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Selected accessions (2010)


  1. Papers, c. 1680–1948, compiled by Herbert Lawrence Ganter for a projected biography of Scottish educator and physician William Small, one of Thomas Jefferson's teachers at the College of William and Mary, including correspondence and extensive research files. 77 folders. Gift of the estate of Donald Haynes through the courtesy of Gerald Griffin, executor.

  2. Papers, 1708–1919, compiled by Judge Leon Maurice Bazile concerning Hanover County people and places. 151 items. Gift of Mrs. John Edward Miller through the courtesy of Mrs. Renee H. Holmes.

  3. Papers, 1722–1990, of the Louthan family (of Caroline County) including Carter M. Louthan (concerning his service in the Confederate army and his postwar work as a civil servant in Virginia), his son Henry Thompson Louthan (concerning his career as a Baptist minister and his career in education, particularly on the faculty at the College of William and Mary and Staunton Military Academy), Henry's wife, Elizabeth Rowland (Hurt) Louthan, and his daughter Mary Tyler Louthan (chiefly concerning her work as a genealogist). Also included are significant correspondence and financial papers of members of the related Brown, Hurt, Morgan, Seay, Thomas, and Tyler families. 14,522 items. Gift of Mary Tyler Louthan, Thomas Carter Louthan, and Paige Gillette Louthan.

  4. Papers, 1776–1906, of the Moody family (of Hanover County) including business and financial records of cooper and farmer Samuel Moody, his sons Samuel Mills Moody, John Mills Moody, and Thomas P. Moody, and grandson John Wesley Moody. 156 items. Gift of Mrs. John Edward Miller through the courtesy of Mrs. Renee H. Holmes.

  5. Papers, 1787–1953, of the Bruce family (of Berry Hill, Halifax County) including correspondence, accounts, land records, and related materials of James Coles Bruce, Alexander Bruce, Mary Evelyn (Anderson) Bruce, Walter Coles Bruce, Malcolm G. Bruce, and Ellen Douglas (Bruce) Crane. 1,715 items. Gift of Ellen Douglas Bruce Crane Fisher.

  6. Papers, 1788–1967, of Patrick Crawford Hoy (of Petersburg) concerning his Civil War service in the Bradford Battery, Confederate Guards Artillery, including postwar letters and a memoir written in 1903; also, include correspondence of Elizabeth (Randolph) Meade and her granddaughter Elizabeth Randolph (Meade) Callender. 110 items. Gift of Charlotte Beverly Hoy Howaith.

  7. Papers, 1799–2000, of the Guy family (of Goochland County and Richmond), including correspondence, financial records, legal materials, genealogical notes and charts, and related items of civil engineer Briscoe Baldwin Guy, attorneys Jackson Guy, John Henry Guy (1831–1890), and John Henry Guy (1878–1953), United States Army Air Corps pilot Robert Lancaster Guy, Mary Ellen (Ranson) Guy, Anne Wyatt Guy, and other members of the Guy and related Carrington, Lancaster, and Ranson families. 1,855 items. Gift of the late Briscoe B. Guy.

  8. Order, 1801 April 7, of the Court of Frederick County, Md., to seize William Halsey to answer a charge filed by Christena Holtzman of Virginia. 1 p.: printed form with handwritten completions; 7 3/4 x 4 1/2 in. Gift of David Howell.

  9. Commission, 1826 June 1, issued by the state of Maryland to James McIlhaney (of Loudoun County) to examine evidence in the case of Edward Hughes and Ephraim Etcherson v. James Hook in the Court of Frederick County. 1p.: printed form with handwritten completions; 8 x 13 1/4 in. Gift of David Howell.

  10. Papers, 1826–1902 of the Butler family (of Hanover County) including business and farming records of Isaac Butler, Leland Wesley Butler, and Frederick A. Butler, and including information on the Hanover Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Virginia. 91 items. Gift of Mrs. John Edward Miller through the courtesy of Mrs. Renee H. Holmes.

