 November 18. To the Democratic Voters of Caroline Co… [signed] A.B. Chandler 9from Eustace Conway Moncure papers)

Democratic party referred to as “her”

1886 : 5   1886 April 19. “Public Sale of Land [in Caroline Co.] (signed E.C. Moncure, Com’r & T.W. Valentine.” (from Eustace Conway Moncure papers)

Property previously belonged to Mrs. Mary L. Richerson

1886 : 9   Delinquent lands for Sale in Greene County…

Catherine M. Casey, Jane M. Gray, Elizabeth Miller, Marion H. Morris, Meredith Shiflett, Elizabeth Shiflett all listed

1886 : 15   “Jackson Memorial Association…”

“The Ladies of Lexington & Rockbridge Col” are hosting a bazaar to raise funds for Jackson memorial; Miss Mary V. Kirkpatrick, Miss Edmonia Waddell, Mis Mercer Williamson, Miss Madge Paxton, Principal Ann Smith, Mrs. E.A. Duncan, Mrs. J.B. Tayler, Miss Susan Parks, Mrs. T.L. Preston, Mrs. James J. White, Mrs. J. Wills, Mrs. Chas. M. Figgat, Mrs. S.P. Lee, Mrs. Alex Nelson, Mrs. W.T. Jewell, Mrs. J.A. Jackson, Mrs. G.P. Chalkley, Mrs. H. Davin, Mrs. E. Duval, Miss Sallie Pitzer, Mrs. Evans, Miss Nannie Brady, Miss Annie White, Mrs. A.D. Estill mentioned

1886 : 17   In Memory of Miss Mary B. Chandler…

Death announcement from Ladies Foreign Missionary Society which Chandler was Secretary of; other members Mrs. Lucy Welch, Miss Mattie Fisher, Mrs. Wm. Duke signed the letter

1886 : 18   Richmond Theatre… Grand English opera by the renowned Emma Abbott. [Richmond, Va., 1886]

Emma Abbott, Zelda Seguin, Marie Stone, Pauline Maurel, Emily Gilbert listed as performers; Carmen (a cigarette girl, afterwards a gypsy), Micaela (a peasant girl), Frasquita, Mercedes, Virginia listed as characters

1886 : 23   Daily record… Edited & published by Harvey Willson…

Mary H. Dunnavant, “wife to C.A. Crawford,” Martha D. Sweeney, Elizabeth Adams, “wife to H. Fulton Haile,” “wife to Harvey J. Koons,” “wife to Stephen Warner” mentioned

1886 : 24   Daily Record…

“wife to Wm. Page,” Alice Bowe, “wife to Geo. B. Bliley, Virginia H. Hening, Margaretta Griffin, “wife of Philip O’Neill,” “wife of Charles Schnellenbrug,” “wife of Edward Wade,” “wife of St. James Gilpin,” “wife of Edward M. Parsons,” “wife of Charles Stengel,” Esther Wingfield, “wife of Albert Lee,” “wife of Charles Spencer” mentioned

1886 : 27   To the Christian brothers and sisters…

Elsie Curbie, Dora Curbia, Annie Curbia, Melisia, Matilda Oty mentioned

1887 : 2   … Queen Victoria…

Proclaims Queen Victoria a Huguenot; her relative Sophie Dorothea mentioned

1887 : 8   Public Sale.

Ad by Mrs. S.J. Fitzhugh to sell items

1887 : 10   To the Heirs of Col. Richard Adams, Sr., deceased

Mrs. A.Y. Stokes & Mrs. E.G. Nowland are signers

1887 : 16   The Position of the People…

Virginia referred to as “her”

1887 : 18   Obituary. In memory of Hunter Woodis Powell

Wife and sisters mentioned

1887 : 19   Verses by Mrs. C.W. Fitz

Nature referred to as “her;” “mother’s kiss” & “sister’s sigh;” poem by Mrs. C.W. Fitz

1888 : 2   Uncle Gabe’s White Folks

Speaker talks about his mistress (spelled “Mistis”)

1888 : 6   In Loving Remembrance

Poem in memory of Charlotte Randolph Meade Lane

1888 : 8   Woman’s – Exchange

Miss Thompson, Miss Juanita Massie, Mrs. Tuttle, Miss Antoinette Burthe, Miss Clara Bell Davis, Miss Virginia Long mentioned; advertisement for “Woman’s – Exchange”

1888 : 14   The prisoner’s song. Written expressly for the Richmond prison association. [N.p.] 1888.

Elizabeth Van Lew pictured for “[giving] her entire fortune for the comfort of the prisoners”

1888 : 15   The Confederate dead. A poem… by A.C. Gordon. Staunton, Va., 1888

“women’s words;” sky referred to as “her”

1889 : 4   A letter from the Bondholders.

The “ladies of Virginia” are trying to assist with the state debt problem

1889 : 6   Annual Report of Work…

Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. M.B. Lee mentioned; describes how ladies from the city mission are using money collected to help the poor

1889 : 7   The Birth Place of Our Immortal Washington

Mary Washington Association; discuses setting up monument at site of Mary Washington’s grave; Mrs. Sigourney mentioned

1889 : 9   Unveiling of the Monument…

Virginia referred to as “her” & “she;” written by Beverley D. Tucker

1889 : 12   Re-Opening of St. Paul’s Church…

Mrs. Jas. H. Dooley, Mrs. L.S. Joynes, Miss Elise D. Strother, Mrs. James E. Tyler, Mrs. J.R. Anderson, Miss Mary Morris Jones, Mrs. Adolphus Blair, Mrs. T. G. Peyton listed as donors

1889 : 14   Aspenwall Precinct.

“milk from their mothers’ breasts”

1889 : 17   Richmond theatre! … Wednesday evening, March 20th the celebrated comedian John T. Raymond… [Richmond, Va., 1889]

Florence Le Croix, La Petite Le Croix, Miss Marie Gordon, Miss Belle Mackensie, Miss Lizzie Herbert, Miss Annie Fisher listed as performers; Little Lafayette, Little Emily, Laura Hawkins, Emily Hawkins, Mrs. Si Hawkins, Mrs. Col. Sellers, Lady Gay Spanker listed as characters; “Madam Angot” is name of song

1889 : 20   Please attend to this at once!! The Petersburg Chorus has beaten its best record… [Petersburg, Va.] 1889.

Separate rehearsals scheduled for ladies; looking for females that would like to join the chorus

1889 : 22   General William Mahone the “hero of the crater…” [N.p.] 1889.

Virginia referred to as “her” and talks of “sisterhood” between states

1889 : 23   Why Judge Nowlin became a republican… Washington, 1889.

Virginia referred to as “her”

1889 : 29   Memorial Services, Academy of Music, Norfolk, Va. …

Miss Southgate and Miss Lizzie A. Taylor listed as performers

1889 : 30   Mr. E.B. Hay…

Miss Bertha Lincoln listed as performer; “Katty Kiss’im” and “The Drummer’s Bride” listed as pieces

189- : 4   To-night’s program of Edouard Remenyi’s Concert

Louise M. Brehany is assisting & performing

1890 : 1   Lynchburg, Va., Dry…

Claims women can now walk the streets safely because of Lynchburg being a dry county

1890 : 3   “My Gem.” [poem – Advertisement for Allen & Ginter Tobacco Co., Richmond, Va.]

Tobacco personified as a female lover

1890 : 5   “Valuable Portrait for Sale… Leiper Robinson, Bowling Green P.O., Va.”

Son-in-law of Governor Spotswood selling portrait of Spotswood that he got through his wife & Spotswood’s daughter, Catherine; also portraits available of Dorothea Spotswood, Elizabeth Moore, & Mrs. Clark who was governess in the Moore family

1890 : 8   Comrades of the War of ’46…

Article condemns Congress for only giving widows of this war a pension of $8/month while widows of the War of 1812 get $12/month

1890 : 10   “GOSHEN CENTRAL Construction and Investment Company. Goshen, Rockbridge Co., Va.”

Virginia referred to as “her”

1890 : 15   “…Pohick, The Mount Vernon Parish Church… [signed] Francis M. Whitle, Bishop Protestant Episcopal Church in Va…”

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rathbone is Vice-Regent of the association

1890 : 17   “The Rev. Thomas Brown, D.D. … died…”

Wife Elizabeth Johnson mentioned; Brown taught at a female college & had a position in the Stonewall Jackson Female Institute

1890 : 27   Thirty-seventh annual report of the Mutual fire insurance company of Loudoun Co. Virginia, [N.p.] 1890.

Virginia Jett, Amanda R. Hudson, Ann C. Shriver, Mary C. Wood mentioned

1890 : 30   Hampden-Sidney, Va., October 31, 1890…

Asks “christian women” to help raise money for Hampden-Sidney; “sister colleges”

1890 : 33   Zion Church Sunday School…

Spring referred to as “her” & compared to “vestal virgins”

1890 : 35   Slary Bro’s big show

A “female impersonator” is performing; “Shakespearean Burlesque” with Desdemona as a character

1890 : 38   A Tribute to Mrs. Eleonora C. Henkel…

Obituary for Mrs. Eleonora C. Henkel

1891 : 1   “In Memoriam… Randolph Bolling…”

Virginia referred to as “her;” “mother’s breast;” son of Eliza A. Bolling

1891 : 2   “In Memory of Mrs. Margaret Kent Langhorne…”

Poem in memory of Mrs. Margaret Kent Langhorne; written by Langhorne’s niece Mary Kent Ridley

1891 : 5   “Headquarters of the Chief Marshal, Lexington, Va… General Order No. 1… General Order No. 2… James A. Walker, Chief Marshal.”

Mrs. Jackson’s carriage to be stationed at the end of the parade line-up

1891 : 15   Senior class of Storer College. Prize declamations. [Harper’s Ferry? W.Va.] 1891.

Bertha Washington, Mary Brown, Eva Herrod, Henrietta Blackburn, Rebecca Bullard, Martha A. Payne, Cicely Anderson, Mary Herbert, Sarah Bullard, Laura L. Blackburn, Ellen Blackburn, Lilly V. Washington, Dora B. Watson mentioned; “Women’s Dispositions,” “The Proud Miss McBride,” “The Drunkard’s Daughter,” “Vashti’s Lament,” “Sister and I,” “A Cultured Daughter” are names of pieces

1891 : 19   Half a century devoted to the service…

The church referred to as “her;” Miss Annie Stallard, Mrs. Sam’l P. Mitchell, Mrs. Henry C. Hardy signed the announcement

1891 : 21   Big lot sale at Martinsburg, W. Va…

Martinsburg called “The Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley”

1892 : 11   “Church of The Covenent… Richmond, Va… Seats free. All welcome. Pastor Rev. J. Calvin Stewart…”

Ladie’s Chapter Church Guild meets on Wednesday

1892 : 17   “Thirty-Ninth annual report of Condition of The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Loudoun Co., Va.”

Mary A. Humphrey, Mary C. Fawcett, Mrs. H. B. Linkins, Elizabeth Kagey, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. S. Fox mentioned

1892 : 19   Just published… Plantation life before emancipation…

This book written in response to a Southern lady’s article defending Southern slave holders in the New York Evangelist

1892 : 22   Grace Church Sunday School Celebration…

Earth referred to as “her”

1892 : 23   Ladies’ Auxiliary Association of Petersburg, Va.

Association holding a fair to raise money; Mrs. W. E. Morrison, Mrs. Judge S. S. Weisiger, Mrs. Chas. F. Collier, Mrs. J. A. Hirshberg, Mrs. Geo. Davis, Mrs. R. T. Stone, Mrs. Jno. T. Parham, Mrs. J. B. Worth, Miss Hattie Elensworth, Miss Zephie Jones, Miss Maggie Malloy mentioned

1893 : 3   “Dear Sir: With two free hospitals in the City… it will be impossible to maintain a Third such as Sheltering Arms…” Richmond, Va.

The Ladie’s Board of Sheltering Arms is to be retained during the merger; Mrs. J. H. Claiborne will refund contributions of those who disapprove of the merger

1893 : 8   “By James H. Wohlford, Auctioneer. Sale of Valuable real estate... at Wythe Cout House…”

Two lots were owned by Mrs. Mary T. Rich

1893 : 14   “Save Our Virginia Homes… Having been placed before you as a candidate for the… position of Governor of Virginia… Edmund R. Cocke. Penrith, Cumberland Co., Va.”

Virginia referred to as “her” and “she;” “sisterhood of states”

1893 : 19   “Mass meetings! The people against the politicians!...”

“Ladies particularly invited to all Prohibition Mass Meetings.”

1893 : 27   Pastoral address…

Widows are assisted through the “Superannuated Fund”

1893 : 28   Our annual closing-out sale… C.A. Heller & Co. Winchester, Va., 1893

Various ladies clothing items on sale

1893 : 30   To the voters of Preston county… Kingwood, W.Va., 1893

Political opponents threatened to boycott P. R. Smith’s wife’s hotel if he continued his candidacy

1894 : 2   “Jewelry. B. J. Bear, Optician, 1411 East Main Street, [Richmond, Va.]…”

Seller has various jewelry & “bridal presents” that are “suitable for ladies”

1894 : 5   “Woman’s Club, Richmond, Va.”

Announcement for formation of a new women’s club; Mrs. L. L. Lewis, Miss Mary Lyons, Miss Francis Scott, Mrs. Bryden Tennant, Miss Mary Cameron, Mrs. Virginius Newton, Mrs. Charles Davenport, Mrs. Dr. Wellford, Miss Nannie Winston, Miss Jane Rutherford, Miss Maria Blair, Mrs. Beverly Munford, Miss Gussie Daniel, Mrs. J. Enders Robinson named

1894 : 9   “…On the Occasion of the Unveiling of the Mary Washington Monument. Cheap round trip tickets will be sold from all R.F. & P.R.R. Stations…”

Trains tickets priced specifically for the unveiling of the Mary Washington Monument

1894 : 10   “Official Program at Fredericksburg… Mary Washington Monument Unveiling… Special train will leave Elba Station. Richmond, 8:30am…”

Program for Mary Washington Monument Unveiling includes “Ladies on horseback;” train set aside specifically to take passengers to the Mary Washington Monument Unveiling

1894 : 15   “… Delinquents, take notice that the above real estate… will be sold… J. B. Jarratt, Treasurer.”

