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Aubrey Russell Bowles

A Guide to the Papers, 1949-1978, of Aubrey Russell Bowles, Jr. (1896-1984).
Section 1. General correspondence, 1957-1970.
Call Number Mss1 B6816 a folders 1-7

Correspondence, arranged chronologically, of Richmond, Va., attorney Aubrey Russell Bowles, chiefly concerning notices about upcoming Judicial Council meetings, discussion of agenda items, and committee assignments; information on annual Judicial Conferences; and letters regarding Bowles’ address titled "Discovery in Virginia" delivered in 1962 (see Folder 4).

This section is part of a larger collection of Aubrey Russell Bowles, Jr., papers in the holdings of the Virginia Historical Society.

List of Correspondents

Note: the number(s) following each name refer to the folder(s) in which the individual’s correspondence appears

Abbott, Earl L., 4, 6
Allen, George E., 5
Armistead, Robert T., 6

Bagwell, Don P., 5
Ballard, Richard M., Jr., 6
Bennett, Hubert D., 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Bohannan, Willis W., 6
Boyd, T. Munford, 2, 3
Brewer, Alice T., 5
Broaddus, W. R., Jr., 6, 7
Bryan, Albert V., 4
Burks, Charles E., 4

Catterall, Ralph T., 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
Cochran, George M., 5, 6, 7
Cooper, Clyde W., 2
Coulter, Jack B., 6
Craig, Stuart L., 6

Dalton, Ted R., 7
Dean, Maurice S., 5, 6
Dodson, E. Griffith, Jr., 4
Due, Paul F., 1

Eggleston, John W., 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Eichner, James A., 6
Ellis, Urchie B., 4

Gentry, Fred B., 4
Gillespie, Joseph S., 3
Godwin, Mills E., Jr., 6
Grenshaw, Francis N., 6

Haith, Gilbert W., 6
Harrison, Albertis S., Jr., 7
Hening, Edmund W., Jr., 4, 7
Hunton, Eppa IV, 4
Hutcheson, Sterling, 4

I’Anson, Lawrence W., 6

King, William H., 6

Lamb, Brockenbrough, 2, 3, 4
Lapsley, G. M., 6
Long, M. M., 6
Lyle, Joseph L., Jr., 4

Manson, Peter C., 4
Marshall, Elliott, 7
Marshall, John, 4
May, John G., Jr., 3
May, Robert H., 2
McCarthy, Walter T., 2, 4

Page, Walter A., 3, 5
Pence, Richard F., 4

Sands, Alex H., Jr., 7
Savage, Toy D., 4
Simmonds, James H., 5
Smithers, J. Westwood, 7
Sneed, Rayner V., 7
Stant, Donald T., 4
Stone, Charles G., 4
Terhune, William B., 4

Worthington, William C., 3
Wright, Wiley R., Jr., 5

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