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Selected accessions (2013)


  1. Papers, 1657–1942, of the Minor family (of Fauquier and Goochland counties) primarily consisting of records of Robert Dabney Minor of the United States and Confederate States navies. 813 items. Previous deposit converted to gift by Mrs. Herbert O. Funsten in memory of Herbert Oliver Funsten, great-grandson of Robert Dabney Minor and Landonia Randolph Minor.

  2. Patent, 1756, issued to Thomas Lewis for 169 acres in Nansemond County. 1 sheet: handwritten; 151/2 x 111/2 in. Signed by Lt. Gov. Robert Dinwiddie. Gift of Dr. Luther Mills through the courtesy of Ephraim J. Rotter of the Thomas County Historical Society, Ga.

  3. Letter, 1787 Mar[ch] 25, “Mount Vernon,” of George Washington to [John Hopkins.] 2 p. on 1 l.: holograph signed; 9 1/4 x 7 1/2 in. Concerns financial support by company stockholders for the James River Company in its canal building efforts. Previous deposit converted to gift by the Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation through the courtesy of Brenton S. Halsey, president.

  4. Papers, 1810–1932, of the Minor family (of Fauquier County and Richmond) primarily consisting of records of George Buckner Minor of the Confederate States Office of Ordnance and Hydrography and his brother, Robert Dabney Minor of the United States and Confederate States navies and postwar manager of the Dover Coal Mines in Goochland County, as well as materials of the related the Ball, Carter, and Randolph families of Virginia. 4,305 items. Previous deposit converted to gift by Mrs. Herbert O. Funston in memory of Herbert Oliver Funsten, great-grandson of Robert Dabney Minor and Landonia Randolph Minor.

  5. Affidavit, 1824 May 15, of Cuthbert Powell (1775–1849) concerning the emancipation of Peter, aged seventy years. 1 p.: holograph signed; 71/2 x 31/2 in. Gift of James M. Rudd.

  6. Records, 1834–1998, of the LeSueur-Richmond Slate Corporation concerning slate quarrying and production operations in and around Arvonia, Buckingham County, and including records of predecessor and acquired companies including Arvonia-Buckingham Slate Company, Inc., Monticello Slate Corporation, Williams Slate Company, Inc., Buckingham-Virginia Slate Corporation, and others. 174 folders. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rose, Jr.

  7. Muster roll, 1838, of Captain Valerius McGinnis’s Company, 90th Infantry Regiment of Virginia Militia. 2 p. on 1 leaf: handwritten; 6 1/2 x 14 3/4 in. This unit was based in New Glasgow [now Clifford], Amherst County. Gift of Kay Payne Anderson.

  8. Papers, 1853–85, of the Henry family (of Waynesboro) primarily consisting of correspondence of Caroline A. (Henry) Yarborough while teaching school at “Oak Hill,” Henry County, with her future husband, Preston L. Yarborough, employed by the Central Virginia Railroad. 16 items. Gift of Forbes Maner.

  9. Letter, 1860 March 19, of William Sayre (of “Marlbourne,” Hanover County) to Edmund Ruffin, Jr., concerning the proceeds from a sale of the corn crop at that plantation, which was divided among the owners, all children of Edmund Ruffin, Sr. 4 p. on 2 l.: holograph signed; 8 1/2 x 9 3/4 in. Gift of Mrs. Jean C. Harbury.

  10. Letters, 1861, of Carter McKim Louthan (of Company I, 2d Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.), including descriptions of the first battle of Manassas. 2 items. Gift of Thomas C. and Paige Gillette Louthan.

  11. Letters, 1861 and 1865, concerning the family of Robert Conway Stanard (of Richmond), including an announcement of the wartime birth of Robert Conway Stanard, Jr. 2 items. Gift of Forbes Maner.

  12. Letters, 1861–62, of Edwin T. Mattison (of Venango County, Pa.) written while serving in Company A of the 83d Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, U.S.A., particularly while encamped at Hall’s Hill, Arlington County; and related materials. 15 items. Gift of Dr. Theodore Kornweibel, Jr.

  13. Papers, 1862–63 and 1918, concerning the family of Robert Dabney Minor (of Richmond and Fauquier County) including a telegram of Minor to his wife, Landonia (Randolph) Minor, announcing the victory of the CSS Virginia over the Union frigate Congress on March 8, 1862, and his own wounding in the engagement; a February 1863 letter of Minor to his wife describing Fredericksburg and the surrounding area after the battle there in December 1862; and a letter, 1918, concerning the honorable discharge of 2d Lt. Landon Randolph Minor from the U.S. Army. 4 items. Gift of Edythe Reed Funsten in memory of Herbert Oliver Funsten, great-grandson of Robert Dabney Minor and Landonia Randolph Minor.

