"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Staff directory

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Bosket, Jamie O.
President and CEO
phone: 804.342.9656
e-mail: jbosket@VirginiaHistory.org

Boomer, Canan
Executive Assistant to the President
phone: 804.342.9656
e-mail: cboomer@VirginiaHistory.org

Advancement Division

Boe, Cathy
Senior Gifts Officer and Senior Officer for Member Travel
phone: 804.342.9657
e-mail: cathy@VirginiaHistory.org

Darling, Elizabeth
Donor Services Officer
phone: 804.342.9692
e-mail: edarling@VirginiaHistory.org

McFadden, Elaine
Senior Officer of Corporate, Foundations, and Government Relations
phone: 804.342.9664
e-mail: emcfadden@VirginiaHistory.org

Oertly, Heather
Advancement Services Officer
phone: 804.342.9682
e-mail: hoertly@VirginiaHistory.org

Weber, Matt
Senior Officer for Member Services
phone: 804.342.9658
e-mail: mweber@VirginiaHistory.org

Collections Division

Library and Research Services

McClure, John
Director of Library and Research
phone: 804.342.9686
e-mail: jmcclure@VirginiaHistory.org

Brown, Peyton
Library Clerk
phone: 804.342.9687
e-mail: pbrown@VirginiaHistory.org

Guillen, Matthew
Library Clerk
phone: 804.342.9687
e-mail: mguillen@VirginiaHistory.org

Huff, Jennifer M.
Reference Department Coordinator
phone: 804.342.9648
e-mail: jhuff@VirginiaHistory.org


Parris, L. Eileen
Sallie and William B. Thalhimer III Senior Archivist
phone: 804.342.9675
e-mail: eparris@VirginiaHistory.org

Lamb, Mark
Archival Technician
phone: 804.342.9645
e-mail: mlamb@VirginiaHistory.org

Mason, Mary Ann
Project Archivist
phone: 804.340.2279
e-mail: mmason@VirginiaHistory.org

Newman, L. Paige
Associate Archivist for Collections Processing
phone: 804.340.2280
e-mail: pnewman@VirginiaHistory.org

Stoner, Laura E. G.
Associate Archivist for Business Collections
phone: 804.340.2281
e-mail: lstoner@VirginiaHistory.org

Museum Collections

Rose, Rebecca A.
Director of Museum Collections and Registration
phone: 804.342.9679
e-mail: rrose@VirginiaHistory.org

Beattie, Heather
Museum Collections Manager
phone: 804.342.9693
e-mail: hbeattie@VirginiaHistory.org

Technical Services

Schwarting, Paulette
Director of Technical Services
phone: 804.342.9688
e-mail: pschwarting@VirginiaHistory.org

Arieux, Mariah
Serials and Preservation Library Assistant
phone: 804.342.9653
e-mail: marieux@VirginiaHistory.org

Barbee, Kayleigh
Project Cataloging/Digital Librarian
phone: 804.340.2251
e-mail: kbarbee@VirginiaHistory.org

Jones, Amber  
Senior Cataloging/Digital Librarian
phone: 804.340.2250
e-mail: ajones@VirginiaHistory.org


Rusch, Stacy G.
Chief Conservator
phone: 804.342.9674
e-mail: srusch@VirginiaHistory.org

Exhibitions and Publications Division

Talkov, Andrew H.
Vice President for Exhibitions & Publications
phone: 804.340.2276
e-mail: atalkov@VirginiaHistory.org

Exhibition Management

Kostelny, Dale
Manager of Exhibitions Production
phone: 804.342.9669
e-mail: dkostelny@VirginiaHistory.org

Condra, Bryan
Exhibit Designer
Phone: 804.342.9644
e-mail: bcondra@VirginiaHistory.org

Davis, Jamison
Traveling Exhibitions Coordinator
phone: 804.340.2273
e-mail: jdavis@VirginiaHistory.org


Rasmussen, William M. S.
Senior Curator of Exhibitions and Lora M. Robins Curator of Art
phone: 804.342.9663
e-mail: wrasmussen@VirginiaHistory.org

Sherry, Karen A.
Curator of Exhibitions
phone: 804.342.9683
e-mail: ksherry@VirginiaHistory.org

Publications, Lectures, and Scholar Relations

Dozier, Graham T.
Managing Editor of Publications and Virginius Dabney Editor of the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography
phone: 804.342.9640
e-mail: gdozier@VirginiaHistory.org