  11. Papers, 1835–1953, of the Sheppard family (of Hanover, Henrico, and Rockingham counties and Richmond) including papers of the related Empie, Potts, and Lurty families. Major figures in the collection include Dr. James Sheppard (concerning his management of plantations in Arkansas and Mississippi), his daughter Isabelle (Sheppard) Potts, her sister Annie Empie (Sheppard) Lurty, Annie's husband, Capt. Warren Seymour Lurty (concerning his service during the Civil War and his postwar management of farms in Rockingham County), and Isabelle's son James Sheppard Potts. 278 folders. Gift of Crawley F. Joyner III.

  12. Papers, c. 1836–80, of the Irby family (of Nottoway County, Va., and Panola County, Miss.) primarily concerning Freeman Buckner Irby (plantation owner, businessman, and politician) and his wife, Maria Louisa (Bacon) Irby. 39 items. Gift of Joseph M. Irby II.

  13. Papers, 1850–83, of Dr. Meriwether Lewis (of Lancaster County) concerning his work as a physician, his service in the 9th Virginia Cavalry of the Confederate States Army, his postwar career in the Virginia Senate, and his post as superintendant of Lancaster County schools. 45 items. Gift of Patricia Lewis Perkins.

  14. Record book, 1865–77, of the James River Packet Company, Richmond, containing information about horses acquired and used to pull packet boats. The volume was later used by Walter S. Edmonds to manage his horse breeding and trading business. [62] leaves. Bound volume. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  15. Papers, 1867–1953, of Robert Sheffey Preston (physician of Richmond and in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War I) chiefly concerning his professional career and including diaries, correspondence, financial records, professional materials, student notebooks, and related items. Also include some correspondence, accounts, and professional papers of his father, Dr. Robert John Preston (of Washington County). 103 folders. Gift of Mrs. Robert S. Preston, Jr.

  16. Payroll book, 1870–72, of the Richmond Department of Public Works, showing wages paid to white and African American employees and work assigned, including sanitation and street repairs and maintenance. [100] leaves: handwritten; 18 x 11 in. Bound volume. Gift of Justin Shaw.

  17. Scrapbook, c. 1871–80, kept by Sarah C. Harris Agee (of Bedford County) containing poetry, song lyrics, and printed articles, as well as examples of paper weaving and cross stitch. [32] l.: 6 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. Bound volume. Gift of James Burch.

  18. Papers, 1874–1938, of Elisabeth Mayo (Strother) Scott (of Richmond) consisting chiefly of letters, 1889–93, concerning her courtship with Frederic William Scott. 298 items. Gift of Mary Ross Fisher.

  19. Papers, 1882–1954, of the Barefoot family (farmers of King and Queen County), including records of William Thomas Barefoot (especially concerning the sawmill operations of W. T. Barefoot & Son), his son John Thomas Barefoot (including records of Smyrna Christian Church kept as treasurer), and John’s son, J. T. (graduate of Bliss Electrical School, Washington, D.C.). 431 items. Gift of Gwynn R. Litchfield.

  20. Papers, c. 1883–99, of German American music teacher, conductor, and composer Louis Schehlmann (of Lynchburg) including a scrapbook concerning performances and related matters, a commonplace book, and a music book of the Lynchburg Mozart Association. 4 items. Purchased.

  21. Records, 1885–1938, of the Richmond Cedar Works, including a certificate of incorporation of Timber Products Corporation of Richmond, map of the Richmond Cedar Works holdings in Tyrrell and Hyde counties, N.C., an abstract of title to property of the Richmond Cedar Works in 1925, and a bound copy of documents pertaining to the reorganization of the company under Section 77B of the United States Bankruptcy Act (with an amended plan of reorganization). 5 items. Gift of Mrs. Robert R. Parrish.

  22. Papers, 1894–1939, of the Mahone family (of Nelson County) including the correspondence of three generations of women: Maria Massie Nelson with her former student and future husband, Robert Alexander Malone; their daughter Evelyn Harrison (Malone) Gantt, and her daughter Susan Virginia Gantt. 14 items. Gift of Leroy Anderson Keller, Jr.

