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Walter Spencer Robertson, Section 5

A Guide to the Papers, 1824-2002, of Walter Spencer Robertson (1893-1970).
Section 5. Correspondence, 1910-1970, of Walter Spencer Robertson.
Call Number Mss1 R5495 b 1,525-2,946

Personal and professional correspondence, 1910-1970, of Walter Spencer Robertson of Richmond, Va. Most of his correspondence is either of a social or personal nature and includes details about family, friends, and his day-to-day life.

This section is part of a larger collection of Walter Spencer Robertson papers held by the Virginia Historical Society.


List of Correspondents


Adams, Theodore F.
Almond, J. Lindsay, Jr. (1898-1986)
Anderson, Edward C. (1893-1985)
Anderson, Isabel
Anderson, Maggie Burke
Apperly, Frank L. (1888-1961)
Ashton, James H.

Baker, Sidney F.
Bell, Benjamin
Bernau, Phyllis
Bevan, David C.
Bittner, Gary E.
Bland, Maria
Bliss, Robert (1875-1962)
Bocock, John Holmes (1890-1958)
Bocock, W. H.
Bordley, John E.
Branch, Louise
Brown, Robert R.
Bryan, John Stewart (1871-1944)
Burke, Arleigh (1901-1996)
Butterworth, Walton
Byrd, Harry F. (1914-)
Byroade, Ernest C.

Caccia, Harold (1905-1990)
Cameron, Sallie Mayo
Cardwell, Marion H.
Carter, Robert
Casey, Richard Gardiner
Chamberlain, James L.
Chamberlain, Lillian Fletcher (Robertson) (b. 1868)
Chandler, Alvin Duke
Chatterjee, Dwarka Nath
Cheek, Elizabeth
Chiang Mei Ling Soong (Madame Chiang Kai-shek) (1897-2003)
Chiang Ching-kuo
Christian, Emily
Chun Chang
Claiborne, Catherine Taylor (Robertson) (1928- )
Cobb, Archer
Clubb, O. Edmund
Coleman, R. Taylor
Copland, Douglas Berry
Crinkley, Sally Epes
Crocker, Stuart M.

Dall, Curtis B.
Dabney, Virginius (1901-1995)
Darden, Colegate W., Jr. (1897-1981)
Dashiell, Nene
Davis, Hilda
Dean, Sir Patrick (1909-1994)
Deitrick, Thomas P.
Devany, Anna Bolling (Wells)
Devany, Jaqueline (Epes)
Dillard, Francis
Dillard, Margaret E.
Donnan, B.
Dubose, J.P.
Dulles, Eleanor Lansing (1895-1996)
Dulles, Janet (Avery)
Dulles, John Foster (1888-1959)

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1890-1969)
Epes, C.A.
Epes, Harris Hardaway (1890-1965)
Epes, Jessie
Epes, Lucy
Epes, Nora (d. 1914)
Epes, Rebecca Clack (Robinson) (b. 1854)
Epes, Sallie F.

Fitzgerald, Carrie
Fiveash, Frances (Robertson) (b. 1899)
Flowers, George Horace
Folger, John Clifford
Fleming, Nene
Freeman, Douglas S. (1886-1953)

Gamble, Edward W.
Gardner, Russell E.
Gayle, Mary N.
Gerson, Louis L.
Gibson, C. D’W
Gibson, George Dandridge
Goldburg, Ariel L.
Gordon, David L.
Gowrie, Zara
Green, G. A.
Griffin, William W.
Grove, James Mason

Hall, Robert A.
Han, Pyo Wook (1916-2003)
Hardy, R. Archer
Harlan, John
Harris, Catherine P.
Harris, Olivia R.
Harrison, Albertis S.
Harrison, Arthur W.
Harrison, Randolph C.
Henderson, Nicholas
Herter, Christian A. (1895-1966)
Hill, Frances
Hill, Lucy Kearny
Hoffman, Paul
Holton, A. Linwood (1923-)
Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964)
Hoover, Herbert, Jr. (1903-1997)
Hoover, John Edgar (1895-1972)
Howell, Joe
Hoye, Wilbur G.
Hunter, J.H.
Hurley, Patrick (1883-1963)
Hutchin, [?]
Hyde, Tristram T., Jr.