  14. Papers, 1864–1980, relating to John W. Burch (of Lynchburg and Abingdon) including a letter written as a member of Company A of the 11th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A., describing camp life and other materials relative to Burch’s family and his postwar employment by the Norfolk & Western Railroad. 12 items. Gift of Charles Dick Burch III.

  15. Papers, 1870–1930, of Franklina Gray Bartlett (of California) consisting primarily of correspondence with Virginia author Marie Gordon Pryor Rice and members of the Pryor family. 109 items. Purchased through the Margaret C. Schweidler Fund.

  16. Recipe book, 1909–37, of Annie Lee (Carrington) Campbell (of Richmond) that also contains notes for the study of the English language. [176] p.: holograph; 6 x 7 1/2 in. Bound volume. Gift of Paxton Campbell.

  17. Records, 1913–90, of Arvonia-Buckingham Slate Company, Inc., which conducted slate quarrying and production operations in Buckingham County. Include minute books, loose papers of the president and secretary/treasurer, and materials concerning dissolution of the company, sale of its assets, and distribution of pension plan funds to qualified employees. 71 folders. Gift of Charles E. Wingo III.

  18. Records, 1922–60, of the Ashland Garden Club, Ashland, including minutes, membership and financial records, and related materials. c. 100 items. Converted from long-term deposit to gift of the Ashland Garden Club through the courtesy of Elizabeth S. Shamburger, historian.

  19. Papers, 1926–82, of the Hon. Colgate W. Darden (of Norfolk) primarily consisting of scrapbooks regarding his political career, especially as governor of Virginia, and his family, and also including some correspondence and loose clippings. 499 items. Gift of Irene Dupont Darden Field.

  20. Papers, 1930–33, of Joseph F. Drummond (of Norfolk) concerning his invention of a vending machine to sell accident insurance. 6 items. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  21. Papers, c. 1930–88 of the Hopkins and Hepburn families (of Gloucester and Hanover counties) including an excerpt from the autobiography of the Rev. Sewell S. Hepburn (rector of Immanuel Church, Hanover County, and grandfather of actress Katherine Hepburn), notes on the history of Immanuel Church, and “Memoir of N. Snowden Hopkins (1877–1937),” concerning farming activities and life at “Waverly,” Gloucester County. 10 items. Gift of Marion R. Jones.

  22. Architectural drawings, c. 1934, of “Ballyshallon,” Henrico County, by Baskervill & Son of Richmond for George Cole Scott. Include preliminary sketch of the first floor and sketches of the first and second floors. 3 items. Gift of the estate of George Thomas Glenn through the courtesy of Ronald C. Clark, trustee.

  23. The Point, 1935 [Volume 7], Yearbook of West Point High School, West Point. This volume was hand-made by the students and contains original photographs. The volume was owned by Ernest Chilton Edwards, one of the graduates. Gift of Bibb Chilton Edwards and Sue E. Terminella.

  24. Account books, 1939–64, kept by Elizabeth Matthews (Sherrard) Rice (of Richmond) and related loose material concerning, in part, the operation of the Garden Tea Room at “Spring Grange,” Ginter Park, Richmond. 6 items. Gift of Elizabeth R. Rice.

  25. Papers, 1941–94 (bulk 1942–45) of James Edwin Floyd and Frances Maxine (Bauserman) Floyd (of Staunton and Shenandoah County) primarily consisting of correspondence before their marriage while Floyd served in the U.S. Army in Europe, and including photographs, military service records, a scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Floyd, and letters of Floyd’s brother, Lewis Fielding Floyd (d. 1944). 1,209 items. Gift of James E. Floyd, Jr., and Ann Floyd Vereen.

  26. Materials, c. 1971–95, collected by Mrs. Jean C. Harbury (of Portsmouth) concerning Edmund Ruffin, the Ruffin family, and the related Boisseau, Harrison, and Skipwith families, including research materials of James Skelton Gilliam and David A. Ruffin, a modern map of “Coggin’s Point Farm,” Prince George County, a reminiscence of Richard Teller Crane (of “Westover,” Charles City County), and information on “Evelynton,” Charles City County, and “Beechwood,” Prince George County. 14 folders. Gift of Mrs. Jean C. Harbury.

