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Cabell Family

Cabell family. Papers, 1774-1941. Section 18
Correspondence, 1833-1879, of Henry Coalter Cabell
Call Number Mss1 C1118 a 196-590
Index to Correspondents and Subjects

Note: Companies are filed at end of individual correspondents, and are therefore listed last. Subject headings are in italics.

Abbeville (S.C.) – Map SEE Charles Henry Allen
Allen, Charles Henry
Alston, Catherine (Hamilton), 1786-1877 SEE Hattie E. Cunningham
Alston, James, 1774-1850 – Estate SEE Phillip Henry Alston; B. Y. Martin; John C. Rees
Alston, Phillip Henry
Anderson, Joseph Reid, 1813-1892

Barbour, Benjamin Johnson, 1821-1894
Barton, S. O.
Beatty, J. C.
Bigler, James
Blair, Louisa Edmonia (Willis), 1803-1886
Blankenship, Robert E., 1835?-1888
Bootwright, William, 1822?-1902
Bouldin, Wood, 18111-1876
Bowden, J. M.
Brandt, Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield, 1819?-1897
Brandt, John F.
Bryant, D. W.
Byrne, John, d. 1905

Cabell, Eliza Fitzhugh (May), 1794-1859
Cabell, George Craighead, 1836-1906
Cabell, James Alston, 1852-1930 SEE ALSO Elizabeth Hannah (Cabell) Daniel
Cabell, John Grattan, 1817-1896
Cabell, Joseph Carrington, 1778-1856 SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell, Mary Ann E. (Cabell) Carrington; James Francis Harrison
Cabell, Lewis Warrington, 1814-1890
Cabell, Nathaniel Francis, 1807-1891
Cabell, Nicholas, 1850-1803 – Will SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell
Cabell, Robert Gamble, 1809-1889
Cabell, William, 1700-1774 – Will SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell
Cabell, William Daniel, 1834-1904
Cabell, William H., 1772-1853 SEE John Grattan Cabell
Carrington, Henry Alexander, 1832-1885
Carrington, Mary Ann E. (Cabell), 1783-1850
Carrington, Mayo Booker, 1811-1881
Carrington, Paul Sydenham, 1798-1866
Carrington, William Cabell, 1821-1851
Carrington, William Edward, 1804-1854
Carter, R. D.
Carts and carriages SEE Isaac Mix
Chilton, Samuel, 1804-1867
Clark, James
Clarke, James A.
Clay, Peter F.
Cleveland, N.
Coal mines and mining SEE Frederick Faulkner
Cocke, Charles Hartwell, 1851-1896
Cocke, Philip St. George, 1809-1861
Conkling, Boscoe, 1829-1888
Crane, John G.
Crawford, Bennet Anderson, b. 1794
Crump, Charles A., 1822-1862
Cunningham, C. J. L.
Cunningham, Hattie E., Mrs.

Daniel, Elizabeth Hannah (Cabell), 1811-1892
Daniel, William, 1806-1873
Dudley, Alexander, 1820?-1869
Dun, John

Ellis, Thomas Hardin, 1814-1898
Enders, John, 1776-1851 – Estate SEE John Enders, 1821-1899
Enders, John, 1821-1899
English, Jessie C. (Gordon), 1830?-1919
Executors and administrators SEE Phillip Henry Alston; Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield Brandt; William Edward Carrington; John Enders, 1821-1899; Sidney L. Johnson; B. Y. Martin; John C. Rees; William Overton Winston

Faulkner, Frederick
Fisher, James, 1802?-1868
Foster, James, b. 1781?
Fulton, Cornelia C. B., Mrs., b. 1820?

Gamble, Robert, 1781-1867
Gardner, James SEE Crocker & Rees (Augusta, Ga.)
Gillam, James
Goddin, Wellington, 1815-1886
Grain elevators SEE D. W. Bryant
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885 SEE George Edward Pickett
Gray, Benjamin C., 1820?-1888
Gray, William J.
Grey Castle (Richmond, Va.) SEE Elizabeth Hannah (Cabell) Daniel
Griffin, John Hook, 1803-1878
Gwatkin, Charles A., 1814?-1868
Gwynn, Walter, 1802-1882

Hamilton, S. P.
Harper, John T. SEE James H. Hoke
Harrison, James Francis, b. 1822
Hatch, A. S.
Hoke, James H.
Horses SEE James Alston Cabell

Ingleside (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE William Cabell Carrington; Elizabeth Hannah (Cabell) Daniel
Internal improvements SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell; Thomas Harding Ellis

Janin, Louis
Jeffries, Nathaniel
Johnson, Sidney L.
Johnson, William Boswell, 1818-1878
Johnston, Ann (Bernard), 1775-1865
Johnston, John Warfield, 1818-1889
Jones, James Dixon Magruder, 1828-1912
Jones, Newland SEE James Alston Cabell

Liberty Hall (Nelson County, Va.) SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell; William Daniel Cabell
Lockwood, John
London, Daniel Higginbotham, 1818-1875
Longstreet, James, 1821-1904 SEE A. H. McLaws
Lumbering SEE James H. Hoke
Lyons, James, 1801-1882

Mahon, Maurice Harland
Marshall, J. Foster, d. 1862
Martin, B. Y.
McComas, Ellen
McCorkle, Thomas Edward, 1845-1891
McCormick, Ellen Tazewell (Wirt) Vass, b. 1812
McLaws, A. H.
McLaws, Lafayette, 1821-1897 SEE A. H. McLaws
Meriwether, Judith (Bernard), 1786-1871
Mix, Isaac
Monumental Episcopal Church (Richmond, Va.) SEE William Boswell Johnson
Morgan, Thomas S.

