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Hannah Family, Section 33

Hannah Family Papers, 1760-1967.
Section 33 Correspondence, 1835-1888, of George Cunningham Hannah
Call Number Mss1 H1956 a 1199-2063
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

African Americans – Legal status, laws, etc. SEE Field, John
Anderson, A. F.
Atkinson, George Hannah
Atkinson, Lucy Morton (Hannah), 1849-1890 SEE ALSO Pegram, Virginia (Johnson)

Baker, Virginia B., Mrs.
Baldwin, R. A.
Baldwin, Samuel, 1776-1844
Baltimore, Md. SEE Hannah, John Spragins
Barksdale, Claiborne, 1816-1883
Barksdale, Isaac Read, 1824-1898
Barksdale, Robert Carrington, 1849-1874
Barringer, Paul Brandon, 1857-1941
Berry, W. S.
Biglow, Silas, b. 1796?
Bishop, Archibald
Booker, John, 1809-1894
Bouldin, Robert 1811-1876
Bouldin, Rebecca T., Mrs.
Bowly, John
Broun, Thomas Lee, 1823-1914
Burrowes, G. W.
Burwell, John B.
Buster, James S.

Cardwell, John R.
Carr, R. R., Mrs.
Carrington, Alexander Broadnax, b. 1834
Carrington, Emma Catherine (Cabell), b. 1808
Carrington, Isaac Howell, 1827-1887
Chamberlayne, Anne (Atkinson) Burmeister, 1876-1968
Charleston, W. Va. SEE Hannah, Samuel
Chicago, Ill. SEE Hannah, John Spragins
Clopton, John, b. 1835
Connally, G. W.
Crews, Georg C.
Crow, William H.
Cunningham, Cornelius Thompson, b. 1822
Cunningham, George Alfred, 1838?-1904
Cunningham, J. A.
Cunningham, John, 1793-1874
Cunningham, Thomas, 1790-1865

Daniel, John W., 1821-1882
Daniel, Joseph M. SEE Field, John
Daniel, S. P.
Dickinson, William Purnell, d. 1874
Do Well (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Gaines, Richard Venable
Drew, Thomas
Dunn, B. A.
Dupuy, James Barrett, 1805-1878

Edmunds, Henry Edwin, 1814-1910
Edmunds, Joseph N.
Eggleston, John William, 1828-1897
Elliott, George Watt, 1810-1877

Fernold, William L.
Field, John
Flournoy, Nicholas Edmunds, b. 1841
Flournoy, Patrick Henry, 1813-1887
Frankford, W. Va. SEE Hannah, Samuel Baldwin

Gaines, Richard Venable, 1830-1916
Gaines, Robert H.
Gaines, William Embre, 1844-1912
Gholson, Samuel Jameson, 1808-1883
Giles, Copeland, Mrs.
Graham, George W.
Green Bank, W. Va. SEE Hannah, Samuel Baldwin
Green, William Booker, 1789-1870
Greensboro, Ga. SEE Cunningham, Cornelius Thompson
Grigg, Elijah Hendrick, b. 1834

Hagerman, Levin B.
Hamden-Sydney, Va. SEE Hannah, Margaret MacDowell (Venable)
Hamlett, John T.
Hanna, J. S.
Hannah, Andrew, d. 1863
Hannah, Ann Eliza (Spragins), 1824-1873
Hannah, George Gordon, 1865-1949?
Hannah, George Samuel, 1835-1859
Hannah, James Pinckney
Hannah, Joel Watkins, 1811-1885
Hannah, John Kirkpatrick, 1842-1922
Hannah, John Spragins, 1845-1901
Hannah, Lizzie Archer (Hevener), b. 1855
Hannah, Margaret MacDowell (Venable), 1832-1923
Hannah, Mary Elizabeth (Richardson), 1823-1896
Hannah, Robert Morton, 1842-1869
Hannah, Samuel, 1792-1859
Hannah, Samuel Baldwin, 1843-1921
Hannah, Thomas Cunningham, b. 1857
Hannah, William Morton, b. 1857
Hannah, William Morton, 1820-1893
Hansberger, W. F.
Harper, William T.
Harvey, William B.
Hawkins, William B.
Hempstead County, Ark. SEE Baldwin, Samuel
Hempstead County, Ark. SEE Hannah, Joel Watkins
Henderson, Elizabeth F. (Morton)
Henry, Edward Winston, 1840?-1900
Henry, Thomas Stanhope, 1833-1912
Henry, William Wirt, 1811-1900
High, Alsey B. SEE Field, John
Hill, James R.
Hobson, Frederick W., 1834-1862
Hobson, John F., Mrs., d. 1885 SEE Carr, R. R., Mrs.
Hobson, M. E.
Hogan, John P.
Holly Springs, Miss. SEE Morton, Quin LeGrand
Horses SEE Cardwell, John R.
Hundley, Elisha Estes, 1800-1879
Hutcheson, Robert Francis, 1843-1895