  27. Materials, 1974–77, relating to the Virginia Electronics Association collected by the Goldberg Company, Inc., Richmond, a home furnishings firm established in 1911 that moved into the sale of consumer electronics and appliances. 5 items. Gift of the Radio & Television Museum, Bowie, Md.

  28. Proclamation, 1979 July 13, by the mayor of Culpeper, Richard M. Rosenberg, establishing Bruce Smyth Day in the town to honor Smyth’s role in bringing the U.S. Federal Reserve Communications Center to the town. 1 p.: printed form signed; 18 1/2 x 15 in. Gift of David L. Smyth.

  29. Chesapeake Bay Agreement , 1987, drafted by the Chesapeake Executive Council, Norfolk. Bears the endorsement of Virginia governor Gerald L. Baliles to Nancy M. Maupin (of Richmond). 14 p.: typescript; 8 1/2 x 11 in. Gift of Nancy M. Maupin.

  30. “The Miller and Rhoads Department Store: A Social History of a Richmond Institution,” by Kristin Terbush Thrower. [v], 166 leaves: typescript; 8 1/2 x 11 in. Photocopy. Master’s thesis, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1999. Gift of John W. West, III.

Published Materials

  1. A B C D E F G… New Market, c. 1810. This broadside displays two complete alphabets in alternating lines of Fraktur and modern face Roman type. It is attributed to the printer Ambrose Henkel. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  2. Audubon, John James. The Birds of America: From Drawings Made in the United States and Their Territories. New York and Philadelphia, 1840–44. The first octavo edition of the vibrantly illustrated classic on American birds that includes the Virginian rail and Virginian partridge. Gift of James P. Massie, Jr., and Joy P. Massie.

  3. Baird, Ebenezer Thompson. Songs of Praise for Sabbath Schools. Richmond, 1866. Bears the signature of Andrew M. Glover dated March 1867. Gift of the Rolfe Eldridge Glover Family.

  4. Bakke, Nils J. Illustrated Historical Sketch of Our Colored Mission. St. Louis, 1914. Describes the Lutheran mission first established in Prince Edward County by the Rev. W. R. Buehler in 1880 and its development into St. Matthew’s Chapel in Meherrin. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  5. Balfe, Michael William. Then You’ll Remember Me: Ballad. Baltimore, 1895. Sheet music that was issued compliments of C. H. Goldsbrough, Druggist, Neapolis, Va. Gift of William Cole.

  6. Bayly, Thomas Henry. Circular of Thomas H. Bayly, of Virginia, to His Constituents. Washington, D.C., 1850. Bayly expresses his views on the Compromise of 1850 as Virginia’s congressional representative from the 7th district. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  7. Bell, Lloyd. Lloyd ‘Ding Dong’ Bell: Song Folio and Picture Album. Harrisonburg, 1950. Songs and photographs of Lloyd Bell, a famous country singer who focused on “newer” songs and advertises his association with WSVA Radio Station in Harrisonburg. Gift of William Cole.

  8. Benjamin, Asher. The American Builder’s Companion; or a System of Architecture, Particularly Adapted to the Present Style of Building. Charlestown, Mass., 1811. This book was owned by Thomas Blackburn and contains his bookplate, as well as a drawing on the back pastedown of a house and plans by “J. Dinsmore, one of the architects of the University of Virginia.” Gift of Marquis Blackburn Burnett.

  9. Bigger, John Bell. An Act to Provide for a General Registration of Voters. Richmond, 1870. A compilation of Reconstruction voter laws that includes a manuscript list of names of “Judges of Elections” from Staunton dated May 18, 1870. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  10. The Book of Psalms Translated Out of the Original Hebrew. New York, 1857. Bears the signature of Mrs. Sarah A. Bullard, Locust Grove, Spotsylvania County, dated September 27, 1859. Gift of Churchill E. Ward.

  11. Boring, Edwin Garrigues. Psychology for the Fighting Man. Washington, D.C., 1943. This World War II manual was owned and signed by Charles A. Barrell on the front cover. Gift of Robert P. Barrell.

  12. Browne, Hetty Sibyl. The Child’s World: Second Reader. Richmond, 1917. This illustrated primer bears the signature of Miss Shearwood Durham, Howerton School, Va. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  13. Bunyan, John. Pilgrim’s Progress: From This World to That Which is To Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream. Philadelphia, 1859. Bears the signature of Thomas Blackburn, Staunton, 1860, on the front pastedown. Gift of Marquis Blackburn Burnett.

