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Nash Family, Section 2

Nash family. Papers, 1734-1889. Section 2.
Correspondence, 1813-1859, of John White Nash
Call Number Mss1 N1786 a 8-890
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects


Abott, Josiah B. SEE Davenport, Isaac
Adams, Washington, 1814-1883
Alderson, Richard
Allen, Beverley
Allen, James M.
Allen, John A., b. 1817?
Anderson, D
Anderson, Tennason B.
Archer, Edward E.
Archer, J.
Archer, Peter Jefferson
Archer, William B.
Archer, William Segar, 1789-1855
Armistead, Samuel M.
Ashley, Martha SEE Buckner, Aylett Hawes; Coons, A. J.; Dayton, Benjamin B.; Hopkins, Leroy Nash, William Crump; Prentiss, R.; Steger, Wade M.; Tompkins, Benjamin; Turner, Henry S.; Wing, Freeman
Ashley, Patsy SEE Nash, William Crump; Thomson, James
Ashley, William Henry, 1785-1838 SEE Adams, Washington; Allen, Beverley; Archer, Edward E.; Bates, Barton; Bates, Edward; Buckner, Aylett Hawes; Ely, Charles A.; Hersey, Benjamin K.; Howard, William; Jennings, James; Mason, James Wynne; Meaux, Thomas; Muir, Douglas; Nash, William Crump; Norris, Charles C.; Prentiss, R.; Shore, Thomas; Steger, Mrs. Ann; Steger, Nancy (Ashley); Thomson, James; Tompkins, Benjamin; Wing, Freeman
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, William Mayo, 1796-1849

Baker, John Wayles
Ballow, Elizabeth, d. 1826 SEE Bradford, Thomas G.; Thomas, Jesse; Thomas, Micah
Barker, John James
Barker, John W.
Barker, William H.
Bass, Colin
Bass, Edward W., b. 1806? SEE ALSO Wing, Freeman
Bates, Barton, 1824-1891
Bates, Edward, 1793-1869
Baugh, Edward F., b. 1810?
Bell, Robert
Belnemus Mills (Powhatan County, Va.) SEE Mumford, Richard B.
Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858 SEE Howard, William; Wing, Freeman
Blackwell Mills (Powhatan County, Va.) SEE Digges, William Henry.
Blanton, David
Block, Simon Z.
Bolling, Frances P. (Brackett) SEE Henderson, Robert
Booker, Frances (Williamson), 1787-1836
Booker, George SEE Mottley, John F.
Booker, German
Booker, John SEE St. Clair, John
Booker Meritt H.
Booker, Parham
Booker, Richard D. SEE Noble, Richard
Booker, Richison SEE Noble, Richard
Booker, Robert
Booker, [?]
Boonville (Mo.) SEE Nash, Charles Alfred
Booth, Isaac SEE Mosby, John
Boothe, John SEE Boothe, Robert C.
Boothe, Robert C.
Boothe, William SEE Boothe, Robert C.
Bouldin, Louis Contess, b. 1796?
Bowles, Benjamin
Brackett, Ann E., Mrs.
Brackett, Ludwell, d. 1834 SEE ALSO Brackett, Ann E.
Brackett, Ludwell, 1763-1815 SEE Atkinson, John; Maxey, R. P.; Nash, Abner; Parrack, Segarb H.; Walton, Thomas Hobson
Bradford, Thomas G., 1785-1850
Bragg, Thomas, 1810-1872
Branch, Robert Guerrant, 1813-1855
Brander, James, 1760-1829
Bransford, Frederick, 1792-1859
Brazeal, Richard H., 1802?-1878 SEE ALSO Noble, Richard
Bridges, J. R.
Browning, James E.
Buchanan, James, 1791-1868
Buckner, Aylett Hawes, 1816-1894
Buckner, Elias Edmonds, 1792-1865
Buckner, Sarah T. SEE Quarles, James
Burwell, John S., b. 1776?

