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Claiborne Family, Section 41

Claiborne Family
Papers, 1665-1911. Section 41.
Call Number Mss1 C5217 b 824-2,170

Correspondence, 1841-1859, of Griswold and Claiborne of Richmond, Va., concerning the law practice of Herbert Augustine Claiborne (1819-1902) and Chauncey Goodrich Griswold.

Adie (Saml. F.) & Co., Richmond, Va.
Adie, Samuel F., 1807?-1860
Allen, Benjamin B., 1819?-1862 See Edward H. Jacot
Allen, James W. F., 1814?-1875?
Allen, William, 1801-1881
Allen & Paxson, New York, N.Y. See John J. Smith
Amidon, Francis H., 1811-1886
Amory, Nelson, Travers & Wynne, London, Eng.
Anderson, David See McIlwaine, Brownley & Co.
Anderson, Marcellus Monroe, b. 1819? See John W. Goss
Anderson, Ware & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Anderson, William, b. 1801?
Andrew, F. C. See Holbrook, Nelson & Co.
Andrews, Henry W.
Anthony, James Crenshaw, 1785-1866 See Mark Anthony
Anthony, Mark, 1778?-1859
Armstrong, George S. See Lex (Jacob) & Son
Ashley, William
Ashton, Beckwith B., b. 1798?
Aspinwall, Thomas, 1786-1876

Bagby, John, 1792-1880
Bagby, Robert B., b. 1801?
Bagby, William, b. 1810?
Baker, Clevears, b. 1774?
Bagby & Gresham, Stevensville, King and Queen County, Va. See John Bagby
Ball, Spencer Mottrom, 1801-1859
Barclay, Anthony
Barney, Hiram
Barrett, James M.
Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 1806-1873
Bassett, George Washington, 1800-1878
Bauersachs, Louis C.
Baugh, Samuel See Thomas Pritchett
Bayne, Latham & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Beck (James) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Bell & Coe, New York, N.Y.
Bell, Stewart & Lloyd, London, Eng. See William Benning Webb
Benagh, James, b. 1828
Benners (Geo. & Jas.), Philadelphia, Pa.
Bennett, Sulevan E.
Benso, Henry
Bernheimer (H.) & Brother, New York, N.Y. See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Bernheimer, Einstein & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Bingham & Brother, Philadelphia, Pa.
Bingham & Brother, New York, N.Y.
Bingham, James
Binswanger & Eger, Philadelphia, Pa.
Birney (W. J.), Cincinnati, Ohio
Birney, James, 1717-1888
Birney, William, 1819-1907
Blackburne (W. & F.), Philadelphia, Pa.
Bledsoe, Job, b. 1816
Bosher, John H., 1816?-1895 See David W. Moore
Boyd, James Magruder, 1798-1855
Brattleboro Typographic Co., Brattleboro, Vt. See Edward Kirkland
Braxton, Carter, 1789-1855
Brent, Robert James, 1811-1872
Briscoe, Richard G.
Brolasky, J. H.
Brooke, Martin Pickett, 1797-1879
Brown, Samuel B., b. 1812?
Buckler, John, 1795-1876
Buckler, Thomas Hepburn, 1812-1901
Bucklin, Sylvanus See Kirtland & Seymour
Bucktrout, Benjamin Earushaw, 1803-1846
Bullitt & Fairthorne, Philadelphia, Pa.
Burwell, George Harrison, 1799-1873
Bush (D.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Bush, D. See Halsted (S. & S.)
Bussing (E. & J.), New York, N.Y.
Butler, George Griffin, 1822-1908
Byrd, George J.

