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Bruce Family, Section 17

Bruce Family Papers, 1665-1926. Section 17.
Correspondence, 1840-1907, of Sarah Alexander (Seddon) Bruce
Call Number Mss1 B8306 b 440-1160

Arizona SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Aylett, Emily Ann (Rutherfoord), 1830-1880

Banister Lodge (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Clark, Elvira Ann (Henry)
Baylor, Ellen Carter (Bruce), 1858-1899
Belleville (Gloucester County, Va.) SEE Taliaferro, Leah (Seddon)
Bellevue (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Miller, Laura (McClelland)
Berry Hill (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Bruce, Mary (Lowry)
Binford, Mrs. Mary B., 1796?-1865
Bollingbrook (Fauquier County, Va.) SEE Mann, Sallie Bruce (Smith)
Books, Care of SEE Grigsby, Hugh Blair
Braxton, Mary Grymes (Sayre), 1805-1888
Brooks, Marion Morson (Roy), 1826?-1854
Brown, Hugh Arbuthnot, 1819-1908
Brown, Matilda C. (Little), d. 1901
Bruce, Ann Carrington (Clark), 1831-1900
Bruce, Charles, 1826-1896 SEE ALSO Seddon, John
Bruce, Charles Morelle, 1853-1938
Bruce, Elvira A. (Cabell) Henry, 1783-1858
Bruce, James Coles, 1806-1865
Bruce, James Douglas, 1862-1923
Bruce, Louise Este (Fisher), 1866-1945
Bruce, Maria Scott (Morson), 1836-1875
Bruce, Mary (Lowry)
Bruce, Philip Alexander, 1856-1933
Bruce, Thomas Seddon, 1849-1907
Bruce, William Ballard, 1834-1899
Bruce, William Cabell, 1860-1946

Cabell, Patrick Henry, 1827-1865
Carringotn, Ann Seddon )Smith), 1842-1923
Carrington, Adeline Mayo, 1839-1915
Carrington, Mary Marshall (Cox)
Carrington, Sarah Embra (Scott), 1800-1872
Carter, Susan Elizabeth (Roy), 1833-1902
Carter, Thomas Henry, 1831-1908
Cattle SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Chalmers, Anna Maria (Hickman) Otis Mead, 1809-1891
Claiborne, David Augustine, 1823-1892
Claiborne, Elvira Cabell (Clark), 1829-1868
Clark, Elvira Ann (Henry), 1804-1870
Clarke, Martha May (Clark), 1834-1867
Clifton (Cumberland County, Va.) SEE Harrison, Peyton
Cochran, Mrs. Ella C.
Confederate States of America. War Dept. SEE Seddon, James Alexander, 1815-1880
Cox, Mary Mason (Roy) Roy

Dix, Morgan, 1827-1908
Dover (Goochland County, Va.) SEE Bruce, Elvira A. (Cabell) Henry; Morson, Ellen Carter (Bruce)

Edgehill (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Grigsby, Hugh Blair
England SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle

Fleet, Arabella Little (Seddon)
France SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle

Germany SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Glen Roy (Gloucester County, Va.) SEE Carrington, Ann Seddon (Smith); Smith, Marion Andrea Morson (Seddon); Smith, Thomas Armistead; Smith, William Patterson; Robins, Martha Tabb (Smith)
Green Plains (Mathews County, Va.) SEE Roy, Euphan Washington (McCrae) Roy; Rutherfoord, Ann Seddon (Roy)
Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1806-1881

Harrison, Peyton, 1800-1887
Hunt, E. S.

Isleham (Mathews County, Va.) SEE Taliaferro, Warner Throckmorton
Italy SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle

Johnson, Anne Seddon (Rutherfoord), b. 1858

Laighton, L. D., Mrs.
Lee, Fitzhugh, 1835-1905
Lee, Fitzhugh SEE Bruce, James Douglas
Longwood (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Claiborne, Elvira Cabell (Clark)

Mann, Sallie ruce (Smith), 1851-1937
Mildendo (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Carrington, Sarah Embra (Scott); Thompson, Catharine Scott (Carrington)
Miller, Laura (McClelland), 1814-1852
Morson, Ellen Carter (Bruce), 1820-1862

Page, Anne Rose, 1815-1898
Page, Anne Seddon (Bruce), 1867-1888
Page, Thomas Nelson, 1853-1922
Pampatike (King William County, Va.) SEE Braxton, Mary Grymes (Sayre); Carter, Susan Elizabeth (Roy); Carter, Thomas Henry; Young, Fanny Churchill (Braxton)
Price, William G.

Ridgeway (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Carrington, Adelina Mayo; Venable, Louisa Cabell (Carrington)
Rise, Marie Gordon (Pryor)
Roane, Sara L.
Robins, Martha Tabb (Smith), 1840?-1874
Robinson, Alice (Morson), 1852-1927
Rock Castle (Goochland County, Va.) SEE Johnson, Ann Seddon (Rutherfoord); Rutherfoord, Ann Seddon (Roy)
Roy, Ruphan Washington (McCrae), 1815-1881
Roy, Thomas Seddon
Rutherfoord, Ann Seddon (Roy), 1831-1908

Sabot Hill (Goochland County, Va.) SEE Bruce, Elvira A. (Cabell) Henry; Robinson, Alice (Morson); Seddon, Elvira Bruce; Seddon, James Alexander, 1815-1880; Seddon, Sarah (Bruce)
Scot, Fanny Scott (Carter), 1838-1923
Seddon, Elvira Bruce, 1846-1882
Seddon, James Alexander, 1850-1938
Seddon, John, 1826-1863
Seddon, Mary Alexander (Little)
Seddon, Sarah (Bruce), 1822-1882 SEE ALSO Seddon, Mary Alexander (Little)
Seddon, Thomas, 1848-1896 SEE ALSO Seddon, Mary Alexander (Little)
Smith, Marion Andrea Morson (Seddon), 1819-1853 SEE ALSO Seddon, John
Smith, Thomas Armistead, 1845-1922
Smith, William Patterson, 1796-1878
Snowden (Stafford County, Va.) SEE Fleet, Arabella Little (Seddon); Seddon, John; Seddon, Mary Alexander (Little) Seddon
Snyder, Henry
South Isle (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Rice, Marie Gordon (Pryor)
Soutter, Agnes Gordon (Knox)
Soutter, James Taylor, 1811-1873
Spanish-American War SEE Bruce, James Douglas
Staunton Hill (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Sutter, Sarah Alexander

Taliaferro, Leah (Seddon), 1810-1904
Taliaferro, Thomas Seddon, 1833-1918
Taliaferro, Warner Throckmorton, 1881
Tarover (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Bruce, Ann Carrington (Clark)
Taylor, Jefferson Randolph, 1841-1919
Taylor, John Charles Randolph, 1812-1875 SEE ALSO Taylor, Jefferson Randolph
Thompson, Catharine Scott (Carrington), 1825-1893

Vaughan, Clement Read, 1827-1911
Venable, Louisa Cabell (Carrington), 1837-1902
Vulcan Iron Works (Richmond, Va.) SEE Bruce, Philip Alexander; Bruce, Thomas Seddon

Washington Silver Mining Company (Washington, Ariz.) SEE Bruce, Charles Morelle
Weems, Benjamin Frances, 1839-1923
Weems, Maria Nash (Carrington), 1852-1920
Wellford, Emeline Madison (Tabb), 1829-1911
Wellford, Philip Alexander, 1823-1909
Wellford, Susan Seddon (Taliaferro), 1829-1912
Wilson, Samuel B., 1722-1869

Young, Fanny Churchill (Braxton), 1828-1894

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