Various women named

1894 : 18   Democratic Speaking! … at Greenville, Virginia… [N.p.] 1894

“ladies are especially invited”

1894 : 26   Democratic barbecue! Lexington, Va., 1894

“ladies are especially invited”

1894 : 30   Summit Sunday School Spottsylvania County, Va. [N.p.] 1894

Mattie Eubank, Susie Waller, Laura Hogans named

1895 : 1   “In Memoriam. Mrs. Lydia Mosby Pleasants…”

Death announcement from Colonial Dames of Virginia for Mrs. Lydia Mosby Pleasants; signed by Cynthia B. T. Coleman, Annie B. Camm, and Helen Montague

1895 : 2   “Members of The German-American Ladies Aid Association [of the VA Hospital]…” Richmond, Va.

List of the members of The German-American Ladies Aid Association

1895 : 5   “Washington D.C. … fellow Confederate… [appeal for funds to retain nurse for fmr. General Raleigh E. Colston at Soldier’s Home, Richmond, Va., signed] B. A. Colonna. Soldier of the late Confederate States Army.”

Mentions that Gen. Colston’s daughters have very limited means to take care of him

1895 : 7   “Burning of University of Virginia…” [poem]

UVA referred to as “Jefferson’s noble daughter”

1895 : 9   … In the northern neck of Virginia… Annual fall fair…

Horse races with “colored lady jockets” Misses Blanche Davis, Emma Thomas, and Maggie Wilson

1895 : 14   Summer class in chemistry… [Charlottesville, Va.] 1895.

This course is also open to ladies

1895 : 20   Virginia Historical Society…

Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins mentioned as Assistant Librarian

1895 : 21   Fashionable dancing and deportment

Ad for traveling dance school; Professor Mueller’s wife is an instructor

1895 : 22   Regulations for the government of schools..

Mentions Farmville as a female school and Petersburg as a school that allows colored females

1896 : 1   “Cameron Hall… The Virginia Comedians…” [Univ. of VA]

A burlesque performance is on the bill

1896 : 2   “University of Virginia… a called meeting of the Board…”

Addressed at top to Mrs. Bagby “who sent 5.00 for University”

1896 : 4   “Hollins Institute… for boarding pupils…”

Ad for Hollins Institute; various female instructors listed

1896 : 9   Notice! The Village Improvement Association… passed the following resolutions… [N.p.] 1896

Mrs. H. H. Hunter listed as corresponding secretary

1896 : 16   Sixth annual commencement of the West Virginia Conference Seminary… [N.p.] 1896.

Mary V. Anderson, Ada Darlington, Bertha Swiger, Ora Wilson, Eleanor Rider, Audree Ford, Odell Fling, Elsie Marple, Mary F. Jones = performers; “The ‘Old’ Woman” = title of a song

1896 : 19   The Buena Vista advocate supplement

“Freedom” referred to as a “goddess;” land referred to as “her;” “Liberty” referred to as “her”

1896 : 26   Tinware and shoes…

Dishes, ladies’ shoes, ladies’ belts advertised

1896 : 29   The Winchester Wheel Club

Addressed to Miss J. Ada Bantz

1897 : 1   “Sacrifice Sale” [Eastville, Va]

Miss Florence Nottingham, Miss Agnes Chewning, Miss Nannye Widgen, Miss Louise Jarvis = performers; Biddy Bean (Irish girl), Mother Carey, Miss Starbright, Miss Minnie Daze = characters

1897 : 47   Hon. John N. Opie, Dear Sir…

Mary Baldwin – asking state not to tax the bequest she left to the Mary Baldwin Seminary for girls

1897 : 48   To the General assembly of Virginia… [Staunton? Va., 1897] [concerns the will of Mary Julia Baldwin]

Mary Baldwin – asking state not to tax the bequest she left to the Mary Baldwin Seminary for girls

1897 : 50   In memoriam. Miss Mary Julia Baldwin… Waynesboro, Va., 1897

Death announcement and tribute for Miss Mary Julia Baldwin of the Mary Baldwin Seminary for girls; Staunton referred to as “her”

1897 : 51   The Parish register of Christ Church…

Society of the Colonial Dames is publishing the work; Mrs. Lucy C. Trent listed as corresponding secretary of the Colonial Dames

1897 : 52   Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill…

Addressed to Mrs. Eva Byrd Hill Ransom

1897 : 53   Sale of valuable farm at public auction…

Widow, Sallie Eggleton, has a portion assigned as her dower

1897 : 60   Virginia Medical Examining Board. Examinations on obstetrics…

Exam questions on obstetrics and gynecology

1897 : 62   Examination on Medical jurisprudence…

“differentiate the corpus luteum of pregnancy (true) from that of the adult virgin (false)” & “give the principal evidences of live birth… state the changes that take place after birth”

1898 : 2   “R.A. Class --- School of Latin. Final Exercise… University of Virginia…”

Examination uses quote about the death of Cicero’s daughter

1898 : 22   The dying district volunteer…

Speaker wishes that his mother and sister were present

1898 : 24   An examination in the law of real property…

Several questions ask how much female relations should receive in a will

1899 : 1   “To the Alumni of the College of William and Mary…”

College referred to as “she” and “her”

1899 : 2   “’A Greeting’… Lecture room, St. James Church…” Richmond, Va.

Addressed to Mrs. Em Bagly; poem is about the Dames holding a festival

1899 : 8   City School maintenance [Asheville, N.C., 1899]

Asheville referred to as “her”

1899 : 9   A letter of importance to the patrons of the schools… Asheville, N.C.,


Letter refers to female students in addition to male students

19-- : 2               The Rockingham Confederate Flag

Written by Cassie Moncure Lyne; talks about women sewing the flag


19-- : 3               Womanless wedding…

Play entitled “Womanless Wedding”


19-- : 11   Midday Lenten services…

Lunch served by women of the church


19-- : 13   Portrait of President Jefferson Davis…

Formally owned by Mrs. Thomas Littlejohn Field (Miss Meeta Armistead Capeheart) and by Madame de Lousa before her; various female contributors to purchasing painting listed


19-- : 24   The Open Studio presents…

Tricia Pearsall, Rita Root, Cathy Wheless, Melinda Skinner, Alice Parker, Julia Phillips, Barbara Hsu, Enid Adams, Jan Russell listed as artists


19-- : 33   Dollar day…

Ladies’ silk hose, hats, and curtains advertised


19-- : 35   Notice! Moving picture show…

Says “bring your girl or your wife” and “special attention to ladies”


19-- : 38   Tonight Dandy Dixie Shoes present Al Jennings…

Show titled “Lady of the Dug Out!”


19-- : 40   Sister Pocahontas…

Ad for “Indian Healer and Advisor” called “Sister Pocahontas”


19-- : 41   We strike for justice…

Announcement by International Ladies Garment Workers A.F. of L. about why they are on strike


19-- : 42   If you want to cut down your bill…

Sells ladies’ ready to wear goods


19-- : 48   Ladies’ Memorial Association…

Ladies’ group asking for donations to restore church; Mrs. H.V.L. Bird listed as President of the Ladies’ Memorial Association in Petersburg


19-- : 50   Basketball double header…

Bunker Hill Girls listed as one of the teams


19-- : 51   In Wood Fair programme…

Ladies’ Riding Contest listed as an event


19-- : 56   The Reverend Benjamin Ancell…

Compiling a list of the descendants of Mistress Katherine Banks


19-- : 58   Robert Porterfield’s Barter Theatre…

Mildred Lyons, Kotisha Karol, Jo McKinnon, Lucy Storm, Betty Scanlon, Suzanne Robinson, Jewel Morse, Barbara Ward, Pauline Preller, Helen Smith, Roslyn Weiss listed as cast members; Miss Shea, Miss Pike, Miss Eggleston, Miss Johnson, Barbara Pearson, Gertie, Miss Bradley, Miss Wheeler, Mrs. Adrich listed as female characters


19-- : 59   Robert Porterfield presents…

Frances O’Neill, Virginia Mealy, Edith Sommer, Betty Scanlon, Virginia, Daly, Beatrice Weller, Mary Boylan, Helen Smith, Jean Hazelwood, Betty Miller, Bedelia Falls, Katherine Deupree listed as cast members; Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Webb, Rebecca Gibbs, Emily Webb, Woman in the Auditorium, Another Woman in the Auditorium, Mrs. Soames, Dead Woman listed as female characters


19-- : 61   Dr. Virginius Harrison’s suggestions…

Obstetrics suggestions


19-- : 62   Wanted a better Jefferson County…

Candidate claims he will improve women’s sections of the county jail


19-- : 63   Kitchen symphony…

Miss Lemoine Satterfield, Mrs. C. M. Satterfield, Mrs. C. M. Campbell, Mrs. J. J. Lyne, Mrs. R. P. McGamy, Mrs. R. W. Cross, Miss Eleanor Moler, Mrs. E. C. Hammond, Miss Katherine Link, Mrs. Frank Benner, Mrs. Victor Osbourne, Mrs. Hendricks Daniel, Miss Camilla Wittshire, Miss Mary Henkle, Mrs. Randolph Moler are involved with performance


19-- : 64   Concert, given by ladies…

Miss Laura A. Lippitt, Miss Craighill, Miss Richardson, Misses Mayma Moore & L. C. Lippitt listed as performers


19-- : 65   St. John’s Episcopal Church…

Annual apron sale; event is at the home of Mrs. Eugene Shugart


19-- : 67   Directions for using perfected butter color…

Explains how to use butter coloring


19-- : 69   Ladd, Webster & Co. …

Sewing machines ad


19-- : 70   Souvenir of “Old Heidelberg Weekend”

“Dicke Frau” pictured


19-- : 81   Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities… The founding of the Colony…

Mrs. Joseph Bryan listed as president of the association


19-- : 96   Victor always in the lead

Madame Melba, singer, releasing her records through Victor Talking-Machine Co.


19-- : 102   The Williams Printing Company: a bit of history

Founder’s mother mentioned as Virginia Carter


19-- : 103   The Dolly Madison Room

Recipe from “The Dolly Madison Room” at Richmond Dairy Company; “from the files of Bertha Jenkins”


19-- : 112   Announcing the Brazilian International Choir

Women pictured in photo


19-- : 113   Minstrel by the W.H.S. Glee Club

Miss Alice Gleave and Miss Eula Bussell mentioned


19-- : 116   New Virginia Theatre… White Way Productions presents…

Kathryn McConnell, Olivia Hurd, Geraldine Golden, Ruth Fuehrer, Elsie Nemethy, Edith Maslem, Mardella Marquette, Jane Whitney, Marie Berman listed in cast


19-- : 123   M. E. Church, South Hill, Va.

Mother’s Day Service; Miss Douglas Thornton and Eula Gregory listed as performers


19-- : 126   Sauls Style Shop (Hopewell, Va.) Keep in front with…

Woman pictured in advertisement


19-- : 128   The Will of Mary Washington…

Registered will of Mary Washington; Betty Lewis, Hannah Washington, Bettie Carter, Fanny Ball, Milly Washington mentioned as well as “negroes” Old Bet, Lydia, and Little Bet


19-- : 129   The will of Mary Washington…

Registered will of Mary Washington; Betty Lewis, Hannah Washington, Bettie Carter, Fanny Ball, Milly Washington mentioned as well as “negroes” Old Bet, Lydia, and Little Bet


19-- : 130   History of the Merrimac iron

Merrimac referred to as “she” and “her”


19-- : 136   Richmond voter registration project

Encourages women, as well as men, to register to vote


19-- : 137   Wanted, a salesman

Says salesman should “be able to entertain… wives, sweethearts, and receptionists…”, be a “ladies man”, and “frequently over indulge in… women”


19-- : 138   “Morvitz & Cabe… Laundry list…” [West Point, Va]

Miss M. G. Trice sells “millinery goods”; business sells women’s clothing and various household goods


190- : 2   Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Woman’s Board of Foreign Missions, Program…

Program for women’s board of foreign missions; Mrs. Dr. Wm. Maybee, Miss Gibson, Mrs. S. C. Truehart, Miss F. N. McZeino, Miss Daisy Davies, Mrs. S. S. Fariss, Miss Carroll, Misses Perkinson, Misses Atkinson, Wright, and Stewart, Mrs. Spalding, Mrs. Lipscomb, Miss Wikle, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Barnum, Miss Bennett mentioned


1900 : 1   “Ice Mission, Richmond, Va…”

This mission is run by a “band of noble women”


1900 : 2   “Who are the 8000?...”

Women are including in this collection of notable citizens


1900 : 5   A special appeal. The Ladies’ Memorial Association…

The Ladies’ Memorial Association is taking up a collection to repair the graves of Confederate soldiers


1900 : 6   Markham Library Association terms : $2.00 per year… Rules…

Mrs. Jas. K. Marshall, Jr. listed as President, Miss Maurey Carter listed as Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Mary Triplett listed as Librarian


1900 : 14   Semi-annual report, American Flag House…

American Flag House and Betsy Ross Association; speaks of Betsy Ross and of monument erected on her grave


1901 : 2   “The Association for the Preservation of Va. Antiquities… At Jamestown, Va., A Statue to Captain John Smith…

Mrs. Charles Washington Coleman listed as chairman of Committee for John Smith Memorial


1901 : 6   “Deutsche Evangelishe St. Johannis-Gemeinde. Richmond, Va. …”

Various “Frau”’s listed as members


1901 : 8   “Confederate Memorial Services, Fredericksburg, Va…”

“young ladies as wreath-bearers”, the Ladies’ Memorial Association, and the Daughters of the Confederacy will be present


1901 : 14   To the General Conference of Free Will Baptist…

Families stating that their wives and daughters were forced into homelessness by this pastor; Mrs. C. Hartgrove made and signed a statement against the pastor


1902 : 6   “A select Home School for a Limited number of Young ladies… at “Prospect Hill,” Spotsylvania Co., Va…”

School for young ladies; run by Miss N. E. Scott


1902 : 7   The Superintendent of the “Virginia School for the deaf and blind” gives reasons… [Staunton? Va.] 1902

Virginia referred to as “her”; other states called “sister states”


1902 : 11   The old colonial estate, Battersea, Petersburg, Va. … [Petersburg, Va., 1902?]

The former owner’s daughters are current joint-owners of the estate


1902 : 20   In memoriam. Mrs. Fannie Aglionby… [N.p.] 1902

Obituary for Mrs. Fannie Aglionby


1902 : 22   Grand concert in Snyder’s yard…

Anna Humrickhouse, Rachel Snyder, and Mabel Humrickhouse performing


1902 : 24   Moore, H. E. To the Stockholders…

Mrs. S. Lehman listed as a stockholder


1903 : 4   “… Misses Maggie and Addie Bolton will give a lawn party for their own benefit…”

Misses Maggie and Addie Bolton are hosting a party


1903 : 10   Bryan, Isobel Lamont Stewart to the Ladies’ Society…

Letter to Ladies’ Societies of various churches from their “Virginia sisters” of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities; Belle S. Bryan listed as President


1903 : 11   Trial of Richard Wilson

African American women pictured; Bettie Brown and Martha Brown interviewed as witnesses


1903: 13   Strike not broken!