  23. Records, 1895–1943, of B. A. Grasberger & Co., Richmond, concerning the production, sale, and distribution of paper and wood products, especially for the confectionary trade. Include general correspondence, financial materials, production documentation, orders and shipping records, and related materials. 57 folders. Gift of Mary Lee Grasberger.

  24. Papers, 1898–1988, of the Gray family (of Lawrenceville, Richmond, and West Point) including correspondence, accounts, scrapbook, writings, and related materials of Episcopal minister Arthur Powell Gray (1883–1938) and his wife, Elizabeth Stuart (Derby) Gray, and their descendants, including Elizabeth Stuart Gray (secretary of the Chesapeake Corporation for twenty years) and Arthur Powell Gray IV (1946–1970), killed in Vietnam. These papers primarily concern daily life and activities, family information, and the Reverend Mr. Gray's work as a parish priest and author of various articles and book reviews. 162 folders. Gift of Elizabeth Stuart Gray.

  25. Papers, 1899–1995, compiled by J. Earle Dunford (of Richmond) concerning his book, The Richmond Times Dispatch: The Story of a Newspaper (1995). Include book drafts, research files, and transcripts of interviews with newspaper employees. 108 folders. Gift of J. Earle Dunford.

  26. Papers, 1900–27, of King Albert Hagey (educator of Washington County), including diplomas awarded by King College (Bristol, Tenn.) and Austin College (Sherman, Tex.). 3 items. Gift of the estate of William Anderson Hagey.

  27. Papers, c. 1904–36, concerning the family of Chiswell Dabney Langhorne and Nancy Witcher (Keene) Langhorne (of Albemarle County), including correspondence of Chiswell Langhorne and most of his children, including the eldest daughter, Elizabeth Dabney (Langhorne) Perkins, her daughter Nancy Keene (Perkins) Field Tree Lancaster, and her three husbands: Henry Field, Ronald Lambert Field Tree, and Claude Granville Lancaster. 569 items. Gift of Nancy Perkins Field Tree Lancaster.

  28. Papers, 1905–87, of Virginia governor Elbert Lee Trinkle (of Wytheville) primarily concerning Virginia during Trinkle's term and his post-government career in the insurance business in Roanoke. Include correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, news clippings and related materials. 518 folders. Gift of Will Trinkle.

  29. Records, 1907–2003, of the Lane Company of Altavista concerning the daily operations of the furniture manufacturing firm and including financial records, board of directors and administrative papers, plant records, legal files, advertising materials, historical materials, Lane Foundation records, Lane family papers, personal papers of B. B. Lane, records compiled by corporate officer R. Stuart Moore, and records of the acquisition and operation of several subsidiaries. 264 linear feet. Gift the Lane family and the Lane Company, Inc., through the courtesy of Minnie Bassett Lane, Landon B. Lane, Jr., Mrs. Edward Hudson Lane, Jr., and Furniture Brands International of St. Louis, Mo.

  30. Records, 1910–17, of the Richmond, Washington & Chesapeake Railway Company concerning the company's incorporation in 1912 and railroad construction in Virginia. 31 folders. Gift of Mrs. Channing Ward.

  31. Papers, 1914–77, of Harold Warren Billings (of Richmond) concern his lengthy career as an artist, draftsman, and interior decorator and designer. Items include drawings, sketches, plans and specifications, and photographs detailing his work, with special emphasis on murals he painted in banks throughout Virginia. 586 items. Gift of Warren M. Billings.

  32. Papers, 1920–98, of Richmond architect Edward F. Sinnott, Jr., consisting largely of project files and drawings, plans, and specifications for residential and commercial commissions undertaken by the firm operated by Mr. Sinnott and his father. c. 125 linear feet. Gift of Edward F. Sinnott, Jr.

  33. Papers, 1921–2005, of Saul Viener (Charles Town, W.Va., native and Richmond manufacturer) concerning his career in the U.S. Naval Reserve during World War II, his postwar education, and his involvement with various state and national Jewish organizations and historical societies. 170 folders. Gift of Saul Viener.

