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Harvie Family

Harvie Family. Papers, 1831-1913. Section 1
Correspondence, 1835-1887, of Lewis Edwin Harvie of "Dykeland," Amelia County, Va.
Call Number Mss1 H2636 c 1-1552
Name and Subject Index

Adams, John R.
Adams, William V. SEE Barksdale, Elisha
African Americans SEE Epes, Thomas Freeman
Agnew, James A., b. 1827?
Agriculture SEE Beverley, Robert; Bruce, Charles; McDonald, Marshall
Aiken, David Wyatt, 1828-1887
Allan, John M.
Ambler, William Marshall, 1813-1896
Anderson, Archer, 1838-1918 SEE ALSO dePotestad, Gabriella
Anderson, Joseph Reid, 1813-1892
Angel, J. R.
Archer, Robert P.
August, Nathaniel, 1813?-1904
Augusta County (Va.) – Politics and government SEE McCue, John Marshall

Babcock, A. G.
Bagby, John Robert, 1832-1915
Bailey, Benjamin Watkins
Bailey, John M.
Baldwin, Archibald
Banks, A. D.
Barbour, James, 1823-1895
Barbour, John Strode, 1820-1892
Barden, W. S.
Barker, E. D.
Barker, William M.
Barksdale, Elisha, 1812-1887
Barksdale, George Ainsley, 1835-1910
Barnes, James H., 1814-1897
Baskervill, William, 1816-1895
Baxter Portable Steam Engine SEE Gibbs, Alfred Wolcott
Bell, J. B.
Belle Isle (Richmond, Va.) SEE dePotestad, Gabriella
Berkeley, Park Farley, 1808-188?
Beverley, Robert, 1822-1901
Bidgood, George Langhorne, 1835-1905
Binford, Julien, 1844-1904
Bird, Henry D.
Blair, Courtenay Heron
Blair, Frank Simpson, 1839-1899
Blair, Henry Wayne, d. 1884
Blair, James Heron, 1821-1887
Blair, John Durburrow, 1814-1879
Blair, John Geddes, 1787-1851
Blair, Joseph D.
Blair, Lewis Harvie, 1834-1916
Blair, Sarah Ann Eyre (Heron), d. 1871
Blair, William Barrett, 1817-1883
Blakey, Angus Rucker, 1816-1896
Bocock, Willis Perry, 1806-1887
Booker, J. E.
Booker, L. W., Mrs.
Booth, Edwin Gilliam, 1810-1886
Botts, John Minor, 1802-1869
Bouldin, Wood, 1811-1876
Bowe, Nathaniel Woodson, 1842-1914
Brady, James Dennis, 1843-1900
Branch, John Patteson, 1830-1915
Branch, Thomas, 1802-1888
Brockenbrough, Thomas W.
Bruce, Charles, 1826-1896
Buford, Algernon Sidney, 1826-1911 SEE ALSO Morrow, J. L.
Burnham, N. F. SEE Hall (Joseph) & Co.
Burwell, J. S. R.
Burwell, William MacCreary, 1809-1888

Cabell, George Craighead, 1836-1906 SEE ALSO Hines, T. N.
Cameron, William Evelyn, 1842-1927
Campbell, [?]
Carrington, Charles Scott, 1820-1891
Carrington, George A.
Carrington, Isaac Howell, 1827-1887
Carrington, Joseph Littleberry, 1810-1890
Carrington, Walter Scott, 1845-1893
Carter, Sharpe, b. 1812
Casserly, B.
Castle Garden Labor Exchange (New York, N.Y.) SEE Casserly, B.
Catlin, W. N.
Centennial Exhibition (1876 :Philadelphia, Pa.) SEE Booth, Edwin Gilliam
Chaffin, Richard Booker, 1844-1902 SEE ALSO Harvie, Edwin James
Chaffin, Sarah Heron (Harvie), 1844-1924
Chamberlayne, Francis West, 1832-1904
Cheatham, William J.
Chesterman, William Dallas, 1845-1904
Chisolm, Julian John, 1830-1903
City Fire Insurance Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE Meade, Everard Benjamin
Clarke, [?]
Clinton, G. DeWitt
Coal SEE Marks, Robert
Cochrane, P. H.
Cofer, G. B.
Coleman, Edward Henry, 1831-1907
Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, Hartford, Conn. SEE Gibbs, Alfred Wolcott
Confederate States of America. Army of Southwest Virginia SEE Echols, John
Convict labor SEE Ruffin, Wilson Nicholas
Cottrell, A. B.
Coverley (Amelia County, Va.) SEE Meaux, Cornelia C. (Gaines)
Cox, James Henry, 1810-1877
Cox, L. N.
Crenshaw, James Richard, 1830-1891
Crenshaw, Merritt Womble, 1854-1912
Crenshaw, Octavius A., b. 1822
Critcher, John, 1820-1901
Crittenden, Charles Thomas, 1836-1907
Crowder, Peter B.
Cunningham, George Alfred, 1838?-1904
Currant, Emanuel
Curtiss, D. S.