Calhoun, John Caldwell, 1782-1850 SEE Leigh, Benjamin Watkins
Cardozo, Isaac N.
Cardozo, Samuel F.
Carter, James
Censorship SEE Hersey, Benjamin
Chesley, George C.
Childress, Nelson
Clark, Pleasant
Clark, Robert A.
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Matthew St. Clair, d. 1851
Clay, Green, 1757-1826
Clay, Henry, 1777-1852 SEE Archer, William B.; Leigh, Benjamin Watkins
Cleveland, W. A.
Clopton, John Bacon, 1789-1860
Clopton, Reuben Ford, 1795-1846
Cocke, James Powell, 1781-1861
Cocke, James SEE Green, Armistead Abraham
Cocke, John Lewis SEE Green, Armistead Abraham
Cocke, William Armistead, 1798-1855
Cogbill, William Washington Tilghman, d. 1863
Collier, C. M.
Colonization SEE Archer, William Segar
Conner, James F.
Conrad, Robert Young, 1805-1875 SEE ALSO Atkinson, William Mayo
Cooke, James E.
Cooke, Stephen
Coons, A. J.
Cooper County (Mo.) SEE Howard, William; Quarles, James; Stegar, Charles Scott
Cooper, Thomas
Cosby, Jeremiah
Cousins, Eillis
Cox, Tarleton B.
Cralle, John
Cralle, Mary, Mrs.
Cralle, William P.
Crenshaw, Asbury, d. 1851
Crenshaw, Nathaniel A.
Criddle, William.
Crockett, J. B.
Crump, Abner, b. 1789? SEE Anderson, Richard
Crump, George William, 1786-1848
Crump, John Parke, 1794-1855
Crump, Maria (Moody), b. 1798?
Crump, William SEE ALSO Hobson, Joseph
Cruze, Peache
Cullen, Patrick
Cunningham, Alexander

Daggett, John D.
Dance, John Willis, 1794-1846
Dance, William Spencer, 1788-1858
Daniel, John
Davenport, Isaac
Davis, George
Davis, Jeffery H.
Davis, Robert M.
Dayton, Benjamin B.
Deane, Francis Browne, 1796-1868
Deane, Thomas James, 1807-1866
Denoon, Samuel D.
Dickenson, John J.
Digges, E. W.
Digges, John B.
Digges, William Henry, 1791-1832
Dorsett, Thomas B.
Dowdy, Thomas
Drake, Samuel B.
Drake, William
Dyer, Thomas B.

Eanes, Henry P.
Education SEE Harris, Hiram; Harrison, William Henry
Eggleston, Edward SEE Giles, William Branch, 1762-1830
Eldridge, Rolfe, 1780-1861 SEE Booker, [?]
Ellett, Loftin Newman, 1797-1865
Ely, Charles A.

Fariss, Joseph J.
Farmer, Edith (Orange)
Farmer, William
Featherston, Charles H.
Fenwick, George SEE Howard, William
Fishback, Frederick, 1803-1848 SEE ALSO Green, John C.
Flournoy, Jeter
Flournoy, Richard White, 1806-1857
Flournoy, Thomas, 1804-1892
Ford, Abner
Ford, E. N.
Ford, Hezekiah
Ford, Newton
French, John W., b. 1814?
Fry, Hugh W., b. 1796?
Fugate, Robert SEE Jessee, Jefferson
Fuqua, Daniel
Fuqua, Joseph, b. 1801?
Fusamore, Isaiah, b. 1820?