  14. Crawford, Mary Caroline. The College Girl of America and the Institutions Which Make Her What She Is. Boston, 1905. Includes information on and images of Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Hollins Institute, Mary Baldwin Seminary, and the Woman’s College of Richmond. Purchased through the St. Gertrude’s Fund for Students of American History.

  15. Dixie Club of New York. Year Book: The Dixie Club of New York, Founded 1904 by Hallie Milburn Dunklin, Incorporated 1907, for the Years 1929–1931. New York, 1929. Includes the names of forty-four former Virginia residents. Gift of Betty Gereau.

  16. Dr. John Lansing Burrows: Died in Stellaville, Ga., January 2, 1893, Buried in Richmond, Va., January 5, 1893, Age Seventy-Nine. Richmond, 1893. Burrows was born in New York but became a “Southerner by choice” when he accepted the call to become the minister at First Baptist Church in Richmond. A favorite minister in Confederate army camps, he was buried in Hollywood Cemetery. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  17. Evelyn, John. Navigation and Commerce, Their Original and Progress. London, 1674. An early work on British navigation that contains references to colonial Virginia and Capt. John Smith. Purchased through the Kirbye First Settlers Fund.

  18. Farmers’ Convention of Virginia. Proceedings of the Farmers’ Convention of Virginia Held at Richmond, Va., April 15–16, 1885. Richmond, 1885. Held under the auspices of the Virginia State Agricultural Society; includes a list of delegates to the convention. Purchased through the Charles S. Hutzler Fund.

  19. Felton, Ralph A. Go Down Moses: A Study of 21 Successful Negro Rural Pastors. Madison, N.J., 1952. Most of the African American pastors studied here were originally from Virginia and were preaching in Amelia, Brunswick, Fluvanna, New Kent, and Westmoreland counties. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  20. Harland, Marion. Home of the Bible: What I Saw and Heard in Palestine.” New York, 1896. An uncommon work by Mary Virginia Terhune who wrote under the pen name Marion Harland. Gift of Lucinda Hall Darby Westmoreland.

  21. Hurst, Samuel Need. A Complete and Popular Encyclopedia of Virginia Law and Forms and Business Guide or How-book for the Business Man and Citizen. Pulaski, 1922. This comprehensive and unique guide contains many illustrations by the author. Gift of Radford University.

  22. Keiser, Robert A. Plantation Airs: Medley Two-Step. New York, 1905. The front cover of this piece of sheet music contains pictures of African Americans singing, playing instruments and dancing and is marked “Jamestown Exposition, Norfolk, 1907.” Gift of William Cole.

  23. Lewis, William. The New Dispensatory Containing: I. The Elements of Pharmacy. II. The Materia Medica. III. The Preparations and Compositions of the New London and Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias. London, 1765. Used by physicians and apothecaries to prescribe and prepare drugs; this copy bears the signature of James Hamilton, surgeon. This edition was advertised for sale in Williamsburg in the Virginia Gazette before the American Revolution. Purchased through the Leo J. Wellhouse Fund.

  24. Malan, Cesar. Idle Dick: and The Poor Watchmaker. Richmond, 1867. Sunday School literature published by the Presbyterian Committee of Publication. It bears the signature of Rolfe Glover on the front flyleaf and frontispiece. Gift of the Rolfe Eldridge Glover Family.

  25. Miller, Francis Trevelyan. The World in the Air: The Story of Flying in Pictures. New York, 1930. Includes images of Richard E. Byrd, the Civil War battle of Fair Oaks, and aircraft trials at Fort Myer and Langley Field. Purchased in memory of Clifton A. Woodrum III for his years of support and service as a member of the VHS board of trustees.

  26. Mursinna, Frederick Samuel. Georg Washington. Chemnitz, 1804. First edition. First issue of a biography of Washington written in German. Gift of W. Hamilton Bryson.

  27. New Soldier’s Handbook. Richmond, 1942. First published in 1934, this edition was printed in Richmond and includes reprints of official manuals including changes made during the first year of U.S. involvement in World War II. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  28. Nicholson, Peter. Practical Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet-Making. London, 1826. An architectural pattern book used to design and construct roofs, domes, stairs, handrails, soffits, niches, and furniture; contains the signature of William Barber, 1842. Purchased through the Lettie Pate Evans Fund.