D’Andahazy, A. G.
Dance, Willis Jefferson, 1821-1887
Danville and New River Railroad SEE Ruffin, Wilson Nicholas
Davenport, Charles
Davenport, Gideon A.
Davis, James M. M., 1847-1883
deKrafft, N. W.
DeMortie, M. R.
Dennis, B.
Dennis, Edward
Dennis, Jacob Morton
Dennis, William Henry, b. 1801?
DePotestad, Gabriella, Mrs.
Dickinson, Asa Dupuy, 1816-1882
Dickinson, L. R.
Diggs, T. William
Dodamead, Thomas
Downey, Mark
Drewry, Augustus Henry, 1817-1899
Droop Mountain (Pocahontas County, W. Va.) SEE Echols, John
Dulany, Richard Henry, 1820-1906

Eanes, Watkins L., b. 1804
Eastern State Hospital SEE Moore, Samuel Preston
Ebel, Ferdinand C.
Ebel, Jacob
Echols, John, 1823-1896
Edmondson, Archer, b. 1833
Edmunds, Henry, 1842-1907
Eggleston, Harvie
Eggleston, William
Elam, A. G.
Elam, William Cecil
Elizabethtown, Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad SEE Echols, John
Ellis, Thomas Hardin, 1814-1898
Ellzey, Mason Graham, 1838-1915
Enquirer (Richmond, Va.) SEE Chesterman, William Dallas; Williams, John Langbourne
Epes, A. E. Maben, Mrs.
Epes, Richard, b. 1825?
Epes, Thomas Freeman, 1814-1897

Farrar, Fernando Richard, 1828-1898
Featherston, John Charles, b. 1837
Ferguson, Milton J.
Fernald, William L.
Ficklin, W.
Finney, William Wood, 1829-1910
Fisher, George Daniel, 1804-1891. History and reminiscences of Monumental Church (1880)
Fitzgerald, John W.
Flanagan, William Madison, 1849-1899
Flournoy, Henry Wood, 1846-1902
Flournoy, Thomas Stanhope, 1811-1883
Folger, Charles James, 1818-1884
Ford’s Hotel (Richmond, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Curtiss, D. S.; Walker, William Townes
Fowlkes, Edward J., b. 1832?
Fowlkes, Joseph M.
Frayser, Richard Edgar, 1830-1899
Freeman, L. R.
French, Henry Flagg, 1813-1885
French, Samuel Bassett, 1820-1898
French, William Henderson, 1812-1872

Gaillard, Edwin Samuel, 1827-1885
Gaines, Richard Venable, 1830-1916
Gaines, William R., 1833-1896
Gallego Mills (Richmond, Va.) SEE Barksdale, George Ainsley; Warwick, William Barksdale
Gibbs, Alfred Wolcott, 1856-1922
Gibbs, Luke
Gibbs, Peggy Foushee (Blair)
Gibson, James White, d. 1886
Gibson, Joseph F.
Giles, Thomas Tabb, 1803-1883
Gilham, William, 1818-1872
Gilham, William Henry, d. 1884
Gilliam, Marshall Madison, 1843-1921
Gilliam, William J.
Gills, Joseph M.
Gills, Joseph W. SEE ALSO Gills, Joseph M.
Gilmer, George Kooglar, 1822-1899
Goddin, Wellington, 1815-1886
Godwin, W. N. J.
Goode, John, 1829-1909
Goodman, Ed W.
Goodman, Littleton B.
Gordon, William Westmore, 1831-1892 SEE ALSO Kemper, James Lawson
Graham, Archibald, 1804-1880
Graves, John A.
Gregory, William f. C.
Gresham, Edwin James, 1831-1902
Griffith, William R.
Grigg, James E.
Grosvenor, William Mason, 1835-1900
Guy, john Henry, 1833-1890

