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Thomas Tyler Bouldin

Thomas Tyler Bouldin (1813-1891)
of “Golden Hills,” Charlotte County, Va.
List of Correspondents
Call Number Mss1 B6638 a Section 11


Atkinson, Thomas Pleasants, 1795-1874

Baines, John B.
Baker, Francis Mason, 1823-1879
Barksdale, Anne Lewis (Bouldin), 1822-1900
Barksdale, Charles Henry, 1820-1880
Barksdale, Claiborne, 1816-1883
Barksdale, Claiborne, 1847-1896
Barksdale, Eliza Lavalett, b. 1818
Barksdale, Grief, 1774-1850
Barksdale, William Henry, 1816-1896
Barnes, Samuel F.
Barnes, Stuart, d. 1897
Benagh, Mary Williams (Collier), 1830-1899
Benedict, George E.
Bland, J. W. D.
Booker, J. D.
Booker, John, 1809-1894
Boswell, L. F.
Bouldin, Benjamin Lewis
Bouldin, Catharine C., b. 1818?
Bouldin, Clara (Harris)
Bouldin, Edwin Edmunds, 1838-1912
Bouldin, Elizabeth T., Mrs.
Bouldin, Ellen Barksdale, 1860-1936
Bouldin, Elvira Daniel, 1848-1932?
Bouldin, Flournoy, b. 1865
Bouldin, Frances Venable Watkins (Flournoy), 1831-1900
Bouldin, Henry Wood, b. 1857
Bouldin, John Lewis, b. 1871
Bouldin, John M., d. 1878
Bouldin, Louis Contesse, 1796?-1850
Bouldin, Martha (Daniel), 1818-1888
Bouldin, Mary C.
Bouldin, Mary S.
Bouldin, Mary William, b. 1854
Bouldin, Powhatan, 1830-1907
Bouldin, Rebecca (Morton)
Bouldin, Robert
Bouldin, Robert Carrington, 1832-1877
Bouldin, Thomas Tyler, 1781-1834
Bouldin, Thomas Tyler, 1839-1875
Bouldin, Virginia, b. 1876
Bouldin, Wood, 1811-1876
Bouldin, Wood, b. 1838
Boyd, James E.
Breckinridge, John Barton, b. 1826
Breedlove, R. T., Mrs.
Bromm, Taulton
Brooke, Richard, 1847-1892
Brown, Samuel S.
Bruce, Charles, 1826-1896
Bryan, Corbin Braxton, 1852-1922
Buford, Fanny Lewis (Bouldin), b. 1852
Bugg, Zachariah SEE Tannahill, Robert
Burch, Francis Murphy
Burke, Samuel Dabney, 1794-1800
Byrd, Abram

Cabaniss, Septimus D., b. 1815
Cabell, E. S.
Cabell, John Breckinridge
Cabell, Marion Fontaine
Cabell, Martha Bickerton (Bouldin), d. 1862
Cardwell, Wyatt
Carmichael, James, b. 1835
Carrington, Charlotte Elizabeth (Cullen)
Carrington, Henry, 1793-1867
Carrington, Joanna Tyler (Bouldin), 1800-1870
Carrington, John Sims
Carrington, Priscilla S.
Carrington, William Cabell, 1821-1851
Cary, John Baytop, 1819-1898
Catlett, Robert
Chambliss, Catharine C., Mrs.
Chambliss, T. E.
Christian, Benjamin Thomas
Christian, George Llewellyn, 1841-1924
Clark, John Thomas, 1809-1886
Cutchins, Solomon, 1854-1925

Dashiell, Thomas Grayson, 1830-1893
Davidson, William B.
Davis, Robert Jordan, b. 1813
Dickinson, Asa Dupuy, 1816-1882
Dickinson, William Purnell, d. 1874
Dillard, Archelaus Hughs, 1817-1901
Donnelly, Thomas B.
Dunn, William Melville Summerfield

Eberman, W. f.
Edmond, Robert
Edmunds, Henry Edwin, 1814-1910
Edmunds, John F.
Eggleston, David Quin, 1857-1909
Eggleston, John William, 1828-1897
Elam, Chester B.

Field, James Gaven, 1826-1902
Fitzgerald, Littleton, 1848-1935
Flournoy, David, b. 1829
Flournoy, Frances Matthews (Venable), 1810?-1863
Flournoy, Henry Wood, 1846-1902
Flournoy, Jacob Morton, b. 1843
Flournoy, Martha Daniel (Bouldin), b. 1852
Flournoy, Nicholas Edmunds, b. 1841
Flournoy, Thomas, 1804-1892
Forbes, Peter A., 1831?-1903
Fostell, A. E.
Friend, Joseph

Gailbraith, John W.
Gaines, Richard White, 1784-1846
Gaines, Robert Francis, b. 1801 SEE Tannahill, Robert
Galt, John Minson, 1819-1862
Garnett, William Henry
Gentry, Martha Cabell (Bouldin), b. 1864
Gibbs, Esmond Anson, b. 1823
Gilbert, A. Preston
Goddin, Wellington, 1815-1886
Goodman, James
Gordon, James Newton, 1825-1888
Green, Edwin H.
Green, William Booker, 1789-1870
Green, William Edwin, 1827-1891
Greenhow, Samuel C., 1814-1898
Greer, Thomas W.