Cabell, William H., 1772-1853
Campbell (R. & A.), Baltimore, Md.
Campbell & Boughton, New York, N.Y.
Campo, Henry A., b. 1818?
Canfield Bro. & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Carey, James, 1821-1894
Carleton & Frothingham, New York, N.Y.
Carson & Newbold, Philadelphia, Pa.
Carson, Joseph S., 1806?-1871
Carter, Robert Wormeley, 1792-1861
Carville, Charles
Cary (Wm. H.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Cauthorn, Richard Starke
Charron, Field & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Chittenden, William B., 1798?-1849
Christian, Edward Dunscomb, 1823-1887
Claiborne, John Dandridge, 1804-1853?
Claiborne, John Hayes, 1823-1890 See David A. Hayes
Claiborne, Nathaniel Charles, 1822-1889
Claiborne, Virginius Howard, 1833-1897
Clapp & Crowell, Philadelphia, Pa.
Clapp, Nathan T.
Clark, Montilla, b. 1826?
Clarkson & Gardiner See Norris & Bro.
Claybrook (R. A. & W. L.), Farnham Church, Richmond County, Va.
Claybrooke, Mrs. Martha
Cleveland, W. A.
Cochran, John O.
Cole, C.
Cole, Edward
Comstock & Co., New York, N.Y.
Conner, James See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Corbin, James Parke, 1809-1868
Covington, Richard Lafon, b. 1800?
Cromwall, Charles T.
Cromwell, Haight & Co., New York, N.Y.
Crosby (Joseph) & Son, Baltimore, Md.
Croxton, William S.
Crump, Richard M., 1811?-1854
Cunningham, Frederick
Curtin, Andrew Gregg, 1815-1894 See Lex (Jacob) & Son

Dabney, Thomas Overton, b. 1814
Daley, Charles P. See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Dana, Woodruff & Leonard, New York, N.Y.
Dance, Willis Jefferson, 1821-1887
Danehower (Charles R.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Daniel, Peter Vivian, 1818-1889 See Holbrook, Nelson & Co.
Daniell, Houghton & Butler, New York, N.Y.
Danner, T. B.
Davenport, Allen & Co., Richmond, Va.
Davies (John M.), Jones & Co., New York, N.Y.
Davies, J. Mansfield, d. 1908
Davis, Robert M.
Day, Samuel M.
de Montreville, C.
De Vaughn, William, b. 1792?
Dearborn, S. See Gale, Stout & Ward
DeForest (B.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Dickinson, William I., 1801-1874 See James Parke Corbin
Dillard, Philip B., b. 1796? See F. Slater
Disosway, Cornelius R.
Dix, Lewis H. See James Stockley Towles
Dix, Thomas
Dornin & MacQueen, Richmond, Va. See David Jayne
Doswell, Robert O., 1827?-1896
Drew, Thomas Harrison, 1785-1878 See Mark Anthony; Schieffelin Brothers & Co.
Dunbar, Edward E.
Duncan (Jas. J.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dunkum, William L., b. 1812?
Dunn, McIlwaine & Brownley, Petersburg, Va. See also McIlwaine, Brownley & Co.
Dunning, Czar
Dusenbery (Wm. C.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dusenbery, Woodward & Co., Boston, Mass.
DuVal, Robert Randolph, 1817-1875 See Schieffelin Brothers & Co.

Earle, Thomas
Earnest (G.) & Cowles (W.), Baltimore, Md.
Easter, Charron & Redwood, Baltimore, Md.
Edwards (Alfred) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Edwards & Cobb, Baltimore, Md.
Edwards, Benjamin See Joseph Jacob Whiting
Edwards, Richard L. See Joseph Jacob Whiting
Egan, James, d. 1872
Elliot, Sanford & Brooks, New York, N.Y.

