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Selected accessions (2011)


  1. Deed, 1693 November 21, of Arthur Allen to Capt. Thomas Swann for 2,400 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County. Sheet: handwritten signed; 12 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. Gift of the Jefferson County Historical Society, Watertown, N.Y.

  2. Papers, 1722–1899, of the Massie family (of “Falling Spring,” Alleghany County, and Charlottesville) consisting of family and business correspondence, financial and legal records, architectural records, and related materials. 6,413 items. Gift of Dixon W. and Kate-Roy Massie Christian, Margaret Massie and Thomas L. Disharoon, and James Pleasants and Joy P. Massie.

  3. Patent, 1737 June 10, issued by the Virginia Land Office to John Chafin for 200 acres in Goochland County. Sheet: handwritten; 11 x 15 in. Signed by Sir William Gooch as governor of Virginia. Gift of the Jefferson County Historical Society, Watertown, N.Y.

  4. Papers, 1745–1980, of the Hill and Meredith families (of King William County) including account books, correspondence, loose financial records, and related materials. 37 items. Gift of George Hill Meredith.

  5. Land grant, 1749 June 20, issued to John Payne for 320 acres in Albemarle County. Sheet: handwritten; 14 1/2 x 14 3/4 in. Signed by Sir William Gooch as lieutenant governor of Virginia. The land straddled both sides of Bremo Creek. Gift of Randolph W. and Lorna Wyckoff.

  6. Student notebook, 1785–87, kept by John Holt Bell in Surry County. Bound volume. [116] p.: handwritten; 7 1/2 x 9 in. Includes “Canons of a School” laying out expected behavior and responsibilities of both teacher and students. Gift of James Halsey Bell, Ellen Bell O’Neill, and Bonnie Bell Potter.

  7. Letter, 1791 [i.e. 1792] January 7, of Edmund Randolph to an unidentified addressee. 1 leaf: holograph signed; 4 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. Concerns a promissory note. Gift of A. Lovell Elliott.

  8. Papers, 1806–8, of George Hoadly (of Northfield, Conn.) consisting of letters written to his father from Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, Pa., while the younger man worked as a correspondent for the United States Gazette. Letters primarily focus on political and social life during the second Jefferson presidential administration. 11 items. Gift in honor of George Hoadly and his great-granddaughter Martha Mary (Hoadly) Bowles by Aubrey B. and Jane Bowles.

  9. Papers, 1817–1963, of the Granbery family primarily concerning the genealogical research of Julian Hastings Granbery and including materials concerning the estate and family of John Granbery (of Norfolk). 43 items. Gift of Stanley Hastings.

  10. Papers, 1832, of Thomas Farley (of Giles County) concerning his application for a federal pension for military service in the American Revolution. 2 items. Gift of Sharon Laws.

  11. Papers, 1838–79, of the Rev. Watkins Leigh Ribble (of Richmond), Episcopal priest and foreign and domestic missionary. Include memoir, research notes, photographs, and related materials, especially regarding his work with the Rev. Frederick W. Neve. 31 items. Gift of Mrs. Edith Atkins Phiffer Ribble.

  12. Papers, c. 1840–79, of the Bradfute and related Warwick families (of Lynchburg and Richmond) primarily containing the family and social correspondence of three generations of women including Maria (Byrd) Bradfute, her daughter Margaret Elizabeth (Bradfute) Warwick, and her granddaughter Imogen (Warwick) Bolling. 66 items. Gift of Bradfute Warwick Davenport, Jr.

  13. Papers, 1858–1984, of or concerning George Washington Miley (of Shenandoah County) including genealogical materials, Confederate military service records, and miscellany. 19 items. Gift of William C. Blackwell.

  14. Letter, 1860 June 5, of Elizabeth Burwell Page to her brother, Robert Powel Page, a student at Episcopal High School, Alexandria, containing family and local news. [4] p. on 1 leaf: holograph signed; 7 1/4 x 11 1/4 in. Gift of Jane Pope.

  15. Papers, 1860–1937, of Episcopal minister and Confederate staff officer Giles Buckner Cooke, including diaries dating between 1928 and 1934. 27 items. Gift of Anne R. Cooke through the courtesy of Giles B. Cooke.

