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Claiborne Family, Section 56

Claiborne Family
Papers, 1665-1911. Section 56.
Call Number Mss1 C5217 b 3,299-3,596

Correspondence, 1841-1854, of Chauncey Goodrich Griswold primarily concerning his law practice in Richmond, Va.

Anderson, Ware & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Acrey, Arthur T., b. 1823?
Anderson, Benjamin E., b. 1809
Ashley, William

Bagby, John, 1792-1880
Bailey, Julia L. See John Alexander Parker
Ball, Eli, 1786-1853
Barton, William Stone, 1820-1898
Bassett, George Washington, 1800-1878
Battaile, Lawrence
Battaile, Lawrence, 1766-1847 – Estate See Lawrence Battaile
Benagh, George William, 1824-1863
Bird, William
Blackburn, Franklin See Robert Healy
Blackburn, Paulin Anderson See Robert Healy
Blackburn, William S., b. 1820? See Robert Healy
Blackburne (W. & F.), Philadelphia, Pa.
Blake, Berkeley R., b. 1813? See Robert Healy
Blake, Charles H.
Blake, William S., b. 1810? See Robert Healy
Bohannon, Mary E. (Montague) Hundley
Bowles, Lucy T., b. 1785?
Boyd, James Magruder, 1798-1855
Branch, Thomas, 1802-1888
Braxton, Carter, 1789-1855
Bray, John
Broadsides See Thacker Muire
Brooke, Martin Pickett, 1797-1879
Buckler, John, 1795-1866
Buckner, Esther (Row)

Carlton, Benoni, b. 1804?
Carlton, George K., d. 1846 See Walker Dillard Hart
Carpenter, John C.
Carpenter, Lewis E.
Carter, Robert Wormeley, 1792-1861
Carter, Z. M. P.
Cauthorn, Heritage H., b. 1800?
Cauthorn, Richard Starke, 1805-1863
Christian, Richard Allen, 1798-1862 See Robert Healy
Claybrook, Richard A., 1817-1873
Coal mines and mining See Jesse Snead
Conway, Walker Peyton, 1805-1884
Corbin, James Parke, 1809-1868
Crenshaw, Nathaniel C., 1791-1866
Critcher, John, 1820-1901 See also John Alexander Parker
Crittenden, George W.
Crittenden, Richard H., b. 1806? See Robert Healy
Crittenden, Robert N.
Croxton, Thomas, 1822-1903
Croxton, William S.

Daingerfield, John
Daniel, George B., b. 1809? See Robert Healy
Daniel, Raleigh Travers, 1805-1877
Davis, Robert M.
Davis, William B., b. 1810?
Deeds of trust See Robert Healy
Dillard, George W., b. 1819?
Dobyns, George Henry, 1799-1857
Doswell, James M., b. 1827?
Dudley, James, b. 1806? See Robert Healy
Dudley, Robert See Robert Healy
Dunn, McIlwaine & Brownley, Petersburg, Va.
Dusenbery & Ogden, New York, N.Y.
DuVall (Jno. R. & Geo. W.), Baltimore, Md.

Easter, Charron & Redwood, Baltimore, Md.
Eubank, John Lewis, 1820-1888
Eubank, Thomas P.
Evans, Charles
Executors and administrators See Lawrence Battaile; Robert Healy

Fauntleroy, Samuel Griffin, 1791-1858
Fisk, Theodore S.
Fitzhugh, Patrick Henry, 1818-1864
Fitzhugh, Philip Aylett, 1824-1908
Fleet, Alexander, 1798-1877
Fogg, Carter B., b. 1802?
Foster, William T.