Hankins, J. D.
Hardaway, John Segar, 1827-1892
Hardaway, Richard Eggleston, b. 1848
Harris, Alfred T., 1799-1883
Harrison, Carter Nicholas
Harrison, Donald McKenzie, 1818-1872
Harrison, Henry Huntington, b. 1848
Harrison, William G.
Harvey, Robert
Harvie, Charles Irving, 1842-1864 SEE ALSO Echols, John; Ferguson, Milton J.; Gaillard, Edwin Samuel; Harvie, Mary Edmonia (Meade); Jones, James F.; Tabb, Thomas Yelverton; Tabb, William Barksdale; Taylor, Thomas T.
Harvie, Edwin James, 1835-1911 SEE ALSO Blair, Sarah Ann Eyre (Heron)
Harvie family – Genealogy SEE McLaughlin, William
Harvie, James Seddon, 1846-1917 SEE ALSO Beverley, Robert; Harrison, Donald McKenzie; Minor, Charles Landon Carter
Harvie, John Blair, 1836-1913
Harvie, John Brockenbrough, 1810-1885
Harvie, Josephine Blair, 1848-1913 SEE ALSO Skelton, John Gifford
Harvie, Lewis, 1852-1888
Harvie, Lewis Edwin, 1843-1918
Harvie, Lewis Edwin, b. 1825
Harvie, Mary Edmonia (Meade), 1835-1884
Harvie, Mary Elizabeth (Blair), 1819-1912 SEE ALSO Harvie, Edwin James
Harvie, William Old, b. 1839
Harvie, William W.
Hazlewood, Martin William
Heath, James Ewell, 1850-1912
Henley, John
Heth, Henry, 1825-1899
Hill, James Christian, 1833-1906
Hill, William Maury, 1848-1918
Hines, T. N.
Hoge, John Milton, 1844-1913
Hoge, Moses Drury, 1818-1899
Holderby, J.
Hollywood Cemetery (Richmond, Va.) SEE Ruffin, Francis Gildart
Hood, Lewis
Horses SEE Irving, Francis Deane
Hundley, Elisha Estes, 1800-1879
Hunter, Robert Mercer taliaferro, 1809-1887

Irving, Francis Deane, 1821-1891

Jackson, Giles Beecher, 1853-1924
Jackson, William F., 1842-1909
James River and Kanawha Canal Company SEE Morris, William Sylvanus
Jefferson, George Colgin, d. 1931
Jefferson, Otelia (Howlett)
Jenkins, William A., 1822-1885
Jeter, R. T.
Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875 SEE Botts, John Minor
Johnson, Bradley Tyler, 1829-1903
Johnson, Powell C.
Johnson, W. R.
Johnston, John S.
Johnston, John Warfield, 1818-1889
Jones, Alexander Baxter, b. 1840?
Jones, Basil Magruder, b. 1794
Jones, James F.
Jones, Ulysses Trent
Jorgensen, Joseph, 1844-1888

Kean, Otho Garland, 1845-1890
Keiley, Anthony Michael, 1832-1905
Kelley, Oliver Hudson, 1826-1913 SEE Curtiss, D. S.
Kemper, James Lawson, 1823-1895
Kemper, Meade Cave, d. 1886
Knight, John Wesley
Knight, William Carter, 1818-1896
Kuper, William A.

Lacy, Horace Plumer, 1831-1908
Lane, James Henry, 1833-1907
Leake, William Josiah, 1843-1908
Leath, Joseph E., b. 1841?
LeDuc, William Gates, 1823-1917
Lee, Alfred Stith, 1819-1912
Leigh, Egbert Giles, 1814-1890
Leigh, Juius E.
Letcher, John, 1813-1884
Levy, Leopold
Lewellen, James Wesley, 1818-1876
Lloyd, M. R.
Lockwood, Thomas B.
Louise Home (Washington, D.C.) SEE Booth, Edwin Gilliam
Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad Company SEE Echols, John
Lovell, Mansfield, 1822-1884
Lucke, William H.
Lyons family – Heraldry SEE Lyons, James
Lyons, James, 1801-1882

