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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Wise Family, Section 14

Wise Family Papers, 1840-1967. Section 14.
Correspondence, 1872-1913, of John Sergeant Wise
Call Number Mss1 W7547 a 103-5,318
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

Adams, Annie (Brown) SEE Villard, Oswald Garrison
African Americans – Education SEE Villard, Oswald Garrison
Agnus, Felix, 1839-1925
Aiken, Archibald Murphy, 1849-1913
Aiken, Archibald Murphy, 1888-1971
Aiken, Charles Edward Howard, 1850-1936
Ainsworth, Fred Grayton, 1852-1934
Alger, Russell Alexander, 1836-1907
Allen, Franklin, d. 1939
Allen, G. Edgar
Almy, Francis
Amen, Harlan Page, 1853-1913
Anderson, John L.
Anderson, Mary Evans (Pegram), 1830-1911
Anderson, Richard W.
Andrews, F. H.
Andrews, James S., d. 1938
Angier, Hugh
Ansen, A.
Anthony, Walter F.
Arkell, William J., 1856-1930
Arkwright, William, 1857-1925
Armtsrong, John
Arnold, Clarence K.
Ashford, T. T.
Astor, William Waldorf, Viscount, 1848-1919.
Atkins, H.S., Dr.
Atlantic Hotel (Norfolk, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Atlantic View (Accomack County, Va.) SEE Le Cato, Littleton T.
Austin, W. O., 1848?
Aylett, Lewis Dandridge, 1856-1934

Bailey, Louis B.
Bainbridge, Henry C., d. 1916
Baird, William Raimond, 1858-1917
Baker, Emily J.
Baker, John L., d. 1939
Ball, Ancell H., d. 1943
Ballard, Everett Guy, 1872-1955
Ballentine, Frances R. (Booth), b. 1874?
Bamburgh, William Cushing
Barksdale, Campness Terry, 1854-1933
Barnett House and Mineral Hotel (Chase City, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Paxton, William Davis
Barney, Albert C., d. 1902
Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas (Wise), 1879-1962 SEE ALSO Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968; Wise, Hugh Douglas
Barney, George Wise
Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966 SEE ALSO Fletcher, James Henry
Barney, James Perrine, b. 1901
Barney, Louise J.
Barney, Louise Johnson (Perrine), b. 1852
Bates, David Homer, 1843-1926
Bates, William G., d. 1944
Beaks, Clinton H.
Beale, James I.
Bell, James Franklin
Bell, John T.
Bell, Thomas J.
Bennett, Mary F., Mrs., 1835?-1908
Berkeley, Charles Carter, 1873-1949
Berliner, Richard W.
Bernard, George Strother, 1837-1912
Berry, C. D.
Biddle, Louis A.
Bigelow, Adelina A.
Billings, George B.
Blackford, Benjamin Lewis, 1835-1908
Blackstone, John Wise Gillet, 1858-1911
Blanchard, James Armstrong, 1845-1916
Blue Ridge Springs (Botetourt County, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Brown, Philip Francis
Bolling, Henry
Bolling Island (Goochland County, Va.) SEE Stokes, Margaret Pickett
Bonsal, Stephen, 1865-1951
Booker, Richard Marshall, 1837-1898
Booth, Clara Haxall (Thomson), d. 1925
Booth, Edwin Gilliam, Dr., 1839-1922
Booth, John T.
Bowers, Frank K.
Bowman, Charles Lee
Bowman, D. W.
Boyce, W. L.
Boyd, James Nalle, 1850-1915
Braden, Charles, 1848?-1919
Bradford, John C.
Bradley, Simon C.
Brady, James Dennis, 1843-1900
Bragdon, Irving L.
Brandon (Basic City, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Bray, John Thomas, b. 1839
Brent, George SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Breuer, J. H.
Brewer, Calvert
Brockenbrough, James Cabell, 1851-1907
Brophy, G. F.
Broun, Edwin
Broun, William
Brown, Elon Rouse, 1857-1922
Brown, Ettella, Mrs.
Brown, John Thompson, 1840-1921 SEE Peatross & Harris (Danville, Va.)
Brown, Philip Francis, b. 1842
Brown, William Carey, 1854-1939
Bruce, William Allen
Bryan, C. A.
Bryan, George, 1860-1930
Bryant, William Sohier, Dr., b. 1861
Bryden, Charles
Buchanan, E. B.
Buford, Algernon Sidney, 1826-1911
Buford, Virginia Pegram, b. 1847
Burkhardt, Charles A.
Butler, William Allen, 1825-1902