Gaines, Henry Beverly 1789?-1852
Gale, Joshua
Galloway, Abner E.
Gibson, John
Giles, Thomas Peyton, b. 1812?
Giles, Thomas Tabb, 1803-1883
Giles, William Branch, 1762-1830 SEE ALSO Gwynn, Thomas P.; St. Clair, John
Giles, William Branch, b. 1810
Gilmer, Thomas Walker, 1802-1844
Goode, George William, 1811-1860
Gordon, Henry, b. 1796?
Graves, F. A., Mrs.
Graves, Richard F., b. 1807?
Green, Armistead Abraham
Green, John C.
Green, William, 1806-1880
Griddle, William
Grubbs, Peter Winston, 1809-1885
Gwynn, Thomas Peyton, b. 1861

Hamm, Dick
Hancock family SEE Pitzer, Madison
Hansbrough, James P. SEE Nelson, Smith
Harding, George
Harding, George M.
Harris, Hiram, b. 1796?
Harris, John P. B.
Harris, John Thomas, d. 1871
Harris, Peter F.
Harris, Rebekah
Harrison, Nathaniel, 1773-1852
Harrison, William Henry, 1810-1881
Harrison, William Mortimer, d. 1865
Harvey, Thomas H.
Haskins, Jones
Haskins, William A.
Hatcher, Drury
Hatcher, Samuel
Hawes, Samuel Pierce, 1799-1866
Hawkins, Simon
Haxall, Richard Barton, 1805-1881
Hayward, Elijah
Heath, James Ewell, 1792-1862
Henderson, Robert
Hening, William Waller, 1768-1828 SEE Clopton, Reuben Ford
Henning, William Henry, 1791-1848
Henshaw, Edward
Hersey, Benjamin
Hersey, Benjamin K.
Heywood, Joseph
Hicks, R. B.
Hill, Lewis
Hill, Newton
Hillsman, William SEE Sadler, William
Hobson, Joseph
Hobson, Joseph Virginius
Hobson, Rowland L.
Hobson, Thomas
Hobson, Thomas L.
Holden, David SEE Mosby, John
Holman, John SEE Crenshaw, Asbury
Holman, S.
Hopkins, Henry Laurens, 1805-1872
Hopkins, Joseph
Hopkins, Leroy, b. 1802?
Horner, Inman, 1791-160
Howard, David P.
Howard, Judith A. (Brackett)
Howard, Thomas
Howard, William
Hudson, William
Hugdin, Robert, b. 1802?
Hughes, Benjamin F.
Hunton, Charles, 1787-1853
Hunton, Eppa, 1822-1908 SEE ALSO Hunton, Charles; Philips, John P.
Hutcherson, Ann

Isbell, James
Isbell, L. M.
Ivey, Thaddeus Henry, 1820-1899

Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845 SEE Leigh, Benjamin Watkins
Jefferson, Thomas B.
Jenkins, Stephen
Jennings, James, 1781?-1855
Jennings, Robert Mickleborough
Jennings, William Henry SEE ALSO Dayton, Benjamin B.
Jessee, Jefferson
Jessee, John SEE Jessee, Jefferson
Jessee, Joseph
Jester, John Tinsley
Jones, John Winston, 1791-1848
Justices of the peace SEE St. Clair, John
Justis, William

Kindrick, James Q.
Knight, Ambrose

Lambert, Thomas P., b. 1820?
Layne, Romulus M.
Leet, Jephta
Legg, Fortunatus H.
Leigh, Benjamin Watkins, 1781-1849 SEE ALSO Robinson, Nelson; Watkins, Joseph S.
Leigh, Egbert Giles, 1814-1890 SEE Noble, Richard
Leigh, John Townes
Lewis, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lewis, Francis SEE Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Vincent M.
Libraries, Private SEE Rice, Eleanor White (Nash)
Ligon, John M.
Ligon, Joseph E.
Lionberger, J.
Lipford, Henry
Livingston, John
Logan, James W.
Lowry, John B., b. 1802?
Lowry, T. C.
Lunsford, Lewis SEE ALSO Braggs & Thomas (Petersburg, Va.)
Lynch, James H.

