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Louthan Family, Section 53

A Guide to the Papers, 1722-1900, of the Louthan Family.
Section 53. Correspondence, 1916-1988, of Mary Tyler Louthan
Call Number Mss1 L9361 a 11,664-12,790

Correspondence, 1916-1988 (arranged alphabetically), of genealogist Mary Tyler Louthan (of Richmond, Va.). 1,127 items.

Researchers please note: this section is part of a larger collection of Louthan Family papers in the holdings of the Virginia Historical Society. For additional information, please consult the online catalog.

Index to Correspondents

Allen, Carter R.

Banks, Macon
Battey, Adrienne
Battey, George M., III
Bishop, Helen
Bradshaw-Innes, Patrice
Broome, Mildred C.
Brown, Bonnie M.
Brown, Elva
Brown, Charlotte P.
Brown, Thelma
Burnham, Virginia
Burruss, Olive

Caldwell, Lucile
Chapman, Narcissa Clair
Chapman, Scott
Clairborne, Virginia
Cravath, Jean B.
Crittenden, Pat Kidder

Day, Frances Louthan
Dibernie[?], Douglas
Donwoody, Mary B.
Draper, Polly

Earle, George Howard
Ellyson Stiles H.
Evans, Catherine C. (Bells)

Fall, Ralph E., Rev.
Ferguson, Hardinia Taylor Hunter
Flake, Mary Willis McKenzie

Garrett, B. C.
Geddy, M.
Goodknight, Lillian P.
Gould, Margaret
Grist, Arthur W.

Hamilton, Elizabeth Earle (Cosby)
Hamilton, Mary Louise
Hawkins, Berta
Hayward, Elizabeth
Hesler, Elizabeth Patterson
Hill, Corrie B. M.
Holt, Mary Mason Williams
Hoskins, Emma Kelly
Houghton, Constance
Hufford, Bessie Lyon
Hurt, Johnnie Mai Hurt
Hurt, Oscar H.

Kackley, Orville L.
Kasper, Sissie
Kelly, Martha Carter
Keyes, Margaret
King William High School

Leavell, Esta Holt
Lemon, Lavinia Fletcher Plumley
Louthan, Allyson
Louthan, Alexander Doniphan
Louthan, Amy T.
Louthan, Anne Donnemiller
Louthan, Charles H.
Louthan, Frank G.
Louthan, Fred
Louthan, Mary M.
Louthan, Mary Tyler
Louthan, Robert Baxter

Manuel, Helen
Mason, Mary
Matthews, J. R.
Matthews, Virginia
Messer, Mary
Miller, James, Dr.
Moyler, John

Norris, Gladys

Patterson, Martha Gregory
Pearce, Anna Morgan
Plumley, Fletcher P.

Ramsey, A. F.
Randall, Mary Lide Louthan
Ratcliffe, Idaline McVey
Richardson, Ruth
Ryland, Anne R.

Sayward, Janet
Seward, Mildred K.
Shepherd, Richard Thomas
Shopland, Georgianna
Simmonds, Mary H.
Slaughter, James B.
Smith, Anna
Smith, Herbert C.
Smith, Mary G.
Stevens, Betty
Stevens, David
Strother, Dale Edward

Thorpe, Frances
Trice, Elizabeth

Varner, Margaret

Wade, Florine Smith
Watts, Margaret
Webb, Anne Holliday
Webb, Lucy
Webster, Anna R.
Webster, Browne Roberts

Last updated: December 2, 2009

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