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HistoryConnects K-12 Programming

Bring the vmhc into your classroom!



Program Cost:

  • Virginia schools: $75
    Out-of-state schools: $125 

  • Discounted rates on program bundles

  • Available for single classrooms or multiple classrooms within a school (No additional charge for multiple classrooms to participate).

  • We offer a selection of free featured programs throughout the school year in addition to two free programs through Skype in the Classroom.

booking a program:

equipment needed:

  • An internet-connected computer or web-enabled device connected to a projector, monitor, or Smartboard. If possible, please use a wired ethernet connection.

  • An external or built-in webcam positioned to see as many students as possible.

  • A built-in microphone or external USB noise-canceling conference microphone.

  • Speakers loud enough for the room to hear.

Connection information:

  • Participants registered for a paid program will connect with VMHC via Zoom. Before each program, participants are emailed a link to join the VMHC Zoom room.

  • Classrooms registered for free Skype in the Classroom programs will connect via Skype. 

  • All participants are encouraged to book a test call before their program.

hIstoryconnects k-12 program line-up

Our award-winning catalog of programming for students highlights the vast collection of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture while reinforcing both national and state standards of learning. HistoryConnects sessions are designed to be student-centered and foster inquiry. The HistoryConnects K-12 Program Catalog spans all of Virginia’s History from the Powhatan Indians to the dramatic changes the Old Dominion experienced throughout the twentieth century.

View the program line-up online or download the HistoryConnects K-12 Catalog. 



We offer two free 40-minute programs (History in a Haversack: The Civil War Solider and Pocahontas & the Powhatan Indians) as a preview to HistoryConnects.

  • Pocahontas and the Powhatan Indians
    Duration: 30 – 40 Minutes | Suitable for Grades K – 12. BOOK NOW!

  • History in a Haversack: Life of a Civil War Soldier
    Duration: 40 Minutes | Suitable for Grades 4 – 12. BOOK NOW!


PROGRAM LENGTH: 45 – 60 Minutes Each | GRADE LEVEL:  4th & 5th Grade, Virginia Studies
BUNDLE COST: 8 Programs - $350, 4 Programs - $200 (Title I Discount Available)

This bundle features 8 HistoryConnects programs delivered throughout the school year. Each month a museum educator will lead your students through a guided inquiry process to analyze and interpret a variety of primary sources. The program schedule & sources are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning, and each program focuses on developing history & social science skills. Learn More!



Do you have questions about HistoryConnects? If so, our FAQ page will answer your questions about cost, technology, and scheduling.


HistoryConnects is made possible in part by the Hugh V. White Jr. Outreach Education Fund.


Hailey Fenner

Hailey Fenner, Manager of Digital Learning

Are you interested in learning more about our interactive videoconferencing programs? I can help you schedule a program or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me at hfenner@VirginiaHistory.org or 804.342.9689.

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