"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia


Start your journey today through the Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s exciting and award-winning exhibitions!

Our signature exhibition, The Story of Virginia, features more than 500 artifacts and covers 16,000 years of Virginia history from prehistoric times to the present. Along with rotating temporary exhibitions, you will be able to see our other long-term exhibitions, including Landscapes of Virginia, The Memorial Military Murals by Charles Hoffbauer, and Silver in Virginia during your visit.

Discover 16,000 years of history in The Story of Virginia exhibition.
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A Material World

November 18March 4
Shoulder pads. Cabbage Patch dolls. This rad exhibit will take you back to the 1980s!
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Photograph of Stephanie Lane wearing seven Swatch watches. Image courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

WW1 America

February 17July 29
Visit today to see the only scheduled East Coast stop for WW1 America.
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Photograph of Victory Arch WW1 America exhibition

The Commonwealth and the Great War

February 17November 18
Visit "The Commonwealth and the Great War" exhibition and learn about the role Virginian's played in World War I.
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Victory Loan Tanks at the Virginia State Capitol, 1919 (VHS 2001.230.1914)
Features twenty-one landscape paintings that reveal the variety of terrain and climate that charecterizes Virginia's five distinct physical regions
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Passing Storm (1996.172.2)
Learn about various weapons and accoutrements from the Virginia Historical Society’s collection.
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Woodson Musket – Close up
Painted between 1913 and 1920, the murals represent one of the few large-scale pieces of Civil War artwork on public view in the country.
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J. E. B. Stuary in the Cavalry (Autumn) Mural
This exhibition features silver produced throughout Virginia.
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Silver in Virginia - Silver Hunting Cup (Gift of Frances Roberdeau Wolfe, 1963.25)
Learn more about smaller exhibitions and the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center Displays.
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The War Horse
Learn about our upcoming exhibitions, including "WW1 America."
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Victory Edition 1919 War Gardening and Home Storage of Vegetables (VHS call number: SB321 N 3 1919)
Explore the Virginia Historical Society's collections on the road by visiting one of our traveling exhibitions today.
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Robert Knox Sneden