"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Virginia History Day 2018 Winners


Congratulations to the Virginia History Day 2018 winners!  First and second place winners move on to the National History Day Contest, which will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD from June 10 – June 18, 2018.  If you have any questions, please email Christina Vida at cvida@VirginiaHistory.org.

    Junior Group Documentary Winners:

    • Third place: "Brown vs. The Board of Education" by Grace Serlis and Alaysia Oakes, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle for Innovation
    • Second place: "The Forgotten Soldiers: Women of World War I" by Grant Walker and Grace Walker, Blacksburg New School
    • First place: "Rachel Carson: Giving Nature a Voice" by Sophia Barrett and Suhani Samaroo, Manchester Middle

    Senior Group Documentary Winners:

    • Third place: "Dunkirk" by Cole Myers, Abbott Aiken, Douglas Kurtz, Paul Crosby, and Benjamin Marcia, The New Community School
    • Second place: "The Liberation of Mongolia" by Ryan Ortengren, Teddy Bird, and William Peritz, Western Albemarle High
    • First place: The Good Friday Agreement: A Peaceful End to Generations of Conflict in Ireland" by Josiah Luftig and Benjamin Life, Western Albemarle High

    Junior Individual Documentary Winners:

    • Third place: "The Virginia Plan: Finding a compromise to get Jewish youth out of conflict" by Charlotte Maxwell, Bedford Middle
    • Second place: "National Park Service vs. Native American Indians" by Claire McMahon, St. Patrick Catholic School
    • First place: "Conflict and Compromise at the Kent State Shootings" by Gracie Pershing, Manchester Middle

        Senior Individual Documentary Winners:

        • Third place: "Night Witches: The Forgotten Heroines of the Soviet Union" by Sydney Dell, Western Albemarle High
        • Second place: "The 1953 Armistice Agreement : The Ongoing Compromise" by Yuni Choi, West Springfield High
        • First place: "When Compromise is Unacceptable: Coeducation at the University of Virginia" by Mia Lazar, Blacksburg High

        Junior Group Exhibit Winners:

        • Third place: "Panama Canal Leaving an Impression" by John Cole McGee, Nate Salzberg, and Leighton McGee, Blacksburg New School
        • Second place: "The Japanese Internment and The Redress Movement" by Allyson Morris and Rebecca Reynolds, William Monroe Middle
        • First place: "The Heaviest Compromise Dropped on a Conflict" by Tyler Fontenot, Victor Van Vranken, Conor Patton, and Hollis Freeman, Haycock Elementary

          Junior Individual Exhibit Winners:

          • Third place: "The Compromise That Led to the Constitution" by Paul Trudell, St. Patrick Catholic School
          • Second place: "Against All Odds: The Birth of the Nation Israel" by Margaret Townsend, Linkhorne Middle
          • First place: "The Missouri Compromise: A Fire Bell in the Night" by Sarah Duetsch, St. John Neumann Academy

          Senior Group Exhibit Winners:

          • Third place: "A Captivating ARRGument: The Second Barbary War and Decatur’s Algerian Treaty" by Bella Holloman, Samantha Rosenbloom, and Minna Thompson, Langley High
          • Second place: "British Suffrage and the 1918 Representation of the People Act" by Eva Massarelli and Chloe Kienzle, Western Albemarle High
          • First place: "Finding Compromise in Conflict: The Geneva Convention of 1864" by Jane Servine and Isobel Williamson, Western Albemarle High

            Senior Individual Exhibit Winners:

            • Third place: "Conflict and Compromise: The Tuskegee Airmen" by Alan Arnesen, Stonewall Jackson High
            • Second place: "Spain and Portugal: Competing for Power in the Age of Exploration" by Amy Herrema, West Springfield High
            • First place: "UN Partition Plan: A Conflict Unresolved" by Nina Jannatifar, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High

              Junior Paper Winners:

              • Third place: "Striding for a Difference in Diversity: The Conflict and Compromise of the March on Washington" by Alessandra Besachio, St. Patrick Catholic School
              • Second place: "Magna Carta: The King's Compromise with Rebellious Barons" by Miryam Reid, William Monroe Middle
              • First place: "The Treaty of Versailles: An Armistice For Twenty Years" by Will Baker, William Monroe Middle