Hannah, Charlotte Elle (Barksdale), 1813-1886
Hannah, Samuel, 1792-1859
Harrison, Samuel Jordon
Haskins, E. L.
Hendren, John Newton, 1822-1898
Henry, William Wirt, 1831-1900
Hicks, David Stone, 1826-1915
Holliday, Frederick William Mackey, 1828-1899
Holt, Charles John, 1850-1906
Howard, Volney Elwood, 1853-1936

Irvine, Walter F.
Irving, Francis Deane, 1821-1891

Jeffress, Thomas Daniel, 1840-1914
Jeter, Ransom
Johns, John, 1796-1876
Johnston, Richard Malcolm, 1822-1898
Jones, Andrew

Koon, Jabez Card

Laine, E. V.
Lee, Alfred Stith, 1819-1912
Lester, D. P.
Lester, R. F.
Lewis, Benjamin
Lipscomb, Elizabeth W. (Lester)
Logan, John A., b. 1833
Lyon, John, 1827-1897

MacClure, Edward
Marshall, C. V. L.
Marshall, Norman Fitzhugh, b. 1858
Martin, E. R.
Mason, Landon Randolph, 1841-1924
Maupin, Socrates, 1808-1871
McCance, Thomas W., 1813?-1899
McCargo, James M.
McCutchan, C. R.
McDonald, James, 1824-1893
McKinney, Margaret Logan, b. 1827
McPhail, John Blair, 1807-1891
Minnigerode, Charles Frederic Ernest, 1814-1894
Mitchell, James Archibald, b. 1839
Moncure, William Augustus, 180301862
Morgan, F. C.
Morgan, M.
Morris, Arthur R.
Morton, David Holmes, b. 1829?
Morton, J. T.
Morton, Jacob Williams
Morton, Josie
Moseley, Alexander, 1809-1811
Moseley, Edward G.

Newton, John Brockenbrough, 1839-1897

Osborne, James Benjamin Monroe, 1818-1894

Packard, Thomas Jones, 1854-1912
Payne, Robert W.
Peete, R. S. F.
Peterkin, Joshua, 1814-1892
Phillips, Henry L.
Platz, Mary C. (Lester)
Powers, Pike, 1813-1897
Puller, A. B.
Pulsifer, Sidney
Purcell, John P.

Quinby, J. Hamilton

Read, George Whitfield, 1808-1872
Read, Paulina Edmonia (Carrington), 1825-1904
Rees, James H.
Reese, John C.
Rice, H. C.
Richardson, Hilary Goode, b. ca. 1826?
Robinson, Judith Frances Page
Ronald, Charles A., b. 1827
Rosenheim, Benjamin
Ruffin, Francis Gildart, 1816-1892
Russell, P. C.
Rust, Paulina Henry (Cabell)

Scott, Frank Garnett, 1849-1930
Semple, Letitia (Tyler), 1821-1907
Shaw, Charles B.
Shepperson, M. B.
Slaughter, Charles Rice Garland, 1819-1862
Smith, C. S.
Spencer, Henry L.
Stanynought, Harry
Stribling, Francis Taliaferro, 1810-1874
Stringfellow, Franklin, 1840-1913

Tannahill, Robert
Taylor, William fowler, 1812-1880
Tinsley, Robert
Toombs, Nancy L. (Harwood)
Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 1853-1935

Venable, Andrew Raid, 1832-1909
Venable, Richard Morton, 1839-1910

Walker, R. A.
Walker, Robert A.
Watkins, Francis Nathaniel, 1813-1885
Watkins, J. R.
Wayt, Mary Jane (Greenhow), 1826-1909
Webb, Wellington Edwin, 1816-1890
West, George SEE Wright, William
Wharton, Lyman Brown, 1831-1907
Whittoe, Francis McNeece, 1823-1902
Wilcox, Frank E.
Williams, John Langbourne, 1831-1915
Williamson, Daniel W.
Willis, James H.
Willson, Mumford
Wilmer, Cary Breckinridge, 1859-1958
Withers, Alice Winston (Cabell), b. 1837
Wood, Davis Miller, 1850-1889
Woodbridge, George, 1804-1878
Worsham, Branch Jones, 1788-1873
Wright, William

Yancey, William Tudor, 1813-1889


Institutions, Companies, Etc.


Allison & Adison (Richmond, Va.)
Atkisson (Jesse) & Co. (Mecklenburg County, Va.)

Baker (R. J.) & Co. (Baltimore, Md.)
Barksdale & Read (Richmond, Va.)

Davie & Whittle (Petersburg, Va.)
Deane & Carrington (Richmond, Va.)

Evans (Joseph D.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Greenhow & Meredith (Richmond, Va.)

Hanover Academy (Hanover County, Va.) SEE Bouldin, Thomas Tyler, 1839-1875

Maury (R. H.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
McCurdy & Spencer (Steubenville, Ohio)
Morton, Bouldin & Gaines

Overbey (Isaac) & Son (Mossingford, Va.)

Parker, Bayly & Nimmo (Richmond, Va.)
Payne (D. B.) & Bro.

Ramsey (Alex.) & Son (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Sloat, Croskey & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Smith (William A.) & Co. (Charlotte Court House, Va.)

University of Virginia SEE Bouldin, Thomas Tyler, 1839-1875; Maupin, Socrates, 1808-1871
Upshur Guano Co. (Norfolk, Va.)

Wadsworth, Turner & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Watkins & Southall (Farmville, Va.)

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