C.S.A. Army. Virginia Cavalry Regiment, 11th SEE Daingerfield, Foxall Alexander
C.S.A. Army. Virginia Cavalry Regiment, 7th SEE Daingerfield, Foxall Alexander
Cadwalader, John Lambert, 1837-1914
Callahan, John A.
Cam Cobb (Fredericksburg, Va.) SEE Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Campbell, John Lyle, 1854-1913
Campbell, O.
Cannon, James G.
Cape Charles (Va.) – Pictorial works. SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise
Carleton, Henry Guy, 1856-1910
Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919
Carpenter, Fanny Hallack (Rouse)
Carpenter, James S.
Carrington, Isaac Howell, 1827-1887
Carson, John Miller, 1838-1912
Carson, Joseph Preston, 1861-1936
Carter, Susan Elizabeth (Roy), 1833-1902
Carter, Thomas Nelson, 1858-1917
Carter’s Grove (James City County, Va.) SEE Ballentine, Frances R. (Booth); Booth, Clara Haxall (Thomson); Wise, Henrietta Edwina Thomson (Booth)
Case, Girard M.
Cassatt, Alexander Johnston, 1839-1906
Cates, Charles Theodore
Chahoon, George
Chamberlin Hotel (Old Point Comfort, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966; Libbey, Harry; Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas); Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Chandler, Julia Yates (Callaghan)
Chandler, William Eaton, 1835-1917
Chickamauga Park, Ga. SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
City Hall (Richmond, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Frischkorn, John H.; Mayo, Margaretta Ellen (Wise)
Claiborne, Henri H.
Cleary, A. P. D., Dr.
Clendening, Edwin McKaig
Cleveland, Grover
Coffey, Lucy (Hasall)
Coleman, Frances
Collins, Charles
Collis, Charles
Colonial Inn (Williamsburg, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Spencer, J. B. C.
Colonna, Benjamin Azariah, 1843-1924
Colwell, Mary
Corbin, Henry Clark, 1842-1907
Cosby, William W., 1857?-1893
Cram, Ethel Latimer
Cram, John Sergeant, d. 1936
Crenshaw, Mary Lyons (Mayo), 1872-1951
Crim, Eliza (Clinedinst), 1838-1931
Cropper, John, 1850-1906
Cuba SEE Wise, Henry Alexander (1874-1968); Wise, Hugh Douglas; Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Cumming, Joseph B., 1836-1922
Currie, Cameron, d. 1942
Curtis, G. D.
Curtis, George Lenox, Dr., b. 1854
Cutshaw, Wilfred Emory, 1838-1907

Daingerfield, Foxhall Alexander, 1838-1913
Daingerfield, Henderson
Dallas, Hugh Douglas, 1872-1900
Dallas, Trevanion Barlow, 1843-1902
Damon, E. O.
Daniel, John Warwick, 1842-1910
Daniels, John R.
Dashiell, Landonia Randolph (Minot), 1855-1925
Dashiell, William Sparrow, d. 1895
Davis, Beverley A., 1868-1944
Davis, Harriet Hildreth Heard Dunn Scott
Davis, Varina (Howell), 1826-1906
Davis, W. D.
Day, R. G. SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
deKruiff, Theodore E.
Denham, George A.
Dennis, John Upshur, b. 1846
Denny, Harry W.
Denver, Colo. SEE Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Dickey, Robert R.
Dickson, John T.
Dixon, Margaretta (Sergeant), b. 1856
Dodge, R. M.
Dogs – Breeding SEE Thomas, Alfred Addison
Dolliver, Jonathan Prentiss, 1858-1910
Dotson, H. H.
Douglas, Bruce, d. 1909
Douglas, Henry Thompson, 1838-1926
Douglas, Hugh, 1811-1880 – Estate SEE Kennedy, John L.; Reeves, D.F. C.; White, John Patrick
Douglas, William Byrd, 1845-1911
Douglas-Boswell, Annabella Alexandrina Campbell (Innes), d. 1914
Douglas-Boswell, John, b. 1867; SEE ALSO Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Doyle, Charles E., 1851-1910
Dreher, Julius Daniel, 1846-1937
Drewry, Mary (Harrison), 1844-1918
Dugger’s Springs (Botetourt County, Va.) SEE Carter, Susan Elizabeth (Roy)
Duncan, Henry M.
Duval, Henry Rieman, 1843-1924
Duval, Maria Pendleton, 1852-1943
Duval, Rieman Gordon, d. 1912
Dwight, Richard Henry Winslow, 1859-1920

