"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Virginia History Day 2019 Winners


Congratulations to the Virginia History Day 2019 winners! 


Junior Paper Winners:

  • Third Place: “Manipulated into Murder: The Manson Family” by Reese Barrett, Manchester Middle

  • Second Place: “The Assassination of Orlando Letelier” by Tory Langford, Manchester Middle

  • First Place: “Dr. John Snow versus Prejudice, Superstition, and Cholera” by Nathaniel Broughton, Blacksburg New School


Senior Paper Winners:

  • Third Place: “From the Ashes, into the Flames: The Triumphs and Tragedies of OJ Simpson” by Evelyn Garey, Western Albemarle high

  • Second Place: “The Midnight Rush: Triumph of India's Independence and Tragedy of India's Partition as a Result of Britain's Utilization of the ‘Divide and Rule’ Tactic” by Persia Ashar, Maggie Walker Governor’s School

  • First Place: “War and Medicine: The Great War and Medical Innovation” by Carson shin, Oakton High


Junior Individual Documentary Winners:

  • Third Place: “Polio” by Shayna Lyttle, Sandusky Middle

  • Second Place: “Order 9066” by Claire McMahon, St. Patrick Catholic School

  • First Place: “The Little Rock Nine and the Crisis at Central High: The Triumph of Desegregation, The Tragedy of Increased Racial Hate and Violence” by Alyssa Kiffer, Louise A. Benton Middle


Senior Individual Documentary Winners:

  • Third Place: “Nitroglycerin: A Contradictory Chemical” by Vinton Bruton, William Monroe High

  • Second Place: “The Triumph And Tragedy Of United 93” by Asher Jabonete, Heritage High

  • First Place: “Charlottesville: Democracy, Diversity and the Paradoxical Legacy of Thomas Jefferson” by Isabelle Jordan, Western Albemarle High


Junior Group Documentary Winners:

  • Third Place: “Is Virginia for (all) Lovers?  Loving v. Virginia and the Continuation of Interracial Relationship Discrimination in the United States” by Lily Cole, Rachel Stanton, and Kennedy Washington, Hungary Creek Middle

  • Second Place: “Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities:  The Triumph of Arthur Ashe” by Rithika Bhagavatula and Jordyn Krajewski, Manchester Middle

  • First Place: “World War II's Unknown Warriors: The Navajo Code Talkers” by Sahitya Balguri, Havana Medina, and Anya Raval, Rocky Run Middle


Senior Group Documentary Winners:

  • Third Place: “Code Breaking: Triumphing Over the Tragedy of World War II” by Landon Cheek and Hannah Willis, Liberty High

  • Second Place: “A Richer Land: the Tragedy and Triumph of the Creation of Shenandoah National Park” by Ava Lazar and Mia Lazar, Blacksburg High

  • First Place: “Comfort Women: The Unspoken Apology” by Hannah Che, Heather Che, and Yuni Choi, West Springfield High


Junior Individual Performance Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Last Field Trip” by Isabel Blackburn, Francis C. Hammond Middle

  • Second Place: “The Woman Who Changed the Rules in Science, Marie Curie” by Helen Nitzsche, William Monroe Middle

  • First Place: “Separate, But Unequal: Barbara Johns Fight for Equality” by Ashley Cortez, William Monroe Middle


Senior Individual Performance Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Bracero Program: Triumph or Tragedy?” by Nikki Kumar, Maggie Walker Governor’s School

  • Second Place: “Shattered Peacemaker: Triumph and Tragedy aboard the USS Princeton” by Nicholas Teply, George Mason High

  • First Place: “A Triumph in the Balance: Weighing Corruption against the Thirteenth Amendment” by Thomas Mckenna, McKenna Homeschool


Junior Group Performance Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Night Witches” by Sienna Collier, Evelyn Czirjak, Leah DeBerardinis, and Qiming Fu, Mortimer Y. Sutherland Middle

  • Second Place: “Ryan White:  From the Tragedy of Discrimination to the Triumph of Acceptance” by Sara Johnson and Grace Steele, Bedford Middle

  • First Place: “Triumph over tragedy: The sterilizations within the walls of The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded” by Faith Jacob, Kailyn Snyder, and Emily Staton, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle for Innovation