Maddox, John P.
Marx, Joseph, 1772-1840
Marx, Samuel, 1796-1860
Mason, John Young, 1799-1859
Matthews, George H.
Mauck, H. W.
Mauzy, Fayette, d. 1875?
Maxey, R. P.
May, David, 1796-1870
May, John Fitzhugh, 1784-1856
Mayo, William, 1757-1837
McCain, Nathaniel H.
McKinney, Philip Watkins, 1832-1899
McLane, Louis, 1786-1857
McLaurine, James, 1797-1841
McLaurine, Lewis
Meaux, Thomas, d. 1860
Medicine – Formulae, prescriptions, etc. SEE Deane, Francis Browne
Mendrum, Robert
Mettauer, John Peter, 1787-1875 SEE Rice, Eleanor White (Nash)
Mexico SEE Nash, Charles Alfred
Michaux, A. M., Mrs.
Middleton, Joseph S.
Mieure, Thomas, 1791?-1846
Miles, Drewry
Miller, John
Miller, Thomas
Minor, W. G.
Molloy, David
Moody, William H. SEE Noble, Richard
Moore, Thomas
Mosby, Benjamin C.
Mosby, Charles W.
Mosby, Edward C., b. 1802?
Mosby, Elbert
Mosby, John
Mosby, Joseph
Mosby, Littleberry Hardiman, b. 1789 SEE Booker, German; Cullen, Patrick; Hawkins, Simon; Henshaw, Edward; Meaux, Thomas
Mosby, Robert SEE Mosby, John
Mosby, Susannah
Moss, James Wynne, 1778?-1858
Mottley, John F., b. 1810?
Muir, Caroline, b. 1801 SEE Fishback, Frederick
Muir, Douglas, b. 1799 SEE ALSO Fishback, Frederick
Muir, Francis, d. 1810 SEE Boothe, Robert C.; Gaines, Henry Beverley.
Mumford, Richard B.
Mumford, Thomas
Myers, Samuel S.

Nash, Abner SEE Binford & Nimmo (Richmond, Va.); Braggs & Thomas (Petersburg, Va.); Deane & Brown (Richmond, Va.); Giles, Thomas Tabb; Harrison, William Mortimer; Powell, Benjamin H.; Robertson, Albert G.
Nash, Charles Alfred, b. 1828
Nash, Epaphroditus, 1794-1848? SEE ALSO Philips, John P.
Nash, Harriet P. (Giles) SEE ALSO Giles, Thomas Tabb
Nash, John White, b. 1826
Nash, Junius Brutus, 1835-1856 SEE Nash, Mary Elizabeth
Nash, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1826?
Nash, Mary F. (Jones), b. 1813? SEE Davis, Robert M.; Dayton, Benjamin B.; Hudgin, Robert
Nash, Thomas P.
Nash, William Crump, 1830-1853
Netherland, William C.
Nicholls, William S.
Nimmo, R. M.
Noble, John G.
Noble, Richard
Noble, William G.
Norris, Charles C.
Norris, Daniel
Nuckolls, William Thompson, 1801-1855
Nunnally, Archer

Owen, Hughs
Owen, Jesse
Owen, John

Palmer, Nathaniel J. SEE ALSO McCain, Nathaniel H.
Palmore, Benjamin H., b. 1815?
Palmore, George W.
Paper money SEE Rives, William Cabell
Parrack, Segarb H., b. 1796?
Patteson, William H.
Payne, Roderick, b. 1784?
Pemberton, Thomas SEE Wallace, Cadwallader
Perkins, R. A.
Perkins, William K.
Philips, John P.
Pitzer, Madison, 1799-1861
Pleasants, John Hampden, 1797-1846
Pollard, George W., b. 1800?
Pollock, Daniel
Povall, John P.
Powell, Benjamin H., b. 1798?
Prentiss, R.
Puryear, William