1904 : 5   Geddes Winston

Mary Jordan Winston, Rebecca Winston Radford, Mary Winston Blair, Sarah Winston Rutherfoord, Margaret Winston Adams, Miss Shelton named


1904 : 17   Entertainment given by the Moorefield Volunteer fire company… December 21, 1904… Moorefield, W. Va., 1904

Miss Eula Hockman, Mrs. Jno. Ultz, Mrs. G. W. McCauley listed as cast; Dora, Aunt Hannah, Luna listed as female characters


1904 : 18   Fredericksburg Horse Show Association…

“Judging Ladies’ Hunters,” “Judging Ladies’ Harness Horses,” “Judging Ladies’ Park Hacks,” “Judging Ladies’ Green Hunters” listed as events


1904 : 21   Proclamation! Laws relating to dogs…

Describes a ten dollar tax on female dogs while there is only a one dollar tax on male dogs


1904 : 25   The University of Virginia…

Mrs. William E. Dodge made a large donation to UVA; the building being built with donation will have a “ladies’ rest room” and will be furnished by Mrs. Dodge’s daughter


1905 : 8   Artistic recital Miss Kate Elsmere Puller…

Performance by Miss Kate Elsmere Puller, “reader and impersonator”


1905 : 10   To Darling Florence…

An anniversary poem written by Theodore Sutro to his wife, Florence


1905 : 11   Announcement to the people of Virginia…

Discusses how female teachers’ salaries are less than male teachers’ salaries


1905 : 19   Release March 30, 1905…

Discusses how female teachers’ salaries are less than male teachers’ salaries


1905 : 26   State of West Virginia…

Various females listed


1905 : 29   Anna Boleslawski von der Trenck…

Death announcement by Anna Boleslawski von der Trenck for her husband


1905 : 30   One of the most urgent of present…

Ladies’ group collecting money for a well; Mrs. Geo. Randolph  Cannon, Mrs. Wm. T. Robins, Mrs. James Caskie, Mrs. Edgar D. Taylor, Mrs. Egbert G. Leigh, Jr., listed as committee members


1906 : 1   The French Protestant Church, (Huguenot) Charleston, South Carolina…

Miss C. P. Ravenel listed as President and Mrs. A. A. Palmer listed as Treasurer of Society


1906 : 3   In memoriam. John Peyton McGuire died April 29, 1906.

“Duty” referred to as “her” and “she”


1906 : 8   Financial statement…

Mrs. Adaline Mundie, Emma Field, Matilda Mercer, Maranda Covington, Rose Braxton, Sarah Hunter, Eliza Hall, Louise Smith, Patsy Gatewood, Kittie Ellis, Betsy Epps, Emma Carter, Susan Johnson, Emily Brooks, Lizzie Davis, Betsy Davis listed as paupers


1906 : 9   The Daughters of the Confederacy…

A poem for the unveiling of a monument hosted by the Daughters of the Confederacy


1906 : 12   Memorial Day Exercizes, Saturday, June 2, 1906…

Daughters of the Confederacy involved in multiple parts of the celebration


1906 : 13   Wait for us! Coming. Clay & Bundy’s…

Madam Bais, “Queen of Songstress,” listed as performer


1906 : 14   Virginia – 1607-1907…

Virginia referred to as “her;” Mrs Lucy Redd Wise listed as illustrator; Judith Armistead, Mary and Martha Washington, “a mother of the Confederate States,” a “beauty of the present day,” Pocahontas, and Queen Elizabeth pictured or mentioned in the work


1906  17   Recital in elocution…

Katharine Hartzell, Vanessa Triplett, Eva Felker, Hattie Moler, Minnie Stephens, Sallie May, Mrs. F. A. Byerly, Fannie Beall Myers, Mary Snyder, Ethel Hawse, Mrs. G. L. Sheeley, Rachel Turner, Maud Mundy, Bessie La Mar, Miss Agnes Cady, Miss Chew listed as performers


1906 : 19   Miss Fletcher’s exhibition

List of paintings by Miss Fletcher


1906 : 20   Private sale…

Lady’s Writing Desk” listed for sale


1907 : 3   The Quintette’s tale…

Speaks of “Southern Girls” the men danced with at the bars


1907 : 5   “The Creation of Virginia.”

Norfolk referred to as “she”


1907 : 6   “Financial Statement of the County of Essex for the six months ending January 7th, 1907…”

Mrs. Adaline Mundy, Kittie Ellis, Mary Susan Taylor, Betty Epps, Louisa Smith, Emma Carter, Susan Johnson, Eliza Hall, Emma Fields, Matilda Mercer, Sarah Hunter, Rose Braxton, Maranda Convington listed as paupers


1908 : 8   Confederate banners by Mary Lynn Conrad… [Harrisonburg, Va., 1908]

Advertisement for booklet written by Mary Lynn Conrad and illustrated by Mrs. Mary V. Wilton; Mrs. Norman Randolph, Mrs. Lizzie George Henderson, Mrs. Wm. R. McKenney, Mrs. Lucy Bailey Henenberger, Mrs. K. S. Paul, Miss S. Alice Cowan, Mrs. W. J. Behan, Mrs. Kate Pleasants Minor wrote reviews


1909 : 2   “To the friends at Old Grub Hill Church… Amelia C. H., Va.”

Vestry referred to as “her”


1909 : 3   “In Memoriam… Martin Slaughter Stringfellow…”

Widow is Nelly Madison Willis and has two daughters – Mrs. J. J. Taylor and Mrs. R. Ashby Taylor


1909 : 5   “Merry Widow Music… Try them on our piano. R. A. Kishpaugh’s stationary.”

Operetta entitled “The Merry Widow”


1909 : 16   Margaret W. Freeland Memorial… Richmond, Va., 1909.

Memorial fund set up for V.M.I. in memory of Margaret W. Freeland


1909 : 17   Entertainment at Inskeep hall Moorefield, W. Va. … The Sniggles Family… Moorefield, W. Va., 1909

Mrs. A. R. McNeill, Mrs. Roy Gamble, Miss Eula Hockman, Mrs. S. P. Fetzer, Miss Mary VanMeter, Miss Annie Cunningham, Mrs. R. G. VanNewkirk, Miss Carey Bowen, Miss Ada Bowen, Miss Ruth Randolph, Miss Amy Bowen, Mrs. G. W. McCauley, Mrs. M. S. Henkel, Miss Marie Inskeep, Mrs. E. O. Harwood, Mrs. P. W. Inskeep, Miss Rose Clower, Miss Elizabeth Beaty listed as performers; plate entitle “Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard”


1909 : 18   Entertainment at Inskeep Hall, Moorefield, W. Va., … The Blundering Mr. Brown… Moorefield, W. Va., 1909

Mrs. Roy Gamble, Mrs. A. R. McNeill, Mrs. P. W. Inskeep, Miss Cunningham, Miss Eula Hockman, Miss Elizabeth Beaty, Mrs. H. I. Harness, Mrs. R. G. VanNewkirk, Miss Carey Bowen, Miss Marie Inskeep, Mrs. S. F. Fetzer, Miss Ruth Friddle, Miss Mary VanMeter, Mrs. H. I. Harness listed as performers; “A Dream of Fair Women” listed as title of play; Mrs. Brown, Clara Brown, Maggie Murphy, Helen of Troy, Iphigenia, Cleoapatra, Jephtha’s daughter, Rosamond, Joan of Arc, Queen Eleanor listed as characters


1910 : 1   “Big mass meeting… Auspices equal Suffrage League of Richmond.” (Richmond, Pizzini showprint)

Flyer for suffrage meeting; Miss Mabel Vernon listed as a speaker


1910 : 6   To the Daughters of the Confederacy of the Virginia Division

Mrs. Montague, Mrs. N. V. Randolph, Mrs. Dowdell, Mrs. Roy W. McKinney, Mrs. Frank Holladay, Mrs. Nathan D. Eller mentioned


1910 : 12   Trustee’s sale…

Mrs. Mary E. Billhimer and “wife to D. O. Dechert” mentioned


1910 : 14   Administrator’s sale…

“ladies” are invited to the sale; Mrs. Emma J. Brandt listed as an “administrator”


1911 : 1   Special and important!

“Guest cards will be provide for ladies” and they are given permission to “dress at will”


1911 : 8   Memorial of the Society for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities…

Mrs. Landon R. Dashiell, Mrs. J. Taylor Ellyson, Alice M. Tyler mentioned


1911 : 13   Circular to the members…

A fund for widows of deceased ministers (among others) is being collected


1912 : 4   Southern Female College (Petersburg, Virginia)…

Ad for literary club at Southern Female College; Miss Margaret Williams, Miss Mary Ames, Miss Frederica Crawford, Miss Corinne Buland, Miss Byrdie DeJarnette, Miss Isabel Perry, Miss Lucy Drewny, Miss Susan Browne, Miss Lora Siers, Miss Mararet Mcmanigal, Miss Caroline Davis, Miss Kathryn Foster, Miss Agnes Allen, Miss Marie Brown mentioned


1913 : 1   “Votes for Women! … National American Woman Suffrage Association.” New York

Flyer giving reasons why women should gain suffrage


1913 : 2   “Ode of Welcome at the great Reunion of the G.A.R. and C.S.A. 1863 – Gettysburg – 1913 by Cassie Moncure Lyne…”

Written by Cassie Moncure Lyne


1913 : 3   “The Chronicle of the Drum by Cassie Moncure Lynn.”

Written by Cassie Moncure Lyne


1913 : 5   “… Louisa M. Alcott’s ‘Little Women,’ Academy of Music, Lynchburg, Va.”

Ad for a stage performance based on Alcott’s “Little Women” novel


1913 : 6   “… State song. Virginia! My Virginia…”

Refers to “daughters” of Virginia Historical Society


1913 : 10   Southern Female College, Petersburg, Va. …

Expression Class performances by Miss Herbert, Miss O’Kennon, Miss Rucker, Miss Watson, Miss Wynne, Miss Elder, Miss Butler, Miss Walsh, Miss Mellwaine, Miss Scott, Miss Corder, Miss Potts, and Miss Davis


1914 : 2   “Not at Home… National Women Suffrage…” New York City

Flyer for women’s suffrage


1914 : 3   “About voting… National Women Suffrage Association…” [New York City]

Flyer supporting women’s suffrage


1914 : 6   Votes for women a success…

Flyer arguing for women’s suffrage by showing how successful it has been in other states where women vote


1914 : 9   Virginia to England (Aug. 3, 1914)…

England referred to as “Fair Mother”


1914 : 12   Virginia Theatre…

“entertainment will conclude with… Aunt Dina’s Watermelon Party”


1915 : 6   “For Ways That are Dark and Tricks…”

Mentions “girl riders” in the circus


1916 : 1   Equal suffrage and the Negro vote

Discusses how African American women also need suffrage because they will be even more oppressed by whites if only white women are granted suffrage


1916 : 2   Twelve Reasons Why Mothers Should Have the Vote

Flyer giving reasons why women, especially mothers, should be granted suffrage


1916 : 3   Co-ordinate College and Rural School

Editorial written to the Times-Dispatch by “Mother Goose” and a poem written by Mary Newton Stanard on rural education


1916 : 4   “Co-ordinate College and Rural School… [by] Mary Newton Stanard… “ Reprint from [Richmond] Times-Dispatch.

Re-print of poem by Mary Newton Stanard on rural education


1916 : 5   Results of equal suffrage…

Flyer listing positives in states that granted women suffrage


1916 : 6   Why the Federal amendment for woman suffrage? …

Flyer arguing for suffrage for Virginia women


1916 : 7   To the women of the South…

Female association for Hollywood Cemetery; Mrs. Chas. G. Barney, Mrs. Dr. Jas. Bolton, Mrs. William H. MacFarland, Mrs. James K. Caskie, Mrs. Charles G. Barney, Mrs. Charles Macgruder, Mrs. James Lyons, Mrs. George L. Bidgood, Mrs. George E. Dabney, Mrs. George A. Barksdale, mrs. Dr. J. S. Dorsey Cullen, Mrs. James A. Cowardin, Mrs. Dr. Robert W. Haxall listed in association


1916 : 8   Kinloch graveyard…

Mrs. Edward Carter is collecting donations to build a wall around her family’s graveyard


1916 : 10   Loudoun Mirror Strong for Davis for governor

Loudoun County referred to as “her”


1916 : 14   Hollins College. Saturday evening, Dec. 9, 1916…

Operetta taking place at Hollins College; Luisa Rath, Mae Buxton, Lettie Withrow, Ruth Monroe, Nelle Hartley, Elizabeth Pruit, Elizabeth Graves, Nelle Hyde, Jennie Crowell, Laura Wallace, Katherine Wilheit, Gwendolin Miller, Mary Margaret Simpson, Virginia Ogdon, Helen Hardwicke, Blanche Bassett, Lurleine Windel, Mary Alice Parish, Miss Adelaide Louise Campbell, Miss Cora Bain listed in cast


1917 : 3   Women in the home

Flyer arguing to give women suffrage since they are held responsible for how their children will turn out


1917 : 4   “… Equal Suffrage for Men and Women…” Boston, Mass.

Flyer arguing for women’s suffrage


1917 : 5   “The Virginia Woman… Equal Suffrage League of Virginia…” [Richmond, Va.]