Face, William, b. 1778?
Fareira, John
Faulconer, John H.
Field (J. A.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Finn, John G. A.
Fisher, William Caine
Fitzgerald, Edward, d. 1849 See Charles T. Cromwell
Fleet, Jesse S., b. 1810?
Fllournoy, William Cabell, 1809-1861
Flournoy & Bocock, Cumberland Court House, Va.
Foster, J. S. See Joseph Jacob Whiting See Joseph Jacob Whiting
Foster, Moses
Foster, William T.
Freeland (D. S.) & Son, Philadelphia, Pa.
Friedenwald, J.
Fritchett, Thomas
Fry, William Hugh, 1821-1902

Gale, Stout & Ward, New York, N.Y.
Gardner & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Garland & Cabell, Lynchburg, Va.
Garland, James, 1791-1885
Garnett, Grace Fenton, 1818-1901
Garnett, Muscoe, 1808-1880
Garrett, Lewis W., b. 1809? See J. H. Johnson
Garrison, James S.
Gaynor, John
Gentry & Royster, Richmond, Va.
George, John, 1803-1855
Gibson, Charles Bell, 1816-1865
Gifford, Archer, 1797-1859
Gilmer, George Christopher
Godfrey, Nelson
Godfrey, Pattison & Co., New York, N.Y.
Goff & Peterson, Philadelphia, Pa.
Goodrich (Wm.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Gordon, George William, 1801-1877
Gordon, Samuel H., b. 1821 See William Gordon
Gordon, William, b. 1815
Gorin, James W.
Goss, John W., 1814-1883
Graves, Herbert V., b. 1825?
Gray, James B., b. 1809?
Green, Joseph
Green, Thomas, 1798-1883 See C. Cole
Gregg, Daniel H.
Gregory, Wilson
Gresham, Samuel, b. 1810
Gressitt, Mordecai
Griffith, Albert G.
Gwyn, Charles Robert, 1809-1892
Gwyn, James

Hager, John Sharpenstein, 1818-1890
Haig, James M.
Halsted (S. & S.), New York, N.Y.
Hamilton, S. H.
Hammond & Porter, Baltimore, Md.
Hampson, Absalom J.
Hardenbrook, William A.
Harman, J.
Harris, Thomas M.
Harrison (W. H. & B.), Baltimore, Md.
Harrison, Henry, 1821-1889
Haydock, Corlies & Co., New York, N.Y.
Hayes, David A.
Hayes, Robert
Hayes, William
Hazen, Nathan W., 1800-1887
Henley, Thomas Jefferson, 1810-1865
Henry, Samuel Hugh
Herring (Geo. W.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Hibbler & Freese, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hilger & Co., New York, N.Y.
Hill, Robert See Samuel B. Brown
Hirst, Leon B.
Hoadley, Phelps & Co., New York, N.Y.
Hoge, John Blair, 1825-1896
Holbrook, Nelson & Co., New York, N.Y.
Homer, George F.
Hoover, John T. See Lex (Jacob) & Son
Hord, Thomas, d. 1855
Hubbard & Watts, Boston, Mass.
Hudgin, Robert, b. 1802?
Hudgins, Albert Gwynn, 1805-1853
Hudgins, Houlder, 1799-1868
Humphrey, James, 1811-1866
Hunt (N.) & Co., Boston, Mass.
Hunt (S.) & Co., Baltimore, Md. See also Samuel Manning
Hunt, Charles Richardson, b. 1806?
Hutchins & Wheeler, Boston, Mass.
Hyneman, Isaac See Samuel H. Terry

Inloes (J. S.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Inskeep, Molten & Woodruff, Philadelphia, Pa.

Jacob, John
Jacoby, Harris & Hillegass, Philadelphia, Pa.
Jacot, Edward H.
Jacot, William
Jayne, David, 1799-1866
Jefferson, R. G.
Jeffries, James M., b. 1829
Jenkins, Robert H. See Godfrey, Pattison & Co.
Jeter, John Allen, b. 1808?
Johnson, George Nicolson, 1811-1855
Johnson, J. H.
Jones, Woodward & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Joseph, Thomas M.
Joynes & Donnans, Petersburg, Va.
Junkin, George, 1827-1902

Kain, William
Kelly (John) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Kemp, Wyndham, b. 1813?
Kennedey, William M.
Kimball, James William
King & Sasscer, Dranesville, Fairfax County, Va.
King, Daniel Rodney
King, George C.
King, Milton
King William County (Va.). Clerk See Sewell & Baugher
King William County (Va.). Sheriff See Sewell & Baugher
Kipp (John) & Son, Baltimore, Md.
Kipp, John W.
Kirkland, Edward
Kirtland & Seymour, Waterford, N.Y.

