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HistoryConnects FAQs

What is HistoryConnects?

HistoryConnects is a digital education initiative by the Virginia Historical Society including digital outreach and distance learning programming. Our digital outreach programs utilize Interactive Videoconferencing equipment to reach students across the state of Virginia and around the nation.

HistoryConnects digital outreach programs:

  • are interactive,
  • are primary source based historical explorations, and
  • reinforce both national and state standards of learning.

These programs are centered on in-depth investigation of primary sources and replica artifacts. The use of technology allows us to share high definition details of letters, maps, and images that were not previously possible with audiences that may never have the opportunity to visit the VHS in person.



  • We offer a wide catalog of programming for both K-12 Classrooms and Lifelong Learners
  • In addition to these catalogs, we also offer custom programs to fit the needs of your group. Please contact Manager of Digital Learning, Hailey Fenner, at hfenner@VirginiaHistory.org or 804.342.9689 to learn more.



  • HistoryConnects K-12 Programs are $75 each for Virginia Schools and $125 for out-of-state schools. Programs can be delivered to single classrooms or multiple classrooms within the school. There is no additional charge for multiple classrooms to participate.
  • We offer discounted rates on bundle programming student groups. The Primary Source of the Month Bundle is 8 Programs for $400 or 4 Programs for $200.
  • Each school year we offer a selection of free featured HistoryConnects programs. In addition to our catalog of paid distance learning programming and featured programs, we also offer two free 40-minute programs through our partnership with Skype in the Classroom.
  • HistoryConnects Lifelong Learning Programs are $125 for a single site connection. Programs can be delivered to single site or multiple sites within a community at once. There is a $75 fee for each additional site connecting during a single program.
  • Participants are sent an invoice at the time of booking and payment is not due until the program is completed. We understand that there are several external factors that can impact a program centered on technology. If a program connection is unable to be made due to factors that are beyond human control (i.e. snow days, power or network failures, etc.), we will work with you to reschedule your program at no additional charge. 





  • An internet-connected computer or web-enabled device connected to a projector, monitor, or Smartboard.
    • NOTE: Connectivity is enhanced when the fewest number of devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. If possible, please use a wired ethernet connection.
  • An external or built-in webcam positioned to see as many students as possible.
  • A built-in microphone or external USB noise-cancelling conference microphone.
  • Speakers loud enough for entire room to hear.



  • Participants registered for a paid HistoryConnects program will connect with VMHC via Zoom, an online meeting application. It is available for free download at https://zoom.us/download. Before each program, participants are emailed a link to join the VMHC Zoom room.
  • Classrooms registered for Skype in the Classroom programs will connect via Skype. A confirmation email with instructions to connect via Skype is sent upon booking.
  • All participants are encouraged to book a test call before their program to ensure a smooth connection.

Hailey Fenner

Hailey Fenner, Manager of Digital Learning

Are you interested in learning more about our interactive videoconferencing programs? I can help you schedule a program or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me at hfenner@VirginiaHistory.org or 804.342.9689.

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