Flyer for women’s suffrage showing how unjust Virginia is to women


1917 : 7   Cavaliers – Confederates : “On to Charleston! …”

Dedicated to the United Daughters of the Confederacy; describes the “Confederate Mother”


1917 : 10   … Come on in, Boys, the hospitality’s fine! …

“women of social station and grace” helped welcome soldiers to Camp Lee


1917 : 12   At Woman’s Club auditorium “An Academy evening” …

Theatre event being held at the Woman’s Club Auditorium


1917 : 13   For immediate publication. Treasury Department, …

Gives example of an elderly French woman giving her life’s savings to the French government for war bonds as enticement for Americans to do the same in their country


1917 : 14   … University weekly news…

Mrs. Elizabeth Mann mentioned as deceased’s wife and says he has two daughters


1917 : 18   I’m going to follow Jesus

Song composed by Mrs. H. L. Walker; mentions meeting “mother” and “sister” in heaven


1917 : 19   Out of thine own mouth…

Writer of article mentions he is the “great grandson of Martha Jefferson”


1917 : 20   You can’t live always…

Song composed by Mrs. H. L. Walker


1917 : 21   Mothers’ Day… exercises will be held…

Hazeltine Thurston, Hettie Scruggs, Isabel Kenney, Annie Fields, Mrs. H. L. Walker mentioned; church ceremony for Mothers’ Day to be “conducted principally by mothers and young girls”


1917 : 31   Notice ! The Ladies; Aid Society of Mt Ed Baptist Church will have a lawn party…

Lawn party will be hosted by The Ladies’ Aid Society


1917 : 34   Notice ! There will be a lawn party meat and ice cream supper…

“Come ! Bring your GIRL. If you haven’t one Bring the Other Fellow’s GIRL. YES, BRING TWO IF YOU WANT”


1917 : 36   Notice ! On Saturday evening Dec. 8, 1917…

The Ladies’ Aid Society will hold a bazaar


1917 : 38   Notice ! The Ladies Aid Society of Batesville…

The Ladies’ Aid Society is hosting an “oyster supper and fancy sale”


1918 : 2   “Treasury Department, Bureau of Publicity, Library Loan.” Washington : Government Print.

Germany and France both referred to as “her”


1918 : 7   “Lest we forget to do our part…”

Mentions “mother’s good-bye kiss”


1918 : 10   Notice ! There will be a lawn party at Farina School house… Batesville, Va., 1918.

“Come! Bring your GIRL. If you haven’t one bring the other fellow’s Girl. He don’t care, provided she don’t.”


1918 : 10a   Notice! There will be a lawn party at Farina School house… July 21, 1918…

“OH! YES! Of course the GIRLS are coming.”


1918 : 11   Notice! A big time at Batesville, Va. The Ladies aid society of Mt.-Ed Baptist Church will hold a lawn party. Batesville, Va., 1932.

The Ladies Aid Society is having a “lawn party” and “fancy sale


1918 : 14   Fifth annual Cornforth declamatory contest… Storer College… [Harpers Ferry, W.Va.] 1918.

Lillian Russell Sims, Vivian Annis Scott, Lucinda Everett Ross, Lillian Eldridge, Margaret Lavinia James, Lucy Howard Jefferson, Maggie Louise White, Rosella Thomas, Marian Eliza Johnson, Pauline Senior, Lillian Etta Lee Hamilton listed as speakers; biblical selections to be read from Esther and Ruth


1916 : 6   “Auction Sale of horses, mules, cattle…”

Mrs. L. C. Doggins occupies part of the farm


1919 : 7   Presentation of portraits and a tablet. Orange courthouse, August 14, 1919. [N.p.] 1919

Ladies’ Committee is part of presentation and mentions Mrs. J. W. Browning, Mrs. Geo. L. Browning, Mrs. W. W. Harper, Mrs. Jas. A. Hill, Miss Mary Cameron, Mrs. E. F. Golsan, Mrs. Egbert Leigh, Mrs. C. H. B. Ellis, and Miss Mary Wood


1919 : 9   (Extracts from The Messenger) The negro and the new social order… Montgomery, Ala., 1919.

Flyer against the “Anthony Amendment” which quotes from a “Negro” paper that is Pro-Anthony, includes a quote from Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catts, and is also for allowing women to marry interracially


1919 : 12   Ice-cream and a silk quilt. The Ladies aid society of Mt. Ed Baptist church… [Batesville, Va.] 1919.

The Ladies Aid Society is hosting an ice-cream supper


1919 : 14   Notice! The Ladies Aid Society of Mt.-Ed. Baptist Church will hold an oyster supper… Dec. 30, 1919… Batesville, Va., 1919

The Ladies Aid Society is hosting an oyster supper


1919 : 22   Knights Templar (Masonic order). Stevenson commandry…

“Reception at the Asylum for ladies” listed in events


1920 : 1   “The effort to honor Maury by Nell R. Lee Murphy…” [Richmond, Va]

Mrs. E. E. Moffitt, Mrs. Beverley T. Crump, Mrs. Herbert W. Jackson, Miss Maria Blair, Miss Jane Rutherford, Mrs. Decatur Axtell, Mrs. John E. Southall, Mrs. Thomas Catesby Jones, Mrs. Mann S. Valentine listed as members of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Association who are taking up a collection for a statue to honor Maury; article written by Nell R. Lee Murphy


1920 : 2   “Mr. Legislator… federal Suffrage Amendment.” Richmond, Va

Flyer to legislators with reasons why they should pass the Federal Suffrage Amendment


1920 : 3   Thirty-first St. Baptist Church… see The Grand Queen of May…” [Richmond, Va]

Play entitled “The Grand Queen of May” being performed; “Mesdames” L. R. Cousin and Mary Knight listed as managers


1920 : 8   Trinkle announces for governor Bristol, Va., 1920

Trinkle’s wife and daughter mentioned


1920 : 10   History of the family of Early…

Elizabeth Early and Elizabeth Buford Early mentioned


1920 : 11   State conference to complete organization of Virginia League of Women Voters…

Flyer for Virginia League of Women Voters conference


1920 : 23   Notice! Southern mistrel show at Crozet, Va. …

“a show for ladies…” and “Bring your Girl or your Wife!”


1920 : 27   What the League of Nations is not…

Flyer issued by Women’s Bureau of the Democratic National Committee; flyer directed towards “the Woman Voter”; Great Britain referred to as “her”; flyer lists women-related issues that the League of Nations is in favor of


1921 : 1   … Virginia’s Historical Light… [by] Sterling Boisseau…” [poem]

Virginia referred to as “her”; woman pictured in illustration


1921 : 5   “Present Status of the five Church Schools…”

Statues given on St. Catherine’s School, St. Anne’s School, & St. Margaret’s School which are schools for girls; Miss Rosalie H. Nolan, Miss Emma S. Yerby, and Miss Bertha A. Latane listed as principals


1921 : 6   Rules governing weddings in Saint Paul’s Chruch

List of rules for weddings held at Saint Paul’s Church


1921 : 7   Petersburg, Virginia fifty years hence : A vision

Pageant being held by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in which a “young gipsy girl” will tell the “future of Petersburg”; Petersburg referred to as “her” and “she”


1921 : 9   The Virginia League of Voters : a league – not a political party

Flyer from the Virginia League of Women Voters stating they are not a political party and don’t care who women vote for as long as they vote


1921 : 10   Public sale of househo0ld and kitchen furniture

Misses Sallie and Annie Watson are holding a public sale of “household and kitchen furniture”


1922 : 3   “Sheltering arms closes Good year… Miss Frances Scott, President…”

432 out of 596 patients for the year were female and received free care; the King’s Daughters charity gave the hospital $1500; a memorial is being discussed for patient Bettie Ellett; Miss Frances B. Scott, Mrs. Ramon D. Garcin, Miss George Wayne Anderson, Mrs. T. A. Cary, Mrs. W. B. Catlett, Mrs. E. T. Robison, Mrs. George T. king, Mrs. Oliver Sands, Mrs. Charles P. Lee, Dr. Margaret Duyk, and Miss Martha V. Baylor listed as board members


1922 : 6   “Help! Emergency Call to Save The Old Blair Homestead…” [Williamsburg, Va]

Eleanor M. Hiestand-Moore listed as Executive Secretary


1922 : 7   “Resolutions, adopted at Convention of Virginia Division, U. D. C. …”

Resolutions from the United Daughters of the Confederacy convention


1922 : 8   “Reasons Why you should vote for Channing M. Ward…” Richmond, Va

Some reasons given are that he supports women’s issues


1922 : 11   “…Church schools in Diocese of Virginia… American Trust Company. Richmond, Virginia…”

Girls’ schools St. Catherine’s School, St. Anne’s School, and St. Margaret’s School mentioned


1922 : 13   Academy of Music. Richmond, Va., February 22, 1922.

Vera Fokina and Misses Ivanoa, Waite, Korolova, & Talma listed as performers


1922 : 17   Commencement exercises of the eighth graduating class… Harpers Ferry, W. Va., 1922.

Eileen Mirely, Ruth Harryman, Thelma Hardy listed as performers


1923 : 1   “The Matthew Fontaine Maury Association…” Richmond, Va.

Mrs. Herbert W. Jackson, Mrs. E. E. Moffitt, Mrs. Beverley T. Crump listed as members of association


1923 : 4   “Commonwealth of Virginia Governor’s office. Richmond Proclamation… Monroe doctrine… E. Lee Trinkle.”

James Monroe referred to as “the Mother of Presidents”


1923 : 7   “The Richmond Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… Annual Report…”

Miss Ellen Glasgow, Miss Cally T. Ryland, Mrs. Wm. H. Curlee listed on board; membership fee for women is $1.00


1923 : 8   “A few facts concerning The Tabb Memorial Free Library for children…” Richmond, Va.

Miss Elizabeth Horner Knox, Miss Lou Belle Catesby Jones, Miss Ruby Dart, Mrs. E. lee Trinkle, Miss Elizabeth Dolan, Miss Katherine H. Hawes, Miss Marie Leahey, Mrs. John F. May, Mrs. Frank H. Nott, Miss Evelyn Stiles, Mrs. John Skelton Williams, Mrs. Kate Pleasants Minor, Mrs. Charles E. Bolton, Miss Mary E. Harahan mentioned


1923 : 12   Wyric mineral spring water.

Marie Roland listed as Notary Public


1923 : 14   Repudiated… Winchester, Va., 1923

Virginia personified as a queen


1923 : 16   A circular announcing “Seminary day”… in celebration of… the founding of the Virginia Seminary… [N.p.; 1923?]

Alumni are encourage to bring their wives


1923 : 17   Pennsylvania railroad system… $4.00 round trip Atlantic City… [Philadelphia, 1923]

Atlantic City Pageant and National Beauty Contest advertised


1924 : 5   1924 prizes, Virginia Division, U.D.C. …

Essay contest for United Daughters of the Confederacy


1924 : 6   Women voters, attention! …

Flyer for Democrat candidate John W. Davis appealing to female voters


1925 : 2   “… A Tremendous Sale with Tremendous Savings…”

Includes advertisements for ladies’ dresses and coats


1925 : 4   [Taken from Harrisonburg News-Record and issued by John Crown, chairman of Campaign Publicity Committee] “Brief sketch of the Career of H. F. Byrd…”

Eliza Bolling Byrd and Miss Annie Douglas Beverley mentioned


1925 : 8   Academy of Music… “The Rivals” … [Richmond, Va.] 1925

Mrs. Fiske, Lola Fisher, Lotus Robb, Marie Carroll, Aphie James, Madame Victoria Cassan, Beauvais Fox listed in cast; Mrs. Malaprop, Lydia Languish, Julia Melville Lucy = female characters


1925 : 10   Pennsylvania railroad… $4.00 round trip, Atlantic City… leaving Winchester 9:40pm… Philadelphia, 1925.

Atlantic City Pageant National Beauty Tournament advertised


1925 : 13   Night excursion to Philadelphia and Atlantic City… Baltimore & Ohio railroad [N.p.] 1925

Woman picture on flyer


1925 : 17   Notice. The Ladies aid society of Batesville M. E. church will hold a lawn party… Aug. 14, 1925. [Batesville, Va.] 1925

Flyer for lawn party hosted by the Ladies Aid Society


1925 : 18   Sale of delinquent lands in King William County, Virginia… [N.p.] 1925

Mollie B. Hall, Mrs. Ada Garreth, Chastine Anderson, Rosa Anderson, Mary Edwards, Carrie Garrison, Mildred Carter Hiram, Adaline Moore, Eliza Nelson, Grace Pollard, Sally Pollard, Polly Pollard, Martha Wright listed


1926 : 3   “Faculty and officers State Teachers College, Fredericksburg, Va. …”

Various female staff members listed


1926 : 4   “Summons State of Minnesota… Thomas Branch… M. C. B. Munford, James B. Cabell…”

Various females listed as defendants


1927 : 8   Children’s Home Society of Virginia receiving homes : Richmond and Roanoke

Society “mothers the motherless” & little girl pictured


1927: 19   Virginia. General Assembly.

Refers to “wives and widows of veterans” and wants to exempt them from paying a poll tax on voting


1928 : 2   “The Most Magnetic Man in America!! …”

Event “sponsored and arranged” by the Womans-Smith-for-President Club of Charlottesville and Albemarle County


1928 : 4   “List of Judges and Clerks… appointed for Pittsylvania Co., Va…”

Various women listed


1928 : 6   “Democrats! Think well before you go visiting! … Smith-Robinson Club of Chased City, Va.”

Mrs. Florence S. Knapp is listed as a criminal who stole money from the State of New York


1928 : 11   “Speaking at The Hopewell Corporation Court room tonight… Col Jennings Wise…”

Ladies are “especially” encouraged to attend the event


1928 : 12   “… The Essex County fair…”

Women are encouraged to take part in event


1928 : 18   “Attention… Col. Jennings C. Wise will Address the Citizens of Richmond… Robert E. Lee School Auditorium…”

“Ladies especially invited”


1928 : 19   “Attention… Col. Jennings C. Wise will address the Citizens of Richmond… Oak Grove School Auditorium…”

“Ladies especially invited”


1928 : 21   “Attention… Col. Jennings C. Wise will address the citizens of Ashland…

“Ladies especially invited”


1928 : 23   “Public Meeting. Speaking for Hoover. Col. Jennings C. Wise… Cape Charles [Va.]…”

“…Ladies, irrespective of Party affiliations, are invited to attend.”


1928 : 24   “Public Meeting. Speaking for Hoover. Col. Jennings C. Wise… Eastville, Va…”

“…Ladies, irrespective of Party affiliations, are invited to attend.”


1928 : 25   “Public Meeting. Speaking for Hoover. Col. Jennings C. Wise will speak at the following places…”

“…Ladies, irrespective of Party affiliations, are invited to attend.”


1928 : 25a   “Public Meeting. Speaking for Hoover. Col. Jennings C. Wise will speak at the following places…”

 “…Ladies, irrespective of Party affiliations, are invited to attend.”


