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Carrington Family

Carrington Family Papers, 1744-1940. Section 22
Correspondence, 1830-1882, of John Blair McPhail (1807-1891)
Call NumberMss1 C2358 d 650-1317

Allen, C. J., Mrs.
Alley, J. W. V.
Anderson, George Ferguson
Anderson, Sarah H. (McPhail)

Balthrop, A. P.
Barksdale, Elisha, 1812-1887
Barton, N. C.
Booker, John, 1809-1874
Bouldin, Martha (Daniel), 1818-1888
Bouldin, Wood, b. 1838
Brown, Hugh Arbuthnot, 1819-1908
Bulkley, Thomas A.
Bullock, M.

Carrington, Hnery Alexander, 1832-1885
Carrington, Isaac Coles, 1811-1876
Carrington, James McDowell, 1838-1911
Carrington, Paul Jones
Carrington, William Washington, 1808-1873
Cary, Lilias Blair (McPhail), 1852-1936
Cattell, William Cassaday, 1827-1898
Clark, John Thomas, 1809-1886
Clarke, M. J.
Clarkson, Joseph A.
Clay, John W.
Cobbs, Annie E., Ms.
Cobbs, James S.
Cornick, S. H.
Cottrell, Samuel Smith, b. 1819

Daniel, R.
Deannor, E. M., Mrs.
Devlin, John S.
Dickerson, Edward J.
Dickerson, Nathan
Dickinson, H. P.
Dinwiddie, Joseph, 1832-1906
Dinwiddie, William, 1830-1894
Duncan, David, 1792?-1881

Edmunds, Paul Carrington, 1836-1899
Elliott, William J.

Faulkner, Leander, 1818-1902
Ferriday, W. C.
Fore, James A.

Garden, James M.
Garland, R. D.
Gatewood, Robert, d. 1909
Goodridge, George K.
Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1807-1881
Guest, James

Harris, John
Henry, William Wirt, 1831-1900
Hicks, Lucie M.
Hoge, Moses Drury, 1818-1899
Houston, J. W. C.
Howard, John W.
Hughes, Charles

Imboden, Mary Wilson (McPhail), 1834-1865

Jackson, Samuel K., 1817-1899
Jacob, E. P.
Jeffress, Edward Bedford, 1823-1891
Johnston, Charles E.
Julip, A. (pseud.)

Kendall, James S.
Knauff, John C.

Lash, William Alexander
Lester, R. F.

Marshall, Samuel P. L.
Mason, F. P.
McLean, Charles
McPhail, Ann Camm (White)
McPhail, Anne Cabell (Carrington), 1811-1889.
McPhail, Benjamin Grigsby, 1818-1857
McPhail, Benjamin Grigsby, b. 1844
McPhail, Clement Carrington, 1831-1896
McPhail, Donald, d. 1920
McPhail, Dougald
McPhail, George Wilson, 1816-1871
McPhail, George Wilson, 1841-1881
McPhail, John, 1773?-1851
McPhail, John Blair, 1835-1904
McPhail, Mary (Wilson), 1789-1862.
McPhail, Paul Carrington, 1833-1913.
Miller, Lilias Blair (McPhail)
Morrisett, J. F.
Morrisett, J. F.
Moss, Thomas P.
Moss, Thomas P.
Murray, J. M.

Ott, John, 1834-1895

Page, John Cary, 1830-1897
Page, William Nelson, 1803-1883
Paisley, D.
Palmer, John A.
Paris, Wyatt Branch, b. 1842
Pecor, Catherine (Malseed)
Pence, S.
Percy, William N.
Pleasants, W. B.
Powell, Daniel Lee, 1826-1871
Pulliam, Samuel Harper, 1841-1908

Reeves, J. J.
Richardson, Mary K.
Rogers, Thornton Oscar, b. 1823

Samuel, R. G.
Sharp, Charles, b. 1829
Sheppard, Adam Empie, 1850?-1934
Smith, Leonidas L., 1812-1865
Smith, Robert McPhail
Smith, Thomas W.
Snead, John P.
Snyder, E. B.
Spencer, W. W.

Talcott, Nannie Carrington (McPhail), 1836-1922
Thackston, William w. H., 1820-1899
Thompson, John
Throckmorton, Elizabeth M.
Tyler, Marcus M.

Walker, F. L.
Walters, William A., 1816?-1864
Watkins, James C.
Wayt, John Greenhow, 1810-1887
West, George M., 1819?-1862
Williams, R. L.
Wilson, John, d. 1875

Yancey, P. H.
Yeiser, Philip D.

Organizations and Companies

Adie & Gray (Richmond, Va.)
Adkisson (C. M.) & Co. (Mt. Laurel, Halifax County, Va.)
Allan & Johnson (Richmond, Va.)
Allison & Addison (Richmond, Va.)

Baldwin, Cardwell & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Barksdale (C. R.) & Co. (Farmville, Va.)
Barksdale & Bros. (Richmond, Va.)
Barksdale & Read (Richmond, Va.)
Blair (Walter D.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Blair & Chamberlayne (Richmond, Va.)
Bloodgood & Co. (Norfolk, Va.)
Bogart & Murray (Greensboro, N.C.)
Booker, Kerr & Lyon (Richmond, Va.)
Booth (Milton L.) & Co. (Scottsburg, Va.)
Branch & Currant (Richmond, Va.)
Breeden, Fox & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Brookland School (Greenwood, Va.
Bulkley & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Burton (G. A.) & Bro. (Oakley, Va.)

Cardwell (John W.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Carter & Christian (Richmond, Va.)
Charles & Vosseur (Hillsboro, N.C.)
Clarkson & Anderson (Richmond, Va.)

Davis (Franklin) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Dickerson & Hill (Richmond, Va.)
Donnan(W. S.) & Sons (Richmond, Va.)

Easter (Hamilton) & Co. (Baltimore, Md.)

Gordon (John N.) & Son (Richmond, Va.)
Gordon & Gringan (Richmond, Va.)

Habliston & Bro. (Richmond, Va.)
Harrison (W. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Herman & Co. (Norfolk, Va.)

Jeter & Harris (Richmond, Va.)
Jordan & Co. (South Boston, Va.)
Jordan, Garner & Easley (South Boston, Va.)

Keen, Baldwin & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Kelly & Co. (Eddyville, Ky.)

Long & Webb, Hillsboro, N.C.

Meade & Baker (Richmond, Va.)
Mitchell & Tyler (Richmond, Va.)

Overbey (J.) & Son (Mossingford, Va.)

Price (Saml. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Price (Thos. R.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Price & Watkins (Richmond, Va.)

Read & Jeter (Richmond, Va.)
Richmond Club (Richmond, Va.)

Sinton (Joseph) & Sons (Richmond, Va.)
Stacy (George B.) & Son (Richmond, Va.)
Steenbock (Jul.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Stewart (W. F.) & Co. (Norfolk, Va.)

Valentine & Son (Richmond, Va.)
Valentine, Crenshaw & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Watkins & Ficklin (Richmond, Va.)
Watkins & Morton (Petersburg, Va.)
Watkins, Cottrell & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Watt (G. W. & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Watt & Knight, Richmond, Va.)
Williams and Carrington (Richmond, Va.)

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