Lane (F.) & Co., Memphis, Tenn.
Lane, Edward H., 1827-1880
Layton & Dodd, Richmond, Va. See John J. Smith; Gale, Stout & Ward
Leddy, James See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Lee & Brewster, New York, N.Y.
Lee & Judson, New York, N.Y.
Lee, Hugh Holmes, b. 1815?
Lee, John W. See Nathan T. Clapp
Leeds & Baggs, Philadelphia, Pa.
Leland & Mellen, New York, N.Y.
Lewis, Elizabeth (Markham)
Lewis, Fairman & Co., New York, N.Y.
Lewis H., b. 1818?
Lewis, Joseph E., b. 1798?
Lewis, Sutton & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Lex (Jacob) & Son, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ligon, James, 1788?-1858
Littig, Philip
Lockwood & Co., New York, N.Y. See Woodward & Dusenbery
Lockwood, Elias See Woodward & Dusenbery
Love, Martin & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Lowily, Becker & Cludius, New York, N.Y.
Lucke, Christian B., 1822-1885 See West & Russel
Lukens, M. M.
Lukens, Milton J.
Lynch, Micajah Terrell, 1800-1868

Mackenzie, John Pinkerton, 1800-1864
MacKenzie (Thomas) & Son, Baltimore, Md.
Macmurdo, James Brown, 1805?-1867 See Sellman (Jas. C.) & Son
Macon, William Hartwell, 1819-1891 See James Stamper
Magruder & Brothers, Scottsville, Va. See Stanley & Co.
Magruder & Brothers, Union Mills, Fluvanna County, Va.
Magruder & Poore, Palmyra, Va.
Mann, William, b. 1780?
Manning, Samuel
Maris (Jno. M.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Marple & Seiser, Philadelphia, Pa.
Martin & Patton, Philadelphia, Pa. See John Fareira
Martin & Strong, New York, N.Y.
Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906
Martin, Strong & Smith (A. F.), New York, N.Y.
Mason, John S. See Charles T. Cromwell
Matthews, Ould & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Mayhew, William E.
Mayo, Peter Poythress, 1797-1857
McArthur (Wm.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
McArthur, William See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
McCandlish, Robert
McCreesy, James See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
McGrath & Sarmiento, Philadelphia, Pa.
McGruder, Zachariah S., 1827?-1896
McIlwaine & Brownley, Petersburg, Va.
McIlwaine, Brownley & Co., Petersburg, Va.
McNaught, Royster & Co., Richmond, Va. See also Hilger & Co.
McVeigh Bro. & Co., Alexandria, Va.
Merritt & Griffith, Baltimore, Md.
Mickle, Robert
Micou, James Roy, 1807-1892
Middleton, Henry O., b. 1796?
Miller & Mayhew, Baltimore, Md.
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, George G.
Montague, Henry Brown, 1795-1855
Moore, David W.
Morgan, Robert J. See Robert Mickle
Morrell & Co., New York, N.Y.
Morris, Henry V.
Moss, Alfred, b. 1816?
Muter, Ann (Southall), b. 1773
Myers, Gustavus Adolphus, 1801-1869 See McIlwaine, Brownley & Co.

Neale Augustine, 1777-1852
Newhall, Warren S. See S. H. Hamilton; Hoadley, Phelps & Co.; McIlwaine, Brownley & Co.; West & Russel
Nicholas, John Spear, d. 1886
Noel, James H. See Pitts & Sale
Norris & Bro., Baltimore, Md.