  29. Page, Myra. The Gathering Storm: A Story of the Black Belt.” London, 1932. Born in Newport News in 1897, Page became a political journalist, feminist, communist, and unionist. Purchased through the Douglas H. Gordon Fund.

  30. Smith-Courtney Company (Richmond). Compliments of Smith-Courtney Company, Richmond, Va. New York, 1939. This pocket handbook contains manuscript notations of an unknown owner. Gift of Anne R. Lyles.

  31. Tabb, John Banister. Lyrics. Boston, 1921. A collection of poetry written by a Roman Catholic priest from Virginia. While imprisoned in a Union camp during the Civil War, Tabb formed a lifelong friendship with fellow poet Sidney Lanier. Gift of Betty Lambeth.

  32. Thruston, Lucy Meacham. Called to the Field: A Story of Virginia in the Civil War. Boston, 1906. The author, born in 1862, created a work of historical fiction that reflects a southern point of view in the early twentieth century. Purchased in honor of Edward L. Ayers for his years of support and service as a member of the VHS board of trustees.

  33. Truman, Benjamin Cummings. The Field of Honor: Being a Complete and Comprehensive History of Duelling in All Countries.” New York, 1884. Includes many notable Virginia duels. Gift of Clay Pytlik.

  34. Tucker, John Randolph. Speech of Hon. John Randolph Tucker, of Virginia, Delivered in the House of Representatives, Friday, April 4, 1879. Washington, D.C., 1879. In this sixteen-page speech Tucker criticizes the election monitoring taking place in the reconstructed southern states. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  35. United Klans of America. Virginia Realm. Save America! Join United Klans, UKA. Come Hear the Truth !! Good Preaching, Country Music, Fri., Oct. 28, 8 p.m.. Rally Rain or Shine. The White Public Only. Bedford, Va. South Hill, 1966. Broadside signed in print by M. R. Kornegay, Va., Grand Dragon. Gift of Betty Lambeth Gereau.

  36. United States. Congress. House. Report of the Committee Appointed on the Second Inst. To Prepare and Report Such Rules, as in Their Opinion are Proper to be Adopted by this House, to be Observed in the Choice of a President of the United States. Washington, D.C, 1801. Response to the electoral crisis of 1800 to determine whether Aaron Burr or Thomas Jefferson would serve as president. The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1804 to avoid a similar future electoral crisis. Purchased through the Carrie Wheeler Buck Memorial Fund.

  37. United States. Office of Naval Officer Procurement. V is for Virginia, The Old Dominion State. Richmond, 1944. Illustrated World War II broadside encouraging the recruitment of women to join the WAVES. Gift of Brenda Hayes.

  38. United States. Postal Service. Post Office Manual: Embracing Arrival and Departure of Mails, Free Delivery System, Money Orders, Registered Letters, Stamped Envelopes, Rates of Postage, Postal Rules, Foreign Letters, &c., &c.” Richmond, 1871. Signed by Elizabeth Van Lew, who was appointed by President Grant in 1869 to be the postmaster of Richmond in appreciation of her work as a Union spy. Purchased through the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation Fund.

  39. United States. War Department. Army Recipes. Washington, D.C., 1946. Contains recipes that supersede those in the 1944 edition and was designed for guiding the feeding of military personnel in a post–World War II world. Gift of Jane Hotchkiss.

  40. Van Riper, Guernsey. Richard Byrd: Boy Who Braved the Unknown. Indianapolis, 1958. From the Childhood of Famous Americans series, this volume bears the signature of E. J. Sutherland, Clintwood, on the front flyleaf. Gift of W. Hamilton Bryson.

  41. Weems, Mason Locke. The Life of George Washington with Curious Anecdotes, Equally Honourable to Himself, and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen. Philadelphia, 1832. Bears inscription to Thomas Smith Massie from his father, Henry Massie, Piedmont, Orange County, February 19th, 1861. Gift of James P. Massie, Jr., and Joy P. Massie.

  42. Wilber, Alfred M. Ripples: Intermezzo Waltzes. Suffolk, 1907. This early twentieth-century piano sheet music is signed by Elihu Holland Joyner, Sr., and is stamped: “Elihu Joyner, Agent, The Saturday Evening Post, The Ladies’ Home Journal, The Country Gentleman, Holland, Va.” Gift of William Cole.

