Virginia Environmental Endowment: Leadership, Leverage, and Legacy By Gerald P. McCarthy | Virginia Museum of History & CultureVirginia Environmental Endowment: Leadership, Leverage, and Legacy
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Virginia Environmental Endowment: Leadership, Leverage, and Legacy By Gerald P. McCarthy

Gerald P. McCarthy

On Thursday October 7, 2010, Gerald P. McCarthy discussed the Virginia Environmental Endowment.

Since its inception in 1977, the Virginia Environmental Endowment has had a profound influence throughout the Old Dominion. This lecture focused on the origins, mission, and accomplishments of VEE. Gerald P. McCarthy examined the effects of the endowment’s grants on Virginia’s environment and the people who have helped to make those results possible. Sometimes described as “venture capital for environmental improvement in Virginia,” VEE has played a unique role in the development of environmental research, education, and civic engagement.

This lecture addressed each of these aspects of its work and the strategic approach to grant making that has made VEE a leader within the foundation world.

Mr. McCarthy is executive director of Virginia Environmental Endowment.

(Introduction by Paul A. Levengood)


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