              Senior Paper Winners:

              • Third place: "Kennedy's Mistakes, Khrushchev's Arrogance, and Castro's Regime: The Conflict and Compromise of the Cuban Missile Crisis" by Reed League, West Springfield High
              • Second place: "444 Days in the Dark: The Iran Hostage Crisis" by Jane Carskaddan, Langley High
              • First place: "The Rise and Fall of General Rojas Pinilla and the Era of the National Front" by Rebecca Cantor, Cosby High

              Junior Group Performance Winners:

              • Third place: "Women at VMI" by Sara Johnson and Miranda Harvey, Bedford Middle
              • Second place: "Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Rebuilding Japan after WWII" by Landon Roberts and Kailyn Snyder, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle for Innovation
              • First place: "Susan B. Anthony's Arrest" by Ashley Cortez, Hannah Critzer, Madeline Powell, and Sydney Orange, William Monroe Middle

              Junior Individual Performance Winners:

              • Third place: "Madness of a Mountain: Ending Decades of Conflict on the Buffalo" by Sophia Mishoe, St. John Neumann Academy
              • Second place: "Nancy Wake: Compromising her safety in the conflict with the Nazis" by Grace Steele, Bedford Middle
              • First place: "Conflict from Compromise: The Anglo-Irish Treaty" by Thomas McKenna, McKenna Homeschool

              Senior Group Performance Winners:

              • Third place: "Aphra Behn: Compromising Identity to Future Female Playwrights" by Molly Gobble, Caitlyn Driver, and Natalie Raab, Western Albemarle High
              • Second place: "The Reign of Terror to the Rise of Napoleon: Conflict and Compromise during the French Revolution" by Hannah Capra, Yumi Kim, and Jordan Buechler, West Springfield High
              • First place: "Compromise after a tragedy: Triangle Waist Factory" by William Tabor and Shayleigh Cire, Liberty High

                Senior Individual Performance Winners:

                • Third place: "The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Careful Compromise to End the Conflict" by Damien Parr, Liberty High
                • Second place: "Just the Beginning: Aba Women's Riot of 1929" by Kayla Rothstein, West Springfield High
                • First place: "Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, And The Choices We Must Make" by Aidan White, T.C. Williams High

                Junior Group Website Winners:

                • Third place: "The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Compromising for the War" by Amy Genz and Marissa Phillips, William Monroe Middle
                • Second place: "Conscientious Objectors: The Heroes who Refused to Carry Weapons" by Helen Cooper and Christopher Bright, George Washington Middle
                • First place: "Land Grants; The Compromise That Was The Driving Force of The Iron Horse" by William Ward and Frederic Ward, St. Patrick Catholic School

                  Junior Individual Website Winners:

                  • Third place: "Native Americans Occupy Alcatraz: Conflict with the U.S. Government" by Makayla Branham, Bedford Middle
                  • Second place: "The Siege of Tenochtitlan: How a Small Event Changed the Whole World" by Sarah Xuejiao Zhang, Blacksburg New School
                  • First place: "Alice Paul: Conflict over Suffrage" by Bella Trail, Bedford Middle

                  Senior Group Website Winners:

                  • Third place: "The Mandela Effect: How Apartheid Impacted South Africa" by Ineke La Fleur, Jeida Brooks, and Grace Berigan, Western Albemarle High
                  • Second place: "Anti Semitism in Dreyfus Affair" by William Mitchell, Liza Trundle, and Emma Wayne, Western Albemarle High
                  • First place: "A Movement Divided: Conflict and Compromise in British Suffrage" by Devina Bawa and Michelle Jacobs, Westfield High

                    Senior Individual Website Winners:

                    • Third place: "How 60's Students 'Brought the Boys Home'" by Alexis Delia, Wakefield High
                    • Second place: "Lost Australia: Decades of Aboriginal Oppression & Assimilation" by Jenna Malyn, Western Albemarle High
                    • First place: "Separate and Unequal: Apartheid in South Africa" by Fikir Mekonnen, West Springfield High


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