Mahone, William, 1826-1895 SEE ALSO Gills, Joseph M.; Harvie, Edwin James
Marks, Robert
Martin, L. G.
Mason, Caroline
Mason, James Murray, 1798-1871
Masters, Leander
Mayo, Albert Sidney, b. 1841
Mayo, George Washington, 1840-1902
Mayo, Joseph, 1832-1896 SEE French, Samuel Bassett
McCabe, C. P.
McCormick, Leander James, 1819-1900 SEE Stuart, Alexander Hugh Holmes; Venable, Charles Scott
McCue, John Marshall, 1816-1890
McDonald, James, 1824-1893
McDonald, Marshall, 1835-1895
McGruder, Richard W. SEE ALSO Hundley, Elisha Estes
McLaughlin, William, 1828-1898
Meade, Benjamin Edwin, b. 1831
Meade, Everard Benjamin, 1839-1896
Meade, Hodijah Lincoln, 1842-1902
Meade, William Edward, b. 1816
Meaux, Cornelia C. (Gaines), b. 1809? SEE ALSO Steger, John Overton
Meaux, Thomas B. SEE Meaux, Cornelia C. (Gaines); Steger, John Overton
Meaux, Thomas, d. 1858 SEE Meaux, Cornelia C. (Gaines); Steger, John Overton
Mercer, Isaac J.
Merchants and Mechanics Insurance Company of Virginia (Richmond, Va.) SEE Moore, James B.
Merchants and Planters Savings Bank SEE Jenkins, William A.
Merchants National Bank (Richmond, Va.) SEE Branch, Thomas; Morton, John B.
Meredith, Samuel
Meredith, William SEE ALSO Goddin, Wellington
Metcalf, Henry Brewer, 1829-1904 SEE ALSO Goddin, Wellington
Middleton, Charles
Mileston, William A.
Miller, Henry T.
Miller, James
Minor, Charles Landon Carter, 1835-1903
Mitcheson, Duncan M. SEE Booth, Edwin Gilliam
Moffett, Samuel H., b. 1830
Montague, Robert Latane, 1819-1880
Moore, James B.
Moore, L. D., Mrs.
Moore, L. W.
Moore, Samuel Preston, 1813-1889
Morgan, Fleming
Morris, William Sylvanus, 1821?-1893
Morrow, J. L.
Morton, John B., 1807-1881
Mosby, Charles Louis, 1810-1879
Mosby, Robert H.
Moseley, J.
Mox, L.
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Thomas
Mutual Banking Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE Lucke, William H.
Myers, Edmund Trewbridge Dana, 1830-1905

National Bank Act (1864) SEE Newman, Walter N.
Neal, Thomas D.
Newman, Walter N.
Noland, Richard William Noble, 1822-1886
Nunnally, Lawson, 1803-1876

Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE dePotestad, Gabriella
Old, Martha Judith (Eggleston), 1835-1876
Old, William, b. 1818
Osborne, Charles Francis, 1800-1879
Ott, John, 1834-1895
Owens, Samuel R. SEE Wright, William

Page, Frederick Winslow, 1826-1913
Page, John Randolph, 1830-1901
Page, Legh Richmond, 1835-1893
Page, Robert, d. 1903
Palfrey, Edward A.
Palmer, Charles Turner, 1842-1917
Palmer, George S., d. 1884
Palmer, William Henry, 1835-1926
Parrott, William P.
Patrons of Husbandry SEE Curtiss, D. S.
Patrons of Husbandry. Bellefonte Grange No. 15 (Nottoway County, Va.) SEE Epes, Thomas Freeman
Patrons of Husbandry. Birch Creek Granch No. 14 (Halifax County, Va.) SEE Hankins, J. D.
Patrons of Husbandry. Lodore Grange No. 218 (Amelia County, Va.) SEE Tabb, Thomas T.
Patrons of Husbandry. National Grange SEE Winston, John R.
Patrons of Husbandry. South Carolina State Grange SEE Aiken, David Wyatt
Patrons of Husbandry. Virginia State Grange SEE Hazlewood, Martin William; Lacy, Horace Plumer; White, J. W.
Patrons of Husgandry. Farmville District Grange (Farmville, Va.) SEE Winston, John R.
Paul, John, 1839-1901
Payne, William Henry, 1830-1904
Peake, George R.
Perkins, William Allen, 1817-1889 SEE ALSO Mahone, William
Peyton, Thomas Green, 1832-1900
Phillips, G. R. C.
Phillips, Nannie O. (Meaux)
Pinchbeck, E. F.
Pizzini, Andrew, 1846-1913
Planters National Bank (Richmond, Va.) SEE Quarles, West Richerson; Richardson, Benjamin William
Pleasants, Edward
Pleasants, James, 1831-1898
Pryor, Theodorick, 1805-1890

