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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
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SOLD OUT! Colonial Williamsburg and Bassett Hall

Wednesday, December 12, 7:30am6:30pm
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**Reservations for this travel program are closed.**

Join us for a member-only bus trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Bassett Hall.

Governor's Palace at Colonial WilliamsburgColonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg is the only place that takes you back in time to the dawn of America. It is the place where the idea of our country is being born and the place where the ideals we stand for as Americans are being defined. It is the 18th century “live,” filled with the stories of the women, men, and children—free and enslaved—whose values and visions gave us a new world.

Our day in Colonial Williamsburg, which will be beautifully decorated for the holiday season, begins with a guided tour of Bassett Hall—the house that John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and his wife Abby Aldrich Rockefeller resided in during the early restoration of the historic area. We will have lunch at Shields Tavern, followed by a specially led tour by a historical interpreter of the historic area to explore dozens of original buildings, homes, and shops, including the Capital, Magazine, the George Wythe House and James Geddy House, and much more.

Bassett Hall at Colonial WilliamsburgBassett Hall
Philip Johnson, a member of the House of Burgesses from King and Queen County, is believed to have built this 18th-century frame house sometime between 1753 and 1766.  Martha Washington’s nephew Burwell Bassett, a Virginia legislator and congressman, purchased the home in 1800. During the Civil War, the Union cavalryman George Armstrong Custer was a guest in the home for ten days following the battle of Williamsburg. Custer was on leave to attend the wedding of his West Point classmate, John W. Lea, a Confederate who had been wounded in the battle.

A Rockefeller biographer wrote, “Perhaps his favorite residence—the one that most attracted him in his later years—was the small white house known as Bassett Hall in Williamsburg, Virginia. Here, surrounded by the details of a vast project, he found the satisfaction of creation, of being a part of one of his own great dreams.”

Furnished in the 1930s and 1940s with folk art, 18th-century antiques, and 20th-century accessories, each room of Bassett Hall reveals what made this one of the Rockefellers’ favorite retreats. The Rockefeller family bequeathed Bassett Hall to Colonial Williamsburg in 1979.

The Williamsburg Historic District and the Williamsburg Historical Triangle is a National Historic Landmark District. They are also on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Virginia Journeys is a member-only travel program.

The reservation fee includes admission to the various sites, lunch, snacks and beverages provided while in transit, and transportation.

The reservation fee is nonrefundable. If a patron must cancel their reservation, we will treat the fee as a charitable contribution and the patron will receive a receipt for their tax purposes.

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