Jeffress, Edward Hudson
Jordan, Robert Elijah, 1828-1894

Kirkpatrick, James V.

Lacy, Horace Plumer, 1831-1908
Lane, E.
Langhorne, James
Lathrop, Albert P.
Levy, Leopold
Lewis, Maria Rosalie (Henry), 1818-1890
Lewis, Mildred, Mrs. SEE Field, John
Linton, Mary Wingfield (Cunningham), 1830-1876
Lyon, Thomas T.

Marshall, Benjamin W. SEE ALSO Clopton, John; Smith, William
Marshall, Hunter Holmes, 1820-1896
Marshall, R. V.
Marshall, William M.
Martin, Alexander, 1822-1895
McCabe, William Gordon, 1841-1920
McKinney, Margaret Logan, b. 1827
Meredith, John Dabney
Middleton, Abner C., 1827-1916
Miller, George Mercer Yuille, d. 1866
Miller, James
Moore, John A., d. 1863
Moore, Thomas Verner, 1818-1871
Moore, W. R.
Moore, William R.
Morrison, Francie Goode, b. 1817
Morton, Thomas Colgate, 1839-1907
Morton, B.
Morton, Clement R.
Morton, George Nash, 1841-1925
Morton, Quin LeGrand
Morton, Samuel Davies, 1845-1937
Morton, V. L.
Morton, W. G.
Morton, William Booker, 1811-1885
Musgrove, R. E.

New Market, Battle of, New Market, Va., 1864 SEE Hannah, John Spragins

Oppenhimer, Abraham
Overbey, James T., d. 1872

Page, William Nelson, 1803-1850
Page, William Nelson, 1803-1883
Pegram, Virginia (Johnson), 1808?-1888
Phillips, R. L. SEE Field, John
Portwood, Thomas L.
Prairie Station, Miss. SEE Cunningham, Cornelius Thompson
Priddy, Robert Thomas, 1845-1931

Quesenberry, E. A.

Read, J. B.
Rice, A. B.
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, William T., 1820-1895
Robinson, H. P.
Robinson, Joel J.
Robinson, Winslow, 1799-1863 SEE Field, John
Rome, Ga. SEE Cunningham, Cornelius Thompson

Schmidt, John Nagal, 1815-1897
Scott, T. W.
Sheep SEE Bowly, John
Simpson, John M.
Slaughter, Charles A.
Smith, B.
Smith, Jacob Henry, 1820-1897
Smith, Samuel Cunningham, 1837-1902 SEE Smith, Jacob Henry
Smith, William
Smith, William A., 1823-1892
Smith, [?]
Snead, Charles Goodall, 1840-1925
Spain, T. C.
Spencer, Thomas J., 1818-1902
Spragins, Eliza Carrington (Coles), b. 1841
Spragins, John Diggs, 1794-1874
Spragins, Norman Brown, b. 1837
Spragins, Samuel Thomas, 1828-1912
Stribling, Francis Taliaferro, 1810-1874 SEE Smith, William

Terry, Andrew Jackson, 1843-1912
Thornton, James Bankhead, 1806-1867
Tobacco pipes SEE Baker, Virginia B.
Trent, William A., d. 1822
Trusts and trustees SEE Field, John