  34. Title books, 1924–41, compiled by Eldred Raleigh Phillips (real estate attorney of Richmond) primarily as an examining attorney for Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, regarding applications for title guaranty insurance and tracing the rise of housing developments and planned communities in the Richmond metropolitan area. 5 volumes. Gift of Dr. W. Hamilton Bryson.

  35. Papers, 1929–95, of Gov. A. Linwood Holton (native of Big Stone Gap) primarily concerning his service as an officer in the United States Navy and in the Naval Reserve, his work for the campaign of Richard Nixon for U.S. president in 1968, and his own unsuccessful candidacy for U.S. Senate in 1978. Also, includes papers concerning his work with the National Center for State Courts and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. 629 folders. Gift of A. Linwood Holton.

  36. Diary, 1933 July 14–September 1, of Bradford Jacob Wasserman (of Richmond) kept while traveling to and from and while attending the Fourth World Jamboree of Boy Scouts in Godollo, Hungary. With enclosures [visiting cards, articles, photocopies of photographs] and a typed transcription. c. 250 pp.: holograph; 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 in. Bound volume. Gift of Brian M. Wasserman through the courtesy of Sue Wasserman and in memory of Bradford J. Wasserman.

  37. Scrapbook, 1933–40, compiled by an unidentified young woman primarily concerning Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond, and the members of its class of 1933. [56] leaves: newspaper clippings; 15 x 10 3/4 in. Bound volume. Gift of Gwynn R. Litchfield.

  38. Papers, 1949–78, of Aubrey Russell Bowles (attorney of Richmond) primarily concerning his work with the Judicial Council of Virginia, including correspondence, reports, compiled materials concerning professional organizations, and related materials. 155 folders. Gift of A. R. Bowles III and A. R. Bowles IV.

  39. Now this . . . WJMA Radio’s Early Years, 1949–84 (videorecording, 2010). 2 videodiscs. The station broadcast from Orange. Gift of Ross Hunter.

  40. Sheltering Arms Fashion Show 1986, sponsored by Thalhimer Bros., Inc., Richmond. (videorecording). 1 cassette. Gift of Debra Pickrel.

  41. Records, 1988–91, compiled by Edward R. Crews concerning the sale of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Corporation to CSX. 9 items. Gift of Edward R. Crews.

  42. Index, 2007 April, of Jewish interments in the U.S. Naval Hospital Cemetery (Captain Ted Conoway Memorial Naval Cemetery), Portsmouth, compiled by Samuel Werth. Accompanied by a map of the U.S. Naval Hospital Cemetery drawn by Samuel Werth. 2 items. Gift of Samuel Werth.

  43. Index, c. 2007, of Jewish interments in Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery, Richmond, compiled by Samuel Werth. Accompanied by a map of Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery (part of Forest Hill Cemetery) drawn by Samuel Werth with the aid of Mrs. Inge W. Horowitz. 2 items. Gift of Samuel Werth.

Printed Materials

  1. Acts of Incorporation and Rules and Regulation for the Government of Hall’s Free School in the County of Hanover. Richmond, 1881. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  2. Bazile, Leon Maurice. Hanover County Police Benevolent Association. Hanover, 1957. Contains a history of Hanover County sheriffs, as well as photos of Hanover County employees and historic buildings. Gift of Dr. W. Hamilton Bryson.

  3. Casey, James W. Jackson Light Infantry Two-Step March. Norfolk, Va., 1897. Sheet music. Gift of William W. Cole.

  4. Clark, John. The Ebenezer Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Philadelphia, 1859. This small Primitive Baptist hymnal was compiled by “John Clark, of Virginia” and contains hundreds of English hymns printed without music. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  5. Cohan, George M. I Was Born in Virginia, Collector Edition. New York, 1933. Sheet music. Gift of William W. Cole.

  6. Davis, Gussie L. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight. New York, 1898. Sheet music. Gift of William Cole.

  7. Equal Suffrage: Address from the Colored Citizens of Norfolk, Va., to the People of the United States, also an Account of the Agitation Among the Colored People of Virginia for Equal Rights. New Bedford, Mass., 1865. Dr. Thomas Bayne and seven other African Americans signed this address “on behalf of the colored citizens of Norfolk and vicinity.” Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Fund.