1928 : 27   Association for the preservation of Virginia antiquities… conveyance of the site of the Old Capital to Colonial Williamsburg [Richmond, Va.] 1928

Mrs. J. Taylor Ellyson listed as President and Mrs. Arthur P. Wilmer listed as Corresponding Secretary


1928 : 28   Watch your step, Dixie… [N.p., 1928]

Virginia referred to as “her” and “she”; addressed to “Men & women of Jefferson County”


1929 : 5   “You are cordially invited… to Join… The Woodrow Wilson film memorial in The State of Virginia…”

Anne S. Bailey, Mrs. T. A. Cary, Miss A. J. Christian, Mrs. Walter Cone, Mrs. Ida W. Ellerson, Mrs. Eugenia T. Fairfax, Mrs. Josephine Houston, Mrs. Alice S. Hothkiss, Mary Randolph Lathrop, Mrs. E. C. Massie, Miss Mary C. Numsen, Miss Sophia C. Numsen, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Purcell, Miss A. C. Stewart, Miss Lucy W. Stewart, Mrs. Gertrude Wightman, Woman’s Club of Richmond listed as members of “Friends of Woodrow Wilson”


1929 : 6   “America’s greatest style dictators confirm the modern trend to a slender figure, so we say – “Reach for a Lucky [Strike] instead of a sweet”

Ad encouraging women to smoke instead of eating sweets to keep their figures thin


1929 : 11   “Status of The Robert E. Lee Memorial foundation Incorporated…”

Mrs. Charles D. Lanier listed as Chairman, Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson listed as Director of Publicity, Miss Ethel Armes listed as Campaign Director of foundation; various women listed throughout as contributors


1929 : 16   “…The Robert E. Lee Memorial foundation, Inc. …” [concerning the purchase of Stratford Hall]

Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson listed as Director of Publicity of the foundation; various women mentioned throughout


1929 : 18   “Chesterfield-Powhatan’s Independent Candidate for House of Delegates [photo] Dr. W. C. L. Correll…”

Mrs. Correll, wife of candidate, mentioned


1929 : 21   “Political Meeting. Col. Jennings C. Wise will attack The Virginia Political Machine at a meeting to be held at William Fox School…”

Mary E. DeWitt listed as a speaker


1929 : 22   “Political Meeting. Col. Jennings C. Wise will attack The Virginia Political Machine at a meeting to be held at Springfield School…”

Mary E. DeWitt listed as a speaker


1929 : 23   “Political Meeting. Col. Jennings C. Wise will attack The Virginia Political Machine at a meeting to be held at Patrick Henry School…”

Mary E. DeWitt listed as a speaker


1929 : 25   “Political Meeting. Col. Jennings C. Wise will attack The Virginia Political Machine at a meeting to be held at Chimborazo School…”

Mary E. DeWitt listed as a speaker


1929 : 26   “Political Meeting. Col. Jennings C. Wise will attack The Virginia Political Machine at a meeting to be held at Highland Park School…”

Mary E. DeWitt listed as a speaker


1929 : 28   “Gen. Robert E. Lee wrote Lord Acton interesting letter December 15, 1866.”

Letter was read before the United Daughters of the Confederacy


1929 : 29   Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia… To the subscribers to the Mary Baldwin college campaign fund… [Staunton? Va.] 1929.

Report on Mary Baldwin College’s campaign fund


1930 : 5   “Station WRVA. Richmond, Virginia ‘Down Where the South Begins.’ Hello Customers…”

Mrs. J. M. Brown mentioned; addressed to “Ladies and Gentlemen”; ad says “a Lady wants [the song] ‘Springtime in the Rockies’”


1930 : 6   “Apportionments of East Hanover Presbytery… W. E. Hill, Chariman.”

Mary Baldwin College listed


1930 : 7   “Twelve reasons why Stratford should become a National Shrine…” [concerning purchase of Stratford]

Written by Ethel Armes


1930 : 9   “‘When’ by Sally Washington Maupin.” [poem]

Poem written by Sally Washington Maupin


1930 : 10   “… News Bulletin No. 1 of The Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Inc. …” [concerning purchase of Stratford]

Various women listed as contributors to the foundation


1930 : 11   “By The Way. Lee’s birthplace… Lee’s eulogy…” [concerns purchase of Stratford] Richmond, Va.

Virginia referred to as “her”; North Carolina campaign charman said she expected to raise more money than Virginia for the cause


1930 : 16   “Major Giles B. Cooke Congratulated on 92nd Birthday…”

United Daughters of the Confederacy sent Major Cooke a birthday card


1931 : 2   “Statement of The financial Condition of Citizens Exchange Bank Trust Co. located at West Point [Va]…”

Grace Nance listed as Notary Public


1931 : 5   “Sale of Valuable farm property in Buckhorn District, Mecklenburg Co., Va …”

Mary Ida Wells mentioned


1931 : 7   “Statement of the financial Condition of Citizens Exchange Bank Trust Company located at West Point [Va]”

Grace Nance listed as Notary Public


1931 : 10   Public sale of antique and other furniture! … [Charles Town, W.Va.] 1931.

Bessie P. Taylor mentioned


1931 : 11   In defense of beauty…

Advertisement for book written by Katherine Scarborough about cedars that Miss Serena Dandridge – relative of Martha Washington – sought to protect


1931 : 12   Program of Memorial Service…

Program of memorial service for Mrs. Valley Virginia Henshaw Berry; Mrs. William Henderson Vaught and Mrs. Eleanor Washington Howard listed as speakers


1931 : 13   Program, unveiling Heyward Shepherd Memorial…

Miss Mary Calvert Stribling, Mrs. Leopold M. Bashinsky, Mary Loretta Kern, Miss Josephine Briscoe Ranson, Mrs. Augustine Jacquelin Todd, Mrs. Mary Dowling Bond, Mrs. Edgar Dudrow, Mrs. C. C. Johnson, Mrs. J. E. Fossett, Mrs. Emory (Allstadt) Elder mentioned; United Daughters of the Confederacy involved in event


1932 : 3   “Third Presbyterian Church Budget…” Richmond, Va.

Mary Baldwin College mentioned


1932 : 7   “Statement of the financial condition of Citizens Exchange Bank Trust Co., located at West Point, [Va]…”

Grace Nance listed as Notary Public


1932 : 9   “‘Virginia, of the Shenandoah.’ by Carter Womley.” [poem]

Shenandoah referred to as “she” and “her”


1932 : 10   “Old Durham Churchyard Rules – Approved by the Vestry at Ironsides, Maryland…”

Graveyard is “made famous by the lives of great men and noble women”; poem states “The Widow’s Grave shall be cared for”


1932 : 12   “Semi-Annual Financial Statement. Third Presbyterian Church…” Richmond, Va.

Woman’s Auxiliary mentioned


1932 : 14   “Announcing the Opening of Mother’s Care Nursery School… Norfolk, Va…”

Advertisement for a nursery school run by Mrs. Rebecca Brown


1932 : 15   “Citizens Committee of 150. Hon. James H. Price, Lt. Gov. Acting Chairman… 100 founders of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra…” [Richmond]

Mrs. Joseph Button and Mrs. Decatur Jones mentioned


1932 : 16   “Shall the Light Shine? The University of Richmond…”

Flyer says women have been turned away from the University because “the facility is unwilling to expose [them] to such unsheltered life” and this is one of the reasons the University is asking Richmond citizens to contribute to the University


1932 : 21   Old fashioned stew…

Ladies’ admission is 25¢


1932 : 23   Announcing the transfer…

Flyer announcing Hollins College’s transfer “from Private to Public Ownership”; Mrs. Matty L. Cocke mentioned as a speaker


1932 : 24   Capitol, a Lichtman Theatre…

Violet Heming mentioned as a star of the featured film


1933 : 2   “Third Presbyterian Church Budget.” [Richmond, Va]

Richmond Home for Ladies and Mary Baldwin College listed in budget


1933 : 4   “Statement of the financial Condition of the Citizens Exchange Bank Trust Co., located as West Point, [Va]”

Dorothy Neale listed as Notary Public


1933 : 8   The Virginia Players…

Play is being performed in the Woman’s Club Auditorium; Elizabeth Fenner Gresham and Lydia Rianhard listed in cast; Alessandra and Jacinta listed as female characters; play based on a Miss Ann Cook and her fiancé in Kentucky


1933 : 9   Books, Virginiana and Americana…

Works by Frances G. Maltby, Sally Nelson Robins, and Nell Marion Nugent listed


1933 : 10   Christmas at Aunt Boxie’s

Excerpt from a letter written by Virginia Withers about Christmas dinners at an Aunt Boxie’s home


1934 : 1   “Woodburn’s [Redford Co., Va] at Auction to Close Estate…” [Lynchburg]

Property is said to have been designed by Thomas Jefferson for his daughter or niece named Martha Randolph; Jessie Mabel Mitchell is listed as a seller of the estate


1934 : 3   Perceive. The management announces the performance of the Little Theatre League… Richmond, Va., 1934

Flyer addressed to “Ladies and Gentlemen”


1934 : 11   Free demonstration, Cleopatra facial…

Flyer for a free demonstration of a Cleopatra facial to be given by Mme. Emma Royall at Mrs. Gattie Daughtry’s salon


1935 : 1   “A Pilgrim’s Salutation to Colonel Charles H. Consolvo of Norfolk, Va.”

“Beauty” personified as a female


1935 : 3   In Memory of the Late Rev. Henry L. Christmas

Various female relatives listed


1935 : 7   Southern College, Petersburg, Virginia. The Drama Club presents…

Miss Ruth Taylor, Miss Maxine Birch, Miss Evelyn Jean, Miss Inez Holloway, Miss Evelyn Glabau, Miss Ella Sue Richie, Miss Dorothy Fox listed as performers


1935 : 8   Southern College, Petersburg, Virginia. The Drama Club presents and evening of humor

Readings will be read from authors Fanny Kilbourne and Dorothy Parker; Miss Ella Sue Ritchie, Miss Maxine Birch, Miss Winifred Clift, Miss Inez Holloway, Miss Dorothy Fox, Miss Evelyn Jean, and Miss Ruth Taylor listed as performers


1935 : 9   Memorial Service, Mount Calvary Cemetery…

Miss Verna Mae Dessaw listed in program


1938 : 2   Richmond School Board. Department of Adult Education. Ladies and gentlemen… Richmond, Va., 1938

Addressed to “Ladies and Gentlemen;” classes are available to women as well; Mrs. Pruiett, Mrs. Rawitz, and Mrs. Brown among list of instructors


1939 : 1   “Mrs. Stuart N. Michaux…” [Richmond, Va.]

Obituary and article on the death of Mrs. Stuart N. Michaux


1939 : 2   Rock wall around grave of victims of Fort Seybert massacre.

Mrs. Mary Lee Keister Talbot, Miss Mary Gay Dyer, Mrs. Kittie Dyer Anderson, and Mrs. Monzell M. Strader listed as committee members for the memorial


1939 : 6   Episcopal Church. Women’s Auxiliary, Virginia Branch. Women’s Auxiliary objectives

List of objectives for the Woman’s Auxiliary group; Mrs. John H. Guy, Miss Elizabeth Hardwick, Mrs. John A. Hancock, Mrs. H. E. Ratcheller, Mrs. W. T. Oppenheimer mentioned


1940 : 1   “Reading… from… The Vanishing Virginia By The Author Rebecca Yancey Williams…”

Rebecca Yancey Williams is author of the book being read; reading is being held at the Woman’s Club by the Woman’s Auxiliary of St. James Episcopal Church


1940 : 7   Special commissioner’s sale of a valuable farm in henry District, Hanover County, Virginia… [N.p] 1940.

The land being sold was the dower of “the late Georgianna Mills”


1940 : 10   Subscribers to “The Women of Virginia”…

Author of letter claims he is doing his best to repay subscribers of the unfinished “Women of Virginia” work and mentions Mrs. Lyon Gardner Typer  


1940 : 12   The headlines can't give the whole story : doomed to die .. save Odell Waller ... 


1940 : 13   Waller case : note, the Fighting Worker offers its services in circulating the following appeal by the National Odell Waller Defense Committee ... 


1941 : 1   “The Martiau Memorial Association…”

Mrs. Granville Gray Valentine, Mrs. Arthur Kelly Evans, Miss Ellen B. Bagby mentioned


1941 : 2   “…This Virginia State Flag was made in the above residence [W. Franklin St. Richmond, Va] in the Winter of 1864 -1865, by Sallie Radford Munford…”

Flyer by U.D.C. describing flag Sallie Radford Munford (Mrs. Charles H. Talbott) made during the Civil War; Mrs. W. B. Newell mentioned


1941 : 3   “Convention Call – To the Chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy : Greetings and best wishes… Mrs. Charles E. Bolling, President-General.”

Mrs. Norman V. Randolph, Mrs. Simon Baruch, (Mrs. F. B.) Marye Shannon Harrington, Mrs. Clifford Andrews Wright, Mrs. Lutie Hailey Walcott, Mrs. Charles E. Bolling mentioned; flyer tells U.D.C. members convention schedule


1941 : 4   The Roger Dyer Family Association…

Miss Mary Gay Dyer and Mrs. Mary Lee Keister Talbott mentioned


1941 : 5   You can save this sharecropper's life! : you can help end the system of sharecropper and tenant-farmer exploitation. : You can help end poll tax discrimination in elections, in courts of justice and in the whole life of poor Southern workers ... Here are the facts about Odell Waller ... 

1942 : 1   Tales of the Tuckers [by] Beverley Randolph Tucker

Mrs. Cynthia Tucker Coleman and Ellen M. Bagby mentioned


1942 : 2   Wayman’s family reunion…

Rosalin Wayman mentioned


1943 : 1   “In time of War… A Prayer for Historical Evenings…” [Richmond, Va.]

Spoken at an event held by the United Daughters of the Confederacy


1943 : 4   Now on the screen…

Speech is also addressed to “ladies;” Montgomery administers the properties of “Widows and children”


1944 : 3   Friends of the Wounded

Article mentions how hospitals will help rehabilitate deaf men by having “pretty girls” write down questions and listening to the men speak and then later the girls reveal that they are deaf as well


1944: 4   V is for Virginia, the Old Dominion state ... : V is for victory ... ; V is for volunteer, as in Virginia Victory Volunteers, the all-Virginia WAVES group in which Virginia women are enlisting during August and September 1944 ... investigate your opportunity today! Volunteer at any U.S. Navy recruiting station or Office of Naval Officer Procurement (5th & Cary Sts., Richmnd 19, Va.).

Navy recruitment poster for women, includes a drawing of a woman


1947 : 3   The honor men…

University of Virginia referred to as “her;” degree referred to as a “wither flower a woman presses between the pages of a book for sentiment’s sake;” flyer says “pursue no woman to her tears”


1947 : 4   Realizing the public free schools…

Mrs. Wm. A. Anderson mentioned


1949 : 2   Little Kathy

A poem written about a little girl named Kathy who died when she fell down a well


1949 : 4   Public Sale of antique and Modern furniture!

