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The Story of Virginia

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: A History of the White House by Matthew Costello and Evan Phifer

Thursday, October 12, 5:30pm7:00pm
Members $30 (Join today) Nonmembers $50
Virginia Historical Society
Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center
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This is a two-part class taught by Matthew Costello and Evan Phifer. Class one will take place on Thursday, October 5, and class two on Thursday, October 12.

Sheep are shown on the South Lawn of the White House ca. August 27, 1919.During this two week course, participants will learn more about the history of the White House and its many historic uses as a home, office, stage, and museum. Matthew Costello will survey the late eighteenth and nineteenth-century evolution of the White House, beginning with the 1792 construction and ending near the turn of the twentieth century. Evan Phifer will provide an overview of the many White House transformations during the twentieth century, spanning from Theodore Roosevelt’s renovation in 1902 to the present. This course will touch on the architectural history of the building and its wings, the occupants and their relationship to the residence, the presidency, and the history of the building’s preservation and conservation.

Matthew Costello is Senior Historian for the White House Historical Association. Evan Phifer is Research Historian for the White House Historical Association.

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