  16. Papers, 1861–63, of the Trelease family (of Morris County, N.J.) primarily consisting of letters written by three sons serving in New Jersey volunteer infantry units in Virginia (two of whom died in service), especially Walter K. Trelease (of the 27th New Jersey Infantry of the U.S. Army of the Potomac). 8 items. Gift of Pat Trelease Kennedy through the courtesy of Michael Bell.

  17. Letter, 1863 October 21, of Susan Elizabeth (Roy) Carter (of “Pampatike,” King William County) to Mary Martha (Southall) Brown, concerning a visit with her mother and the effect of the war on Mrs. Carter’s own psychological and physical well being. [4] p. on 1 leaf: 8 x 13 1/4 in.; holograph signed. Gift of Jane Pope.

  18. Muster roll, 1864 October 31–1865 February 25, of Captain William R. Campbell’s Company (C Company) of the 6th Battalion of Reserve Forces of Virginia in the Confederate States Army. 2 p. on 1 sheet: printed form with handwritten completions; 21 3/4 x 33 3/4 in. The unit was based in Abingdon. Purchased.

  19. Letter, 1864 December 31, of Edgar B. Bennett, “Before Petersburg,” to Mary E. Marsh (of Burlington, Conn.), concerning their courtship and his service in the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery. [3] p. on 1 leaf: 17 x 9 in.; holograph signed. Gift of Dr. Robert E. May.

  20. Letter, 1866 November 19, of Julian T. Edwards (of “Lanesville,” King William County) to Anna Corbin (Pickett) Bibb. [4] p.: holograph; 8 x 10 in. Courtship letter to the widow of Thomas Bibb. Gift of Bibb Chilton Edwards and Sue E. Terminella.

  21. Records, 1869–1931, of the Kappa Alpha Order, Zeta Lodge, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland. 2 volumes. Contain lists of members by date of entrance and minutes of proceedings. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  22. History, 1872–2009, of the Lynnhaven United Methodist Church, Virginia Beach, compiled in 2009. [6], 15, [2] pp.: printed; 8 1/2 x 11 in. Gift of Jennifer Lindblad and the Lynnhaven United Methodist Church Chapel Preservation and Historical Committee.

  23. Courtship letters, 1879–81, written to Anna Lee Hill (of Madison County) by her future husband, educator Philip Major. 4 items. Gift of Kevin Pennanen.

  24. History, 1880–2010, of the Fifth Street Baptist Church Brotherhood Bible Class, Richmond, compiled by Stanley F. Williams. Includes a history of this African American congregation and of the activities of the men’s Bible class in the local community. 3 vols. Gift of Stanley F. Williams.

  25. Papers, 1882–1952, of Richard Cary Lee (of Hampton) concerning the purchase of various tracts of land in Elizabeth City County (now City of Hampton). 42 items. Gift of Richard C. Lee.

  26. Letters, 1887–93, written by historian Alexander Brown (of Norwood, Nelson County) to historian William Duncombe Pink (of Manchester, Eng.) concerning research regarding the history of seventeenth-century Virginia. 3 items. Gift of Harry Hignett.

  27. Papers, 1889, of the Huckless family (of Columbia) concerning the courtship of Martha Jane Huckless and Bartemeus Franklin. 2 items. Gift of George Franklin Haskins.

  28. Papers, 1890–2007, of the Cook family primarily consisting of courtship letters between John James Smithson Cook (of Mecklenburg County) and Blanche Louise (Moseley) Cook, as well as a state teaching certificate and teacher’s contract awarded to Mrs. Cook by the South Hill District of Mecklenburg County. 26 items. Gift of Margaret Phillips Moore McClanahan.

  29. Papers, 1892–1905, of the Campbell family (of Warrenton) including correspondence, news clippings, and an insurance policy primarily concerning Robert Richard Campbell. 12 items. Gift of Emily N. (Mrs. Richard H.) Hutchison.

  30. Papers, 1897–1973, of the Braxton family (of Hanover County, Va., and Kinston, N.C.) consisting primarily of correspondence of newspaperman Henry G. Braxton, largely concerning the history of the Braxton and related families. 68 items. Gift of Caroline Virginia Braxton McAlister.

  31. Papers, 1899–1987, of the Booz family (of Baltimore, Md., Richmond, Va., and Miami, Fla.), particularly concerning the social life and financial concerns of Benjamin Booz (1864–1937) of Richmond. 91 items. Gift of Charlotte A. Booz.