  8. Gibson, Charles Dana. Drawings. New York, 1894. This folio volume contains primarily caricatures and bears the calling card of Mrs. Joseph Bryan III. Gift of Mrs. Joseph Bryan III.

  9. Hayden, William. The National Whig Song. Boston, 1840. Sheet music. Campaign song of William Henry Harrison’s 1840 presidential campaign. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  10. Jackson, Ethel Cooper. This is My Husband: Fighter for His People, Political Refugee. New York, [1953]. An appeal on behalf of James Jackson, an African American Communist Party leader, born and raised in Virginia. Purchased through the Battle Abbey Council Fund.

  11. Jamestown Official Photograph Corporation. Scenes at the Jamestown Exposition With Historic Sites in Old Virginia. New York, 1907. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  12. Johnson, Jesse J. Black Armed Forces Officers, 1736–1971. Hampton, 1971. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  13. Lancaster, Arthur J. Portsmouth Official Song: Portsmouth, Virginia Bicentennial, 1752–1952. Portsmouth, 1952. Sheet music. Gift of William Cole.

  14. Legendre, Adrien Marie. Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry. New York, 1851. This nineteenth-century geometry textbook was used in McCabe’s University School, Petersburg, and was signed by Joseph Schoolfield Potts on October 5, 1867. Gift of Crawley F. Joyner III.

  15. Lindsey, Stuart F. To Republican Voters of the 9th Congressional Dist. of Va. Bristol, Va., 1902. Broadside. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  16. Macomb, Montgomery Meigs. The Necessity in the War Department in Regard to the Collection of Military Statistics and the Construction of a General Military Atlas of the United States. Fort Monroe, 1886. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  17. Madan, Martin. Juvenal and Persius: Literally Translated, with Copious Explantatory Notes, by Which These Difficult Satirists are Rendered Easy and Familiar to the Reader. Oxford, 1839. Bears the ownership signature of Richard Lancelot Maury and the ownership stamp of Herndon Maury Gatewood. Gift of Hunter F. Avery.

  18. McAndrews and Aymar’s Ethiopian and Comic Songster Comprising the Most Popular Melodies of the Day. Chicago, 1865. J. W. McAndrews was a popular blackface minstrel born in Richmond. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  19. Mercantile Agency Reference Book (And Key): Containing Ratings of Merchants, Manufacturers, and Traders Generally Throughout the Southern States. New York, 1922. Gift of David H. Smith.

  20. The Ninth U.S. Infantry in the World War. Germany, 1919. Owned by Archibald Gerald Robertson of Richmond, a member of the 9th U.S. Infantry. Gift of Mrs. Joseph R. Newell, Jr.

  21. Norfolk and Western Railway Company. Norfolk and Western Railway Equipment Trust, Series E: Agreement Between Virginia Company and Commercial Trust Company and Norfolk and Western Railway Company. Norfolk, 1905. Purchased through the Betty Sams Christian Fund.

  22. Payne, Lillian Harris. May Queen: Carnival Extravaganza. Richmond, 1926. A second edition printing of an American children’s May Day play bears the ownership signature of Mrs. C. C. Woolridge. Purchased through the Donald Haynes Fund.

  23. The Pentagon: Hub of National Defense. Arlington, 1950. Gift of Clay Pytlik.

  24. The Political Text Book for Reference: Containing a Complete Statement of the Votes Thrown for William Henry Harrison and Martin Van Buren at the Presidential Election in 1840. Boston, 1844. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  25. Ray, Joseph. Primary Lessons and Tables in Arithmetic for Young Learners. Cincinnati, 1857. Bears the name of Nannie S. Boyd of Winchester. Gift of Carol Robert Armstrong and Dr. Frank C. Robert in memory of Joseph Clarke Robert, president of the Virginia Historical Society, 1975–78.

  26. Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad. Rules for the Government of the Operating Department. Richmond, 1955. This copy of railroad safety regulations is marked “Defendant’s Exhibit no. 33” and “Defendant’s Exhibit B, 6/1/76, 76L61.” Gift of Charles A. Hartz.

