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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Make an appointment to view photographs and museum objects

Photographs, prints, paintings, sculptures, artifacts, and other three-dimensional objects are included in the society's museum collections. Items not currently on exhibition are generally available to be viewed by appointment.

Appointments to view objects in the museum collections that cannot be viewed or studied in the library reading room because of size, condition, or composition may be scheduled with or through Andrew H. Talkov, Sr. Director of Curatorial Affairs, at or 804.340.2276. A non-refundable advance fee of $45 per hour is charged non-members. That fee includes the appointment with a staff member, any necessary research by staff, and pulling and returning items to storage. In no case will the collections manager pull more than ten (10) objects per appointment.

Virginia Historical Society members receive two hours of service without charge, per appointment, and the appointment can include the member and a “guest.” 

All appointments take place at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, located at 428 North Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 23220 (get directions).

For those unable to visit Richmond, the museum does offer photocopies and digital reproductions.

(Please note that the museum does not make "quick" scans for review.)

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