Public sale of the estate of Mabel Watson


1950 : 1   Sale. Household property. Saturday, January 28, 1950… [N.p.] 1950

Sale of the estate of Ophelia Seale


1951 : 3   “Luncheon in honor of the Lord Mayor of London and The Lady Mayoress…”

Wives of various city mayors listed to be honored alongside the mayors


1952 : 1   “A Call the Spiritual Awakening! The Tabernacle Baptist Church…” [Richmond]

Mrs. Grace Bolton Burt listed as organist


1953 : 4   “Public auction school board sale of property no longer used for schools… June 20, 1953”

Harriet Winston mentioned


1953 : 5   Special auction sale of valuable antiques…

Auction of the furniture of Anne M. Clark and husband


1954 : 1   Executors’ public auction sale…

Flyer for sale of the estate of Mrs. Fannie Hughes Pruden; Lillie May Hayes and Mary Frances Thomas mentioned


1955 : 1   University of Richmond WRVA $7,000 radio scholarship quiz broadcast [Richmond, Va., 1955]

Marnie S. Miller listed as a competitor


1955 : 2   House and garden tour, benefit St. Paul’s organ fund…

Anne Lee, Mrs. Charles William Lewis Jr., Elizabeth Fitzhugh, Mrs. R. Carter N. Grymes (formally Miss Lucy Lewis), Mrs. Charles E. Daniels, Mrs. Brown Morton mentioned


1955 : 4   Auction sales of Valuable timber…

Jeanette H. Daniel listed as owner


1956 : 2   “Part History of Guilfield P[rimitive] B[aptist] Church…”

“Sister Anne Jones,” “Sister Violet E. Banister,” and Frances B. Whiting mentioned


1956 : 7   Administrator’s sale to settle the estate of the late J. E. Sutton…

Lunch will be served by the Ladies of the Vanclevesville Farm Woman’s Club; Mrs. William Watchel listed as an administrator


1957 : 1   “Williamsburg Restoration issues…”

Anne and Betsey Blair, Rebecca Burwell mentioned


1957 : 2   “Washington in Williamsburg…”

Martha Dandridge Custis mentioned


1957 : 5   “Home Coming. St. Mary’s White Chapel…” [Lancaster Co., Va]

Mrs. Thomas Dix McGinnes listed as Senior Warden’s wife; Marion Simonson listed as illustrator of flyer; various women named within lists; bottom of flyer has a statue from 1662 reprinted that states “Brabling women often slander and scandalize… their poor husbands” and “Women shalbe punished by DUCKING” for this behavior


1957 : 6   “This land of Ours. A Historical Pageant of Middlesex County…” [Urbanna, Va.]

Event sponsored by the Middlesex County Woman’s Club


1957 : 8   “A congratulatory Poem… families of The Smiths.”

“dated and published by Dr. Laura Polyanyi Striker”; reprinted “in memory of the gracious visit of Queen Elizabeth II”


1957 : 9   Commissioner’s sale of 216 ¼ acres of land situate in Ashland magisterial district, Hanover County, Virginia [N.p.] 1957

Clara Wesley Green mentioned


1959 : 2   Sale of valuable timber on 163 acrew of land in Caroline County, Va. … April 16 1959 [N.p.] 1959

Ellen D. Hunter and Florence C. Hunter mentioned


1960 : 1   “George Washington’s Railroad Welcomes The General Assembly of Virginia…”

Martha Dandridge Custis mentioned


1960 : 3   A further warning to the alumni of the Virginia Military Institute…

Virginia referred to as “her”


1961 : 2    A warning to Lexington youth. Lexington, Va., 1961

Claims Columbia (Washington D.C.) was named from Latin word “Columbia” which is a female dove that symbolized the Holy Spirit and that Virginia was named after “Ana, the Virginia Mother of Heaven”


1961 : 4   Richmond Chamber of Commerce (Richmond, Va.) Richmond’s points of interest

United Daughters of the Confederacy Headquarters listed as a point of interest


1962 : 2   Missing at Jamestown, Virginia, Fanny Williams A Lady of highest fashion… Francis Whiting Hatch

Ballad written about “Fanny Williams, a Lady of Highest Fashion” who went missing at Jamestown; ballad was first delivered at a luncheon given by Mrs. George Blow


1963 : 2   “…Earl Gregg Swem Library…”

Mrs. Swem mentioned


1964 : 8   Douglass Southall Freeman High School (Richmond, Va.)

Marilyn Sue Tarpley mentioned


1965 : 1   “Optimist Club of Richmond Book and Author dinner…”

Candy Jones and Rowena Farrar listed as authors


1965 : 2   Tuesday, July 13, 1965 is election day…

Mrs. Georgia Boot listed as Research Committee member


1967 : 1   “Mrs. Robin Fentress Kernan Violinist Announces Openings now Available for students…” [Richmond, Va.]

Advertisement for violin lessons from Mrs. Robin Fentress Kernan; Dorothy Minty mentioned as a musical trainer of Kernan


1967 : 8   “Valuable real estate and personal Property at auction… Goochland C.H., Virginia…”

Mrs. W. J. Allen listed as owner


1967 : 10   “… We will sell at Public Auction Personal Property… Auctioneers Pitts and Broach…”

Edith Lipscomb listed as an owner


1968 : 1   “Forward Slate for ’68…”

Mrs. Nell B. Pusey listed as a candidate for Richmond city council; Louise Bourne Bagley, Mary Virginia Kelley Bliley, Marjorie Sircus Cephas, Kathryn Skarry Crowe, Elsie Lee Blum Forb listed as wives of other candidates


1968 : 4   Duke Ellington and orchestra in a rare performance…

Event sponsored by the Progressive Matrons of the Fifth Street Baptist Church; Mrs. Jennie Shaw and Mrs. William May Manning listed as contacts for tickets


1968 : 5   Duke Ellington and orchestra in a rare performance… [additional information for newspapers]

Event sponsored by the Progressive Matrons of the Fifth Street Baptist Church; Mrs. Jennie Shaw and Mrs. William May Manning listed as contacts for tickets


1968 : 6   Duke Ellington and orchestra in a rare performance… the choir of Fifth Street Baptist Church will accompany…

Event sponsored by the Progressive Matrons of the Fifth Street Baptist Church; Mrs. Jennie Shaw and Mrs. William May Manning listed as contacts for tickets


1968 : 7   The Progressive Matrons of Fifth St. Church present Duke Ellington…

Event sponsored by the Progressive Matrons of Fifth St. Church


197- : 1   The stand of colors…

Betty Ross flag included in list


1970 : 1   “Penny-Wise Antiques and Doll Hospital located at New Baltimore (Va)…”

Flyer for a shop that is also a “doll hospital”; Dot Wise mentioned


1970 : 4           Equal employment opportunity, University of Virginia…

            Flyer requesting those who have been discriminated against to contact their Equal Employment officer because discrimination based on sex or race is against the Civil Rights Act of 1964


1970 : 13   “Public Auction… Antiques – furniture… (atlett Bros. Realty & Auction Co. … Lynchburg, Va…”

Mrs. Maggie B. Worley listed as owner


1970 : 17   “…Vote. No against the constitution…”

Female Native American caricature


1970 : 18   “Botetourt Bibliographical Society Autumn Program…”

Patricia Gang listed as President


1970 : 19   “Ben Ragsdale for Congress, A 20th  Century American…”

Woman pictured shopping; ad targeted towards female voters


1970 : 20   “Green Sale. Greenwood Community Center…”

Mrs. James Gordon Smith & Mrs. Francis P. Brawley listed


1970 : 22   Estate sale of rare and valuable…

Estate sale for the estate of Miss Nina C. Mitchell


1971 : 3   “Bicycle laws…”

Flyer distributed by James River Junior Woman’s Club


1971 : 6   “… Dr. E. Bruce Heilman… was elected President of the University of Richmond… Robert T. Marsh, Jr., Rector. Board of Trustees.”

Wife listed as Betty June Dobbins


1971 : 7   “Statement to the Public from the Wives of Striking Printers…”

Statement issued by the wives of printers on strike


1972 : 1   “Collectors. You are invited to visit 3 Antique Shops on Bristow Rd…”

Barbara Beard listed as a shop owner


1972 : 4   “The Choice is Yours Freedom or Communism…”

Mistress of Ceremonies listed as Mrs. Jaquelin Taylor (Helen Marie)


1972 : 6   “…Save Our Neighborhood Schools!! …”

Clara Jeter listed as a speaker


1972 : 12   “Shenandoah Valley Farm Craft Days Belle Grove… Presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation…”

Madeleine Maclveil and Nan Perdue listed as musical performers


1972 : 16   “… West of the Boulevard Civic Association…”

Mrs. Mary Ann Cowan listed as a contact


1972 : 20   Meet McGovern, Gloria Steinem, Lt. Gov. Henry Howell, “Sissy” Farenthold, Sen. Doug Wilder… Richmond, Va., 1972

Gloria Steinem, “Sissy” Farenthold, Liz Carpenter listed as guests


1973 : 1   Harold Whidden Webb. 1909-1975

Webb’s obituary references his wife


1973 : 4   “Auction… In the Northern Neck of Virginia on Rt. 360 between Tappahannock and Warsaw…”

Marjorie Packett listed as an owner


1973 : 8   Barksdale Theatre (Hanover, Va.) A proclamation…

“Mesdames” Lalla Rolfe, Suzanne Preston Pollard, Helen Jervey, Gina Vetter, and Miss Anne Bradley mentioned


1973 : 10   Carwile and the busing crisis…

Addressed to every “Woman” and “girl” in addition to males


1974 : 2   “Watercolors by Allen Ingles Palmer… Roanoke, Virginia…”

Palmer’s wife, Mrs. George T. Ellis Jr., mentioned


1974 : 6   The Ladies Philoptochos Society…

Flyer for pastry sale by the Ladies Philoptochos Society of Sts. Constantine and Helen


1974 : 8   Support Your Local Police!

Two female police officer caricatures


1974 : 14   Amelia Ruritan Club’s sixth annual horse show

Mrs. Constance Todd listed as a judge


1975 : 3   Westbrook room…

Rose Young, Fanny Braxton, and Fanny Braxton Miller Williams mentioned


1975 : 5   The Richmond Independence Bicentennial…

National Society of Colonial Dames of Virginia listed as a sponsor


1975 : 16   Patrick Henry arguing the…

United States referred to as “Mother country”


1976 : 2   Summer sessions, 1976…

Ellen Glasgow and Kelly Cherry discussed in one course; Dr. Dorothy Scura listed as a professor


1976 : 7   Commonwealth of Virginia…

General Assembly resolution honoring Ethel T. Overby who was the “First Negro woman principal” in Richmond


1976 : 11   The Third Annual Goochland Day…

A parade starts at “Womens Farm”


1976 : 15   Warning. Racially mixed couples…

Notice to “racially mixed couples” to not “pollute [the] White Race”


1976 : 16   World premiere…

Two women portrayed in illustration; Ann Dolan and Vicky Tuttle listed in cast


1976 : 17   Historic Richmond Foundation…

Hilary Baker House, Anne & Quincy Cole Memorial House, Elmira Shelton House listed; Mrs. Thomas Laughon, Miss Carole Crumley, Miss Marguerite Crumley, Mrs. Vernon Roosevelt, Mrs. John Murrey, Mrs. Golsan Schneider listed as owners


1976 : 19   Richmond Civic Opera…

Ms. Katherine Tracy, Ms. Cathon Marshall, Mrs. Betty C. Grigg, Mrs. Mary Ann Gray, Miss Rebekah Kennedy, Ms. Hope Haley Montoni, Ms. William Ferguson Reid, Mrs. D. Scott Sears, Mrs. Evelyn Christian-Bryden, Mrs. Julia H. Vincent listed


1977 : 4   Fun!! “Action,” “Games,” “Travel”…

Mrs. Soffee listed as a contact


1977 : 5   Hen house handcrafts…

Wanda Russell and Terry Graves listed as owners


1977 : 9   Support rally for gay & lesbian rights…

Rally for lesbians rights; Karla Jay listed as a speaker


1977 : 13   Wanted!

Women pictured in illustration in period costume


1977 : 14   Recent works by Willie Anne Wright.

Professional biographical sketch of Willie Anne Wright’s career


1977 : 16   Recent works by Patricia McKenna Glave'

Professional biographical sketch of Patricia McKenna Glave'


1977 : 17   Hanover County…

Susannah Carver & Mary (Carver) Baker listed in family graveyard; Joanne Miller listed as contact


1978 : 3   Third annual wine festival..

Woman in illustration


1978 : 6   Czerwone Maki

Ada Dziewanowska & Janice Maddox listed as instructors


1978 : 11   Up With People

Women pictured in illustration


1978 : 15   This is Benjamin J. Lambert III


1979 : 1   Gay rights – human rights!! …

Flyer asking gay rights suppo9rters to attend a city council meeting


1979 : 4   Jeanette & Jon Kukla…

Birth announcement for Amy Marie Kukla by Jeanette & Jon Kukla


1979 : 5   Committee for the Incumbents. You are cordially invited…

Pamela K. Fay, Lynn R. Williams, & Roslyn B. Rainney listed on committee


1980 : 1   Estate auction…

Sale of estate of Mary Godsey


1980 : 2   Estate auction…

Dorothy S. Daniel listed as “administratrix”


1980 : 5   Everyone’s invited…

“Teena the Clown” will make an appearance


1981 : 3   Nettles, Louise. Salutory to the South

Poem written by Louise Nettles


1981 : 6   Protest parade at Sauers Garden…

Mary Lucas & Hilda Marston listed as contacts


1982 : 1   Virginia. Governor (1982-1986 : Robb) Certificate of recognition…

Marianne J. Cashatt listed as chairperson


1982 : 3   Seventh annual pork, peanut, & pine festival

The Virginia Pork Queen & Pine Queen will be exhibited


1983 : 1   Hora Novissima. Horatio Parker. Presented by the Richmond Choral Society…

Mary Ann Gray listed as accompanist; caricature of female angel on flyer


1983 : 5   The Sydney and Frances Lewis Building…

Building honors Sydney and Frances Lewis; Ester L. Askin, Mrs. Sue Siegler, Claire Cohen, Bobbie Cohen, Mrs. Gilbert M. Rosenthal mentioned


1983 : 6   Virginia Gay Alliance calendar…

Lois Schwartzberg listed as vice president


1984 : 1   The All New Metro Cabaret…

Women pictured in cartoon


1984 : 3   Gay and lesbian dialog…

Richmond Lesbian-Feminists & other Richmond gay rights groups mentioned; Q&A from gay rights groups to police


1984 : 4   Memorable Moments in Black history

Black females pictured in illustration; Leontyne Price & Charlotte Ray mentioned


1985 : 1   Seventeen million pro-choice victims…

“Pro-Human Life Memorial-Ralley,” Rita Radich & Patti McKinney listed as speakers


1985 : 2   Christmas at Granny’s

“Christmas at Granny’s” event with “handmade gifts and decorations”


1985 : 7   You are invited…

Fundraiser “given by Pam;” fundraiser for gay community


1986: 3   Official ballot, city of Richmond, election Tuesday, November 2, 1920

Sample Ballot, includes female candidate for 68th district house seat (Anne P. Satterfield)


1986:4   Sample ballot, city of Richmond, special election Tuesday, September 2, 1986.