  32. Letter, 1900 May 4, of Peter Helms Mayo (of Richmond) to Mamie Carrington Benson (of Watertown, S.D.) concerning the death of William G. Strange and the settlement of his estate. 6 leaves: 8 x 10 1/2 in.; typescript signed. Gift of Ann F. Ober.

  33. Papers, 1903–70, of Judge Herbert G. Cochran (of Norfolk) including correspondence, school materials, speeches, a scrapbook, photographs, and printed materials relating to his career as judge of the Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. 39 items. Gift of Amelia Payne Sweets Runyon.

  34. Papers, 1904–43, of William Henry Plummer (of Belleville, Nansemond County [now Suffolk]). Include correspondence of Bishop Plummer and others concerning the Church of God and Saints of Christ [an African American religious sect headquartered in Suffolk], and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings concerning Plummer, his son Howard Zebulon Plummer, the Church of God and Saints in Christ, and the Belleville Industrial School. 5 items. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  35. Letter, 1906 [i.e., 1907] January 8, of Robert Edward Lee ([1869–1922] of “Ravensworth,” Fairfax County) to C[harles] W[illiam] Burwell, Salem, Va. [2] leaves: typescript signed; 11 x 8 1/2 in. Discusses the 1863 offer of George Washington Custis Lee to take the place of his brother William Henry Fitzhugh “Rooney” Lee as a prisoner of war so that Rooney could be with his sick wife. Gift of Calder Loth.

  36. Letters, 1917–19, written by Laurie Green to his mother, Melville Walker (Collins) Green (of Surry), and others while he was stationed at Camp Lee and serving in France with the American Expeditionary Forces. 9 items. Gift of John Branch Green.

  37. Papers, 1922–2003, of Virginia Governor Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. (of Franklin and Norfolk) including a diary, general and political correspondence, certificates and awards, campaign materials, printed programs, financial records, photographs and photograph albums, many newspaper clippings concerning his election and service as governor of Virginia, and materials concerning his death and memorial tributes. Also, contain materials concerning his wife, Constance Simons (Dupont) Darden. 1,818 items. Gift of Irene Dupont Darden Field.

  38. Papers, 1931–61, of Charles Hurt Seamster (of Halifax County) primarily concerning his activities as a farmer during the years of the Great Depression. 99 items. Gift of L. Gene Seamster.

  39. Papers, 1936–51, compiled by Richard Smith Taylor (as gardener) concerning Virginia House, Richmond. Include insurance policies, correspondence concerning the estates of Alexander W. and Virginia Chase Stedman Weddell, and renderings of the gardens. 7 items. Purchased.

  40. Letters, 1943 March 19–September 16, written by Arthur Hadley Dittemore (while serving in the U.S. Navy) concerning his basic training at Camp Peary and travel through Richmond, additional training at Camp Endicott, Rhode Island, and service with the 1008th Construction Battalion Detachment in the South Pacific. 16 items. Gift of Rhonda Kay Dandliker.

  41. Special Order No. 16 of the U.S. Second Army, Virginia Military District, 1947 March 24. [4] p. on 2 leaves: typescript; 8 x 12 3/4 in. Concerns the activation and assignments of officers to various reserve units in Richmond and Charlottesville. Gift of Norman D. Eddleton.

  42. Papers, 1947, and memoir of Mildred Davis Bruce concerning the first Virginia Girls’ State, held July 20–26, 1947, at Radford College [now University] and sponsored by the Virginia Department of the American Legion Auxiliary. 7 items. Gift of Mildred Davis Bruce.

  43. Programs and publications, 1947–79, relating to Miller & Rhoads Department Store, Richmond. Include scattered issues of The Mirror, employee newsletter, and programs from the annual Miller & Rhoads Twenty-Year Club dinners, acknowledging the service of employees of twenty years or more. 33 items. Gift of Elaine M. Ogburn.

  44. Records, 1954–2008, of the Ashland Garden Club, Ashland, including minutes of meetings of the club membership and executive committee, with reports of officers and records of awards and presentation cups interspersed. 31 items. Gift of the Ashland Garden Club through the courtesy of Mrs. M. E. Shamburger III, historian.

  45. Materials, 1955–98, compiled by Louise Chrisman (of Richmond) concerning her years of service as an employee of Reynolds Metals Company. Include scattered issues of the Reynolds Review (the employee magazine), cookbooks, craft and other pamphlets featuring Reynolds Wrap, an employee’s benefits handbook, newspaper clippings, and service awards. 38 items. Gift of Louise Chrisman.