Quarles, James SEE ALSO Howard, William

Railroads SEE Trimble, J. M.
Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, 1792-1875
Randolph, William Fitzhugh, 1795-1859
Raney, David G.
Rankin, William
Rattray, David
Redmond, T. B.
Revolutionary War claims SEE Archer, William Segar; Hayward, Elijah; Heath, James Ewell; Legg, Fortunatus H.; Lipford, Henry; Mosby, John; Nicholls, William S.; Robinson, A.; Sadler, William; Seayres, John; Shortt, Archibald; Wallace, Cadwallader; White, William, 1743-1814
Rhodes, Holden, b. 1798?
Rice, Archibald Alexander, 1824-1902 SEE Bragg, Thomas
Rice, Benjamin Holt, 1782-1856 SEE Rice, Eleanor White (Nash)
Rice, Eleanor White (Nash), 1831-1864 SEE ALSO Branch, Robert Guerrant
Ritchie, Thomas, 1778-1854 SEE Harvey, Thomas H.
Rives, William Cabell, 1793-1868 SEE Harvey, Thomas H.; Hopkins, Henry Laurens; Randolph, Thomas Jefferson
Robertson, Albert G.
Robertson, H.
Robertson, James SEE ALSO Giles, William Branch, 1762-1830
Robertson, Matthew, b. 1806?
Robertson, Wyndham
Robinson, A.
Robinson, John
Robinson, Nelson
Robious, Thomas L.
Roper, John
Royall, Joseph Albert
Royall, Joseph W. SEE Dance, William Spencer
Royall, Joseph Wade, d. 1866 SEE Moss, James Wynne

Sadler, William
Sanders, Robert
Saunders, H. G.
Scott, Thomas
Scott, William
Scott, William Samuel, 1805-1875
Scruggs, Goodridge P.
Scruggs, Robert
Seayres, John
Seayres, John, d. 1777 SEE Seayres, John
Selden, William, 1791-1874
Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872
Shepley, J. R. SEE Dayton, Benjamin B.
Sheppard, Benjamin
Shore, Thomas
Shortt, Archibald
Skipwith, William
Slaves SEE Hatcher, Samuel; Hobson, Joseph; Howard, William; May, David
Smith, Francis S.
Smith, James
Smith, Jefferson
Smith, Nelson
Smith, R. J.
Smith, William, 1797-1887
Snead, J.
Spence, Elias B., b. 1808?
Spotts, James C., 1823-1900
St. Clair, John
Stanard, Robert, 1781-1846 SEE Randolph, Thomas Jefferson
Stanard, Robert Craig, 1814-1857
Stegar, Ann
Steger, Ann, Mrs.
Steger, Charles Scott SEE ALSO Archer, Edward E.; Maddox, John P.
Steger, Elizabeth SEE Maddox, John P.
Steger family SEE Wing, Freeman
Steger, Giles SEE Archer, Edward E.; Maddox, John P.
Steger, Nancy (Ashley), d. 1844 SEE Anderson, Tennason B.; Daggett, John D.; Nash, William Crump; Palmore, George W.; Steger, Wade M.; Stratton, John C.; Thomson, James; Turner, Henry S.
Steger, Sarah SEE Maddox, John P.
Steger, Wade M., b. 1818?
Steger, William H. SEE Maddox, John P.
Stokes, German Young
Stratton, John C.
Stringer, Daniel
Stringer, Mary
Sublett, Edmond W., b. 1817?
Summers, George William, 1804-1868
Surveys SEE Howard, William
Swann, Edward C., b. 1797?
Swann, Samuel SEE Robinson, Nelson

Talbott, Peter
Talley, Daniel C.
Tanner, E.
Taylor, James
Thomas, Jesse
Thomas, Micah, Mrs. SEE ALSO Thomas, Jesse
Thomson, James
Tinsley, John Brown, 1804-1872
Todd, Bartelot P., b. 1787?
Tompkins, Benjamin
Toney, John B.
Townes, Paschal L. SEE Noble, Richard
Tracy, J. L
Trimble, J. M.
Tucker, Abel SEE Tucker, Armistead C.; Wimbish, Abraham W.
Tucker, Armistead C., b. 1810? SEE ALSO Wimbish, Abraham W.
Tucker, William F., b. 1799?
Tunstill, Stokes
Turner, Henry S.