Easby-Smith, James Stanislaus, b. 1870
East, Edward Hazzard, 1830-1904
Eastham, C. F.
Eaton, Frederick Heber, 1863-1916
Eaton, S. B.
Edmunds, Henry, 1842-1907
Ellett, Joseph M.
Ellis, A. N.
Ely, Smith
Ennis, M. J.
Erb, Frederick H., b. 1856
Evans, Thomas J., 1822-1889
Ezekiel, Ezekiel Michael, 1842-1912

Faber, Lother W., 1861-1943
Farnsworth, Frederick Eugene, 1852-1930
Farrar, Fernando Richard, 1828-1898
Faulkner, Charles James, 1847-1929
Fauntleroy, Thomas Turner, 1861-1947
Faust, John A.
Felch, William Farrand
Fendrich, William H.
Finley, H. P.
Fishell, Ulysses Robert, b. 1866
Fisk, Everett Olin, 1850-1934
Fitchett, Fannie Simkins
Fitzhugh, Edward Henry, 1816-1890
Flannagan, Dallas SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Fletcher, James Henry, 1858-1922
Flint, Charles Ranlett, 1850-1934
Foote, George A.
Forbes, William W., b. 1818
Ford, Walter
Fort Riley, Kan. SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966; Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas)
Fort Robinson, Neb. SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
Fortress Monroe (Va.) SEE Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
Foster, Annie Wise (Garnett), 1863-1933
Foster, William Edward, 1839-1915
Fraley, J. W.
Frankenstein, George L.
Franks, James P.
Freeman, William SEE ALSO Wakeman, Wilbur Fisk
French, Samuel Bassett, 1820-1898
Frew, Walter Edwin, 1864-1941
Frischkorn, John H., 1848-1920
Fuller, Olin C.
Furst, William, d. 1917

Gaddis, Percy A.
Garnett, Henry Wise, 1849-1897
Garnett, Mary Elizabeth (Wise), 1829-1898
Gay, Edward S., 1846-1916
Gerhard, George Smith, b. 1849
Gerhard, John Sergeant
Gilliam, Marshall Madison, 1843-1921
Gilmour, Florence B.
Glazebrook, Otis Allen, 1845-1931
Glazebrook, Virginia Calvert Key (Smith), 1844?-1906
Gleaves, James Lucien, 1852-1913
Glen, Lucy
Glessner, Frances (Macbeth)
Glinn, W. Percy
Godard, A. H.
Goodenow, Rufus King, b. 1855
Gordon, William Westmore, 1831-1892
Gordy, Wilbur Fisk, 1854-1929 SEE Hooker, Isabella (Beecher)
Graham, John
Granberry, William Langley, 1863-1927
Gray, Robert B.
Graydon, Samuel
Green, T. D.
Greene, Mary A.
Gretter, William P.
Grubbs, John Lewis, 1835-1926
Guernsey, Davis W., d. 1902
Guillaudeu, W. L.
Gummere, William Stryker, 1852-1933
Guy, Jackson, 1850-1910