Garnett, Alexander Somervail, 1831-1907
Garnett, Grace Fenton, 1818-1901
Garnett, Henry Thomas, 1802-1871
Garnett, Louis Anacharsis, 1821-1901
Garnett, Mary Hyacinth, 1815-1893
Garnett, Muscoe, 1808-1880
Gatewood, William L., 1810-1869
Glassgow, Elizabeth
Goodall, Charles Parke, b. 1829?
Gordon, Thomas Christian, 1807-1876
Govan, Lucy Ann (Waller), 1817-1904
Greiner, John E.
Gresham, Edward, b. 1818?
Gressitt, Mordecai
Griffith (R. R.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Griffith, Fitzgerald & Magruder, Baltimore, Md.
Griswold & Claiborne, Richmond, Va. See Walker Peyton Conway; Thacker Muire; Blackburne (W. & F.)
Groom, Thomas J., b. 1819?
Gwyn, Charles Robert, 1809-1892 See also Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.

Hammond & Porter, Baltimore, Md.
Harrison (W. H. & B.), Baltimore, Md.
Hart, Bartlett Brooks, 1808-1833 – Estate See Walker Dillard Hart
Hart, Elizabeth (Brooks), 1775-1843 – Estate See Walker Dillard Hart
Hart, Elizabeth (Brooks), 1775-1843 – Will See Walker Dillard Hart
Hart, Walker Dillard, 1810-1843
Haywood, William, b. 1800? See Robert Healy
Healy, John S.
Healy, Robert, b. 1797
Howerton, Philip, b. 1794?
Hudgin, Robert, b. 1802?
Hudgins & Dunlavy, Mathews County, Va. See Charles Robert Gwyn
Hudgins, William P., 1831-1912
Hunt (S.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.

Jackson, Joseph
Jeffries, James M., b. 1829
Jeffries, John F. B., 1798-1848
Jones, Emanuel Macon, 1807-1875
Jones, Hill, b. 1797?
Jones, James H. C., b. 1823?
Jones, Thomas, b. 1796? See Robert Healy
Junkin, George, 1827-1902

Kain, William
Kell, Thomas
Kimbrough, Charles Yancey, 1797-1845
King, George C.
King, Milton

Lane (F.) & Co., Memphis, Tenn.
Lane, Edward H., 1827-1880
Larenson, Philip
Law firms – Virginia – Richmond See Griswold & Claiborne
Literary societies See George William Benagh
Longest, Richard, b. 1797?
Lynch, Micajah Terrell, 1800-1868

Mackan, Robert
Mackridge, E. T.
Mann, William, b. 1780?
Maple Grove (King and Queen County, Va.) See Richard Longest
Marshall, Alexander John, 1803-1882
Maryland. County Court (Baltimore County) See Charles Robert Gwyn
Matthews, James Muscoe, 1822-1905
McCabe, John Collins, 1810-1875
McConkey, William See Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.
McGill, John D., 1805?-1855
McNeal & Brinkley, Baltimore, Md.
Merchants – Maryland – Baltimore See Anderson, Ware & Co.; DuVall (Jno. R. & Geo. W.); Easter, Charron & Redwood; Griffith, Fitzgerald & Magruder; Griffith (R. R.) & Co.; Hammond & Porter; Harrison (W. H. & B.); Hunt (S.) & Co.; McNeal & Brinkley; O’Brien, Grafflin & Frick; Pike (H.) & Ward; Pleasants (Jno. P.) & Sons; Redwood, Cooke & Co.; Ricards & Hoffman; Sangston & Co.; Sewell & Baugher; Stanley & Co.; Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.
Merchants – New York (State) – New York See Simons (E. & H.)
Merchants – Pennsylvania – Petersburg See Blackburne (W. & F.)
Merchants – Tennessee – Memphis See Lane (F.) & Co.; Owen (F. A. & M.)
Merchants – Virginia – Petersburg See Dunn, McIlwaine & Brownley
Micou, James Roy, 1807-1892
Miles, John A. See Robert Healy
Miles, Thomas See Robert Healy
Minor, Jefferson, b. 1804?
Mitchell, Carter, 1787-1846?
Mitchell, Joshua See Thomas Thorne
Moncure, Richard Cassius Lee, 1805-1882
Montague, Edmund Healy, d. 1847?
Montague, Erastus Tunstall, 1805-1883
Montague, Robert Healy, b. 1821 See Robert Healy
Moore, David W.
Moore, Samuel McDowell, 1796-1875
Moss, Reuben, b. 1784?
Muire, Thacker, 1782-1863

Newhall, Warren S. See Willoughby Newton
Newton, Willoughby, 1802-1874
Norment, Philip Rannolds, b. 1822
Norris, W. C. See Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.

