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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The services we offer

Does the Virginia Historical Society offer genealogical research services?

Because of the volume of correspondence received by the library, the reference staff is unable to reply to genealogical inquiries received via e-mail or mail. Researchers interested in obtaining research assistance should utilize our genealogical research services.

Does the library of the Virginia Historical Society participate in the interlibrary loan program?

The library does not lend materials from our book or manuscript collections. All research materials must be consulted in the reading room. However, researchers are able to request limited photocopies of portions of published works and manuscript collections for research purposes.

Does the Virginia Historical Society offer photocopying services for researchers who are unable to visit the society in person?

Photocopying services are available for researchers unable to visit the library. Researchers are able to request limited photocopies of portions of published works and manuscript collections. We are unable to copy entire published works, entire manuscript collections, bound volumes in the manuscript collection, newspapers, or any fragile or sensitive materials. Please visit our photocopy request form to request services.

Library Hours: open by appointment only

Library Phone Number: 804.342.9677

How do I request photocopies?

Please send requests via mail (Virginia Museum of History & Culture, P.O. Box 7311, attn: Library, Richmond, Va. 23221) or by using our online photocopy request form. Please include:

  • a brief description of the item
  • the manuscript or call number
  • page numbers (if possible)

A copy of the order will be generated and sent to you (please specify via e-mail or postal mail), explaining the procedures for ordering and payment. When the order form and payment are received, your order will receive our prompt attention.

How much do photocopies cost?

Photocopies cost $20.00 for the first ten exposures, $30.00 for up to 40 exposures, and $60.00 for up to 80 exposures. We will contact you within four to six business days with the price of the copies you have requested. Members receive a 10% discount on photocopy orders. You may find more information about membership here.

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