Haigh, Henry Allyn, 1854-1942
Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909
Hale, Giles William Bruce, 1840-1933
Hall, H.
Hall, Sherwood
Hammond, W. H.
Harrison, Constance (Cary), 1843-1920
Harrison, J. G., Mrs.
Harrison, James Albert, 1848-1911
Harrison, Margaret L. M.
Hartsook, Eugene Ernest, 1858-1918
Harvie, Edwin James, 1835-1911
Harvie, James Blair, 1847-1937
Haskell, John Cheves, 1841-1906
Havana (Cuba) SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
Haxall, William Henry, 1809-1888
Haxtun, W.
Hazen, Emily (Hall)
Healey, [?]
Hemphill, Ashton E.
Henderson, Joseph W.
Henry, Patrick, 1843-1930
Herrick, S. S.
Hewins, Edmund H.
Hicks, Thurston Titus, b. 1857
Higgins, Anthony, 1840-1912
Higgins, John Clark, 1838-1924
Hine, Charles DeLano, 1867-1927
Hinkley, John L., d. 1948
Hobbs, H. W.
Holladay, Addison Lewis, 1851-1931 SEE Turner, Frank P.
Homestead (Hot Sulphur Springs, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Seabury, George J.
Hooker, Isabella (Beecher), 1822-1907
Hooker, John, 1816-1901
Houghton, William Russell
Houston, Samuel Frederic, 1866-1952
Howe, James S., Dr.
Hubard, Robert Thurston, 1839-1921
Hubbard, Thomas Hamlin, 1838-1915
Huger, Benjamin, 1805-1877 SEE Hunter, Alexander
Hungerford, Adell (Babcock)
Hungerford, Cora
Hungerford, Richard Stanley
Hunter, Alexander, 1843-1914
Huntington, Dwight Williams, 1851-1838
Hurston, David W.
Hurt, J. W.
Hutter, Mary Catharine Power (Lyons), 1839-1900
Hygeia Hotel (Old Point Comfort, Va.) – Pictorial works. SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas); Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968; Wise, Jennings Cropper

Isgrigg, James E.

Jackson, Albert Atlee, 1867-1939
Jackson, Alfred Baury, 1859?-1897
Jacksonville, Fla. SEE Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Jamestown Island (Va.) SEE Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
Jamieson, William Andrew, 1841-1919
Jaycoz, Walter Husted, 1863-1927
Johnson, Branch, 1880-1950
Johnson, John Alexander, 1858-1940
Johnson, Thomas
Johnston, Joseph Forney, 1843-1913
Johnston, William Graham, b. 1828
Johnston, William Hartshorne SEE Wise, Hugh Douglas
Joline, Adrian Hoffman, 1850-1912
Jones, Basil, b. 1874
Jones, Edgar
Jones, Jesse Henry, 1836-1904
Jones, Kate Sneed, Mrs.
Jones, Oliver Livingston
Jones, William A.
Joynes, Edward Southey, 1834-1917
Joynes, George Goodwyn, b. 1856
Justice, Theodore, d. 1824

Kean, Otho Garland, 1845-1890
Keith, C. D.
Kellogg, John Prescott, 1860-1925
Kemp, James Lawson, 1823-1895 SEE Hunter, Alexander
Kendall, Isabell Evans (Wise), b. 1844
Kennedy, John L.
Kennedy, W. W. SEE Savage, George
Kilbon, John Luther
Kinney, C. Spencer, Dr.
Kinney, Cabell Carrington, b. 1866
Kinney, John Marshall
Kirkpatrick, J. G.
Kite, Henry F.
Klock, George F.
Kremer, Edward P., Jr.

