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Litchfield Family

Litchfield family. Papers, 1837-1992. Section 2.
Call Number Mss1 L7115 a 3-346
Correspondence, 1869-1903, of George Victor Litchfield (1837-1903)

Agnew, Mary Chaffin
Atkins, D.
Atkins, Ella B., Mrs.
Atkins, James.
Aumann, James

Barrett, Oramel
Bohannan, Rosser D., b. 1855
Boice, Lida B.
Bolling, Anne Stuart (Litchfield), 1869-1944
Bolling, Annie Lee, b. 1865?
Booker, Belle Peirce (Litchfield), 1880-1968
Boswell, Martha Pauline (Gash)
Bramblitt, Mary (Watson)
Bramblitt, William Henry, b. 1829
Brown, William J., 1846-1929
Buchannan, Frances E., Mrs.
Bullitt, William Christian, b. 1856 SEE Barrett, Oramel
Burnett, J. S.

Campbell, Ellen
Campbell, James C., 1830-1896
Cassell, Joseph C.
Chaffin, Mary Clare Carroll (Macgill), 1870-1949
Colley, Thomas W., 1837-1919
Craig, George F.
Crosby, H. M.
Cunnyngham, Elizabeth K. (Litchfield)
Cunnyngham, Victor Litchfield
Cunnyngham, William George Etler, d. 1900

Davis, James Armstrong
Dunn, Isaac B.
DuPré, Daniel Allston, b. 1848
DePré, Mary A. (Sydnor)

Eckman, John W.

French, George D.
French, J. L. M.
Fulton, William Edward, 1856-1934

Gardner, Robert L.
Garrett, Adeline (Gash)
Garrett, Robert U.
Gash, Jean A.
Gibboney, M. Bell, Mrs.
Gray, W. G.

Hagan, Patrick, 1828-1912
Hamilton, R. C.
Hardin, Elizabeth P.
Hickman, George L.
Hickman, Nannie
Hoss, Elijah Embree, 1849-1919 SEE French, George D.; Summers, Thomas Osmond
Hull, L. L.
Hurt, J. Irby, 1867-1935

Jones, Richard Watson, 1837-1914

Kaylor, John W., 1851-1935
Kennedy, James S.
Kline, Fannie Talbot (Littleton), b. 1869
Krenning, William
Kutz, D. B.

Legard, Samuel P., 1854-1934
Litchfield, Abram Trigg, 1835?-1919?
Litchfield, Elizabeth Pannill (Peirce), 1843-1892 SEE ALSO Cunnyngham, William George Etler
Litchfield, George, 1837-1903
Litchfield, George Victor, 1877-1922
Litchfield, Irene, Mrs. SEE Litchfield, Abram Trigg
Litchfield, Mary, 1875-1936
Lowry, William G. G., 1841-1902

McGavock, Willie Elizabeth (Harding), 1832-1895
Macgill, [?]
Macgill, Anne Stuart (Macgill), 1869-1904
Macgill, Charles Peirce, b. 1878
Macgill, Mary Belle (Peirce), 1841-1879
McMasters, V.
Mahone, William, 1826-1895 SEE Dunn, Isaac B.
Manchester, Arthur Livingston, 1862-1947
Miller, William
Mitchell, J. B.
Mitchell, W. H.
Munford, George Tayloe, 1854-1928 SEE Aumann, James

Peirce, David Stuart, 1846-1893 SEE ALSO Emory and Henry College. Calliopean Literary Society
Pierce, G. F.

Rankin, George Clark, 1849-1915

Sayers, Samuel Rush, 1833-1914 SEE Aumann, James
Sheffey, Josephine (Spiller), 1840-1904
Sledd, Robert Newton, 1833-1899
Smith, E. Sumter, b. 1861
Smith, Virginia, Mrs.
Soule, Fanny P.
Steel, Samuel Augustus, b. 1849
Stuart, Elmira (Spiller) Brown, b. 1838
Stuart, Henry Carter, 1855-1933
Stuart, James Ewell Brown, 1860-1930
Stuart, William Alexander, 1825-1892
Stuart, Flora (Cooke), 1836-1923
Summers, Thomas Osmond, 1812-1882

Thomas, Elizabeth P.
Trigg, Connally Findlay, 1837-1907
Trigg, Thomas Preston, 1851-1921

Watson, Brooke Ewin, 1847-1920
Webb, W. W. SEE Trigg, Thomas Preston
White & Penn (Abingdon, Va.)
Wiley, L. R., Mrs.
Wilmer, Arthur Ponsonly, 1865-1928

Organizations and Companies

Appleton (D.) & Co. (New York, N.Y.)

Crockett Arsenic-Lithia Springs (Montgomery County, Va.) SEE Aumann, James

Emory and Henry College. Calliopean Literary Society

Johns Hopkins University. School of Medicine SEE Litchfield, George Victor (1877-1922)

Martha Washington College (Abingdon, Va.) SEE Davis, James Armstrong
McAllister, Mohler & Co. (Columbus, Ohio)

Randolph Macon Academy (Bedford, Va.) SEE ALSO Litchfield, George Victor (1877-1922), Smith, E. Sumter
Randolph Macon College (Ashland, Va.) SEE Litchfield, George Victor (1877-1922)

Southern Monument Company (Knoxville, Tenn.) SEE H. M. Crosby

Virginia Female Institute (Staunton, Va.) SEE Litchfield, Mary; Stuart, Flora (Cooke) Stuart

Webb School (Bellbuckle, Tenn) SEE Jones, Richard Watson
Wytheville Woolen and Knitting Mills Company (Wytheville, Va.) SEE Krenning, William

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