  46. Minute book, 1977–82, bearing related documents, 1986–2000, of the Ideal Fishing Float Company, Inc., of Richmond. Bound volume. c. 174 p.: typescript with handwritten annotations; 9 x 11 3/4 in. Bequest of Ludwell Hill Kimbrough, Jr.

  47. History of the Central Virginia Fallen Biker Committee, Inc., Richmond, compiled c. 2009–10. [46] leaves: typescript; 8 1/2 x 11 in. Primarily concerns the African American motorcycle clubs that render philanthropic assistance and support to the committee and to Urban L.A.C.E. Outreach, Inc. Gift of the Central Virginia Fallen Biker Committee, Inc., through the courtesy of Valerie E. Travers, director.

  48. Certificate of recognition, 2011 March 24, regarding the establishment of Dorothy Irene Height day in Virginia. Sheet: printed; 8 1/2 x 14 in. Signed by Robert F. McDonnell as governor. Commemorates the life of this Civil Rights leader born in Richmond. Gift of Corey Wayne Boone.

Printed Materials

  1. Arp, Bill. Bill Arp’s Peace Papers. New York, 1873. A humorous fictional account of the Civil War and Reconstruction, which bears an inscription to Belle de Wolfe from her husband, Clarence, dated February 10, 1873. Gift of Kristin Lambert.

  2. Atlantic Female College. Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Atlantic Female College, Onancock, Accomac Co., Va., 1861 and 1862. Baltimore, 1862. Atlantic Female College opened in 1859 as a Baptist girls’ school. This catalog was published by W.M. Innes after the beginning of the Civil War in Baltimore. We have not been able to find any other items he printed for the South during the Civil War nor any other items published about the college. Gift of Beatrice Johnson.

  3. Bathon, Mary Wingrove. Stage Managers Book, Pocahontas Comic Operetta. New York, 1916. An illustrated stage guide for the operatta written by Fred Edmonds and Edward Johnston. Gift of William Cole.

  4. Bellwood Drive-In Theatre: Petersburg Pike, Phone Richmond 82-6448. Richmond, 1950? Pamphlet advertising movies at Richmond’s largest drive-in theater, which operated from 1948 to 1986. A fully segregated establishment, it had separate seating areas at its concession stands. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  5. Bleecker, Katharine. Business Etiquette: the A B C of Making Good. New York, 1942. Success for businessmen is attributed to proper appearance, speech and behavior. Gift of Cheryl Wilcox Dunford.

  6. Cooley, Thomas McIntyre. A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the Legislative Power of the States of the American Union. Boston, 1871. Bears signature of William Wirt Henry dated March 1873 and Irving E. Campbell dated December 1894. Gift of Paxton Campbell.

  7. Diggs, Isaac. Virginia Corporation Digest: A Collection of the Case and Statute Law of Virginia on Corporations, Including Railroad, Municipal and Other Corporations, with Notes and References. Richmond, 1907. Contains a binder ticket of William H. Adams, Book Binder, Richmond. Gift of W. Hamilton Bryson.

  8. Falmouth and Alexandria Railroad Company. Address to the Farmers of Rockingham, Shenandoah, Page, Rappahannock, Culpeper, Fauquier, Prince William, Stafford, and Fairfax. Alexandria, 1839. Includes correspondence of Alexander John Marshall on the commercial advantages of a railroad between Alexandria, Fredericksburg and Warrenton. Purchased through the Betty Sams Christian Fund.

  9. Fry, James Barnet. McDowell and Tyler in the Campaign of Bull Run, 1861. New York, 1884. Postwar account of the unseasoned Union troops who fought in the first major land battle of the Civil War. Gift of Kristin Lambert.

  10. Kimberly, J. B. Fortress Monroe. Old Point Comfort, 1900. Mounted photographs of many of the buildings associated with this famous fort, including the Coast Artillery School, library, parade grounds, post chapel, moat, and YMCA building. Gift of the Rock Island Historical Society.

  11. Lamkin, Nina B. America, Yesterday and Today. Chicago, 1917. The text of a historical pageant that includes manuscript notes of the participants of the production in Hopewell. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  12. Long, Christopher Stanley. You. Richmond, 1943. “A book for people who need a working and practical religion.” Written while the author was the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Halifax. Purchased through the Battle Abbey Council Fund.