LaLanne, Frank Dale, 1849-1913
Lambeth, Samuel Summerfield, 1872-1945
Latimer, Anne Wise (Mayo), b. 1880
Latimer, James Brandt
Latta, Kitty B., Mrs.
Latting, Raymond Arthur, b. 1873
Lawrence, Robert B., d. 1842
Lay, Henry Champlin, 1850-1914
Le Cato, Littleton T.
Lea, John McCormick, 1818-1903
Leake, William Josiah, 1843-1908
Leath, Joseph E., b. 1841?
Lederer, Alison M.
Lee, John thomas
Lee, Robert Edward, 1807-1870 SEE Daingerfield, Foxall Alexander
Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh, 1837-1891 SEE Daingerfield, Foxall Alexander
Leftwich, Alexander Hamilton, 1847-1908
Leftwich, Alexander Tomkins, 1845-1914
Leighton, Clarance F.
Lewis, Daniel Sheffey, 1843-1912
Lewis, John Redman Coxe, 1834-1898
Lewis, Lunsford Lomax, 1846-1920
Libbey, Harry, 1843-1913
Lindsay, John Summerfield, 1842-1903
Littell, Isaac William, 1857-1924
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924
Lomax, Tennant, b. 1858
Long, John Davis, 1838-1915
Longstreet, James, 1821-1904 SEE Angier, Hugh
Lorenzen, Chris, d. 1949 SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise
Lorton, Heth, 1855-1935
Louthan, Carter McKim, 1838-1913
Louthan, Henry Thompson, 1866-1953
Low, Seth, 1850-1916
Lowden, Frank Orren, 1861-1943
Luray Inn (Luray, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Moore, Margaretta Watmough (Wise); Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas); Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Lyle, John Newton, b. 1839

Macbeth, John S.
Macon, L. S.
MacPhee, John J., d. 1941
Maddox, C. K., b. 1842?
Mahon, William J., d. 1960 SEE ALSO Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Mahone, William, 1826-1895
Mann, William Hodges, 1843-1927
Manquin (King William County, Va.) SEE Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Marcosson, Isaac Frederick, 1877-1961
Marshall, Marie Stuart (Lewis), b. 1875
Martin, S. D.
Martin, Sadie E., Mrs.
Mason, Bernice Smith
Mason, Cassity E., d. 1933
Mayo, George Washington, 1840-1902
Mayo, Henry Wise, 1876-1953
Mayo, Margaretta Ellen (Wise), 1844-1909
Mayo, William Carrington, 1834-1900
McAneny, Leonard Gordon, d. 1953
McBride, Mary, 1832-1924 SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
McCain, Henry Pinckney, 1861-1941
McClellan, George Brinton, 1865-1940 SEE Angier, Hugh
McConnico, A. D.
McConnico, Frank Windler
McCue, Benjamin Taylor, b. 1846
McDougal, Henry Clay, 1844-1915
McDowell, F. B.
McGuffey, Charles Drake
McIlwaine, Henry Read, 1864-1934
McIntyre, William J.
McKay, Read J., Dr.
McKenna, Joseph, 1843-1926
McKissick, Anthony Foster, 1869-1938
McKissick, E. P.
McMaster, John Stevenson, 1859-1924
McMichael, M. E. SEE Johnson, Thomas
McNamee, E. M.
McNeilly, Edwin L.
McPhail, Jane Millicent (Powell), 1842-1907
Meade, George, 1843-1897
Menoher, Charles Thomas, 1862-1930
Merrick, George Byron, 1841-1931
Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925
Miller, Elizabeth Smith, 1822-1911
Miller, Gideon Brown, Dr., 1862?-1937
Miller, Jacob F., 1837-1906
Miller, Polk, 1844-1913
Mills, Eva Douglas (Wise), b. 1908
Mitchell, W. H.
Montague, Jeremiah Judson, 1838-1932
Moon, George T.
Moore, Charles Arthur, d. 1914
Moore, Margaretta Watmough (Wise), 1884-1972 SEE ALSO Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Morris, Frederick Parry, d. 1915
Morse, Harry F., d. 1919
Mortimer, James, d. 1911
Mulcahey, Edward J., b. 1850

Nash, Benjamin Hatcher, 1835-1895
Natural Bridge (Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas); Wise, Henrietta Edwina Thomson (Booth)
Neilson, A. Lou
Nelson, L. Page
Nesbitt, Nat B.
New York (N.Y.) SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas); Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Newcomb, Warren Putnam, 1859?-1927
Newman, J. G.

