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Contest Information

all vhd contests for the 2021 season, including district and state contests, will be held virtually. all students must follow the guidelines linked here when creating and submitting a project. 



Virginia History Day is conducted in conjunction with the National History Day Contest. The first round of competition is held in the eight districts of Virginia. At the district competition, the top two entries in each category in the Junior and Senior Divisions and the top three entries in each category in the Elementary Division qualify for the state contest.


Students in grades four and five (4-5) are assigned to the Elementary Division, students in grades six through eight (6-8) are assigned to the Junior Division, and students in grades nine through twelve (9-12) are assigned to the Senior Division. In the Junior and Senior Divisions, students may compete in any one of nine categories either as an individual or in a group:

  • Individual Documentary 

  • Group Documentary

  • ​Individual Exhibit

  • Group Exhibit

  • Individual Historical Paper

  • Individual Performance

  • Group Performance

  • Group Websites

  • Individual Website

The Elementary Division can only compete in the Exhibits category either as an individual or as a group. The top two entries in each category at the state competition (Junior and Senior Divisions only) qualify for the national contest, which will be held this summer. Elementary students are not eligible to participate at the national contest. However, they will be invited to attend the opening and closing ceremonies at the national contest and view other students’ projects from around the country. View the guide for choosing a category.

District Contest Registration Instructions

  • Please register for your appropriate district contest on the district contest page.

  • Make sure to register by the deadline and submit all signature forms and payment to the appropriate District Coordinator.  Details will be on the registration form for each district.

State Contest Registration Instructions

  • Registration Deadline  - Monday, April 12th 

    Project Submission Deadline - Wednesday, April 14th 

    Judging Window - Friday, April 16th - Wednesday, April 28th 

    Results Released - Monday, May 3rd

  • Note: You must have won 1st or 2nd place in the Junior and Senior Divisions, or 1st-3rd place in the Elementary Division, in your respective district to be eligible to compete at the state-level Virginia History Day contest.

  • Students who are eligible for the State Contest must properly register through the VHD State Contest Website only AFTER results have been released from their District Contest. Students will sign-in to the system using the SAME usernmae/password they used for their District Contest registration. If you have forgotten your username/password, please email the VHD State Coordinator for assistance. Do not create a new username/password. Once signed-in, students will be required to fill out waivers and submit a registration fee of $25 per student. If competing in a group project, each group member is required to register and pay the registration fee. 

Website Project Instructions

  • Students must create their website through the NEW NHDWebCentral platform. 

  • Helpful hints and instructional guides on how to use NHDWebCentral can be found here.


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