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Hannah Family, Section 87

Hannah Family Papers, 1760-1967. Section 87
Correspondence, 1889-1964, of Anne (Atkinson) Burmeister Chamberlayne
Call Number Mss1 H1956 a 4094-4454
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

Aspenwall (Charlotte County, Va.) SEE Hatch, Clara Marshall
Atkinson, Arthur O., b. 1847
Atkinson, Christopher, b. 1872
Atkinson, Emily
Atkinson, George Hannah
Atkinson, Warren

Back, Rosalie Rives, Mrs.
Bality, Irene M., Mrs.
Ball, Jane H., Mrs.
Ball, Nathaniel I.
Barksdale, Nellie McPhail (Carrington), b. 1893
Barringer, Anna Maria, b. 1885
Barringer, Paul Brandon, 1857-1941
Barringer, Paul Brandon, 1887-1973
Barringer, Victor Clay, b. 1891
Belden, Abby S., Mrs.
Berger, Eleanor
Berkeley, Francis Lewis, b. 1911
Bidgood, Lestelle, Mrs.
Bittinger, Morris Henry, 1905?-1984
Blackwood, Dorothy H., Mrs.
Boyd, Janet (McGavock)
Boyd, Julian Parks, b. 1903
Brent, Chester Horton, b. 1892
Brightwell, M. E., Mrs.
Brookes, Martha (Lewis)
Browne, Anne Goodloe
Bruce, Ruth (Hannah)
Bryan, David Tennant, 1906
Bumpass, d. E.
Burmeister, Anneliese
Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966

Catterall, Louise Fontaine (Cadot), 1899-1986
Cheney, Nelson W.
Cole, Redmond Selecman, 1881-1959
Couper, William, 1884-1964
Crabbe, B. F., Mrs. SEE Spragins, William E.

Daniel, Anne B.
Davis, Curtis Carroll, b. 1916
Davis, Edward Morris, 1906-1969
Davis, Rachael
DeCamp, D. H.
Dennis, T. C., Mrs.
Deupree, Richard Redwood, b. 1885
Dunlap, Sarah, Mrs.

Edmunds, Pocahontas Wilson (Wight), b. 1904
Elcan, Joel E.
Elcan, Marcus Cleveland, b. 1926
Eubank, Grace Holden

Fallwell, Annie Moring
Fauntleroy, Juliet, b. 1871
Fleck, A. W.
Flournoy, N. H.
Fothergill, Augusta Bridgland (Middleton), 1876-1965
Franke, Florence, 1877-1957
Freeman, Inez Virginia (Goddin), 1891?-1974
French, G. Talbot

Gaines, Elizabeth Venable
Galt, Mary Mears, 1885-1978
Gammon, Ella L.
Gannaway, Elizabeth
Gardiner, Laurence Bridges, b. 1906 SEE Spragins, William E.
George, M. M., Mrs.
Gilliam, Margaret Hannah
Goodwin, Mary Randolph (Mordecai), b. 1906
Graham, Cornelia Ayer, b. 1893
Guthrie, John Dennett, b. 1878

Hall, Emily M.
Hall, Grover Cleveland, d. 1971
Hannah family SEE Hannah, Martha Virginia (Gibson)
Hannah, Helen (Fitzgerald)
Hannah, James Arthur MacClellan, b. 1925
Hannah, Martha Virginia (Gibson)
Hannah, Miles C.
Harrell, Rena C.
Hatch, Clara Marshall, Mrs.
Heiner, Anne M., Mrs.
Hemphill, William Edwin, 1912-1983
Henderson, Caroline F.
Hill, Leonard U.
Hoke, Anne J.
Hooker, Mary Hannah, Mrs.
Howell, Clewell SEE Spragins, William E.
Hudgins, Louise (Morgan)
Hundley family SEE Hundley, Elizabeth (Moore)
Hundley, Elizabeth (Moore)
Hutcheson, Elizabeth M., Mrs.

Jackson, Mary C.
Johnston, Irene Dews, Mrs.
Jones, Anna A.
Jones, Isabel

Kilpatrick, James Jackson, b. 1920
Knoop, Robert

Lacy, Benjamin Rice, 1886-1981
Lamb, Janie Preston (Boulware), 1891-1964
Lansden, Emma L.
Leigh, Louise Cabell (Carrington), b. 1856
Leigh, Sarah
Lentz, Robert T., b. 1903
Lewis, Gilbert Burnet, 1881-1964

Maddox, Harriet (Ellyson)
Marshall, Helen
Marshall, Irene B. W., Mrs.
McAlister, Ella, Mrs.
McCutchan, Martha (Nicholas)
McDavid, James, d. 1749 SEE McDavid, Marion Foy
McDavid, Marion Foy
McGavock, Janet Byrd, Mrs.
McMaster family SEE McMaster, Eleanora Norvell (Atkinson)
McMaster, Eleanora Norvell (Atkinson)
Mitchell, Minnie Octavia (Lewis)
Montague, Jeffry
Montague, Jeffry, Mrs.
Moore, Elizabeth H., Mrs.
Morton, James Daniel, b. 1875
Morton, Lucy Morton (Watkins) 1869-1955
Morton, Richard Lee, 1889-1974
Morton, William Scott, 1859-1948

Norton, Bela W.
Nottingham, Rooke V., Mrs. SEE Rice, William A.

Overbey, Jean S.
Oviatt, June (Marshall), b. 1921?
Owens, James SEE Leigh, Sarah

Pearson, Drew, 1897-1969 SEE Kilpatrick, James Jackson
Pearson, Thomas Gilbert, 1873-1943
Penney, Ida W.
Phillips, Williamina Atkinson (Burmeister), b. 1902?

Quarles, Marguerite Stuart, 1893-1960

Randolph, John, 1773-1833 SEE Cheney, Nelson W.
Randolph, Wassell
Rath, Otto
Ray, Marie W., Mrs.
Rice, Thaddeus Brockett, b. 1865
Rice, William A.
Richards, Gertrude Randolph Bramlette, 1886-1963
Roach, Elijah White, 1797-1883 SEE Sublett, J. B., Mrs.
Robinson, Lucy Hannah A., Mrs., b. 1905
Ross, Elisabeth Adams, Mrs.
Rowan, Jeanne Livingston, Mrs.

Saunders, Elizabeth Palmer, Mrs.
Shaffer, Emory P., Mrs.
Shepard, William
Shepperson, Gay Bolling, b. 1887
Shipp, Corinne (Lewis)
Simkins, Francis Butler, 1898-1966
Smith, Agnes
Spragins, John Diggs
Spragins, R.
Spragins, William E.
Sublett, J. B., Mrs.
Szanto, Alice (Atkinson), 1884-1969

Taylor, Edmund R.
Thomas, Lynette (Adcock)
Townsend, Virginia

Union Theological Seminary – Photographs SEE Lacy, Benjamin Rice

Vache, [?]
Van Winkle, Frankie McKinney, Mrs.
Venable, Emma Cabell, 1867-1952
Vreeland, Lila McGehee

Ward, Craper Hannah, Mrs.
Ward, F. G., Mrs. SEE Atkinson, Christopher
Watkins, Dorothea (Day), 1880-1960
Watkins, Nannie (Forbes)
Watkins, Walter Barker Critz, 1907-1957
Williams, Lila Lefebvre (Isaacs), 1874?-1963
Williams, Richard Norris
Williams, William Twyman, 1884-1971
Wilmer, Margaret (White), 1873-1944
Wilson, Mary Scott (Spencer), 1889-1968
Womack, Egbert Hudson, b. 1896
Worth, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Wright, Hannah McCord, Mrs.

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