Ochiltree, Thomas P., b. 1902
Ogden, Ludlow
Oppenhimer, Ellen Wise (Mayo), 1875-1961
Oppenhimer, Ellen Wise (Mayo) SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Oppenhimer, William Tell, Dr., 1861-1941
Owen, Edward, 1838-1919

Page, Frederick Winslow, 1826-1913
Page, James Morris, 1864-1936
Page, Thomas Nelson, 1853-1922
Page, Walter Hines, 1855-1918
Pampatike (King William County, Va.) SEE Carter, Susan Elizabeth (Roy)
Parker, Charles Wolcott, 1862-1948
Parks, R. H.
Parrish, Samuel Longstreth, b. 1849
Parsons, Theron E., d. 1912
Patterson, Robert, 1819-1909
Patton, William Augustus, 1849-1927
Paul, Katherine Seymour (Green), d. 1927
Paxton, John Gallatin, 1859-1928
Paxton, William Davis, b. 1861
Payne, Frederick Watson, 1847-1917
Payne, John Barton, 1855-1935
Peachy, Archibald C., b. 1820
Peaks, Joseph B.
Peck, James H.
Phelps, Luis James
Philippines SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966; Wise, Hugh Douglas
Phillips, C. C.
Pickett, LaSalle (Corbell), 1848-1931
Plimley, William, d. 1913
Pocahontas (Ship) SEE Barney, Evelyn Byrd Douglas Wise; Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966
Post, C. N.
Postlethwaite, Edward Thomas
Potter, H. C.
Pouoson, Sarah Custis
Powers, Clara, Mrs.
Preston, James Patton, 1844-1911
Price, Thomas Randolph, 1839-1903
Proctor, Frederick J.
Pryor, Samuel Morris, b. 1856
Pumpelly, Josiah Collins, 1839-1920

Quarles, Mann Satterwhite, 1845-1909
Quinby, Henry Cole, 1872-1922

Raney, George Pettus, 1845-1911
Rasmus, Carl G.
Rathbone, Joel, 1869-1938
Rawle, Frances, 1846-1930
Rawles, Richard H., b. 1844?
Ray, W. L.
Reeve, John James, 1841-1908
Reeves, D. F. C.
Reeves, Joseph S., b. 1836
Reid, Whitelaw, 1837-1912
Reyburn, John Edgar, 1845-1914
Richeson, Henry T., 1863-1938
Rigby, John, Sir, 1834-1903
Ritter, H. L.
Rivers, Lidie Serena (Avirett)
Robbins, Louis Leland, d. 1915
Robins, Thomas, 1868-1957
Robinson, William Pleasant, 1842-1924
Rodgers, Robert L.
Roehm, John
Rogers, A.
Rogers, Asa, b. 1836
Roller, John Edwin, 1844-1918
Roosevelt, Theodore
Ross, Samuel Taylor, 1843-1920
Ruffin, Martha Cocke (Taylor), b. 1880

Saloschin, P. J.
Sanborn, E. K.
Savage, George, b. 1845?
Schaefer, L. C.
Schellhass, Josephine, Mrs.
Scott, Elizabeth Lowndes, Mrs.
Scott, William Wallace, 1845-1929
Seabury, George J., b. 1844
Seddon, Arthur Morson, 1854-1927
Seddon, James Alexander, 1850-1938
Seddon, Josephine (Venable), 1862?-1944
Seddon, William Cabell, b. 1851
Seitner, B. F.
Selden, Mary Mabel (Hobson), 1851-1919
Selden, Richard Cunningham, 1842?-1895
Sergeant, Sarah
Sevier, John O’Neil, 1874-1950
Seymour, Walter B., d. 1944
Shafer, John P.
Shauck, John Allen, 1841-1918
Shaw, D. McLean
Shelby, David Davie, 1847-1914
Shelby, E. P.
Shepherd, Constance (Ryley), d. 1918
Sherwood (Old Point Comfort, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Wise, Henrietta Edwina Thomson (Booth)
Shipp, Scott, 1839-1917
Short, Eleanor Talbot (Kinkhead)
Skaggs, William Henry, 1861-1947
Slaughter, Sophia Mercer (Slaughter)
Smith, Francis Henney, 1812-1890
Smith, Francis Henney, 1849?-1917
Smith, Maria (Sergeant), 1820-1908
Smith, Richard Hewlett, 1859-1945
Smith, Roy Campbell, 1858-1940
Smith, Willard P.
Smith, William Alden, 1859-1932
Smithson, Noble, 1841-1919
Snow, William Josiah, 1868-1946
Snowden (Goochland County, Va.) SEE Selden, Mary Mable (Hobson); SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Snyder, Valentine P., d. 1934
Sorrel, Gilbert Moxley, 1838-1901
Spangler, Edward Webster, b. 1846
Speck-Sternburg, Herman von, Baron, 1852-1908
Speed, Thomas, 1841-1906
Spencer, J. B. C.
Spencer, Julian Murray
Spiller, George, 1845-1931 SEE Spencer, Julian Murray
Spraggon, George
Steger, Robert Hunter, 1851-1905
Stetson, Francis Lynde, 1846-1920
Stevens, Richard F.
Stokes, Frederick Abbot, 1857-1939
Stokes, Margaret Pickett
Strell, George W.
Strond, Jacqueline H.
Strong, H.
Strother, Philip William, 1839-1922
Sturgis, Lyman B., d. 1914
Summers, John Howell
Summerson, W. F.
Suse, F. E.
Swing, Peter Fletcher, b. 1845
Swing, Richard C.

Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930
Taylor, Armistead Green, Dr., 1841-1923
Taylor, Charles Elisha, 1842-1916
Taylor, George Keith, b. 1846
Taylor, George Keith, b. 1883
Taylor, John Metcalf, 1845-1918
Thayer, John A.
Thom, Corcoran, 1873-1956
Thomas, Alfred Addison
Thomas, Richard Samuel, 1837-1914
Thomasson, Nelson, b. 1839
Thomsen, John J.
Thomson, Frank, 1841-1899
Throckmorton, Charles Wickliffe, 1868-1941
Tilley, G. D.
Toot, Joseph E., Dr.
Townsend, William Kneeland, 1849-1908
Trabue, Charles Clay, 1872-1942
Travers, William H.
Treherne, J. Curtis
Tufton (Albemarle County, Va.) SEE Macon, L. S.
Tufts, Leonard
Turley, Thomas Battle, 1845-1910
Turner, Frank P., 1832?-1889
Turner, J. B. SEE Thomas, Alfred Addison
Turner, Jane N.
Turner, May Dacre (Dabney)

United States. Army – Military life SEE Barney, James Perrine, 1875-1966; Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968; Wise, Hugh Douglas; Wise, John Sergeant, 1876-1951

Van Cise, J. G.
Van Meter, Benjamin Franklin, 1834-1927
Van Steenbergh, William H., d. 1941
Vaughan, Walter S.
Verdery, Marion Jackson
Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949
Voorhees, John Hunn

