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The Extremes of Virginia: Two Commonwealths, Separated and Unequal by August Wallmeyer


On August 3, 2017, at noon, August Wallmeyer delivered a Banner Lecture entitled “The Extremes of Virginia: Two Commonwealths, Separated and Unequal.” August Wallmeyer brings his unique perspectives on public policy issues in Virginia to bear on three “rural, poor, and largely unknown” areas of Virginia: Southwest, Southside, and the Eastern Shore. With his forty plus years involvement with the Virginia General Assembly, Wallmeyer dissects conditions in the “extremes of Virginia” and offers his thoughts on practical steps to improve economic, social, and cultural conditions for the 10 percent of Virginians living there. He will graphically assemble a portrait of a Virginia largely unknown to those living in the commonwealth’s wealthier and more prosperous urban corridor.August Wallmeyer is a former radio and television news reporter, government speechwriter, and energy trade association lobbyist. He is the author of The Extremes of Virginia. The father of three, he now lives in Goochland County with his wife of thirty-three years, Kathy.Can't make it to the Banner Lecture? Watch it live on the VHS Facebook page starting at 12:00 EST. Tell your friends to tune in and don't forget to say hello and tell us where you are watching from in the comments section during broadcast.


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