Vaden, Thomas, b. 1787?
Vaughan, William H.

Waddel, Ann, Mrs.
Wallace, Cadwallader
Wallace, Robert
Wallace, Samuel
Walton, Robert A.
Walton, Thomas Hobson, 1774-1872
Wash, John T.
Wash, William H., b. 1796?
Waters, Philemon, 1734-1796 SEE Legg, Fortunatus H.
Watkins, Benjamin
Watkins, Joseph S., 1793-1891
Watkins, Ptolemy L.
Watkins, Thomas
Waymouth, James D.
Weisiger, Samuel S., b. 1811?
Weisiger, Thomas K., b. 1828?
Wharton, Austin
White, William, 1743-1814
White, William, d. 1814 SEE ALSO Robinson, A.; Wallace, Cadwallader; White, William (1743-1814)
Wilson, B. S.
Wilson, Leroy M.
Wilson, William W.
Wiltse, Edmund
Wimbish, Abraham W.
Wing, Freeman
Women – Education SEE Branch, Robert Guerrant; Isbell, L. M.; McLaurine, Lewis; Tracey, J. L.
Woodfin, John N.
Woodson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Woodson, Hughes
Woodson, Jesse
Woodson, Stephen Tarleton, b. ca. 1785
Woodson, Warren, 1796-1868
Wooldridge, Wade W., b. 1801?
Wren, Joseph, b. 1782?
Wright, Robert

Yates, Benjamin Poythress, 1780-1817 SEE Fishback, Frederick; Gaines, Henry Beverley; Green, William; Mauzy, Fayette; May, David; Muir, Douglas
Yates, William, 1806-1872
Young, George

Companies and organizations

Adams Express Company (Richmond, Va.)

Bank of the State of Missouri (St. Louis, Mo.)
Bank of Virginia (Richmond, Va.)
Benoist (L. A.) & Co. (St. Louis, Mo.)
Binford & Nimmo (Richmond, Va.)
Blaine, Tompkins & Barret SEE Hicks, R. B.
Booneville Lyceum (Booneville, Mo.) SEE Tracy, J. L.
Braggs & Thomas (Petersburg, Va.)
Branch (Thomas) & Brother (Petersburg, Va.)

Chesterfield County (Va.). Circuit Court. Clerk SEE Cogbill, William Washington Tilghman
Committee of Vigilance for Richmond, Va. SEE Hersey, Benjamin

Deane & Brown (Richmond, Va.)
Democratic Association of Richmond, Va. SEE Denoon, Samuel D.
Digges (J. B.) & Co.
Dinwiddie County (Va.). Clerk SEE Crump, John P.

Fords & Woodson (Richmond, Va.)
Forsee (Charles R.) & Co.
Fry (H. W. & J. J.) (Richmond, Va.)
Fry (H. W.) & Sons (Richmond, Va.)

Hampden-Sydney College. Philanthropic Literary Societyn SEE McKinney, Philip Watkins
Hampden-Sydney College. Union Society SEE Allen, James M.
Hanney (W. A.) & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Haxall (N. B.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Haxall & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

Jennings and Hatcher (Cartersville, Va.) SEE Jennings, James

Meade & Baker (Richmond, Va.)

Northwestern Railroad Company SEE Trimble, J. M.

Perkins & Harris (Richmond, Va.)

Randolph-Macon College. Washington Literary Society SEE Wilson, Leroy M.

Scott & Hobson (Richmond, Va.)
Seabrook (John T.) & Co.
Selden & Miller (Richmond, Va.)

Trent & Farrar

University of North Carolina SEE Bragg, Thomas
University of Virginia SEE Criddle, William

Verser & Boisseau (Richmond, Va.)

Womble & Deane (Richmond, Va.)

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