"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia
What Virginia women would you add to a map of your city? VMHC is seeking stories and objects for an exhibit celebra… t.co/aFqtzW6RtI

Venues for Theatrical & Educational Events

Robins Family Forum (theater) | Harry M. Bluford Classroom | Robins Conference Room

Robins Family Forum.

Robins Family Forum (theater)

One of the best acoustical spaces in Richmond, this large fixed-seat theater and auditorium has a stage, large drop-down screens, wheelchair cut-outs, comfortable cushioned seats, soft lighting, two access aisles, and public Wi-Fi. Perfect for larger meetings, concerts, theatrical performances, and lectures.

  • Theater-style seating: 488


  • Podium
  • Christie 2K digital high-definition projector
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • 144 inch x 160 inch screen
  • 240 inch x 120 inch screen

Harry M. Bluford Classrooms

Harry M. Bluford Classroom

Situated in its own wing, with public Wi-Fi and a flexible wall partition.

  • Standing reception: One side: 40 / Both sides: 80
  • Banquet-style seating: One side: 20 / Both sides: 40
  • Theater-style seating: One side: 40 / Both sides: 80

Robins Conference Room.

Robins conference Room

Spacious board room with natural light, public Wi-Fi, and large table with seating for 20.

  • Banquet-style seating: 45
  • Conference table seating: 20