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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Immerse yourself in Virginia's history by visiting one of our exhibitions.


The Story of Virginia


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Education is at the core of our mission. Take your group or students on a field trip through 16,000 years of Virginia history with a visit to the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, or book a virtual HistoryConnects program with one of our educators and let us visit you! We offer educational opportunities and programs for all ages!

I love the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and feel like it is a terrific and worthwhile field trip.
4th grade teacher, Hanover County


Enhance your classroom experience with these online features:


Learn about Virginia history with our educational resources!
Find out more about Learning Resources
Students analyzing primary sources in the VMHC Research Library.
Take a virtual field trip to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture today. Connect with a VMHC educator directly from your classroom.
Find out more about HistoryConnects Distance Learning
HistoryConnects Distance Learning Studio
Virginia History Day is a history competition for students grades four through twelve.
Find out more about Virginia History Day
Virginia History Day
Learn about the tours and programs we offer to visiting school groups.
Find out more about Field Trips
Field Trip
Learn more about our programs for teachers.
Find out more about Professional Development
Teacher Workshop


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