  43. Willich, A. F. M. The Domestic Encyclopedia: Or a Dictionary of Facts and Useful Knowledge Chiefly Applicable to Rural & Domestic Economy. Philadelphia, 1821. Originally published in England, these volumes were heavily annotated for American use and bear the signature of Samuel Hance Lewis of Lewiston, Rockingham County. Purchased in honor of Lloyd U. Noland for his years of support and service as a member of the VHS board of trustees.

  44. Winn, Alice. David: Letters and a Memoir by His Mother. London, 1965. A biography of David Winn, who died in 1963, including correspondence, poems, and articles written by him and tributes to him. The author was born at Mirador in Albemarle County. Gift of Roberta Bocock.

  45. Wood, Fernando. An Address on the Genius, Public Life, and Opinions of Alexander Hamilton, Delivered at Richmond, Va., May 9, 1856, by the Request of the Ladies of the Central Mount Vernon Association, and in Aid of the Purchase of Mount Vernon. New York, 1856. The author was serving as mayor of New York City at the time of this speech and eventually served in U.S. House of Representatives. Purchased through the Douglas Huntly Gordon Fund.

  46. Worker’s Defense League. Defend Democracy at Home. New York, 1942. An appeal issued for the support of an African American sharecropper from Gretna. Odell Waller was sentenced to death for the murder of his white landlord by an all-white jury selected from the rolls of individuals who had paid a poll tax. Purchased through the Donald Haynes Fund.


  1. Culpeper County, Commonwealth of Virginia. Surveyed and drawn by Eugene Scheel (2009). Sponsored by Friends of the Culpeper County Library and the Culpeper [Library] Foundation. Gift of Eugene M. Scheel.

  2. Stafford County, Commonwealth of Virginia. Surveyed and drawn by Eugene Scheel (2003). Prepared for the Stafford County Historical Society. Gift of Eugene M. Scheel.

  3. Warren County, Virginia. Surveyed and drawn by Eugene Scheel (2011). Sponsored by the Warren Heritage Society. Gift of Eugene M. Scheel.

Museum Objects

  1. Two coin silver phleems, made 1795–1820, one bearing the touch of Alexandria silversmith John Adam. Purchased through the Willcox Decorative Arts Fund.

  2. Potrait of John Garland Mosby (1786–1855) by Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin, 1808. Given in loving memory of Roberta Kyle West, direct descendant of John Garland Mosby, by her sons, Frederic, John, and Robert West, and her daughter, Jane Bench, through the estate of the late Robert Kyle West.

  3. Medal, St. Andrew's Society, Petersburg, 1850. Gift of Dr. William D. Irvin in honor of his sister, Dr. Cynthia L. Irvin. The St. Andrew’s Society was a Scottish philanthropic organization aiding destitute or needy Scottish immigrants to America.

  4. Two silver dessert spoons made by Stevens & Hopkins, Petersburg, c. 1850–54 ; silver butter knife made by J. M. Freeman, Norfolk, c. 1828–82. Purchased through the Willcox Decorative Arts Fund.

  5. One pewter teapot from the Ashlin/Wilson family, mid-nineteenth century. Belonged to Sarah “Sallie” Ashlin McLean Wilson, granddaughter of Col. Robert Ashlin of “Rivanna Hall,” Fluvanna County. Gift of the Heirs of the Ashlin/Wilson Family.

  6. Pen and ink sketch, “Prospect Hill, Spottsylvania Co., The Residence of Mrs. H.F. Holladay,” by S. H. Kettlewell, c. 1861; pen and ink sketch, “View from Battery B, SE of Centreville, Fairfax Co, Va.; Decr. 1861,” by S. H. Kettlewell. Gift of Estate of Joseph Cook Edens, Jr.

  7. Walking stick presented to the Hon. John Goode (1829–1909) by the Ladies of Norfolk upon his election to Congress in 1874. Gift of John Goode.

  8. One trestle table purchased/built for the library at the Bryan family home, Laburnum, Henrico County, c. 1906; later used at Richmond Newspapers and Media General. Gift of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of D. Tennant, John Stewart, and Joseph Bryan.

  9. Promotional poster for the motion picture Lincoln (2012) autographed by Steven Spielberg, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Tony Kushner when they spoke at the Richmond Forum in 2013. Gift of Katherine Calos, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

  10. Skin Illustrator make-up palette used on actor Daniel Day-Lewis (Abraham Lincoln) in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln (2012). Gift of Shelley Illmensee.


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