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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia
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Tips for your visit

Please review the following tips before you arrive at the museum. If you are a teacher, you may want to show your students The Story of Virginia online exhibition to see a preview of what they will see when they visit.

Does the museum have a gift shop?

  • Yes. The Pusey Museum Shop specializes in books, prints, jewelry, postcards, posters, and toys focusing on Virginia history. 

Does the museum have a cafeteria?

  • No. Picnic tables are available in the rear and front of the museum. We encourage your group to use our back lawn and picnic tables before or after your visit. To preserve the picnic site for others, we ask that you bring trash bags for cleanup. The Manager of Museum Programs can also provide you with information about local restaurants and cafes. 

What if my group is late?

  • Although we make every effort to be flexible with our guided tours, your visit may be abbreviated if your group arrives late. If you anticipate being late, please call the Manager of Museum Programs at 804.342.9652.

Are there special rules and procedures for group tours?

  • Yes. To ensure that your group gets the most out of its visit, please review the museum rules before your arrival. For student groups, please share the information with adult chaperones who will join your group.

Can multiple tours be scheduled on the same day?

  • Yes, depending on that day's schedule and the number of people in your group.

How early do I need to schedule a tour?

  • We ask that group tours be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Please be aware that our schedule for March, April, and May fills up quickly each year. The earlier you contact us, the more likely you will be able to secure your preferred tour date and time.

Ive booked a field trip using the online form. What should I expect to get from the museum?

  • Within a few days of submitting your request, you should receive an e-mail or telephone call from the Manager of Museum Programs to fine-tune your reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed without communication from the Manager of Museum Programs. 

Headshot of Maggie Creech

Maggie Creech, Manager of Museum Programs

Hi! Are you interested in booking a tour for your group or want to learn about our customized group programs? I can help you plan your visit the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. I may be reached at or at 804.342.9652.

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