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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Chairmen and Presidents

Chairmen of the Board of Trustees (the title changed from Presidents of the Virginia Historical Society after 2001)

John Marshall 1831–1835   Virginius Dabney  1969–1972
Henry St. George Tucker 1836–1847   Edwin Cox 1972–1975
William Cabell Rives 1847–1868   Joseph Clarke Robert 1975–1978
Hugh Blair Grigsby 1870–1881   David Tennant Bryan 1978–1981
Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart 1881–1891   FitzGerald Bemiss 1981–1983
William Wirt Henry 1891–1892   Lawrence Lewis, Jr. 1984–1986
Joseph Bryan 1892–1902   John L. McElroy, Jr. 1987–1988
William Gordon McCabe 1903–1905   Stuart G. Christian, Jr. 1989–1991
Joseph Bryan 1906–1908   C. Coleman McGehee 1992–1994
William Gordon McCabe 1909–1920   Brenton S. Halsey 1995–1997
Edward Virginius Valentine 1921–1929   Austin Brockenbrough III 1998–1999
Daniel Grinnan 1930–1935   Gerald L. Baliles 2000–2001
John Stewart Bryan 1936–1937   Hugh R. Stallard 2002–2003
Joseph Dupuy Eggleston 1938–1943   Hugh V. White, Jr. 2004–2005
Alexander Wilbourne Weddell 1944–1948   E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 2006–2007
Edmund Randolph Williams 1948–1952   J. Stewart Bryan III 2008–2009
Samuel Merrifield Bemiss 1952–1958   W. Taylor Reveley III 2010–2011
Wyndham Bolling Blanton 1958–1960   Thomas G. Slater, Jr. 2012–2013
George MacLaren Brydon         1960   E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 2014–2015
Beverley Randolph Wellford 1960–1963   John R. Nelson, Jr. 2016–2018

David John Mays

Eppa Hunton IV



  Charles L. Cabell


President and CEOs of the Virginia Historical Society (the title changed from Directors after 2001)

Thomas Hicks Wynne 1870–1875   Paul Chester Nagel 1981–1985
Robert Alonzo Brock 1875–1892   Virginius C. Hall, Jr. (interim) 1985–1986
Philip Alexander Bruce 1892–1898   Donald Haynes 1986–1988
William Glover Stanard 1898–1933   Virginius C. Hall, Jr. (interim) 1988
Robert A. Lancaster 1933–1940   Charles F. Bryan, Jr. 1988–2008
William Clayton Torrence 1940–1953   Paul A. Levengood 2008–2016
John Melville Jennings 1953–1978   John R. Nelson, Jr. (interim) 2016–2017
Edwin L. Dooley, Jr. 1979–1980   Jamie O. Bosket 2017–Present
William M. E. Rachal (interim)         1980      


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