Venable, Andrew Reid, 1832-1909
Venable, Richard Morton, 1839-1910

Walker, J. S. L.
Ward, W. W.
Watkins, J. Elfrett
Watkins, John S., 1793-1891
Watkins, Thomas Edmund, 1844-1921
Watson, Joseph W.
West Virginia – History – Civil War, 1861-1865 SEE Hannah, Samuel Baldwin
Wharey, Thomas, 1833-1888
White, Thomas Ward
Wilbon, Alfred A.
Wilks, C. B. SEE Field, John
Wilson, Samuel B., 1783-1869
Wilson, William Reid
Women – Education SEE Atkinson, Lucy Morton (Hannah)
Women – Education SEE Pegram, Virginia (Johnson)
Word, James J. SEE ALSO Bishop, Archibald.
Worth, Mary Almira (Hannah), b. 1859

Young, David SEE Field, John
Young, George W.

Businesses and Organizations

Allison & Addison, Richmond, Va.

Bailey (D. E. & A.), Rough Creek, Va.
Bank of the State of Arkansas, Little Rock, Ark.
Barksdale (C. R.) & Bro., Farmville, Va.
Barksdale (C. R.) & Co., Farmville, Va.
Barksdale & Bros., Richmond, Va.
Barksdale & Jennings, Richmond, Va.
Barksdale & Read, Richmond, Va.
Berkeley & Berkeley, Farmville, Va.
Blair (M.) & Company, Richmond, Va.
Bonner & Smith, New Orleans, La.
Booker & Watkins, Richmond, Va.
Booker, Kerr & Lyon, Richmond, Va.
Branch (Thomas) & Co., Richmond, Va.

C.S.A. Army of the Valley SEE Hannah, Samuel Baldwin
Cardwell (J. W.) & Co., Richmond, Va.
Charlotte Female Institute, Charlotte, N.C. SEE Atkinson, Lucy Morton (Hannah)
Christian & McDivvit, Lynchburg, Va.
Clark & Collins, Lynchburg, Va.
Crenshaw & Co., Richmond, Va.

Daniel & Tucker, Charlotte Court House, Va.
Davidson & Chockley, Richmond, Va.

Eastern State Hospital SEE Clopton, John; Marshall, Benjamin W.

Franklin (James, Jr.) & Co., Lynchburg, Va.
Frierson & Co., New Orleans, La.

Goodman & Shurtleff, Boston, Mass. SEE Grigg, Elijah Hendrick
Gray & Bolling, Richmond, Va.
Green & Hobson, Richmond, Va.
Gwathmey, Dey & Powell, Norfolk, Va.

Harvey (W. P.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Hudgins, Gordon & Co., Richmond, Va.

Johnson (R. W. & J. T.), Madisonville, Va.

Kerr & Lyon, Richmond, Va.
Kirkpatrick & Blackford, Lynchburg, Va.

Lloyd & Frierson, New Orleans, La.

Marshall, Buster & Co., Charlotte county, Va.
Miller (H. T.) & Co., Richmond, Va.
Morton & Lyle, Farmville, Va.
Morton, Booker & Co., Richmond, Va.

Overbey (Isaac) & Son, Mossingford, Va.

Payne (Mosby H.) & Co., Lynchburg, Va.
Peace Institute, Raleigh, N.C. SEE Atkinson, Lucy Morton (Hannah); Burwell, John B.

Reid (Charles H.) & Co., New York, N.Y.
Rice & Norris, Baltimore, Md.
Ruth (R. J.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.

Seddon & Bruce, Richmond, Va.
Spence (E. B.) & Son, Richmond, Va.
Spencer & Cunningham, Richmond, Va.
Spencer & Venable, Richmond, Va.

Virginia Military Institute SEE Hannah, John Spragins; Morton, William Booker

Walker (D. N.) & Co., Richmond, Va.
Walsh, Smith & Co., Mobile, Ala.
Watkins Son & Co., Petersburg, Va.
Williams, Carrington & Barksdale, Richmond, Va.
Wilson (N. M.) & Co., Richmond, Va.
Wingo, Ellett & Crump, Richmond, Va.
Woodside, Griffith & Hoblitzell, Baltimore, Md.

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