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Short Family, Section 10

Short family. Papers, 1783-1977. Section 10.
Call Number Mss1 Sh8185 a Sect. 10
Index to Correspondence, 1891-1931, of Robert Lee Jeffreys (1875-1932)

Allen, B. P.
Anderson, James Aylor, 1892-1964
Armistead, Rosalie Fontaine (Jones), 1886-1956

Bagley, William Archer, 1895-
Baptist, Edward Langston, 1837-1914
Barrow, Mrs. J. B.
Baskervill, Charles Thomas, 1857-
Beard, Walter E., 1873-1947
Bedinger, Lena (Reekes)
Black, Hall
Blanton, Lindsay Hughes, 1832-1914
Borden, S. W.
Boschen, Albert Orlando, 1873-1957
Boswell, Mrs. Etta Lee
Boswell, Robert Iverson
Bowles, George Ashby, 1883-1956
Bowles, W. H.
Boyd, Emmet
Bradford, John Howard, 1881-1965
Branch, Sarah Massie (Goode), 1884-
Brown, John Sinclair, 1880-1965
Bryan, John Stewart, 1871-1944
Bryan, Jonathan, 1874-1933
Buchanan, Eleanor Fairman (Sheffey)
Bugg, Mrs. S. R.
Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966
Byrd, Richard Evelyn, 1860-1925

Campsall, Frank
Carver, M. M.
Chichester, Daniel McCarty
Coleman, H. C.
Combs, Everett R. (Everett Randolph), 1876-1957
Cooper, Myrtle
Crute, W. Hamilton

Daniel, R. E.
Daves, Mrs. E. H.
Daves, Marshall
Davis, Elizabeth
Deans, Lucy Virginia (Saunders)
Deans, Parke Poindexter, 1880-1947
Dodd, Lizzie F. (Roberts)
Dodson, Clarence
Dovell, Grover Ashton, 1885-1949
Downey, Jeannette
Drewry, Patrick Henry, 1875-1947

Easley, Susie (Morton)
Elam, James

Farmer, Mrs. E. Burnett
Faulkner, Charles James, 1881-
Fitzgerald, E. S.
Frasier, Tyler McCall, 1900-

Gallion, H. A.
Geoghegan, Charles Edward
Gibboney, Stuart G. (Stuart Gatewood), 1877-1944
Gibson, Edwin Henry, 1870-1956
Glass, Carter, 1858-1946
Glazener, Roy
Goode, Morton Graham, 1886-1959
Gregory, Lucius, 1862-
Gregory, M. Y.

Habner, A. L.
Hamilton, Norman Rond, 1877-1964
Harrison, Marion Lee, 1874-1933
Harrison, Ralph P.
Henderson, Helen Ruth, 1898-
Hicks, L. L.
Higgins, William H.
Hill, George Washington, 1884-1946
Homes, W. E.
Horne, Pearce
Hooker, Henry Lester, 1885-1988
Hudgins, Edward Wren, 1882-1958
Hutcheson, Herbert Farrar, 1869-1934
Hutcheson, Mrs. J. S.
Hutcheson, Nathaniel Goode, 1901-1988

Jeffreys, Albert Leonidas
Jeffreys, Bessie Morton (Goode), 1878-1930
Jeffreys, Juliet
Jeffreys, Lelia Louisa (Burnett), 1851-1924
Jeffreys, Miriam (Bickett)
Jeffreys, Robert Meekin, 1851-1924
Jeffreys, Sidney B.
Jeffreys, William Henry, 1871-1938
Jenks, F. W.
Jessup, Ralph
Johnson, Albert Sidney, 1874-1961
Johnson, Thomas Cary, 1859-1936
Jones, Edwin Bunker, 1877-1946
Jones, George Wesley, 1871-
Jones, H. Frederick

Kemp, George S.
Krank, E. B.

Landes, Ashley Theodore
Lecky, Robert
Lee, Mrs. Alice H.
Lenhart, Hugh Finch
Lifsey, William P.
Lynn, Mrs. M. R.

McBee, R. C.
McElrath, R. J.
McNeill, Walter Scott, 1875-1930
Maddux, Peter H.
Mapp, George Walter, 1873-1941
Marsh, R. H.
Martin, Edna
Mason, W. J.
Merryday, Adelaide (Jeffreys)
Mitchell, Lila Buford (Goode)
Montgomery, J. S.
Moore, Frank, 1871-1943
Morgenthau, Henry, 1856-1946
Morrissett, Carlisle Havelock, 1892-1976
Moseley, Kemper N.
Myers, J. H. L.

Ouldman, W. D.

Palmer, Edwin Cabell, 1876-
Patterson, Robert Donnell, 1875-
Peery, George C. (George Campbell), 1873-1952
Pennington, B. D.
Phillips, K. A.
Pollard, John Garland, 1871-1937
Price, James H. (James Hubert), 1878-1943
Purcell, John M.

Rees, Mrs. Byron T.
Richards, Boyd R., 1888-
Roberts, Bessie Anderson, 1885-1967
Robertson, Arthur H.
Robertson, Mrs. J. A.
Robertson, Raymond
Ryan, W. A.

Saunders, Mrs. C. H.
Saunders, Clyde Watson, 1866-1939
Saunders, John Richard, 1869-1934
Shirley, Henry Garnett, 1874-1941
Short, Bessie Morton Goode (Jeffreys), 1899-1977
Smith, Herbert McKelden, 1876-1960
Snead, Edwin Archer, 1857-1953
Sprunt, James, 1901-1981
Stephens, M. F.
Stevens, Ernest, 1861-
Strohkorb, A. W.
Swanson, Claude Augustus, 1862-1939

Thames, J. R.
Tompkins, James McCaw, 1883-1946
Toon, Mrs. E. L.
Trinkle, Elbert Lee, 1876-1939
Turnbull, Irby, 1887-1967
Turnbull, Robert, 1850-1920

Upchurch, J. W.

Van Orsdel, Kaye B.

Wagstaff, Rice
Wall, Hiram
Wallace, Cora (Jeffreys)
Wallace, Robert Lucius, 1902-
Warriner, Thomas Emmett, 1893-1955
Watkins, R. L.
Watson, Walter Allen, 1867-1919
Wells, Rolla, 1856-1944
Weston, Frank E.
Williams, Herbert T.
Williams, Mrs. Helen T.
Williams, John William, 1869-1934
Williams, Norman Hill
Williams, Mrs. Mary S.
Williamson, D. M.
Winston, Alfred S.
Wooton, Percy W.
Wormeley, Carter Warner, 1874-1938
Winn, C. C.

Companies and Organizations

Bryan, Kemp & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Crowell Auto Co., Inc. (Danville, Va.)

George D. Witt Shoe Co. (Lynchburg, Va.)

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