  27. Written By Capt. T. F. Roche, C.S.A., Prisoner of War at Fort Delaware, 1865: Sung by the Fort Delaware Minstrel Troop Organized by the Confederate Officers to Aid Sick Comrades in Hospital. Winchester, 19?? This collection of minstrel music bears the signature of J. Ogden Murray, Charlestown, Jefferson County, W.Va., on the front cover. Gift of Hunter F. Avery.

  28. Rockingham County. Board of Editors. The Public Schools of Rockingham County, Virginia: An Educational Report and History of Schools in the County. Harrisonburg, 1914. Purchased through the William A. Hagey Fund.

  29. Rushworth, John. Historical Collections of Private Passages of State . . . and Historical Collections the Second Part. London, 1680 and 1682. Purchased through the First Settlers Fund.

  30. Salander, Gustav Adolf. Vom Werden der Menschenrechte. Leipzig, 1926. A German account of modern constitutional history, which includes information on the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Gift of W. Hamilton Bryson.

  31. Sanford, Ezekiel. A History of the United States Before the Revolution: With Some Account of the Aborigines. Philadelphia, 1819. First edition, first state. Purchased through the Leo J. Wellhouse Fund.

  32. Schmidt, Ferdinand. Georg Washington. Leipzig, 1890(?). A juvenile biography of Washington written in German. It was later translated into English. Gift of W. Hamilton Bryson.

  33. The Second Recital of the Organetta Club will be Given by Request at the Augusta M.E. Church. Staunton, 1897? Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  34. Shenandoah College, Reliance, Virginia, a Classical and Commercial College and School of Music. Reliance, c. 1920. An illustrated broadside advertisement for the school that became the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. Purchased through the William A. Hagey Fund.

  35. Stowe, Harriet Beecher. The Edmundson Family and the Capture of the Schooner Pearl. Cincinnati, 1856? Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Fund.

  36. Thompson, Randall. The Testament of Freedom: A Setting of Four Passages from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson, for Men’s Voices with Piano or Orchestral Accompaniment. Boston, 1944. Sheet music. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  37. United States. Commission on Training Camp Activities. Army Song Book. Washington, D.C., 1918. Gift of Ben and Maureen Field.

  38. United States. President. Message from the President of the United States, to both Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the First Session of the Twelfth Congress. Washington, D.C., 1811. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Fund.

  39. United States. War Department. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting a System of Field Service and Police, And a System of Martial Law, for the Government of the Army of the United States. Washington, D.C., 1820. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  40. Virginia. Auditor of Public Accounts. Report of the Auditor of Public Accounts, Showing the Aggregate Number of Persons Returned Delinquent by the Sheriffs of the Commonwealth. Richmond, 1861. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  41. Waterbury, Jared Bell. Southern Planters and the Freedmen. New York, c. 1869. Examines the changes in southern society during Reconstruction. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  42. Watlington, James E. James E. Watlington, Jr., U.S. Army Air Corps, 1943–1945. Gift of Austin Brockenbrough III.

  43. Watterson, George. Letters from Washington, on the Constitution and Laws: With Sketches of Some of the Prominent Public Characters of the United States. Washington, D.C., 1818. Purchased through the Leo J. Wellhouse Fund.

Museum Objects

  1. Walking stick with carved image of an enslaved African American man advertising the services of Brooke & Hubbard Auction House in Richmond, Virginia, c. 1823. Gift of Gary S. Johnson, Sr., and Kristina E. Johnson; purchased through the William Anderson Hagey, Douglas H. Gordon, Betty Sams Christian, and Lucy G. Crockin Funds.

  2. E. Baker Premium Bitters Pottery Jug, 1832. Purchased through the James H. Willcox, Jr., Virginia Decorative Arts Purchase Fund.

  3. American coin silver cream jug and covered sugar bowl attributed to Benjamin Barton II of Alexandria, c. 1840. Purchased through the James H. Willcox, Jr., Virginia Decorative Arts Purchase Fund.

  4. Mezzotint engraving of George Washington by Alexander Hay Ritchie after Peter Frederick Rothermel, published by William Pate, New York, c. 1852. Gift of the Pendleton family in memory of Parke Douglas Pendleton.

