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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia
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Virginia History At Home

While we must be closed to do our part in light of the regional spread of COVID-19, we are still here for you, to enrich your life through the saving and sharing of Virginia’s history. We are pleased to share below a curated selection of digital resources, which we will continue to expand and update so long as we are able.  

We wish to thank our members for this support! Please don’t forget that unlike our neighboring museums, we don’t receive state operating support, it is through private donations that we do our work. Thank you!

Banner Lectures | Virtual Tours | How We Got Here | Upcoming Webinars | Virginia Magazine of History & Biography | Shop Merchandise | Activities & Resources for Students

A speaker stands on a stage and speaks to an audience in movie theater-style seating.Banner Lectures:

Explore more than 250 hours of recorded lectures by world renowned authors and speakers in our Banner Lectures Archive. Topics cover a variety of aspects of Virginia history, including famous Virginians, historical events, business and industry, warfare, ecology, women's history, African American history, Native American history, government and politics, popular culture, and more.

A few recent lectures include:

Watch and listen to all of our past Banner Lectures here:
Website Archive | Vimeo | YouTube | SoundCloud

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A gallery with wooden floors and blue walls, with gold-framed landscape paintings on the walls.Virtual Tours:

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How We Got Here logoHow We Got Here Podcast, with NBC12:

Get your dose of Virginia history delivered straight to your ears with Rachel DePompa of NBC12 and gain insights into our state's ever-evolving story. A few episodes you may enjoy include: 

Browse all episodes.

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A museum educator conducting a virtual field trip in a studioUpcoming Webinars:

For Adults

For Students

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A stack of journals with spines of different colors read "Virginia Magazine of History and Biography"Virginia Magazine of History & Biography 

The Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, the quarterly journal of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, was established in 1893 and publishes articles and book reviews about Virginia and southern history. A few articles you may enjoy, all of which won the William M. E. Rachal Award:

Browse all recent archives.

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A tote bag reading "I Cannot Live Without Books - Thomas Jefferson" sits on a chair with a scarf.Shop Merchandise:

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A collage of images featuring an oyster can, map, figurine, historic house, and drawing of Pocahontas.Activities & Resources for Students:

  • Color Our Collections: Download coloring pages created from the VMHC collections and unleash your creativity!

  • Watch Educational Videos: Our educational videos are designed for a K-12 Audience. These videos are based on the Standards of Learning (SOL) and include animated primary source documents.

  • The Story of Virginia Digital Timeline: Explore Virginia's history through an interactive timeline of primary sources from the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and Library of Congress. 

  • Virginia History Explorer: Browse illustrated articles about Virginia history. Use the History Explorer tags to select a topic that interests you to continue your journey through Virginia’s rich history.

  • More Learning Resources for Teachers & Students: Check out our other learning resources and student activities. Activities like "You Be the Curator!" and "My Virtual Visit Find & Sketch" are available for download. 




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