  13. McCormick, Mary R. A Letter from Africa to the Executive Secretary. Richmond, 1937. A letter from a missionary in Nigeria to the Southern Baptist Convention Foreign Mission Board in Richmond. Purchased through the William A. Hagey Fund.

  14. McGuffey, William Holmes. McGuffey’s New Second Eclectic Reader For Young Learners. Cincinnati, 1865. Bears the signature of William T. Parke dated May 18, 1875. Gift of Sally Behrhorst.

  15. Mayo, Robert. The Misrepresentations of a Member of the Hickory Club. Washington, D.C., 1837. May was the editor of the Jackson Democrat newspaper in Richmond during the 1828 presidential campaign and a supporter of Andrew Jackson. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  16. Mellen, Grenville. A Book of the United States: Exhibiting its Geography, Divisions, Constitution and Government . . . Hartford, 1837. Bears signatures of C. J. P. Alston and T. W. Harris. Gift of Carol Robert Armstrong and Dr. Frank C. Robert in memory of Joseph Clarke Robert, Ph.D., President of the Virginia Historical Society, 1975–78.

  17. Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Virginia Conference. Proceedings of the Virginia Conference in the Trial of W. A. Smith, D.D., on charges preferred by C. F. Deems, D.D., at the Session of 1855. Richmond, 1856. Documents the conflict between Charles F. Deems, prominent Methodist minister who was formerly a professor at Randolph-Macon College, and the Rev. William Smith, a leading advocate of slavery who was then president of the College. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  18. Miller, Frederick Scott. Fighting Modern Evils That Destroy Our Homes. Chicago, 1913. A boldly illustrat   ed cover depicts the many snares and pitfalls that may overcome the modern family. Gift of Robert Cabaniss.

  19. Newcomer, Elsie Renalds and Janet Renalds Ramsey. 1861 Life in the Shenandoah Valley: A Compilation of the Journal of Siram Peter Henkel, the Letter Collection of Caspar Coiner Henkel, M.D., the Daily Dispatch of Richmond, Virginia. Three original sources provide the material for this study of the Shenandoah Valley at the beginning of the Civil War. Gift of Elsie Renalds Newcomer.

  20. Olmsted, Denison. An Introduction to Natural Philosophy: Designed as A Text Book for the Students in Yale College. New York, 1848. Bears signatures and manuscript notes throughout, including that of A. S. Brown, Washington College, dated November 17, 1848. Gift of Colin J. S. Thomas, Jr.

  21. Phillimore, Robert. The Law of Domicil. Philadelphia, 1847. Bears the signature of Angus R. Blakey, who was a delegate to the 1861 Virginia Secession Convention. Purchased in honor of W. Taylor Reveley for his years of support and service as chairman of the board of trustees of the Virginia Historical Society.

  22. Polk Miller Drug Co., Inc. Save the Dog. Richmond, 1920. Includes products of and testimonials for Sergeant’s pet care products, as well as information on the use of dogs on the battlefields in World War I. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  23. Richmond Stove Company. Catalogue and Price List, 1902/03. Richmond, 1902. Gift of John M. Camp III.

  24. Ritchie, Thomas. Thomas Ritchie’s Letter Containing Reminiscences of Henry Clay and the Compromise. Richmond, 1852. A eulogy-biography of Henry Clay by Thomas Ritchie, who knew Clay in his youth. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  25. Ruschke, Egmont Westy. Lieuie VI, Being the Chronicle of the Battle of Camp Lee as Fought By the Deathless Sixth Battalion: Central Officers Training School, Camp Lee, Virginia, Being in Action from October 15, 1918 to January 15, 1919. Includes biographical sketches of officers and a sometimes humorous look at World War I. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  26. A Short History of Thomas Fortune Ryan’s English Racing Stable, 1923–1928. New York, 1929. Privately printed, this volume documents each horse owned by Ryan at his English stable, including one named “The Virginian.” Purchased through the Ellis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  27. Stowe, Harriet Beecher. A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Presenting the Original Facts and Documents Upon Which the Story is Founded Together With Corroborative Statements Verifying the Truth of the Work. Boston, 1853. Written one year after the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, this work provides insights into Stowe’s views on slavery. Gift of Pat Vitsky.