Sample ballot, ad for the campaign of Anne P. Satterfield


1986 : 8   The Pyramid…

“benefit for the Richmond-Virginia Gay Alliance”


1987 : 1   City of Richmond second annual C. P. Dean Senior Tennis Classic…

Competition is for “older men and women”


1987 : 4   “In pursuit of excellence”…

Dramatist Myra Brown Orange listed in presentation


1987 : 6   To all neighbor children…

Event held at home of Edith Moses


1987 : 7   We endorse Aubrey M. “Jerry” Davis

Bessie Jones, Rosa L. Clark, & Alma Barlow listed as endorsers


1988 : 3   Gerard Holder for at-large delegate

Candidate listed as having a daughter


1990 : 1   Richmond Hill invites you to a twilight retreat…

Sr. Jean Ackerman, Sr. Mary Rathert, Mary Sellers Maloy listed


1990 : 4   Lower property taxes…

“councilwomen” are mentioned


1990 : 6   The Story of Virginia Indians past and present…

Helen C. Rountree, Eunice Adams, Elizabeth Adams listed in program


1990 : 8   Mrs. Sarah Powers Trapnell…

Obituary for Mrs. Sarah Powers Trapnell; various female relatives listed


1991 : 1   The Sixteenth annual Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival…

“Litle Miss Peanut” listed in exhibits


1992 : 2   Republican Business Women’s League

Event held by Republican Business Women’s League; Carolyn Click listed as a presenter


1993 : 2   Virginia Indian Heritage Festival…

Nokomis Lemons, Thomasina Jordan, Shirley McGowan listed in program


1994 : 2   Town of Duffield, Virginia…

Various women listed in program; The Peterson Girls listed as a musical performer


1994 : 3   Town of Duffield…

June Fannon listed as clerk


1994 : 6   Republicans have a moral obligation to Virginia

Hillary Clinton mentioned; candidate is against using public funds for abortion


1994 : 7   What’s the real difference between Oliver North and Jim Miller?

Discusses candidates’ views on abortion


1994 : 8   Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1944

“Designing Jeans” meant “scheming girls name Jean or “Jeannie” in 1944 lingo


1994: 9   Friends of the Richmond Public Library.

Children’s book poster (See Dick and Jane), book used to teach reading, has a female protagonist named “Jane”


1995 : 2   White pride…

Complains of “white trash women who have bed the beast” referring to African Americans


1996 : 1   Virginia Festival of the Book

Rita Dove listed in “Festival Opening Celebration”


20-- : 1   Women of Virginia historic trail

Flyer for Women of Virginia Historic Trail; various historical Virginia women named; sponsored by the Virginia Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Inc.


20-- : 2   Elect on May 5th Delores McQuinn

Flyer for city council candidate Delores McQuinn


2001 : 2   Please join Donald & Colette McEachin

Flyer for event with Donald and Colette McEachin


2001 : 3   Judy Anderson for governor 2001

Flyer for governor candidate Judy Anderson


2002 : 1   America beyond disaster

Cheryl Miller listed as panelist


2009 : 2   The Virginia Historical Society and JAMinc present…

Helen White listed as a musical performer; Helen White and other women pictured; flyer signed by Helen White


2011 : 1   Winter slaughterland : Roller derby double header featuring Richmond's Uncivil Warriors vs Star City…

Women roller skaters


N.D. Ac : 1   Academy of music. Programme… “The clinging vine.” [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various female cast members listed


N.D. Ac : 3   Academy of music. Programme… “The nervous wreck.” [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

June Walker plays character of “Sally Morgan”


N.D. Ac : 4   Academy of music. Programme… “The best-dressed woman.” [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Play titled “The best-dressed woman in the world;” Irene Castle, Miss Mary Howard, and Mrs. Joseph W. Standish listed


N.D. Ac : 5   Academy of music. Programme… “Irene”… [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Play titled “Irene”; various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 6   Academy of music. Program… “Sally, Irene and Mary”… [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Play titled “Sally, Irene and Mary”; various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 7   Academy of music. Programme… “Bombo” … [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 8   Academy of music. Program… “In Dutch” … [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 9   Academy of music. Program… “The passing show” … [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 10   Academy of music. Programme… Lombardi Ltd. [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 11   Academy of music. Programme… “Wake up Jonathan” … [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 12   Academy of music. Program… “The merry widow” … [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Play titled “The Merry Widow”; various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 13   Academy of music! Programme… Greenwich Village follies [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Ac : 14   Academy of music… Programme for this evening. Grand female minstrel scene… [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

“Grand female minstrel scene”; various females listed in cast


N.D. Ad : 1   “Advice to you… Instructions for volunteers…”

Tells story of Napoleon having an officer write to his wife that he was being executed for not following orders by writing her


N.D. Al : 1   All important. $1,000 policy on assessment plan for $2.00… [Norfolk? Va., n.d.]

Encourages men to get a life insurance policy to protect their wives and children since women have a hard time finding work outside the home


N.D. Be : 1   “Beautiful Volumes for The Little ones… American Tract Society… New York.”

Mrs. H. C. Knight listed as an author


N.D. Be : 2   Beautiful dreamer…

“mermaids” are mentioned in poem


N. D. Be : 3   The Belle of Virginia Historical Society

The “Belle of Virginia” pictured


N.D. Bi : 1   Big show & dance. Legion baseball club presents… Connie B. Gay’s town & country jamboree…

“Connie B. Gay’s Town and Country Jamboree”; Patsy Cline & Mark Klick listed as performers


N.D. Bl : 2   “The Blind Man’s Poetry Appeal!” [Poem]

“hope” referred to as “her”


N.D. Bl : 3   “The Blind Man’s Poetry…” By H. C. Lee… [poem]

Author has two blind sisters


N.D. Bo : 1   “Bonnie Blue flag…” [song sheet]

Virginia referred to as “her”; a “Missus” referred to in a song


N.D. Bo : 3   “Boarding and Day School. For Boys! Staunton, Va., by Wm. B. Johnson, AM…”

“Principals of the Female Seminaries” listed as a reference


N.D. Bo : 5   Book review : Sawdust in your eyes…

Novel has love story within with “Hoke’s Helion” as the female love interest


N.D. Br : 1   “The Bright Sunny South… by W.B.W. Smith…” [poem]

Author speaks of his mother, sisters, and “fair maiden” he left behind


N.D. Br : 4   “Bryan marseillaise”

Words written by Nanny Green Grant


N.D. Br : 5   Bring a friend…

Woman pictured in cartoon


N.D. Bu : 2   “Buy your goods of T. W. Scottagt, Drake’s Branch, -Va.”

Advertisement intended for mothers as well as fathers; a “mother” pictured in cartoon drawing


N.D. Ca : 1   “Carmen Ad Terry. By Innis Randolph.”

Poem about Carmen & Terry


N.D. Ca : 2   “Catalogue of a very extensive and superior assortment of perfumeries, fancy and Toilet soaps… for sale. Wholesale, and retail, by Jules Hauel, importer… Philadelphia…”

Catalogue selling feminine furniture and items


N.D. Ca : 3   Cantata!

Mrs. Carrie Dill Dudgins, Miss Ella Morse, and Miss Delia McLane listed as performers; “My Mother’s Prayers” listed as name of a song


N.D. Cl : 1   “The Cloud. By John B. Tabb..”

The cloud is personified as a female


N.D. Cl : 2   Classical school for boys, near Greenwood Depot, Albemarle Co., Va. … Charlottesville, Va. [n.d.]

Mrs. Eliza Harrison listed as a professor; John Hart, M.A., listed as Principal of the Albemarle Female Institute


N.D. Cl : 3   Clearance Sale of copyrighted books! The Bell book and stationary company. Richmond, Va. [n.d.]

Various female authors listed


N.D. Co : 3   “Copy of a letter written by… Jesus Christ…”

“the lady Cuba” is mentioned; letter says if a woman has a copy of this letter and believes in Jesus while in labor that her delivery will be safe


N.D. Co : 4   “Come and enjoy the evening and help a good cause. The ladies and young people of “Kirk O’the Cliff” church will present a pleasing program…”

The “ladies” are holding an event


N.D. Co : 7   “Compiling the Buck Family History…”

Various female relatives mentioned


N.D. Co : 9   Concert for the benefit of Mrs. Stonewall Jackson… [Richmond, Va., n.d.]

Concert to benefit Mrs. Stonewall Jackson


N.D. Co : 16   Conceding to the many, many requests the Edinburg Fire Co. …

Shortest woman and tallest woman will win a prize at event


N.D. Co : 17   The Confederate Memorial…

Ladies’ Memorial Associations receive a discount


N.D. Cu  1   The Cumberland’s crew…

Cumberland referred to as “she” and “her”; “Columbia’s daughters” will weep for the crew


N.D. Da : 1   “Dark Eyed Sailor…” [song]

Character named Phoebe is waiting for her love, a sailor, on the beach


N.D. De : 2   “Dedicated to Captain William Lewis Herndon by Robert T. Craighill.”

Women & children were put on lifeboats first and saved; Virginia and the ocean referred to as “her”


N.D. Di : 2   “Directions for Making Graham Bread… Haxell-Crenshaw Company.” Richmond, Va.

Recipe for Graham Bread


N.D. Di : 7   “Directions for cooking peanuts… To cook Southampton-Va. Hams… Franklin Feed & Produce Co… Franklin, Va.”

Cooking directions for peanuts and “Southampton-Va. Hams”


N.D. Di : 8   “Directions for Nellie.”

Directions for cutting out a paperdoll named “Miss Nellie” as well as her outfits; “Flory McFlimsey” is named as the doll’s poorly-dressed acquaintance in a poem at the bottom of the instructions


N.D. Di : 9   “[cut] A dialogue explaining… The operation of the instrument for extracting the worm which occasions the croup in young chickens… The Tracheater…”

Women are pictured in the advertisement and sisters “Martha” and “Mary” have a dialogue about the product within the advertisement


N.D. Do : 2   “Dr. Ross’ Invitation.”

Virginia referred to as “her”


N.D. Ec : 1   “Ecclesiastical Embroidery… Church handiwork… The Misses Rousseau… Milwaukee, Wis. Or Troy, N.Y. …”

“The Misses Rousseau” are advertising their “Ecclesiastical Embroidery” to churches


N.D. Ed : 1   “Edwards, Penny & Butler, Chemists and Druggists in Liverpool… Medicine Charts and boxes for sea, and the use of the plantations…”

“Welch’s Female Pills” listed under patented medicines


N.D. Ed : 2   Education incomplete without Bible knowledge…

The Church referred to as “her”


N.D. En : 1   “Entertainment at Mapsico Church [Charles City, Co] Richmond, Va”

The Ladies Aid Society is hosting a lawn party


N.D. Eu : 1   “Eureka! Japanese cleansing cream…”

Advertisement for a cleaner that claims to remove dirt from dresses, ribbons, children’s clothes, etc.


N.D. Ev : 1   “…special notice. The Royal Baker and Pastry cook…”

Advertisement for cookbook that includes some of the recipes


N.D. Ex : 4   Extracts of letters from Mrs. S.P.C. Miller… about her grandmother Mrs. Sarah B. Preston… [N.p., n.d.]

Letters from family members on their memory of Mrs. Sarah B. Preston including one by her granddaughter Mrs. S.P.C. Miller


N.D. Fa : 3   “The farewell of a Virginia Slave mother to her daughters, sold into Southern bondage.”

poem about a slave mother whose daughters where sold to another owner


N.D. Fa : 8   The famous Scotch Highlander Band of Elkins…

Anna Laughlin, “Outstanding Speaker and Women’s Political Leader,” will speak at rally


N.D. Fe : 3   Female boarding and day school, Tappahannock, Essex Co., Va. … [N.p., n.d.]

Advertisement for a female boarding school; Mrs. John P. McGuire, Miss Robinson, and Miss E. Howard listed as staff


N.D. Fe : 4   The Federal Theatre presents “Jefferson Davis”… [N.p., n.d.]

Various females listed in cast


N.D. Fe :5   Female boarding school…

Advertisement for female boarding school


N.D. Fo : 7   “The follow esquisite, interesting and very passionate billet-doux was written by a person who has, for some time, figured as a poet…”

“Dearest Miss” & is published for other “fair mistresses” to see


N.D. Fo : 8   “Fourteenth annual Pentecostal meeting at Salem, Va…”

Rev. J.O. McClurkan’s wife is pictured; Mrs. Munford will supply music


N.D. Ge : 1   Get a farm in eastern Virginia…

Property contains a building occupied by a Young Ladies’ Seminary


N.D. Gi : 1   Gift suggestions. Fine books from the Dietz press…

Sally Nelson Robins & Frances G. Maltby listed as authors; “Love Stories of Famous Virginians” is described as “especially for girls and women”


N.D. Gl : 1   Glentiver School. This is a family school for girls… [N.p., n.d.]

Advertisement for a girls’ school; Mrs. Blain listed as an instructor; Mrs. Juliet Drew listed as a reference


N.D. Go : 1   “Going Ober de Mountain. Where Ole Virginny Waters roll…”

“Miss Dinah” mentioned in poem


N.D. Go : 3   “… Through our Corresponding Member Department, we follow up the young man leaving home… State Executive Committee, Y.M.C.A., Richmond, Va.”

Women pictured in illustration; speaker in poem speaks of his mother


N.D. Gr : 3   Grand concert! For the benefit of the Trinity church… Upperville, Virginia. [N.p., n.d.]

Various females listed as “lady-patronesses” or performers


N.D. Gr : 4   Greenlee Davidson. Captain of the Letcher Battery… [N.p., n.d.]

Poem written about Greenlee Davidson’s mother when she learned of his death


N.D. Gu : 2   “Gumbo Sam,” the brute that talks like a man. [N.p., n.d.]

