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"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Virginia History At Home

We are continuing to offer digital content and programming here for those who wish to engage with us remotely or visit us in person by reserving a ticket in advance.

We wish to thank our members for this support! Please don’t forget that unlike our neighboring museums, we don’t receive state operating support, it is through private donations that we do our work. Thank you!

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COVID-19 Stories

How are you adapting to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 global health crisis? As with the great trials of our past, we know it is critical that future generations be able to learn from what we are facing today. Therefore, we are beginning a new initiative – Share Your Story: Documenting COVID-19 in Virginia – to document through personal stories and artifacts the ways in which our Commonwealth and its communities are being impacted.

Are you taking videos or photos, collecting objects, keeping a journal, or otherwise recording your experiences during this time? We invite you to share your stories in their various forms at

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White text on a blue background reads #RVAHistoryHunt with a white magnifying glass icon next to it.#RVAHistoryHunt

The #RVAHistoryHunt is a partnership between the VMHC and the Valentine, working together on a city-wide collaboration that brings together over 15 Richmond cultural organizations to present a unique scavenger hunt experience. Launched on National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24) and running through August 23, this unique scavenger hunt experience has been carefully tailored to create a new way of engaging with the Richmond community while being aware of the unique challenges brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

There are two available scavenger hunts, a physical hunt and a digital hunt, in which you can participate – while practicing safe social distancing – with your family, roommates, or on your own. Plus once you complete the hunt(s), you’ll have the chance to be entered to win museum shop discounts and items from participating locations!

Learn more about how you can participate here.

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LIVE! Virtual Banner Lectures

We're bringing you a series of virtual Banner Lectures, featuring distinguished speakers presenting a variety of important topics about the Commonwealth's history.

We invite you to join us online on each appointed day via two channels:

  1. Watch on Facebook

  2. Watch on YouTube

Upcoming Lectures:​​

  • Thursday, July 9 at 12:00 pm | "The Cabinet: George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution" by Lindsay M. Chervinsky. Learn more.
  • Thursday, August 13 at 12:00 pm | "Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia" by Nicole Myers Turner. Learn more.

Watch and listen to more than 250 hours of recorded lectures by world renowned authors and speakers in our Banner Lectures Archive:
Website Archive | Vimeo | YouTube | SoundCloud

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White text on a blue background reads "Curators At Home"Curators At Home

The VMHC curatorial staff will take you beyond the bare facts of Virginia history and uncover the real stories and real people behind the dates. The VMHC cares for a collection of nearly 9 million items and only a small fraction is on display at one time. In this series our staff reveal treasures from the collection that the public seldom get to see. 

We invite you to tune in for our online premieres each Friday via two channels:

Don't forget to leave a question for our curators in the comments section during our premieres! 

Past Programs:

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White text on a blue background reads Movie Mythbusting, with an icon of a movie cameraMovie Mythbusting 

Join the VMHC as members of our education team “mythbust” some fan-favorite historical films! Watch the film in advance, whenever or however works best for you, and then log into an interactive Zoom presentation where we will chat about what’s true, what’s not, and make some interesting connections to our collection. Feel free to fill out the optional worksheet to get a sneak peek of our discussion, or just join us at 7:00 pm ready to learn!

Upcoming Programs:

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A gallery with wooden floors and blue walls, with gold-framed landscape paintings on the walls.Virtual Tours:
You can still spend the day at the museum with our virtual gallery tours! Virtually walk through our exhibitions with 360° images and click on exhibition objects to learn more about their stories.

Check out our featured exhibition virtual tours:

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How We Got Here logoHow We Got Here Podcast, with NBC12:

Get your dose of Virginia history delivered straight to your ears with Rachel DePompa of NBC12 and gain insights into our state's ever-evolving story. A few episodes you may enjoy include: 

Browse all episodes.

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A tote bag reading "I Cannot Live Without Books - Thomas Jefferson" sits on a chair with a scarf.Shop Merchandise:

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Students analyze a book in the libraryActivities & Resources for Students:

  • Color Our Collections: Download coloring pages created from the VMHC collections and unleash your creativity!

  • Games of the Past: Our new video series, Games of the Past, explores how kids played throughout history! Each video provides a quick history of a game and provides instructions to create the game at home. 

  • Pieces of History Online Puzzles: Enjoy these online puzzles from the collections of the VMHC. We're adding new puzzles weekly, so keep checking in for more.

  • Virginia History Explorer: This archive of illustrated articles explores Virginia history through past exhibitions, hidden treasures in our library, and History Corner articles from the VHS History Notes magazine. 

  • Watch Educational Videos: Our educational videos are designed for a K-12 Audience. These videos are based on the Standards of Learning (SOL) and include animated primary source documents.

  • Webinars Archive: Missed a webinar or just want to rewatch it? Check out our archives; recordings are uploaded often, so please check back frequently! 

  • The Story of Virginia Digital Timeline: Explore Virginia's history through an interactive timeline of primary sources from the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and Library of Congress. 

  • More Learning Resources for Teachers & Students: Check out our other learning resources and student activities. Activities like "You Be the Curator!" and "My Virtual Visit Find & Sketch" are available for download. 

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