Guest Engagement Division

Plumb, Michael
Vice President for Guest Engagement
phone: 804.342.9642
e-mail: mplumb@VirginiaHistory.org

Public Programs and Education Services

Brown, Leah
Digital Outreach Educator
phone: 804.342.9695
e-mail: lbrown@VirginiaHistory.org

House, Hailey
Digital Learning Coordinator
phone: 804.342.9689
e-mail: hhouse@VirginiaHistory.org

Van Tassell, Chris
Program Coordinator
phone: 804.340.2270
e-mail: cvt@VirginiaHistory.org

Vida, Christina Keyser
Virginia History Day Coordinator
phone: 804.342.0672
e-mail: cvida@VirginiaHistory.org

Special Events and Facility Rental

Frazho, Laura
Manager of Special Events & Rental
phone: 804.342.9676
e-mail: lfrazho@VirginiaHistory.org

Guest Services and Ticketing

Carnan, Margaret
Guest Services Associate
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: mcarnan@VirginiaHistory.org

Downey, Meika
Guest Services Associate
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: mdowney@VirginiaHistory.org

Larson, Madeline
Guest Services Associate
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: mlarson@VirginiaHistory.org

Oliver, Wibecka
Guest Services Associate
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: woliver@VirginiaHistory.org

Parker, Veronica
Guest Services Associate
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: vparker@VirginiaHistory.org

Retail and Licensing

DeRuosi, Jessica
Manager of Retail
phone: 804.342.9671
e-mail: jderuosi@VirginiaHistory.org

Volunteer Support

Fariss, Dana
Manager of Volunteer Support
phone: 804.342.9643
e-mail: dfariss@VirginiaHistory.org

Marketing and Communications Division

Schneider, Tracy D.
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
phone: 804.342.9661
e-mail: tschneider@VirginiaHistory.org

Media Relations and Promotion

Oglesby, Lizzie
Manager of PR and Marketing
phone: 804.342.9665
e-mail: loglesby@VirginiaHistory.org

Digital Engagement

Wilkinson, Troy
Photographer and Digital Asset Specialist
phone: 804.340.2275
e-mail: twilkinson@VirginiaHistory.org

Graphic Design and Production

Nesossis, Jennifer Rohrbaugh
Manager of Graphic Design and Production
phone: 804.340.2278
e-mail: jnesossis@VirginiaHistory.org

Operations and Finance Division

Heiman, Richard S. V.
Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance
phone: 804.342.9685
e-mail: rheiman@VirginiaHistory.org

Finance & Human Resources

Corbin, Meagan 
Staff Accountant
phone: 804.340.2259
e-mail: mcorbin@VirginiaHistory.org

Davis, Paula 
Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator
phone: 804.342.9659
e-mail: pdavis@VirginiaHistory.org

Norris, Barry
Director of Finance and Accounting
phone: 804.342.9684
e-mail: bnorris@VirginiaHistory.org

Information Technology

Prickett, Sam
Manager of Information Technology
phone: 804.342.9668
e-mail: sprickett@VirginiaHistory.org

Grounds and Facility Services

Bryan, Tracy
Director of Facilities
phone: 804.353.4251
e-mail: tbryan@VirginiaHistory.org

Chapman, KaVon
Facility Services Associate

Granderson, Mia
Facility Services Associate

Lewis, Kathryn
Virginia House Site Manager
phone: 804.353.4251
e-mail: klewis@VirginiaHistory.org

Salathe, Irene
Virginia House Site Program Assistant
phone: 804.353.4251
e-mail: isalathe@VirginiaHistory.org

Wyatt, Joseph
Facility Services Associate

Building Management and Maintenance

Hicks, Thomas 
Manager of Building Maintenance
phone: 804.342.9690
e-mail: thicks@VirginiaHistory.org

Thurston, Robert
Maintenance Mechanic
phone: 804.342.9690
e-mail: rthurston@VirginiaHistory.org

Wright, Brian
Maintenance Assistant


Daniels, Treshara
Security Supervisor

Hill, Stephen
Security Officer

Jeffries, Rose
Security Officer

Johnson, James
Security Supervisor

Jones, Stephen
Security Officer

Minning, Laura
Security Officer

Rhoten, Larry
Security Supervisor

Rowson, Thomas
Security Supervisor

Willis, Danny
Security Officer