O’Brien, Grafflin & Frick, Baltimore, Md.
Owen (F. A. & M.), Memphis, Tenn.
Owen, Augustine

Palmer, Alfred See Robert Healy
Parham, Richard H.
Parker, John Alexander, 1804-1894
Peachy, William Samuel, 1818-1881
Penn, Daniel
Perkins, Samuel H.
Perry, Leonard See Robert Healy
Pike (H.) & Ward, Baltimore, Md.
Pleasants (Jno. P.) & Sons, Baltimore, Md.
Poindexter, George B.
Pollard, John, 1803-1877 See Walker Dillard Hart
Power of attorney See Robert Healy; Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.
Purkins, George Washington, b. 1820?

Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Washington Literary Society See George William Benagh
Read, Landon Cabell, b. 1803
Redwood, Cooke & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Reeve, Samuel, 1795-1854
Ricards & Hoffman, Baltimore, Md.
Robinson, Benjamin F., b. 1798? See Robert Healy
Robinson, Porter
Robinson, William S. See Robert Healy
Rowan, Manus, b. 1775?
Roy, Thomas M. B., b. 1812? See Robert Healy
Royston, William S., b. 1800?
Ruffin, Edmund, 1816-1876

Sale, Dandridge, 1813?-1876?
Sampson, Francis J., b. 1825?
Sangston (Jas. A.) & Co., Baltimore, Md. See Charles Robert Gwyn
Sangston & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Semple, Robert Baylor, 1803-1853
Seward, William B. B.
Sewell & Baugher, Baltimore, Md.
Simons (E. & H.), New York, N.Y.
Smith, George W., b. 1809? See Robert Healy
Smith, James, b. 1801?
Smith, Richard Graves, 1793?-1853?
Smith, Robert B., b. 1802?
Snead, Jesse, 1794-1885
Southall, P. T.
Spencer, Gideon, b. 1805?
Stanley & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Stiff, Andrew
Stiff, Lewis L., b. 1811? See also Robert Healy
Stone, James Harvey, 1800-1868 See Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.
Street, Thomas, b. 1788?
Summerson, John
Sutton, Francis Valville, 1823-1896
Sutton, John R.

Taylor, Brooking See Walker Dillard Hart
Temperance See Benjamin E. Anderson
Thompson, William A.
Thorne, Thomas
Todd, William, 1778-1855
Tyler, Marcus M.

Virginia. Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery (Westmoreland County) See John Alexander Parker
Virginia. General Assembly. House of Delegates See James Smith

Walker, Holland, b. 1799 See Robert Healy
Walker, John
Walker, Thomas, 1792?-1850
Waring, Robert Payne, d. 1838
Waring, William Lowry, 1818?-1853
Wedderburn, George T., b. 1801?
Wharves See Thacker Muire
White, Chastain, 1823?-1879
Whiteley, Benjamin See Whiteley, Gwyn & Co.
Whiteley, Gwyn & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Wills See Walker Dillard Hart
Wilson, Abraham P.
Wingfield, Benjamin, b. 1786?
Wingfield, William
Woodward, John Pitt Lee, 1821-1897
Woodward, Philemon Taylor, 1821?-1891
Wright, Benjamin Erasmus
Wright, David Arthur, 1827-1858
Wright, George, 1795-1850
Wright, George Thomas, 1821-1872
Wright, John Jones, b. 1819?
Wright, William Alfred, 1793-1858

Yerby, Anderson O., b. 1817?

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