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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia
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Learning Resources

We are dedicated to serving as the state-wide hub for the teaching of Virginia history through providing engaging learning resources, educational online tools, and meaningful multimedia content for educators, students, and history lovers of all ages.


Student Activities & Primary Sources | Student Webinars


Students analyzing primary sources in the VMHC Research Library.


  • Color Our CollectionsDownload coloring pages created from the VMHC collections and unleash your creativity!

  • Games of the Past: Our new video series, Games of the Past, explores how kids played throughout history! Each video provides a quick history of a game and provides instructions to create the game at home. 

  • Pieces of History Online Puzzles: Enjoy these online puzzles from the collections of the VMHC. We're adding new puzzles weekly, so keep checking in for more.

  • I Spy: Virginia's Hidden History: Explore the history of espionage in the Commonwealth and train to become one of Virginia's top secret agents with this activity. This packet includes instructions for spies-in-training to practice breaking codes and send hidden messages with homemade invisible ink! 

Online Exhibitions & Virtual Tours

Student Activities and Primary Sources

  • Student Activities

    • Museum of You: This activity allows visitors to curate an exhibition about themselves! Download the Museum of You packet to find examples created by staff at the VMHC and an activity guide for both elementary and secondary students. 

    • You Be the Curator!: This activity is designed for students to explore the role of a museum curator and learn about the role objects play in storytelling in museum exhibitions. Using a pre-curated packet of collections objects, students are asked to curate a mini-exhibition about the chosen topic. This activity works well for grades 4 - 12. Secondary students can go beyond simple object selection by creating exhibit labels and titles using the worksheets in the instruction packet.

    • Teaching with Photographs: Teaching with Photographs is a primary source tool designed to be used by both teachers and students, inside and outside the classroom.

    • Linking to our PastLinking to our Past is designed to help students analyze and explore specific items related to African American history from the VMHC collections.

  • Primary Sources & Videos

    • The Story of Virginia Digital TimelineExplore Virginia's history through an interactive timeline of primary sources from the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and Library of Congress. 

    • Educational VideosOur educational videos are designed for a K-12 Audience. These videos are based on the Standards of Learning (SOL) and include animated primary source documents. 

    • Notable Dates in Virginia HistoryTurn back the pages of the calendar and learn about notable dates in Virginia history.


Webinar Archive For Students

Webinar Archive for Adults

Have questions? Contact Hailey Fenner, Manager of Digital Learning, at hfenner@VirginiaHistory.org or 804.342.9689.


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