Senior Group Performance Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Water(gate) Leaked” by Aidan Gibson and Sagar Murthy, Douglas S. Freeman High

  • Second Place: “Roermond Witch Trials” by Lexie Farris and Natalie Farris, Western Albemarle High

  • First Place: “Operation Overlord:  Triumph Despite Tragedy” by Shayleigh Cire, Julian Ireland, Willow Lehrer, Damien Parr, and William Tabor, Liberty High


Junior Individual Exhibit Winners:

  • Third Place: “Triumph Over Tragedy: The Story Of Wilma Rudolph” by Samantha Lewis, Blacksburg New School

  • Second Place: “Yu Gwan Sun 100 years ago, March 1919” by Jamie Kwon, Mortimer Y. Sutherland Middle

  • First Place: “Independence and Partition: The Triumph and Tragedy in India
     by Jaya Gupta, J. Michael Lunsford Middle


Senior Individual Exhibit Winners:

  • Third Place: “Chernobyl: Ecological Triumph Born of Disaster” by Maya Lindsey, Cosby High

  • Second Place: “Triumphant Victory with a Tragic Loss The Battle of Chancellorsville” by Madison Charles, Fredericksburg Academy

  • First Place: “The Tragedy of War: Triumph in the Palaus” by James Hunt, T.C. Williams High


Junior Group Exhibit Winners:

  • Third Place: “WASP Program Triumph and Tragedy” by Grace Metzler and Isabella Stone, George Washington Middle

  • Second Place: “Scars of the Past” by Briana Cordon, Danica Francis, and Emma Scholtz, Swift Creek Middle

  • First Place: “Nazi Looted Art” by Zuha Hassen and Yasmeen Mukhtar, Francis C. Hammond Middle


Senior Group Exhibit Winners:

  • Third Place: “Martin Luther: The Rise of a Revolution” by Natasha D’Cunha and Carly Phung, John Randolph Tucker High

  • Second Place: “The Effect of Christopher Columbus on Indigenous people” by Shreya Aravindan, Qukua Neves, Sathvika Sangoju, and Eva Smart, Westfield High

  • First Place: “The Russo-Japanese War: The Japanese Militaristic Triumphs vs The Russian Military Tragedy” by Brian Jimenez and Luke Waits, Sherando High


Junior Individual Website Winners:

  • Third Place: “’To the Shores of Tripoli’: The Triumph of the United States Navy and Marine Corps” by Rylan Pospichal, Blacksburg New School

  • Second Place: “The New Deal: A Triumph or a Tragedy in Finance?” by Ally Lichtman, George H. Moody Middle

  • First Place: “Was the Triumph Worth the Tragedy?: ‘The Battle of Saipan’” by Nikhil Manandhar, Lorton Station Elementary


Senior Individual Website Winners:

  • Third Place: “Tragedy and Triumph: Stock Market Crash of 1929” by Erica Varner, Westfield High

  • Second Place: “I'll Fly Away: African American Women's Flight for Freedom from Virginian Slavery” by Ineke La Fleur, Western Albemarle High

  • First Place: “Ota Benga:  A Tragic Story” by Gaby Cahow, Liberty High


Junior Group Website Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Tragedy at Jonestown” by Abigayle Tabor and Kaylie Tabor, Bedford Middle

  • Second Place: “The Journey to the 19th Amendment” by Kendal Brown and Valerie Noto, Shelburne Middle

  • First Place: “Jackie Robinson: Stealing Bases and Gaining Equality Among the Races” by Frederic Ward and William Ward, St. Patrick Catholic School


Senior Group Website Winners:

  • Third Place: “The Tet Offensive: A Battle for Public Opinion” by Marcus Fennema, Devin Jackson, and Shane Simes, Fredericksburg Academy

  • Second Place: “The Deadliest Part of The Great War: The Spanish Influenza” by Caroline Jones, Amber Parker, and Nina Perrone, Western Albemarle High

  • First Place: “The Challenger Space Shuttle: From Triumph to Tragedy” by Daniel Moon and Christopher Marotta, E.C. Glass High

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