O’Brien, Grafflin & Frick, Baltimore, Md.
Oldfield, Jr. (G. S.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Oldner, John G. See Oldfield, Jr. (G. S.) & Co.
Oliver, James D.
Osborne, Charles Francis, 1800-1879

Page, William Armistead, b. 1814
Paine, Allen
Pearce, George A., 1809?-1873 See David W. Moore
Pearson, Edmund B.
Peck, Raymond
Peebles, Hall & Co., Petersburg, Va.
Pendleton, Riely & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Penn, Daniel
Penniman (Tho.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Perkins, David
Perkins, Samuel H.
Pike, Moses See Halsted (S. & S.)
Pitts & Sale, Loretto, Essex County, Va.
Pitts, Labin W., b. 1806?
Pleasants, Thomas S., 1796-1871 See Sale (W. H. & A. G.)
Pocohantus (Ship) See John J. Smith
Poindexter, George B.
Porter & Ballard, New York, N.Y.
Porter & Keen, Richmond, Va. See Gale, Stout & Ward
Pratt (J. D.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Price, Lucian Bonaparte, 1810-1890
Prichard, John See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Pulliam, John
Pulliam, John N.
Punderford, James
Purcell, Charles W., 1818-1887 See Gardner & Co.

Raine, Hugh
Randolph, Richard, 1782-1858
Raney, Frederick
Rankin & Birch, New York, N.Y.
Raymond, Samuel W.
Redwood, Cooke & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Reeve, Henry L., b. 1823?
Reid & Spencer, New York, N.Y.
Ricards & Hoffman, Baltimore, Md.
Rice, Evan, b. 1827?
Richards, Bassett & Aborn, New York, N.Y.
Richardson, Robert, b. 1808?
Richmond Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Va. See Dunn, McIlwaine & Brownley
Riely & Pendleton, Baltimore, Md. See also Robert Mickle
Robers, homas
Robinson, Conway, 1805-1884 See McIlwaine, Brownley & Co.
Robinson, John, 1773-1850 See Gardner & Co.
Robinson, Porter
Rodgers & Woodman, New York, N.Y.
Rogers, Thomas See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Rosenfield (H.) & Bro., Richmond, Va.
Row, Keeling, b. 1785?
Rowan, Manua, b. 1775?
Royster, James R., 1814-1883
Ruffin, Edmund, 18176-1876
Russell, Mercer & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Ryland, Robert, 1805-1899 See Sale (W. H. & A. G.)

Sailor & Sank, Philadelphia, Pa.
Sale (W. H. & A. G.), Walkerton, King and Queen County, Va.
Sale, Albert Galllatin, b. 1806?
Sangston (J. A.) & Co., Baltimore, Md. See also Charles Robert Gwyn
Sangston & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Sasscer, William B.
Schieffelin Brothers & Co., New York, N.Y.
Scofield, William H.
Scott, Anderson, b. 1794? See George Nicolson Johnson
Scott, James M. See Samuel H. Perkins
Scott, Robert Eden, 1808-1862
Seal, Joseph H.
Seaman & Muir, New York, N.Y.
Sellman (Jas. C.) & Son, Baltimore, Md.
Sewell & Baugher, Baltimore, Md.
Seymour, C. H. See Schieffelin Brothers & Co.
Seymour, C. H.
Shapter, Peter
Sharpless (T.) & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa.
Sheldon, Jacob C., b. 1800?
Shelton, Pines H.
Shepherd, Albert G., b. 1805?
Sheppard, J. W.
Sheppard, William Pendleton, 1800-1855
Simons (E. & H.), New York, N.Y.
Slater, F.
Smith, John J.
Smith, Solomon See Comstock & Co.
Smith, William H. See Thomsen (Laurence) & Co.
Smyth, Samuel
Snead, Jesse, 1794-1885
Spencer, John S.,
Spindle, John E.
Sprague & Root, Baltimore, Md.
Sprague, Elisha R.
Stamper, James, b. 1800?
Stanley & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Starbird & McLean, Louisville, Ky. See George Nicolson Johnson
Stevenson, John White, 1812-1886
Stoke, Jonas, b. 1795? See Pitts & Sale
Stout & Ward, New York, N.Y.
Strachan, Theophilus Field, b. 1790
Street, Joseph H.
Strother, William Porter, 1798-1874 See S. H. Hamilton
Stuart (D.) & Son, Baltimore, Md.