  28. Sugden, Edward Burtenshaw. A Practical Treatise of the Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates. Philadelphia, 1807. Bears the signature and manuscript notes of Francis W. Gilmer. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  29. Tatham, William. Auxiliary Remarks on an Essay on the Comparative Advantages of Oxen for Tillage in Competition with Horses. London, 1801. Tatham emigrated to Virginia in 1769 and wrote this pamphlet concerning the use of oxen and horses for agricultural and military purposes, particularly in Virginia. Purchased in honor of Lloyd U. Noland for his years of support and service as a member of the board of trustees of the Virginia Historical Society.

  30. Taylor, Virginia Bagby. Montezuma at Woods End. n.p., 1955. A charming story found in the papers of Virginia Bagby Taylor after her death that depicts life in Louisa County after the Civil War. Gift of Alice Taylor Spilman.

  31. Tice, Frederick. Practice of Medicine. Hagerstown, Md., 1925–29. This ten-volume set for medical reference was owned by Nelson Frederick McNorton, an African American physician who practiced in Yorktown. Gift of the Nelson McNorton family.

  32. Valentin, Louis. Memoire Sur les Fluxions de Poitrine. Nancy, France, 1815. Valentin was a French military surgeon who took refuge in the United States and was placed in charge of a French naval hospital in Norfolk. His account of the diseases of Virginia is based on his experiences there during the mid 1790s. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  33. Vaux, Roberts. Memoirs of the Life of Anthony Benezet. York, England, 1817. Contains letters of a Quaker abolitionist, some of which deal with slavery in Virginia and treatment of Native Americans. Gift of Kristin Lambert.

  34. Virginia College for Young Ladies (Roanoke). Virginia College for Young Ladies with Conservatory Advantages in Music, Elocution, and Art. Roanoke, 1901. The Virginia College for Young Ladies opened in 1893 and was designed to offer a progressive education to young women with coursework in geography, history, reading, astronomy, English, Greek, Latin, and French, as well as the “finishing courses” of music, elocution, and art. Gift of Janean Monahan.

  35. Ward, Charles Henshaw. Theme Building: The Essentials of High-School Composition. Chicago, 1924. This English language textbook bears the signatures of Carl Brown, Noel Hare, Mutt Bonham and Hattie Bonham on the endpapers. Gift of Robert Cabaniss.

  36. Westmoreland Club (Richmond). Westmoreland Club, 1900: Constitution, Rules, Members, Officers, Committees. Richmond, 1900. Bears the bookplate of William J. Perry, Fancy Hill, Staunton, dated February 17, 1949. Gift of Lisa R. Moore.

  37. Willson, Russell. Watch Officer’s Guide: United States Navy. Annapolis, 1941. Bears the signature of Ensign Addison I. Campbell. Gift of Paxton Campbell.


  1. The Cornucopia Map of Norfolk and Vicinity, compiled and platted by James F. Carr. Norfolk, 1887. Purchased through the Frank F. Byram Memorial Fund.

  2. [Map of] Maj. Gen’l. P. H. Sheridan’s Campaigns: Seventh Expedition. The Appomattox Campaign. New York, 1888. Sheet: printed; 4 x 7 in. Purchased through the Frank F. Byram Memorial Fund.

  3. Rural Delivery Routes, Halifax County, Virginia. Washington, D.C., 1912. Gift of Janet J. Perkins.

  4. The Port of Hampton Roads: Embracing Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A. Richmond, 1937. Purchased.

  5. [Map of Hopewell] Produced for Fowle and Elder, Inc., c. 1961. Sheet: printed; 56 x 71 cm. Purchased through the Frank F. Byram Memorial Fund.


  1. Semi-Weekly Examiner (Richmond), 1860 October 9. Gift of Adeline Parker through the courtesy of Shirley Massie.

  2. Sentinel (Richmond), 1864 January 20 (incomplete). Gift of Carolyn S. Wright.

  3. Bayonet (Camp Lee), 1918 January 18, March 8, and November 8. Gift of Mary Grace Taylor.

Museum Objects

  1. Uniform coat, 1810–12, and chapeau, or bicorn hat, post-1810. According to family lore the uniform coat and hat were worn by Captain Martin Kirtland during the Revolutionary War, but it is more likely that they belonged to a third generation family member, perhaps Martin Kirtland born in 1790. Gift of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Norfolk.

  2. Engraving showing the architect’s conception of the first proposed monument to Mary Washington, mother of George Washington [New York?, c. 1830s]. With annotations. Purchased through the William Anderson Hagey Fund.

