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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Taylor Family

Taylor family. Papers, 1844-1912. Section 8.
Correspondence, 1874-1912, of Virginia (Bagby) Taylor (1864-1955)
Call Number Mss1 T2197 b 282-1635
Index to Correspondents and Selected Topics

Alderman, Edwin Anderson, 1861-1931 SEE Norton, James Keith Marshall
Augusta Female Academy SEE Donaghe, Hallie R.
Aylett, Lewis Dandridge, 1856-1934
Aylett, Mary Ludwell (Archer), b. 1860

Bacon, Margaret C.
Bagby, Ellen Matthews, 1879-1960
Bagby, George William, 1876-1943
Bagby, John Hampden Chamberlayne, 1867-1934
Bagby, Philip Haxall, 1882-1926
Bagby, Robert Coleman, 1876-1938
Barclay, John Woods, 1823-1907
Battle, Martha Burwell Dabney (Bagby), 1869-1954
Belmead (Powhatan County, Va.) SEE Weathers, Mary Ellen (Douglas)
Bentley, Mary Amanda
Berkeley, Norborne, 1828-1911
Blair, Maria, 1841-1924
Boggs, Edith A.
Bolling, Parke Chamberlayne (Bagby), 1874-1947
Bowyer, Catherine Steptoe (Burwell), b. 1836?
Bowyer, Thomas Mickie, 1830-1900
Briggs, Kate Walton
Brock, Robert Alonzo, 1839-1914
Brooke, Elizabeth Gay (Bentley), d. 1903?
Burwell, Letitia McCreery, 1830-1905
Byerly, Ann Carter (Wickham) Renshaw
Byrd, Wickham

Campbell, James Lawrence, b. 1851
Campbell, Lilian (Bowyer), d. 1896
Capon Springs (Hampshire County, W. Va.) SEE Donaghe, Hallie R.
Carver, Caroline Constance (Christian)
Causey, Evelyn Spotswood (Douglas), b. 1854
Chamberlayne, Martha Burwell (Dabney), 1802-1883
Chamberlayne, Mary Walker (Gibson), 1849-1905
Chamberlayne, Mrs. Sarah M., 1817?-1901
Commercial Club (Richmond, Va.) SEE Aylett, Lewis Dandridge

Dabney, Anna Wilson (Noland), b. 1847
Dabney, Lelia, 1852-1927
Dabney, Richard Heath, 1860-1947
Dabney, Thomas Lloyd, 1867-1924
Digest of the Laws of Virginia of a Criminal Nature... SEE Matthews, Ellen Hobson (Bagby)
Donaghe, Hallie R.
Dudley, Alice Harrison
Dunn, Annie Lewis, b. 1863

Edgewood (Nelson County, Va.) SEE Dunn, Annie Lewis
Ellinwood, Laura H.
Estes, Joseph H., b. 1838

Fearnley, Mrs. [?]
Fisk, Mary A. (Briggs), d. 1885
Flemer, Cornelia Chaplin (Matthews), 1860-1922

Grinnan, Annie Casenove (Minor), d. 1923.

Harrison, Adelia Lake (Leftwich), b. 1868
Haymond, Edgar B.
Healing Springs (Bath County, Va. SEE Donaghe, Hallie R.
Heath, James Ewell, 1850-1912
Holcombe, E. W.
Homestead, The (Hot Springs, Va.) SEE Bagby, Ellen Matthews
Hubard, Julia Leiper (Taylor), b. 1842
Hutter, Christian Sixtus, b. 1862

Jones, Susie Morris

Lawrence, J. P.
Lee, Margaret Henderson, 1838-1915
Leftwich, Thomas James, b. 1861
Lightfoot, Anna Augusta (Claiborne)
Lightfoot, Mary Washington Ball (Minor), 1851-1930

Matthews, Ellen Gatewood
Matthews, Ellen Hobson (Bagby), 1831-1894
Matthews, James Muscoe, 1822-1905 SEE Matthews, Ellen Hobson (Bagby)
Matthews, Philip Smith
Matthews, William Baynham, 1850-1914
Miller, Mrs. Susan W.
Minor, Charles Landon Carter, 1835-1903
Minor, Raleigh Colston, 1869-1932
Moncure, Bessie Gordon (Douglas), b. 1848
Morrison, Portia Lee (Atkinson)
Mosby, Kate

Nichols, G. L.
Nimrod Hall (Bath County, Va.) SEE Taylor, Mary Minor Watson
Norton, Gault
Norton, James Keith Marshall, 1860-1929

Opera SEE Dabney, Thomas Lloyd

Page, Anne Seddon (Bruce), 1867-1888
Pinckney, Mary Amanda (Stewart), 1844-1889
Plummer, Frances Ansley (Minor), b. 1864
Poetry SEE Dabney, Richard Heath
Pollard, M. S.
Pollard, Mary B. (Douglas), b. 1845?

Randolph, Eliza L
Richmond Light Infantry Blues (Richmond, Va.) SEE Aylett, Lewis Dandridge
Ruffin, E. M.

Shield, Mrs. Mildred Christian
Smith, Margaret Vowell, 1839-1926
Stewart, Mary Amanda (Williamson), 1822-1910
Stiles, Katherine Clay, 1832-1916
Sydnor, Virginia P. (Taylor), 1900-1986

Tabb, Isabella
Tabb, Juliet Jeffries (Tabb), 1860-1946
Tabb, Sue
Taylor, Anne Morris
Taylor, Henry, 1887-1982
Taylor, Lucy Parke Chamberlayne, 1888-1938
Taylor, Lucy Penn
Taylor, Mary Minor (Watson), 1833-1905
Taylor, Mary Minor Watson, 1890-1976
Taylor, Nancy M., b. 1866?
Taylor, Virginia (Bagby), 1864-1955
Thurmond, Sophy (Dabney), b. 1842

University of Virginia SEE Norton, James Keith Marshall

Watson, Julia L. (Taylor), b. 1859?
Watson, Thomas Shelton, b. 1856?
Weathers, Mary Ellen (Douglas)
Wills, Mattie Lyle

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