Quarles, Mann Satterwhite, 1845-1909
Quarles, West Richerson, 1839-1891

Radway, Charles L.
Ranken, David, b. 1835
Readjuster Party (Va.) SEE Burwell, William MacCreary
Republican Party (La.) SEE Burwell, William MacCreary
Richardson, Benjamin William, 1814-1893
Richardson, Robert P., 1811?-1892
Richmond Banking and Insurance Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE Quarles, Mann Satterwhite
Rison, John W.
Rogers, John D.
Rogers, William A.
Royall, Samuel Hobson, b. 1803
Royall, William Lawrence, 1845-1912
Rudd, A. A., d. 1902
Ruffin, Ellen Strother (Harvie), 1818-1900
Ruffin, Francis Gildart, 1816-1892
Ruffin, Wilson Nicholas, b. 1848
Rutherfoord, Thomas, 1766-1852

Sampson, Francis J., b. 1825?
Sands, Alexander Hamilton, 1828-1887
Schlegel, Jacob
Scott, Andrew V.
Scott, Archer
Scott, Frederic Robert, 1830-1898
Scott, S.
Scott, Thomas S.
Scott, William H.
Scott, William Thomas
Seddon, James Alexander, 1815-1880
Semple, George William, 1810-1883
Shannon, Elizabeth Peyton (Giles)
Shepherd, Virginius E., 1827-1896
Shields, John Camden, 1820?-1904
Sinton, John C., 1817?-1888
Sinton, William
Skelton, Ennion Wood, b. 1848
Skelton, John Giffird, 1815-1889
Smith, Francis Henney, 1812-1890
Smith, William, 1797-1887
Smith, William Ira
Smithey, Royall Beverley, 1812-1883
Snead, Marcellus
Snyder, Asa, d. 1884
Southall, Eliza Frances (Sharp), 1846-1919
Southall, James Cocke, 1823-1897
Southall, Joseph Wells, b. 1833
Southall, Stephen Osborne, 1816-1883
Souther planter and farmer (Richmond, Va.) SEE Dickinson, L. R.
Southern Employment Agency (Richmond, Va.) SEE D’Andahazy, A. G.
Southern Fertilizer Company (Richmond, Va.) SEE Gilham, William; Ott, John
Southern Forestry Congress SEE Flournoy, Henry Wood
Staples, Henry Lee SEE Harvie, Edwin James
Staples, Waller Redd, 1826-1897
Starke, Ashton, 1849-1934
State Bank of Virginia (Richmond, Va.) SEE Hill, William Maury
Steger, John Overton, 1818-1886
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883
Stevenson, John White, 1812-1886
Stokes, Allen Young, 1819-1886
Stokes, Henry SEE Winston, John R.
Stuart, Alexander Hugh Holmes, 1807-1891
Stuart, Richard Henry, 1808-1889
Sublett, P. B.
Sully, Robert Matthew, 1837-1912
Sutherlin, William Thomas, 1822-1893 SEE ALSO Ruffin, Wilson Nicholas
Sydnor, Thomas W.
Sydnor, W. O.

Tabb, John Bannister, 1845-1909
Tabb, Thomas T.
Tabb, Thomas Yelverton, b. 1809?
Tabb, William Barksdale, 1840-1874
Tabb, Yelverton
Talcott, Thomas Mann Randolph, 1838-1920
Taylor, Armistead Green, 1841-1923
Taylor, Charles A.
Taylor, Charles S.
Taylor, Edward B.
Taylor, R. F.
Taylor, Tazewell, 1810-1875 SEE ALSO Todd, Westwood A.
Taylor, Thomas T.
Taylor, Virginia J.
Thompson, Henry S.
Thompson, William Field, 1810-1891
Todd, Westwood A., d. 1886
Tredegar Company SEE Anderson, Archer; Anderson, Joseph Reid; dePotestad, Gabriella
Tredway, Thomas T., d. 1885?
Tredway, William Marshall, 1807-1891 SEE ALSO Barksdale, Elisha; Rogers, William A.
Tucker, John Randolph, 1823-1897
Turner, Franklin P., 1832?-1889
Tyler, Charles C.
Tyler, Robert Emmett

Union Bank of Richmond (Richmond, Va.) SEE Miller, James
United States. Dept. of Agriculture SEE LeDuc, William Gates
University of Virginia SEE Harvie, Charles Irving; Heath, James Ewell; Page, Frederick Winslow; Page, John Randolph Southall, Stephen Osborne; Stuart, Alexander Hugh Holmes; Venable, Charles Scott
University Publishing Company, New York, N.Y. SEE Barker, E. D.