Norwood High School (Nelson County, Va.) SEE William Daniel Cabell; Bernard Peyton

Oddie, Orville
Oliver, Charles J.

Palmer, William, 1801-1870
Parker, Joel, 1795-1875
Parker, John W.
Parker, William H.
Parsons, Henry Chester, 1840-1894
Paxton, James Gardner, 1821-1870
Pews and pew rights SEE William Boswell Johnson
Peyton, Bernard, 1851-1885
Pickett, George Edward, 1825-1875
Plantation overseers SEE William Wilson
Pleasants, James, 1831-1898
Preston, Edward Carrington, b. 1835
Price, Samuel, 1805-1884
Prices current SEE Crocker & Rees (Augusta, Ga.); Rathbone Bros. & Co. (Liverpool, Eng.)

Quarles, Preston M., 1831-1863

Railroads SEE John Byrne; Alexander Dudley
Randolph, George Wythe, 1818-1867
Rees, John C.
Reid, Samuel McDowell, 1790-1869
Richardson, James A., 1836-1881
Rivermont (Lynchburg, Va.) SEE Elizabeth Hannah (Cabell) Daniel
Robinson, Abner, 1779?-1842 SEE Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield Brandt
Rogers, D. M.
Ruffner, David Lewis, 1829-1897

Sale, T. Alex.
Salt industry and trade SEE David Lewis Ruffner
Schools SEE William Boswell Johnson
Sharp, Charles, b. 1829
Shepard, Catherine (Gamble), 1809-1867
Shepherd, Virginius E., 1827-1896
Shields, William Thomas, 1849-1924
Simonds, Andrew
Snyder, Adam C., 1834-1905
Sorrel, Gilbert Moxley, 1838-1901 SEE A. H. McLaws
Southall, James Cocke, 1828-1897
Southall, Valentine Wood, 1793-1861
Soutter, James Taylor, 1811-1873
St. John, Isaac Munroe, 1827-1880
Stanard, Josephine (Lyons), 1822-1889
Stanfield, Ephraim, d. 1841 – Estate SEE Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield Brandt; Sidney L. Johnson; William Overton Winston
Stanfield, Henry Abner Robinson, 1840?-1864 SEE ALSO Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield Brandt
Staunton (Va.) – Schools SEE William Boswell Johnson
Stewart, Erasmus H., b. 1848
Stiles, Robert Augustus, 1836-1905

Taylor, William P. W., 1816-1881 SEE Czorilda A. (Pegram) Stanfield Brandt
Thomas, Henry Wirtz, 1812-1890
Thomas, James D.
Tinsley, Peter, 1823-1912
Tinsley, Seaton Grantland, 1836-1901
Tucker, Joseph W., d. 1852

University of Virginia SEE James Francis Harrison

Vaughan, B. F.
Virginia – Emigration and immigration SEE Joel Parker

Walton, Benjamin H.
Walton, George C., 1798-1840 – Estate SEE William Edward Carrington
Walton, Henry
Walton, Nathaniel, 1808-1866
White Sulphur Springs (W. Va.) SEE Ellen Tazewell (Wirt) Vass McCormick
White, George SEE James H. Hoke
Whittle, Stephen Decatur, 1821-1869
Wickham, Williams Carter, 1820-1888
Wilkinson, John, 1794-1858
Wilson, J. H.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, William
Winston, William Overton, 1812-1862
Wise, John Sergeant, 1846-1913
Withers, Robert Enoch, 1821-1907
Wood, Charles O.
Wright, John W.


Bruce (E. M.) & Co. (Augusta, Ga.)
Bustin & Walker (Augusta, Ga.)

Carmichael & Bean (Augusta, Ga.)
Coal Valley Coal Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE Frederick Faulkner
Crenshaw & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Crocker & Rees (Augusta, Ga.)

Duhring (H.) & Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.) SEE Daniel Higginbotham London

Goddin & Apperson (Richmond, Va.)

Hancock (Jno. & T.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Hand, Williams & Wilcox (Charleston, S.C.)
Hill (Robert) & Son (Richmond, Va.)
Hoke & Son (White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.)

James River and Kanawha Company SEE Nathaniel Francis Cabell; Thomas Harding Ellis
Johnson & Vaughan (Richmond, Va.) SEE John Grattan Cabell

Kanawha Salt Company (Charleston, W. Va.) SEE David Lewis Ruffner
Kentucky & Great Eastern Railway Company SEE John Byrne
Kersey & Davis (Richmond, Va.)

Lownes & Cook (Richmond, Va.) SEE James D. Thomas

Moore & Campion (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Muller & Schmidt (Manchester, Va.)

Nunns & Clark (New York, N.Y.)

Oddie & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Oddie & St. George (New York, N.Y.)

Peters, Campbell & Co. (New York, N.Y.)

Rathbone Bros. & Co. (Liverpool, Eng.)
Revenel & Co. (Charleston, S.C.)
Richmond & York River Railroad Company SEE Alexander Dudley

Schroder (J. H.) & Co. (Liverpool, Eng.) SEE Rathbone Bros. & Co. (Liverpool, Eng.)
Smallwood, Anderson & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Smallwood, Earle & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Smith & Knapp (New York, N.Y.)
Stanfield, Wentworth & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Stewart (E. H.) & Co. (White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.)

Walker, Bryson & Co. (Augusta, Ga.)
Walker (G.) & Son (Augusta, Ga.) SEE ALSO John C. Rees
Walsh, Smith, Crawford & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Wardlaw, Walker & Burnside (Charleston, S.C.)
Willington (B. A. S.) & Co. (Charleston, S.C.) SEE Rathbone Bros. & Co. (Liverpool, Eng.)
Willis & Chisolm (Charleston, S.C.)
Woodroof & Plaskitt (London, Eng.)
Woram & Haughwont (New York, N.Y.)

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