Waddell, A. C.
Wadhams, Frederick Eugene, 1848-1926
Wakefield, G. R.
Wakeman, Wilbur Fisk, 1857-1931
Wallace, Roger William, b. 1854
Walpole, S. J.
Walsh, Patrick, 1840-1899
Walton, Arthur D. W.
Wandless, Henry W.
Warfield, Edwin, 1848-1920
Warm Sulphur Springs (Va.) SEE Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas)
Warner, Percy
Watson, William F.
Watts, John Allen, 1855-1904
Webster, J. W.
Weeks, Edgar, 1839-1904
Welch, George T.
Welch, Thomas N., 1821-1908
Wendell, Evert Jansen
Weston, John Francis, 1845-1917
White, A.
White, John
White, John Chester
White, John Patrick, 1825-1897
White Sulphur Springs (W. Va.) SEE Wise, Evelyn Byrd Beverley (Douglas)
Whitney, Alfred Rutgers, d. 1909
Wicker, Cassius Milton, 1846-1913
Wiley, Louis, 1869-1935
Wilkinson, Lila
Williams, Clark, 1870-1946
Williams, E. Calvin, d. 1893
Williams, John Langbourne, 1831-1915
Williams, Zaidee
Williamsburg, Va. SEE Wise, Virginia Peachy
Wilson, D. P., b. 1833
Wilson, Elizabeth K., Mrs.
Wilson, Evelyn Byrd (Richards), b. 1874
Wilson, James Grant, 1832-1914
Wilson, James Harrison, 1837-1925
Wilson, John Moulder, 1837-1919
Wilson, Katherine S. J., Mrs.
Wilson, Upshur, 1874-1939
Winship, John O.
Winston, Frederick J., d. 1940
Winston, Patrick Henry
Wise, Byrd Douglas, 1886-1968
Wise, Byrd Douglas SEE Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Wise, Caroline Hazlehurst (Cohen), 1872-1961
Wise, Clara Thomas Booth, 1903-1914
Wise, Elizabeth Lydecker (Anderson), 1883-1963
Wise, Evelyn Bird Beverley (Douglas), 1851-1925 SEE ALSO Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Wise, George Douglas, 1831-1908
Wise, George Nelms, 1874-1934
Wise, Harriet Elizabeth (Haxall), 1841-1893
Wise, Henrietta Edwina Thomson (Booth), 1876-1957
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1840-1918
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968 SEE ALSO Shipp, Scott
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1906-1982
Wise, Hugh Douglas, 1871-1942 SEE ALSO Wilson, John Moulder; Wise, Henry Alexander, 1874-1968
Wise, Ida Rose (Hungerford), 1880-1956
Wise, Jennings Cropper
Wise, John Cropper,1848-1922
Wise, John James Henry, Dr., 1830-1895
Wise, John Sergeant, 1876-1951 SEE ALSO Shipp, Scott
Wise, John Sergeant, 1905-1974
Wise, Marietta
Wise, Marietta (Atkinson)
Wise, Mary Elizabeth (Lyons), 1814-1901
Wise, Richard Hungerford, b. 1907
Wise, Virginia Peachy, 1871-1949
Wodell, Silas
Women – Education SEE Duval, Maria Pendleton; Moore, Margaretta Watmough (Wise)
Woodbridge, S. B.
Woods, Micajah, 1844-1911
Woods, S. D., Dr.
Word, Hamilton, Mrs.

Young, Frank M.
Young, Henry Edward
Youngs, Eugene Rogers

Zocher, Louis H.

Companies and organizations:

American Field Publishing Company (Chicago, Ill.)
Atlantic Monthly (Boston, Mass.)

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Md.)
Barr (J.E.) & Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Brown (J. Thompson) (Richmond, Va.)

Caldwell & Chapman (Nashville, Tenn.)
Carrington & Fitzhugh (Richmond, Va.)
Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd. (London, England)

Davis, Stone & Auerback (New York, N.Y.)

Granbery & Marks (Nashville, Tenn.)

Hill Trunk Company (Nashville, Tenn.)

Jenkins (William R.) Company (New York, N.Y.)
Johnson (B. F.) Publishing Company (Richmond, Va.)

Kennedy & Morris (Nashville, Tenn.)
Kirk-Christy Co. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Macmillan Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Mears & Mapp (Eastville, Va.)
Meigs & Heisse (Baltimore, Md.)
Morgan (J. P.) & Co. (New York, N.Y.)

National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (New York, N.Y.)

Page & Carter (Richmond, Va.)
Peatross & Harris (Danville, Va.)
Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter, N. H.) SEE Wise, Jennings Cropper
Planters National Bank (Richmond, Va.)

Reeves (J. S.) & Co. (Nashville, Tenn.)

Taylor (J. Seldon) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Thompson (Edward) Company (Northport, N.Y.)

United States Military Academy SEE Wise, Hugh Douglas
United States Mortgage & Trust Company (New York, N.Y.)

Virginia Female Institute (Staunton, Va.) SEE Duval, Maria Pendleton; Moore, Margaretta Watmough (Wise)
Virginia Military Institute SEE McConnico, Frank Windler; Miller, Gideon Brown; Shipp, Scott; Smith, Francis Henney (1812-1890); Smith, Francis Henney (1849-1917); Wise, Henry Alexander (1874-1968); Wise, Hugh Douglas; Wise, Jennings Cropper; Wise, John Sergeant (1876-1951)
Virginia, University of SEE Wise, Jennings Cropper
Virginia, University of. Library

Weakley & Shields (Nashville, Tenn.)
Western National Bank (New York, N.Y.)
Wrenn (A.) & Sons (Norfolk, Va.)

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