  3. Braided leather whip reportedly used on enslaved persons, possibly in Virginia, in the first half of the nineteenth century. Gift of Adrienne Strandberg in honor of her father, Alton M. Motter, a pastor in Pennsylvania to whom it was given by a civil rights movement member in the 1960s.

  4. Two hand-colored engravings, “Costumes of the Inhabitants of Virginia in the Time of Conquest” and “Virginians Cooking Fish” by Louis Pierre Rene de Moraine, Paris, c. 1859. Gift of William W. Cole.

  5. Nineteenth-century desk used by Carter McKim Louthan, commonwealth’s attorney for Clarke County following the Civil War, and a pie safe/chest built for and used by the Louthan family, c. 1865. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Louthan.

  6. One broadsheet lithograph, Centennial: The Course of Empire “Westward Takes Its Way,” designed and illustrated by Daniel T. Ames, published by James Miller, N.Y., 1876; twenty-six tobacco cards from the Great Generals of the Civil War series, Flags of All Nations and Flags of the States and Territories series, and various cards showing smokers of diverse nationalities and historical time periods distributed by Allen & Ginter’s Cigarettes, Richmond. Gift of Bensley H. L. Field.

  7. Confederate flag used on the coffin of Dabney Jefferson Carr, buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, 1889. Gift of Linda Carr-Kraft in memory of Dabney Jefferson and Anna Deane Carr.

  8. Wine bottle from Hunter’s Island Vineyard in Stafford County, with partially intact label, c. 1898. Gift of G. Philip Leveque.

  9. Two nineteenth-century photographic prints or crayon portraits of Martha Allen Holman DuVal (1810–1850) and her daughter, Marian Hazeltine DuVal Cross (1841–1903). Gift of Sunta C. Rosapepe in memory of Doris Elizabeth Minter Cabanillas.

  10. Nineteenth-century table made in King and Queen County, part of the estate of Melba Coleman Pemberton. Gift of Betty Crowe Leviner in memory of her grandparents, Edward L. and Bertha Coleman Crowe.

  11. Various nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographic prints of members of the Frazier, Bell, and related families, descendants of John Lewis of Virginia. Gift of Lewis Fisher.

  12. Eight flags used by Eppa Hunton, Jr., for Confederate Veteran functions, c. 1907. Gift of Caroline Hunton High.

  13. World War I uniform of Capt. George Walker Patteson (of Buckingham County), who served in the 4th U. S. Army Corps in France and Germany; with tunic; belt with medical pack; holster; revolver; canteen (possibly later vintage); helmet; insignia. Gift of George W. Patteson, III.

  14. Sixty-one postcards showing men engaged in various drills and buildings at Camp Lee during World War I. Gift of Ben Kastelberg, Caravati’s Inc., Richmond.

  15. Next of Kin Memorial Plaques issued by the British War Office to the parents of John Ralston and Alexander Cameron Ralston of Richmond in 1920 for their service in the British Army. Include a tribute from King George V, two bronze death plaques, and two commemorative scrolls. Gift of Matthew Prestone.

  16. Photographs from the Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp Dern in Luray, c. 1930s. Gift of Linden Hughes.

  17. World War II naval dress uniform and cap worn by Carl Buford Andrews. Gift of Patricia E. Andrews.

  18. World War II uniform coat and shirt of Frederick Pilgrim Haseltine; vulcanized case in which letters and other items were sent to him by family members during his service in the U.S. Army; photograph of Haseltine as postwar Richmond radio personality. Gift of Nell Haseltine.

  19. Three African American dolls purchased in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in the 1950s. Gift of Roberta Tingle.

  20. Portrait of John Melville Jennings, former executive director of the Virginia Historical Society, in retirement, by Eva Jacob, c. 1998. Gift of Eva Jacob.

  21. Painting, “The Four Captains’ Memorial: A 9/11 Tribute”; uniform cap of Capt. Charles F. Burlingame III, pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, Washington to Los Angeles, that was crashed into the Pentagon; photograph and biography of Captain Burlingame; uniform cap of Jason M. Dahl, pilot of United Airlines Flight 93, Newark to San Francisco; photograph and biography of Captain Dahl; United States flag that flew over the U.S. House of Representatives in the days after September 11, 2001. Gift of Dr. Kenneth J. Strafer.


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