  5. Oil on canvas portrait of Dr. William Montgomery Ballow by Charles Wesley Jarvis, 1855; Dr. Ballow’s diploma from the Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia, 1853. Dr. Ballow was a native of Buckingham County. Gift of the Winn Family of Virginia.

  6. Oil on canvas portrait of John Young Mason (1799–1859) by John Robertson, c. 1857. Bequest of Nancy Read Schaefer.

  7. Daguerreotype of Captain Melville Vaiden on a horse, c. 1858. Gift in memory of John Melville Jennings by George Edward Meanley.

  8. Carte-de-visite photographs of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman and Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan and a carte-de-visite size lithograph of Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, c. 1860–70. Gift of Gerald Eggert.

  9. Death mask of President John Tyler (1790–1862), molded in Richmond a day or so after his death at the Exchange Hotel; death mask of David Gardiner (1784–1844), father of Julia Gardiner Tyler, who was killed in the explosion aboard the USS Princeton on the Potomac River in 1844; tortoise shell walking cane inscribed to President John Tyler; photographs of the Tyler family. Gift of the Honorable Madison E. Marye.

  10. Photographs showing views of Richmond from the top of the Valentine’s Meat Juice Works and an image of a bull from Valentine’s, c. 1880–1900. Gift of James Joseph Basl in memory of Owen Valentine.

  11. Desk believed to have been used in the Gallego Flour Mills, Richmond, 19th century. Gift of Joseph J. Basilone, Jr., in memory of Warwick Chevallie Thomas.

  12. Photographic print of the center of Bowling Green, Caroline County, c. 1900, before the fire of 1905. Gift of Deborah Worthington Dorsey, New York.

  13. Photographic print of the USS Alabama, 15 September 1901, in Hampton Roads with flag at half mast honoring President William McKinley. Gift of Frances Boush Johnson and Dorothy Temple Johnson.

  14. Banner of Shenandoah Valley Military Academy, Winchester, c. 1918. Gift of the family of Joseph M. Pope.

  15. Plaster bust of Maggie Lena Walker (1865–1934), c. 1934. Purchased through the William Anderson Hagey Fund.

  16. Photograph of Ambassador Alexander W. Weddell inscribed to neighbors in Windsor Farms from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1937. Gift of Dr. Carl Outen.

  17. Sign from the Mennonite Church African American Mission, Harrisonburg, c. 1940. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  18. Wool cape worn by Martha Louise Foster Walsh (1921–2003) as a nursing graduate and staff member of Riverside Hospital, Newport News, c. 1944. Gift in honor of Martha Louise Foster Walsh by her children.

  19. “Sailor Bob” photographs, coloring books, costumes, original drawings, props, and other items from the children’s television program broadcast from Richmond in the 1950s and 1960s. Gift of Thomas Edward Griggs in honor of his father, Robert T. Griggs.

  20. Memorabilia from the Barry Goldwater presidential campaign, 1964. Gift of Sue Robinson.

  21. Program from the Bal du Bois held at the Country Club of Virginia, 14 June 1965, various invitations to debutante parties, and color photographs by J. Etheridge Ward of a dinner held during the 1965 season. Gift of Susan B. Strange.

  22. Panorama photograph of Douglas Southall Freeman High School, Class of 1975. Gift of Clay Pytlik.

  23. Pin owned by Mary (Dandridge) Langborne, aunt of Martha (Dandridge) Custis Washington; cabinet card photograph of Kate Compton Dunlop (wife of tobacco manufacturer Daniel Dunlop) by C. R. Rees, Petersburg; eleven photographic prints: five images believed to be of the construction of the Panama Canal, another four also probably from Panama, and two photographs of children. Gift of Page Laubach Warden.

  24. Cabinet card photograph, John B. Cary & Son, Insurance, 1201 Main Street, Richmond. Gift of an anonymous donor.

  25. Oil on canvas portrait of David Norvell Walker (1833–1902), Confederate veteran and postwar insurance broker in Richmond. Gift of David N. W. Grant III.


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