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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia

Virginia History Day

award winners at the 2017 Virginia History Day competition

virginia history day 2020 virtual contest

Congratulations to every student who made the extra effort to compete in our FIRST EVER virtual district and state competions. Each of you broke barriers in your own way this year. Because we couldn't welcome you to our museum for the in-person contest, we did set up a 2020 VHD Virtual Showcase, so you can view and share your project, along with the other entries. You can also commemorate your achievement by purchasing an exclusive "VHD Gone Virtual" shirt here. As soon as we are able, we invite you and your families to visit us with complimentary admission so that we can congratulate you in person. 

Virginia History Day 2019 from VA Museum of History & Culture on Vimeo.

Virginia History Day is a history competition for students grades four through twelve. To qualify for the state competition, students must place first or second in their category and age division at one of eight district-level competitions held throughout Virginia. The top two entries in each category and age division at the state level will compete at the National History Day finals.

2020 Competition Theme

The theme of the National History Day 2020 is Breaking Barriers in History. Students are encouraged to examine their topic's influence on history and draw conclusions about the ways in which their topic had an impact on the course of events and on individuals, communities, nations, or the world. Students and teachers are encouraged to remember local history and local resources when selecting topics. Download the 2020 National History Day Theme Book.


Whether students compete outside the classroom or not, teachers can benefit from registering for Virginia History Day. Complete this quick form to receive a free 1-hour Skype session with your class ($75 value), two 1-hour interactive webinars for teachers, JSTOR access, digital teaching and contest materials, and enter to win the Virginia History Day Cup.

2020 Virginia History Day Location

In keeping with guidance provided by the Governor of Virginia and the National History Day Leadership team, the 2020 Virginia History Day state contest will now move to a virtual format. Please click here for more information about the move to a virtual format and here for updated virtual submission guidelines. Congratulations on competing in the FIRST EVER virtual VHD state contest! You can commemorate this achievement by purchasing an exclusive "VHD Gone Virtual" tshirt here.


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