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Share Your Story: Documenting COVID-19 in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia, like so many other places around the world, is reacting and adapting to the widespread COVID-19 health crisis. We at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture are seeking to document the impact in our state through your stories. While we can’t preserve everything, we are interested in collecting stories, observations, images, sound files, or moving images as quickly as possible. Over time, we hope to collect objects, diaries, documentaries, and more.

We will be taking digital submissions throughout the COVID-19 health crisis. A selection of material submitted through this form may be shared through VMHC social media accounts. Ultimately, a representative sampling of submitted materials will be preserved at the VMHC for future generations. Read about the VMHC Gift Terms and Conditions.

Browse a selection of stories submitted from other Virginians.

To begin sharing your story, please provide us with your contact information below.

You can submit links to published content in the form on this page (please ensure permissions allow VMHC to view). Or you can submit files of your original content through WeTransfer, a free file sharing service using our email as the recipient.

This will aid our attempt to document stories from across the state.