Vaughan, Joseph N.
Vaughan, [?]
Venable, Charles Scott, 1827-1900
Virginia – Politics and government SEE Crittenden, Charles Thomas; Hill, James Christian; Hines, T. N.
Virginia. Circuit Court (Fourth Judicial Circuit) SEE Barksdale, Elisha
Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College SEE Eggleston, William
Virginia Horticultural and Pomological Society SEE Allan, John M.
Virginia Military Institute SEE Smith, Francis Henney
Virginia Polytechnic Institute SEE Beverley, Robert; Eggleston, William; Harvie, James Seddon; Lane, James Henry
Virginia State Agricultural Society SEE Edmunds Henry; Finney, William Wood; Leigh, Egbert Giles; Mayo, George W.
Virginia State Penitentiary (Richmond, Va.) SEE William R. Gaines

Walker, Joseph
Walker, Richard F.
Walker, William Townes, 1756-1833
Wallace, John A.
Walters, James Booth, 1846-1884
Walton, John F. SEE Winston, John R.
Waring, John Latane
Warwick, William Barksdale, 1836-1885
Washington, Littleton Dennis Quinton, 1825-1902
Watkins, Charles H.
Watkins, H. Harrison
Watkins, Washington Lafayette, b. 1824
Watt, Robert B.
Weisiger, Samuel S., b. 1811?
Weisiger, Thomas K.
Wharton, Gabriel Colvin, 1824-1906 SEE Eggleston, William
Whig (Richmond, Va.) SEE Shields, John Camden; Elliott (Wyatt M.) & Co.
White, J. W.
Whittle, James M., 1814-1896
Wilburn, E. D.
Wiley, George A.
Williams, John Langbourne, 1831-1915
Williams, [?]
Williamson, W. T.
Willson, Joseph B.
Wingo, B. M., b. 1834?
Wingo, John
Winston, John R.
Winston, [?]
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1806-1876
Wise, John Sergeant, 1846-1913
Wise, Richard Alsop, 1843-1900
Wood, A. B. SEE Hundley, Elisha Estes
Wood, Philip Southall, d. 1884
Wood, Timothy Ward, 1840-1905
Woodson, Joseph F.
Woodward, John B.
Wooldridge, Thomas J. SEE ALSO Dickinson, L. R.; Gregory, William F. C.
Wormeley, Sarah Blair (Harvie), 1869-1964
Wright, John W.
Wright, W. L.
Wright, William

Companies and Organizations:

Allison & Addison (Richmond, Va.)
Archer (P. J.) & Son (Richmond, Va.)

Blair (Walter D.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Booker & Cofer
Branch & Currant (Richmond, Va.)
Branch (Thomas) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Branch (Thomas) & Sons (Petersburg, Va.)

Cardozo, Fourqurean & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Catlin & Pate (Richmond, Va.)
Chaffin, Staples & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Chamberlayne & Leigh (Richmond, Va.)
Cottrell (S. S.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Coulling & Meade (Richmond, Va.)
Crowder & Wallace (Amelia Court House, Va.)

D’Andahazy & Link (Richmond, Va.)
Davenport & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Donnan (W. S.) & Sons (Richmond, Va.)

Elliott (Wyatt M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

J. G. Friend & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Grubbs & Williams (Richmond, Va.)

Hall (Joseph) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Harvey & Jones (Richmond, Va.)
Harveys & Williams (Richmond, Va.)
Haxall-Crenshaw Company (Richmond, Va.)
Hening (George J.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Hudgins (E. P.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Kean & Davis (Richmond, Va.)

Lancaster & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Martin (Walter K.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Mayo & Tatum (Richmond, Va.)
Meade & Baker (Richmond, Va.)
Miller (H. T.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Nolting & Bro. (Richmond, Va.)

Palmer, Hartsook & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Peyton & Cary (Richmond, Va.)
Piedmont Railroad Company. Board of Directors
Polk (William R.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Powers, Blair & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Purcell, Ladd & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Rasin (R. W. L.) & Co. (Baltimore, Md.)
Rasin (R. W. L.) & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Robers, Beall & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Ruffin, Sutphin & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Sadtler (G. T.) & Sons (Baltimore, Md.)
Scott & Cheatham
Smith (H. M.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Southern Fertilizing Company (Richmond, Va.)
Squire (L. S.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Stearns & Halsey (Richmond, Va.)

Waller, Kellam & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Watkins & Cottrell (Richmond, Va.)
Watt & Call (Richmond, Va.)
Watt & Knight (Richmond, Va.)
Whig, Richmond, Va.
Wingo, Ellett & Crump (Richmond, Va.)
Wortham (C. & E.) (Richmond, Va.)

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