Tappan, Lewis, 1788-1873
Taylor (A. B.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Taylor, William Day, 1781-1858 See Sellman (Jas. C.) & Son
Teackle, St. George Williamson, 1806-1874
Terrill, William H., 1800-1877
Terry, Samuel
Thayer & Clayton, Philadelphia, Pa.
Thompson, Charles, b. 1789?
Thompson, Henry See Kirtland & Seymour
Thompson, Leslie A. See Samuel H. Perkins
Thompson, P. See William Benning Webb
Thompson, William A.
Thomsen (Laurence) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Thorne, Thomas
Throckmorton, William Inskeep, b. 1814 See George Nicolson Johnson
Timberlake (J.) & Son, Charlottesville, Va.
Timberlake, John, 1780?-1862
Towles, James Stockley, b. 1809 See also Samuel Gresham
Townsend, Solomon
Tracy, Irwin & Co., New York, N.Y.
Trego & Johnson, Philadelphia, Pa. See also J. H. Johnson
Trent, Alexander
Truitt, Pendleton & Truitt, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tucker, A. F.
Turner & Mudge, Baltimore, Md.
Tyler, Hiram W. See Sellman (Jas. C.) & Son

United States. Consulate (London, England) See Thomas Aspinwall

Virginia. Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery (Henrico County) See Gardner & Co.
Virginia. Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery (King William County) See George Nicolson Johnson

Waddy, Benjamin, b. 1795?
Walker, William C. See McArthur (Wm.) & Co.
Waller, George
Waller, Logan, 1805-1865 See Gardner & Co.
Walter, Charles C., 1825-1901
Ward (M.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Ward Bros., Baltimore, Md.
Ward, Isaac C. See Gale, Stout & Ward
Ward, Montagnie
Warren, Moran & Co., New York, N.Y.
Waters, Benjamin, 1789-1863
Webb, William Benning, 1825-1896
Wedderburn, George T., b. 1801?
West & Russel, New York, N.Y.
West, Oliver & Co., New York, N.Y.
Wetherill, Samuel See Schieffelin Brothers & Co.
Wheeler, John
Whelan, Thomas
White & Elder, Baltimore, Md.
White, Oliver, b. 1808?
Whiteley, Gwyn & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Whiting, Joseph Jacob
Whitlocks, Nathaniel I. B., b. 1810?
Wight, Sturgis & Shaw, New York, N.Y.
Wilkins, Henry
Williams (B. P.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Williams & Claiborne, Richmond, Va. See Taylor (A. B.) & Co.
Williams & Stevens, New York, N.Y.
Williams, George W.
Williams, Random G.
Williamson & Sutton, Baltimore, Md.
Williamson, Sutton & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Wilmer & Brother, Philadelphia, Pa.
Wilson & Hopkins, Baltimore, Md.
Wilson & Kelly, Baltimore, Md.
Winfree, Samuel, 1788-1857
Winston, Alfred, 1804?-1892
Winston, Philip Bickerton, 1786-1853
Winston, William Overton, 1812-1862
Wolf (Abm. S.) & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Wolfe & Singleton, New Orleans, La.
Wood & Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa.
Wood, Abbott & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Woodgate, John H.
Woodhead (J. & T.), New York, N.Y.
Woodson, Charles Robert, b. 1812
Woodson, John H.
Woodward (William A.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Woodward & Dusenbery, New York, N.Y.
Woodward, William A.
Wooster, William B.
Wright, George, 1795-1850
Wright (John & J. K.), London, Eng. See William Benning Webb
Wyeth & Blacklock, Baltimore, Md.
Wyman, Appleton & Co., Baltimore, Md.

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