Ishibashi, Tanzan

Janell, Henry T.
Jeffress, Robert M.
Johnson, Elizabeth Rebecca (Robertson) (1896-1959)
Johnson, Thomas Nelson Page (1918-2007)
Jones, Decatur
Jones, Howard P. (1899-1973)

Kamel, Mostafa
Kan Chieh-hou
Kearny, F.
Kendall, Ray
Kent, Cynthia McGavock
Kim Tai-Sun
Kimny, Nong
Kurtz, Frank

Labouisse, John W.
Lacy, T.H.
Li Zongren (aka Li Tsung-jen) (1891-1969)
Lodge, Henry Cabot (1902-1969)
Loudon, John & Mary
Lubbock, Peter G.

MacArthur, Douglas, II (1880-1964)
Mann, Alice W.
Margerie, R. de
Marshall, George C. (1880-1959)
Martin, Edwin W.
Maverick, Maury
McAdams, Thomas B.
McCardle, Dorothy
McElroy, Margaret
Menzies, Robert G. (1894-1978)
Moncure, Blanche
Muldowney, Joe
Munford, John D.

Nelson, J.
Nicholson, W.S.
Nixon, Richard M. (1913-1994)
Nolan, James Parker
Norton, Bela W.

Officer, Sir Frank Keith (1889-1969)
Odlum, Victor Wentworth (1880-1971)
Overbey, Mrs. Richard

Palmer, Beth A.
Palmer, Ely Eliot
Parker, Jessie Warren
Parra, Rozelle S.
Parris, Oscar
Parker, Jessie Warren
Parsons, J. Graham (1907-1991)
Patten, David L.
Patton, Janet Keen (Jones)
Peple, Florence Selden (1879?-1954)
Perkins, Troy L.
Poole, Peter A.
Porter, Arthur
Powell, Lewis F., Jr. (1907-1998)
Preston, Edmund

Ramsey, Kathryn
Reed, Mary Ross Browning
Rhee, Syngman (1875-1965)
Rice, Marie Gordon Pryor (b. 1850)
Ringwalt, Arthur
Robertson, Anne Marie (Robinson) (1856-1910)
Robertson, Beverly Holcombe (1827-1910)
Robertson, Clarence B. (1891-1965)
Robertson, Edward Clack (b. 1891)
Robertson, “Holly” (dog)
Robertson, Ivanhoe (1864-1951)
Robertson, Jaquelin Taylor (1933-)
Robertson, Lelia Eggleston (b. 1890)
Robertson, Marianne (Neese)
Robertson, Martha Virginia
Robertson, Mary Dade (Taylor) (1899-2001)
Robertson, Robert Shore (1853-1931)
Robertson, W. Henry
Robertson, Walter Spencer, Jr. (1926-)
Robertson, William Henry (1855-1908)
Roijen, Anne van

Sands, Oliver Jackson
Scott, Buford
Scott, Elisabeth Mayo (Strother) (1868-1930)
Scott, Hugh
Scott, Thomas B., Jr.
Seay, H. H.
Seymour, Violet Erskine
Shackelford, Virginius Randolph (1885-1949)
Shepherd, Lemuel C., Jr.
Smith, Lettice
Smyth, Robert L.
Spencer, Sallie
Sprouce, Philip D.
Stettinius, Edward R., Jr. (1900-1949)
Stringfellow, Elizabeth (1890-1994)
Stringfellow, S.P.
Stutman, David
Sulzberger, C.L. (1912-1993)
Sun Lianzhong (aka Sun Lien-Chung) (1894-1990)
Sydnor, Virginia

Taylor, Henry
Thalhimer, Morton G. (1889-1978)
Thalhimer, William B., Jr. (1914-2005)
Tilley, Lizzy
Toms, Zack
Trigg, Emma Gray White (1890-1976)
Trimble, H.F.
Trippe, Carolyn
Tsolainos, K.P.
Tuck, William M.
Turner, Robert K.

Wakehurst, John (1895-1970)
Wang Chung-hin
Wedemeyer, Albert Coady (1897-1989)
Welles, Ben
White, Frederick
Wilkinson, J. Harvie (1906-1990)
Williams, Ben
Williams, Maude
Williams, Walter A.
Willis, Edward F.
Witter, Jean Carter

Yeh, George K.C.
Young, Kenneth T. (1916-1972)

Zhou En-lai (1898-1976)

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