“Dedicated to the Mothers, Wives and Children of Maryland”


N.D. Ha : 1   Halloween Party! Jonadab hall. Harpers Ferry… [Harpers Ferry? W. Va., n.d.]

Party held by the Auspices Ladies’ Aid Society of the M.P. Church


N.D. He : 8   D. W. Gwin. Henrietta [a poem] Atlanta, Ga., n.d.

Poem about a woman named Henrietta


N.D. Hi : 2   Historic Fredericksburg, by Judge Jno. T. Goolrick [Fredericksburg? Va., n.d.]

Book includes stories about women’s actions during the wars


N.D. Ho : 3   Horse hair Jewelry. Also importer of London, Dublin, and Paris Fancy Jewelry… J. Fletcher [New York, N.Y.]

Advertisement for various jewelry


N.D. Ho : 4   “The Howitzer Statue.” [Richmond print]

The “Mother State” is referred to in poem


N.D. Ho : 5   “The hospital Campaign has begun. Fredericksburg’s Greatest need to be answered…”

Various females listed


N.D. I : 1   “I wish I was in Dixie.” [N.p., n.d.]

A “runaway Miss” is mentioned


N.D. Ir : 1   Irene Rouse – Bookseller

Irene Rouse listed as bookseller


N.D. J : 1   “J. Fletcher, Manufacturer and importer… Hair Coral ornaments… Irish Bog Oak Ornaments… New York, N.Y.”

Advertisement for hair ornaments and bracelets


N.D. J : 3   J. H. Kirkham. Land & pension agent, Raleigh, N.C., has valuable information… [Raleigh, N.C., n.d.]

Flyer notifying a list of widows of Revolutionary soldiers that the agent has important information to give them if they contact him


N.D. Jo : 3   “John Jones’ Reply. By John L. Zieber… Zieber Publisher… “ [song]

Poem about the drowning of “Lame Sally”; “Aunt Catharine’s pig” also mentioned


N.D. Jo : 4   “John Randolph of Roanoke.”

Mrs. N. S. Eldridge listed as the subscriber


N.D. Jo : 8   John Brown’s history…

John Brown brought his daughter-in-law and her sister to the house to prevent suspicion of neighbors and to have them “keep house” for the men


N.D. Ka : 1   “Katee Darling” [song]

Song written about “Katee Darling”


N.D. Ke : 1   [torn] Kellogg English Opera Company…

Various females listed as performers


N.D. La : 1   “The Ladies depository…”

“Ladies’ Depository” being formed to help out other women; various females listed as members


N.D. La : 4   “The Lass that had the Breeches on. (by) H. B. M.”

Poem about a “lass” who was wearing “breeches”


N.D. La : 5   The late Innes Randoph’s famous fish story [N.p., n.d.]

Chesapeake referred to as “her”; character’s face compared to a “wash-woman’s thumb”


N.D. Le : 1   “R. E. Lee letter (copy) dated April 5th, 1852 to his son, G. W. Custis Lee”

R. E. Lee includes his wife’s feelings within the letter to his son


N.D. Le : 2   Lecture on China. Rev. A. B. Cabaniss of Virginia has spent seven years as a missionary in China… [Richmond? Va., n.d.]

Review included of a lecture given on Chinese females


N.D. Le : 3   Lectures. Prof. Ben. Hyde Benton, president of the New Market polytechnic institute… may be engaged to lecture on Bible science… [New Market? N.d.]

Review included of a lecture that spoke of a “blind Christian girl” being able to see the “light of the Son” despite being blind


N.D. Le : 5   The Legislature should provide a dormitory at the W.V.U. …

Flyer encouraging West Virginia legislature to build a women’s dormitory at West Virginia University


N.D. Li : 2   “Lilliputian Songsters. Mr. & Miss Clark, respectfully inform the inhabitants of _____ that they intend giving a concert of vocal music…”

Miss Clark listed as a performer


N.D. Li : 3   “Lines addressed to Traveller.” [poem]

Refers to “a laughing train” of girls who pet his mane


N.D. Li : 5   “Lines on the back of a Confederate note…”

Miss Anna Rush and Miss Annie Lowe Jonas mentioned


N.D. Li : 8   A literary entertainment…

“tickets admitting one Gentleman and two Ladies” have a different admission fee; poem written by mother of a “Dumb Child” to be read


N.D. Lu : 1   “The Lunenburg Case. Composed by Wm. H. Allen…” [poem concerning Mary Abernathy and Pokey Barnes]

Poem about Mary Abernathy and Pokey Barnes being tried for the murder of Mrs. Pollard


N.D. Ma : 2   “Margarette” [poem]

Poem about a woman named Margarette


N.D. Ma : 3    “Mary Washington College Alumnae Luncheon… Hotel Richmond…”

Luncheon to be held for alumnae of Mary Washington College


N.D. Ma : 6   “Majority report to the Council of the Diocese of Virginia… Minority report…”

Discussion between male “majority” and female “minority within the Diocese of Virginia about whether women should be able to expand to some traditionally-male positions or if that would discourage other males to seek these positions in the church


N.D. Ma : 7   Masonic Temple Theatre

Miss Emily Bigelow, Miss Ella Baker, Miss Mary Maurice, Miss Kate Burlingame listed in cast


N.D. Ma : 8   Masonic Temple. Saturday, May 10th

Helen Keller and Mrs. Macy listed as speakers


N.D. Mc : 2   McKenzie male and female institute, McKenzie, Carroll County, Tenn. [N.p., n.d.]

Advertisement for a male and female institute; Mrs. E. J. Roach listed as an instructor


N.D. Me : 1   “Members of the National Council of the National Economic League, Virginia…”

Mrs. Gertrude Barton listed as a member


N.D. Mi : 1   “Miss Honeywell’s gallery of cuttings and needlework… [printed] Winchester Virginian office.”

Miss Honeywell was born without arms but makes artistic cut-outs and needle-work with her mouth


N.D. Mi : 5   Mrs. Garrett wishes to receive into her family a few young girls to be educated… Charlottesville, Va. [n.d.]

Advertisement by Mrs. Garrett to have a few young girls live with her and be educated with her daughters


N.D. My : 1   “My Mother… E. C. Murrill”

Poem written about speaker’s mother


N.D. Ni : 1   “Niblo’s Garden. Wednesday Ev’ng, July 11… a new ballet of action, under the direction of M. Checkeni…”

Various women and girls listed as performers


N.D. No : 2   “No. 423 Dixie’s Land” [verse]

Women pictured in border drawing; a “missus” is spoken of who married a “deceaber” and later died


N.D. Od : 1   “Ode to the blind…”

Speaker speaks of his mother and sisters


N.D. Oh : 1   “Oh! Crackey. As sung by Dan Rice…”

Song by a man complaining about his wife



N.D. Oh : 3   “Oh! I wish this war was over…”

Speaker of poem is female whose love, Johnny, is fighting in the war; speaks of how happy all the girls will be when their “sweet-hearts” return from war


N.D. Ol : 1   The old Falls Church… [N.p., n.d.]

An older woman in Falls Church claims she saw George Washington worshipping at this church during her lifetime


N.D. On : 1    “I. Hymn. C. M. If God refuse to bless the house, it has been built in vain…”

“Reason” and “Wisdom” referred to as “her”


N.D. Or : 1   Orkney female seminary, Orkney springs, Shenandoah Co., Va… [N.p., n.d.]

Advertisement for a female seminary


N.D. P : 1   “P. Horton Keach, dealer in Ladies’ Dress Trimmings, Hosiery, notions…”

Advertisement for dealer of women’s clothing


N.D. Pi : 2   Piles of all kinds cured… [Washington? N.d.]

Doctor offers to visit ladies at their residences if they desire it


N.D. Pi : 3   Piedmont, Virginia [a poem by Edmond Fontaine]… [N.p., n.d.]

“Piedmont Virginia” is referred to as “her”


N.D. Po : 1   A povert[ly], So’shul, in Rektor[e] Room uv de Mede Mamoreil Episcopal Choich…

Various women listed; rules are given for women’s attire by the “Ladie’s Sowin Sowsity” and fines are stated for incompliance


N.D. Po : 2   Positively Prince Street…

Event held at the bookstore of Irene Rouse; Grace Cavallieri will be reading her poetry


N.D. Pr : 4   Programme for this evening. Sol

Miss Dora Wiley, Miss Anna Holbrook, and Miss Annie L’estele listed as performers


N.D. Pr : 8   A Prayer. Mary McKendree Johnson…

Poem written by Mary McKendree Johnson


N.D. Pu : 1   Put on more wood, boy; see - - the window…

“Night” referred to as “her”


N.D. Re : 4   Retreat for the sick…

Retreat is under the control of a Board of Lady Managers & Mrs. Wm. A Jenkins is listed as “President of Lady Managers”


N.D. Re : 6   The Revere House, Harrisonburg, Virgnia…

Mrs. M. C. Lupton is listed as “Proprietress”


N.D. Re : 7   Red Hill. The last home and burial place…

Several female relatives of Patrick Henry mentioned


N.D. Re : 9   Readings and recitations…

“Pretty Miss Kate”, “Sweetheart Lulu”, “Sweet Mrs. Nance, of Milburn Town” listed among recitation pieces


N.D. Re : 10   Rev. E. Leahey, D.D. …

“Ladies… Are positively prohibited from coming to this Lecture, as some awful disclosures will be made.”


N.D. Ri : 2   Richmond Theatre…

Various female performers mentioned; one performance listed as a “Benefit of Miss Kellogg”


N.D. Ro : 1   The robin on Stonewall Jackson’s grave…

Virginia referred to as “her”; Mrs. Judge Henry referenced in poem


N.D. Sa : 5   Sarah Ann Smith…

Poem for the death of Sarah Ann Smith


N.D. Se : 2   Seven days fight before Richmond…

The ship “Monitor” referred to as “she”


N.D. Si : 1   Since our last meeting…

Mrs. Dandridge, Mrs. W. H. Baker, Mrs. W. P. McGuire (president), Miss Lily H. Baker (Secretary), Mrs. R. T. Barton mentioned… “most influential members” include females who recently passed away,


N.D. Si : 3   Sidna Allen here in person…

“The ladies are especially invited as well as the men.”


N.D. So : 1   The solid South room of the Confederate Museum…

Discusses events that took place during a United Daughters of the Confederacy meeting; the “women who suffered and were strong” during the war mentioned; Mrs. Park, Mrs. Sidney M. Van Wyck, Miss Minnie A. Baughman mentioned


N.D. Sp : 1   Speech to be delivered at Washington, D.C. …

“shall mothers, wives, daughters, ad sisters… be dragged to dispair?”’ “Peace” referred to as “her”


N.D. Sp : 2   A spot of unusual interest…

Various women mentioned


N.D. St : 3   “Stonewall Jackson” of the Confederate army…

“republished for the benefit of Confederate Widows’ Home by the author’s widow”


N.D. St : 7   State female normal school…

Flyer requesting funds from legislature to help fix the State Female Normal School


N.D. St : 10   A story from Richmond, Virginia…

Cleiland Donnan quoted; women pictured in photographs


N.D. Su : 2   Superior American sewing silk…

Advertisement for sewing silk


N.D. Su : 3   Sunday meetings…

Flyer mentions a “Meeting for Ladies” at Methodist Church


N.D. Sw : 1   Sweet Springs Hotel…

“Overture to Martha” listed as song performed in program


N.D. Te : 1   “Terms of The Institution for Female Education, at Salem…”

Terms listed to enroll in this female institution


N.D. Th : 1   “This is the Porker Long and Lean… Hills rings and tongs or holders. H. W. Hill & Co. Sole Manufrs. Decatur, Ill.”

A “housewife” is described in the poem and illustrated in a border cartoon


N.D. Th : 4   3 big games, high school gym… Charles Town, W. Va., [n.d.]

“Charles Town High School Boys and Girls vs. Shepherdstown High School Boys and Girls” & “Charles Town High School Boys and Girls vs. Brunswick High School Boys and Girls”


N.D. To : 3   “To Martha. The Brunette Beauty of old Virginia.” [poem]

Poem written about Martha, “The Brunette Beauty of old Virginia”


N.D. To : 8   “To the Public… I am Traveling… from Rogers, Arkansas to Jettersville, Virginia… [signed] Charles W. Waddell, Jettersville, Va.”

Author of book claims it should be read by “every thinking man or woman”


N.D. To : 10   To the people of Buckingham County.

Buckingham County referred to as “her”


N.D. To : 14   To the honorable voters of Augusta Co. [N.p., n.d.]

“sister Southern States”


N.D. To : 18   To the General assembly of Virginia : a railroad convention lately holden at Upshaw C.H. …

Norfolk and Alexandria referred to as “her”


N.D. To : 19   Tonight. Dandy Dixie Shows presents Ten nights in a bar-room [Batesville, Va., n.d.]

Flyer says every “mother and “daughter” should see the play


N.D. To : 20   A toast to Virginia [N.p., n.d.]

Virginia personified as a “mother”


N.D. Tr : 1   “A Tribute to the Alma Mater on his Eightieth birthday, Sixtieth Anniversary of graduation as A.M. and on his fiftieth wedding day…”

University of Virginia referred to as “she” and “her”


N.D. Un : 4   University Bookshop is Changing!

Bookshop is changing name to “Irene Rouse – Bookseller”


N.D. W : 1   “W. H. Wheatley’s… Dyeing Establishment… Georgetown, D.C. …”

Advertisement informs ladies of different colors that different fabrics can now be dyed at this business


N.D. Wa : 1   “Wakefield. Col. Joseph I. Keefer… who has spent much time and research upon the Washington Places…”

Miss Betty Carey & Miss Lucy Grimes mentioned


N.D. We : 3   We are old time Confederates… [A song] [N.p., n.d.]

Song mentions “Southern” and “Loyal” women


N.D. Wh : 3   What books do outstanding men and women read? …

Helen Ashton listed as an author; books intended for “men and women”


N.D. Wh : 5   … Where are they who marched away…

“women’s words” mentioned in poem


N.D. Wh : 6   Whereas, John P. Byrne…

Discusses widows of Rangers receiving a pension


N.D. Wi : 4   With a state poet…

Daisy Sherman Halterman listed as a poet


N.D. Wo : 1   Works of art on exhibition at the Council chamber, City Hall, for the benefit…

“Maid of Orleans,” “Portrait of a Lad,” “Young Lady’s Hope”


N.D. Wo : 2   Woman’s rights…

Poem entitled “Woman’s rights”


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